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To me it's kind of funny how someone will make a profile on this site or any other for that matter, but especially make a profile on a dating site and have..........NO information, or very little. For this part, I'll focus on the dating site profile. Listen, if you're on a dating/personals site SAY something about yourself. Something more than just "looking for girl" or "looking for daddy". If you want anything serious at all, then try to take yourself a lil serious and make an effort. What do you want? What do you like? What do you hate? shit like that. Don't just post "i want someone" okay what kind of someone? and personally for me, okay I like to actually post about myself to people have a chance to understand and know what they'd be getting into with me. If there is a section for listing movies, shows, books, music, you know damn well I am going to fill that all out. While going through a personals site, I HATE coming across profiles that essentially just read like this. 28/f/location, wants daddy. That's all. THAT'S EVERYTHING ON THEIR PROFILE! I mean seriously? That's all you are willing to put? Also, don't you have a single photo to post? Listen I can fully appreciate and understand not posting a crotch shot, or just a photo basically going "look! TITS!" i can respect not posting that and I fully understand not posting a face shot making it easy to pick you out of a crowd and out you. I get it, I'm cool with that, I understand not wanting to make it easy for a random person to come up to you in public saying shit about this part of your life. BUT.... would YOU want to get with someone that YOU know nothing about? That you don't see a single photo of? I know I personally don't. Then again, when I am on a personals/dating site I'm looking for more than just a quick fetish fling to scratch and itch.

Now, as for regular social networking sites like wetting wonderland. Okay again, I can appreciate not doing just a crotch shot and not posting a face pic. But, blank profiles, and no photos what so ever, give me a break. How do you expect to connect with anyone if you don't put anything out there? How will people know if you have any other interests in common other than hey we either wet our pants or enjoy diapers. Okay, what about something other than that? I mean do you two have a movie you're both interested in? Music group? Tv show? I mean anything c'mon. Like, I play fallout. I don't just go out and say Hi i like fallout, you like fallout, we are now friends. No. I go and figure out what ELSE may be in common. Like okay you like fallout, and this kinda movies, and this kinda music, yeah I dig that stuff too and I strike up a conversation. But I can't figure any of that out, unless you post about it. Nothing in the profile, means well, nothing. Just, nothing.

I dunno, Just putting this out as food for thought.

Miss Piss

Dirty Diaper Girls