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Zorro Daddy

Lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania United States · Born on March 8, 1976
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March 8, 1976
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June 25, 2010
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About Me
Give me the moment and I'll tell you a story.
Give me a lifetime and I'll show you a saga.

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I’m a storyteller, a writer, a “Daddy” and a nightowl who makes good use of the calm and the quiet of 3 am, scribbling ABDL romance stories on a piece of paper when not taking late night road trips to Wal-Mart.

I've enjoyed writing about an endearing subject, putting heartfelt emotions and situations into the stories and the characters. I've had the pleasure of knowing what The Daddy/BabyGirl Dynamic of Love feels like and along the journey of my life, the sentiments for which I adore writing about. I've been blessed to have been so affected by the Dynamic as to write with its passion in my thoughts.

In the midst of a dynamic unlike any other, it’s that connection and that very instant when her eyes tell you that you just touched a place so deep within her that she knows you are more than good enough.

You won’t be perfect for her and she won’t be perfect for you, but you’ll both be perfectly flawed for each other.

The things you keep in your heart are the ways you make each other feel, how time seems to tick by a little more slowly when in each other’s arms, how her quirks can bring a smile to your face when you think about them later on, how (without even trying) you fall in love with her faults just as much as her qualities, and how the journey you take together will be just as rewarding as the destination you arrive at together.

There will be mornings that feel like Christmas morning, but that won’t be every day. And you won’t want it to be every day because the truest of tests come from the moments when you struggle and find a way to overcome the obstacles placed before you.

She’ll blow you a kiss as she leaves. You’ll catch it and put it in the pocket of your button down shirt.

She Dreams Big About Being Little. But whether she’s big or little, she’ll always be your BabyGirl.

It is that bond between a Daddy and a BabyGirl, everlasting and ever-growing, which I write about.

I will always write these stories. I will always feel that love. I will always share it with those who wish to pursue the depth of their dreams. And every word will always be a piece of my heart.


There is no thought more rewarding than knowing you love someone so deeply that you give her everything your heart can offer her.

And when you meet that BabyGirl who receives that love and then returns it back to you, it melts your soul.

It makes three things very clear:

•She knows that when two people give, no one has to take.

•What I have to offer her meets her needs.

•I mean as much to her as she means to me.




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Tumblr Heart-Warming Words: Every Word is a Piece of my Heart

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Who I'd Like to Meet
Everyone. That's beauty of this community, no matter what website you get on.

As far as a relationship goes? Oh my. I'm in no hurry. There's nothing permanent about a relationship that is forced. Text boxes on websites are a good starting point. They give you the ability to say hello, but beyond that, everything else needs to happen naturally.

The only things in life that last are the things that happened naturally. So why mess with nature?

For a less cryptic answer, she would be a girl who truly took my breath away. And she would find herself in three things:

- in my heart
- in my arms
- in a diaper
The Shawshank Redemption, Signs, James Bond "Anything", Sylvester Stallone "Anything", The Indiana Jones Movies, The Antonio Banderas Zorro Movies (obviously).
The guitar, The Piano, The Harmonica, The pursuit of writing the perfect story.

Most recently, a friend introduced me to the "World of Warcraft" Game.
Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Meatloaf

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