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Mada Siwel

Mada Siwel

Lives in  Colorado United States · Born on December 5, 1972
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December 5, 1972
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February 16, 2014
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July 5, 2012
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I am 40 and I am disabled. I wear diapers 24/7 for actual medical reasons as my diapers are prescribed by my doctor. I have Osteoarthritis of the spine meaning that my spine is fusing together from top to bottom. I am already in constant pain that most pain killers won't help that much. That is why I am NOT taking any. I am searching for someone that can be my Mommy, someone who won't mind changing my wet diapers each and every day, and possibly doing some recreation therapy (Similar to Role playing where you play the Mommy and I play the baby or nurse and Patient) only the reason that I want and need to do this is to move forward in life.
I also have a custom/designer "Death With Dignity" plan that I'd like to have someone help me with. I don't need help with the actual dying part, it's the last month that I will be on earth (When that time comes...when ever that time is) but here, to better understand it, please read my blog here:
Come be a member of my Yahoo Groups too: (lots of stories to read, videos to watch and pictures to look at.)
Role-Playing-(Nurse and Patient & Mommy and Baby)Stimulating Simulation-Play-Where we pick something and we try to simulate an act or event) Hiking, Biking, Dirt Biking, Horseback Riding, Camping, Computers, Muscle cars and Street racing cars,(Fast and Furious styled cars) Cuddling, romance, Romantic gestures and acts, romantic stimulation, During "love-making", I want both of us to be emotionally present and sober, I prefer to not have random sex but to be deeply, emotionally involved and present in order to be sexually stimulated.
I am an Intellectual and I require unique means of stimulation in all of it's forms & Contexts. I also don't do like MOST guys and make all these promises to a woman then break them just to get some pussy....I want a more...long-term, meaningful "relationship" of substance....rather than random sex....that I will not remember a mere few days after.I also enjoy the idea of being diapered thickly and then disposed of in the diaper pail.....then taken out to the side of the side loader trash truck, stationary Compactor or to the 20 yard dumpster full of 90% loose unrolled wet diapers.

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