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Mommy Cristina

Mommy Cristina

Born on August 7, 1993
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August 7, 1993
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July 23, 2021
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July 23, 2021
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About Me
I'm a FinDomme who is open to most kinks. I have been into femdom for 9 years now and findom for a few of months. I enjoy the power play in findom. I enjoy what I do. I do it mostly for the fun. The kinks will always be the core. The money is just a good bonus.

We can talk about our possible future relationship and tribute setup, I can cam verify, and then you can tribute so we can begin. Unfortunately, I don't have time to chat casually for free. I have had subs abuse my time in the past. They talk to me for hours everyday for weeks and they never end up tributing at all. I'm not here to give free chats. Don't worry, I don't charge much. We can always negotiate. After tribute, we can chat all you want. I love to chat and video call. I think communication is important. I'm not just here for the few minutes when you tribute. We can talk all day everyday. I believe it's more fun and enjoyable to be kinky with someone you know well so I make sure me and my subs know each other well.

I like humiliation, sissification, ABDL, feederism, consensual blackmail, consensual exposure, chastity, roleplaying, cuckolding, TeamViewer, foot worship, any form of body worship, bdsm, TPE, edging, tease and denial, orgasm control, JOI, CEI, SPH, CBT, scat, and watersports.

Contact me if you want to be my sub or if you want sessions/content which I sell. I'm currently accepting sub applicants.

I like humiliating subs in every possible way. It can be from giving tasks during video calls where you're in your room or even outside in a grocery parking lot. My go to first tasks are licking the floor, licking the soles of shoes, giving the doorknob a good blowjob, etc. I think those are good to break the ice between me and the sub. If you're kinky, I can make you eat dirt or rub poop all over your face and body if you are up for it. I can repeat simple tasks like those or move to more and more extreme tasks such as asking you to go out in public in a humiliating outfit and embarrassing yourself in front of people you care about. Maybe you can write "LOSER" or "FAGGOT" on your chest or forehead and take a selfie for me. Maybe you can go out in the streets dressed as a beggar and beg for money and food. Pretend you're homeless. Or dress up as a woman from head to toe with matching wig if your hair is short and go shop for a huge cucumber and ask the cashier if she thinks it's big enough for you. Tell her you wanna have a special night to celebrate your birthday. It would be so embarrassing if someone you know sees you. But if you're worried somebody you know will see you then you can go to a different town or city far from home. It will still be embarrassing. Maybe you can also put the head of a toothbrush up your ass and fuck yourself with it. It will gather shit in there. When you pull out, use it to brush your teeth. These are just some of the things we can do. There's plenty more but I'm not gonna list all the tasks I like on here. I listed some to give you an idea of what I like. We can discuss beforehand your limits and what you're willing to do. If you wanna limit yourself to your room then that's fine. If you wanna be humiliated all over the neighborhood or online, I'll be more than happy to help.

I've always been turned on by men comfortable with their feminine side and man to man action which is probably why I'm so drawn to sissies and transgenders. I get so turned on when I see a man dress up like a woman. It's so kinky! I have met all kinds of sissies and transgenders through the years. Some are cumslut dumpsters, some are babies, etc. but all look amazing! I don’t like it when a sub worries about being passable. Let me tell you, it’s not about being passable or not that will make people like you. Look at drag queens! Most drag queens are not passable but many people like me love drag queens. Anyway, I noticed that like abdls, sissy or transgender subs are the nicest kind of subs in general. I must admit I have met some nasty and rude subs along the way but generally speaking, the subs I've met have good personalities. For a man to give up being a potential alpha male with power to be a submissive female within my control and to give me absolute power! Damn! That’s so hot! And for that man to let me lead the relationship and completely submit to me oh my! I find it intensely erotic and thrilling! It’s very addictive! I like the related kinks associated with sissies and transgenders such as cross dressing, forced bi, anal play, exposure, etc. All of those kinks are so much fun.

My favorite kind of sub is a sissy baby because I love sissies and babies so much and a sissy baby is such a perfect combination. I’m a Mommy to some subs and almost all my babies are sissy babies. I find sissy babies to be a lot of fun. I’m a perfect balance of nurturing and strict. I reward good behavior and punish bad behavior. There’s plenty to do with babies aside from changing diapers such as playtime, dressing up, feeding (controlling what the babies eat), managing their time, etc.

Here are some ABDL goals that I give my babies and littles:
Download baby games to play, watch baby videos, eat baby meals at least once a day, always drink milk from a baby bottle so you feel like peeing and pooping in your diapers, wear diapers 24/7, never use the toilet, when you wake up and before sleeping say “I’m a good baby. I love my mommy. I love being a good baby in diapers” 20 times aloud while caressing diapers, do baby things like crawling and playing with baby toys, have baby nap times, sleep for ~8 hours every night, dress like a baby at least once a week, etc.

I find it so exciting to be in control via chastity. Since I'm in the Philippines, it will be difficult to send me your key so I suggest we use a plastic lock with code and for you to show it to me live or send a live pic or video via Kik. If you can't find a lock like that then lock your key in a safe place or ice it or whatever way you can think of. I will trust you to be always honest with me and not cheat. I can punish you within your limits if you unlock yourself before the agreed time period. If you don't have a cage and can't get ahold of it, don't worry you can still explore chastity with me. Honesty and trust are keys to good chastity training especially if online. Even in person keyholding can be cheated if you have a spare key so hopefully you're someone who won't cheat, is honest, trustworthy, passionate, and dedicated. We can start with one day caged or without touching and cumming and then take a break for one day then do two days of chastity then one day of break then 3 days in chastity and so on till you can last longer and longer in chastity. I'm willing to work with you but you gotta work with me too for it to be successful. We have to discuss if you like being tortured by watching porn during it or if you want to be devoid of anything sexual. Different approaches work for different people. I can suggest things for you to do to keep your mind off of it like watching Doctor Who, reading crime novels, or taking up a new hobby like playing D&D. I want to be sure you stay safe during chastity training and know how to clean yourself properly.

I love roleplaying. I like setting up sexy and kinky scenarios and playing out fantasies. The kinkier the better! It seems like not much surprises me. I have had very odd requests through the years and they can be so much fun! Roleplaying is something I relish. I love being in character. Sometimes, I’m also the narrator. I believe we should play off of each other and see where it leads. Setting up expectations like a general idea of what we like or what our favorites are can help. Experimenting with scenarios can be fun too. I don’t mind taboo roleplays like incest or rape. I can also do ageplay and toilet fantasies. I can include body worship during video chats. Boy do I love video chatting!

I can be very cruel and sadistic when it comes to CBT. I love busting balls in a variety of ways. From squeezing or punching to using sadistic devices like a ball crusher or Mystim, it's always fun to watch subs suffer in agony from both their clitty and balls. It's always good to find willing victims. I make sure it's always safe and there's no permanent damage for the sub. Simple home tools like a spatula, fork, string, and clothespins can help. The string is for tying up the clitty and balls to enhance the pain to make sure you hurt so good.

I'm also open to feeder or feedee propositions. I thoroughly enjoy eating a lot of food especially if they're very scrumptious. I don't mind gaining more weight even if I'm already what you'd call rubenesque. I'm a BBW. Wink I also like feeding other people. I'm a good cook! I can follow recipes and add my own twists to them. Sometimes I experiment in the kitchen. I love it when other people enjoy the food I make and I love seeing other people eat to their heart's content.

I’m also good at TeamViewer, AnyDesk, and Salfeld. I’m used to them so a similar app shouldn’t be so hard to learn for me. I can do a lot with TeamViewer like takeover accounts, blackmail, delete files, lock you out, etc. I’m open to requests like watching a movie or porn together and talking about it while we watch it and have Skype open.

Edging, tease and denial, orgasm control, JOI, and CEI are good when mixed together. I like teasing and denying subs until they are begging and dying to be edged. I give good detailed JOI. I think masturbation should involve more than just the cock or the pussy. I make my subs play with other body parts like their thighs, groin, balls, nipples, etc. Mixing in other kinks makes edging even more enjoyable. For example, I can make fun of my sub's clitty while he edges using two fingers. I know not everyone is into CEI so I don't always force subs to do it but if you are open to it then that would be awesome.

I also do consensual blackmail. Consensual being the operative word. For me, it means blackmail but without doing anything against your will like exposing you without permission. I like making subs do humiliating and kinky tasks that will help me gather enough evidence to blackmail them with. I don't make subs sign up a blackmail form cause I think that's lazy. I get to know my subs so I have a better idea of how to threaten them and which information to ask for. We can set a weekly or monthly tribute amount for it. I can also blackmail you for more money as long as you pay upfront and consistently. Don't approach me if you want to be blackmailed before you pay me. I absolutely detest subs that make me force them to pay because I believe subs should tribute willingly.

I have some premade content/nudes for sale and I can also do custom content. Be reasonable with your requests. My rates are affordable. I give discounts for bulk orders. My premade content are ass worship, boobs worship, feet worship, etc.

I'm not a scammer. I follow through. I can cam verify. I never disappear after payment. I have several subs who can vouch for me. I reply faster on messaging apps. Message me now.
I'm quirky, hilarious, and kinky. I love having a good laugh and fun, kinky conversations. I love it when it rains and when it's cold. I have 10+ cats and 13 dogs. They're like my babies. I enjoy watching movies and TV shows. I prefer topics and genres like fantasy, animation, history, biography, life after death, reincarnation, comedy, psychological, etc.

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