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Adult Babies

Adult Babies & Diaper Lovers
Garry MacKay
Hi everyone I am the new baby boy on the block..Nice to see u all hope u are all wet like I am ,,hehe,,smiles Garry
marc bain
BabyMikey74 this a group where people actually participate? Or is it just decoration on your profiles pages?
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robert flowers
hiyas all i love my rubbers and nappies lol
Hi all I am an AB (sissy sometimes) from the UK and I have the dream of all AB's I have to wear diapers or nappies for medical reasons.
Daddy AndyB
hi I am daddy andy from Oldham in Manchester, if you want to chat, add me to msn:
Mickey Neil
Hi there Im new to the group and to answer BabyMikey74, I wear Bambino's because they fit the best, but I can't find any clothing(onesies, footed pj's for cheap) Anyone know of a place to go to find c...
*waves* yup, me me me, I likes to be a baby :D
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Miss Piss

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