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Andrew Pennington
hi all I'm in Cardiff, and beginning to wear every day now
Who wet their bed last night. I sure did. I woke up lovely and wet this morning.
My nappy leaked last night.
  • November 22, 2016
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Sat in a lovely thick wet nappy and plastic pants.
damien black
I would love to wear 24/7 but can't afford to. I need a Daddy. No sex though but everything else.
Hi I am a UK adult bedwetter and 24/7 nappy wearer. I am incontinent and wouldn't want to be any other way.
Hi all. Stopping by to say hello from Scotland :0) been wearing nappies for the last 8 years, love it all :0)
bob mac
hi im from arbroath scotland and have loved nappies since i was around 11.
Daddy AndyB
hi I am daddy andy from Oldham in Manchester, if you want to chat, add me to msn:
mark baines
hi im a nappy user , from morecambe
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