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December 17, 2011
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Ok, so now you all know just how much of a baby I really am - I still have my diapers changed on a changing table! I cringe with embarrassment when I think of the changing table in the corner of my bedroom, and the fear of someone seeing it, but knowing it's there and what it's for always brings a lovely warm tingle between my legs!

In this movie I'm on my bedroom floor in a Pampers, crawling around and playing with my toys, when I feel the need to go to the potty. Being the big baby I am, there is only one option, and that is to happily just do it all in my diaper there and then. So still on my hands and knees, surrounded by my toys, I start to play the pushing game! You know that naughty game - I'm sure you do! Push a bit and feel the poopy coming out, then stop for a moment to enjoy the feeling, and then push again - slowly but surely filling my diaper until it's heavy and warm and bulging with poop! You can see in the photos just how lovely and full it got!

Then I went back to playing with my toys, pretending as if nothing had happened - crawling around with a full diaper, sitting on the floor and squishing the load, and lying on my bed - anything to accentuate my enjoyment of the massive bulge between my legs! At one point I even had to stop and do a little bit more - can you see my diaper hanging down heavily, straining against the tabs?

But then I'm found out? My dirty smelly bottom gave me away! Listen as I talk like a baby, and try to explain that I had an accident. It wasn't my fault you know! I didn't know the big poopy was coming!

Then it's time to lift me up onto the changing table to clean my dirty bottom. You have no idea how sexy and exciting it is to lie back on a real baby changing table, my pacifier in my mouth and my legs wide apart, being cleaned and wiped and powdered and put into a new diaper. That is just about the ultimate for a baby girl like me, and I'm sure you're going to love it too!

Watch the movie here

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