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Lives in Cardiff, United Kingdom · Born on October 1, 1977
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October 1, 1977
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October 9, 2018
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September 13, 2010
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About Me
Browsing some profiles they don't give a lot away about people.

Finding it much harder to meet people into ABDL as opposed to fetish/bdsm type things. I'll be your friend for life. But I'm not a chatty type person and find it hard to make an initial contact so here's hoping you'll say hello and discover I'm only a monster on Tuesdays.

I've been a DL for ages. Long enought that with adult hindsight I reckon I've been this way since 5. I like the AB side too. In bdsm terms I'm a switch and as I have partner whos is sometimes Mummy I'm looking to make friends for life. People that enjoy this and want to talk about it. Lifestyle. Baby. Daddy. Naughty brother. Girl. If it involves diapers it's interesting. (My other half and I both enjoy fetishes and clubbing and understand that honesty is important. That said we do fun things together and with others !)
Who I'd Like to Meet
Boys. Girls. Mummies. Daddies. People. Grown ups too.
Real people in Real Life.

And my lifelong quest: hypnotists, and/or those interested in hypnosis with an ABDL twist.
Bondage, BDSM. Kinky fun and games.
Fantasy roleplaying and exploring what makes us tick. In diapers.

Miss Piss

Dirty Diaper Girls