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Zeke and Lily: Ever After

Zeke and Lily return in this, the fifth story of their saga!

Stay tuned for it’s posting tomorrow night, Saturday night, December 11th, at 11 p.m.

To summarize the plot:

First, they met face-to-face in "Once Upon a Beginning".

Then, there was a sleepover in "Overnight".

Then they took a Caribbean vacation in "Making a Memory".

Then, they moved in together in "Her Diary".

Now Zeke and Lily approach an "Ever After". Will it be “Happily”?

The Holiday Season has arrived and Lily is filled with the joys of Christmas. She and Zeke spend the holidays with an assortment of eclectic friends. They find out that having friends, through the good times and the bad is a blessing in disguise.

With Yuletide in full bloom, Lily and Zeke deal with a serious and dangerous adjustment to her medical treatment, pregnancy, emergency trips to the hospital, a rather heated return from her abusive father and a secret Christmas Wish that Lily desperately prays to come true.

Spend Christmas with your favorite AB Couple, Zeke and Lily in

Zeke and Lily: Ever After
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