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Later she told me that it made her feel sexy, going out with a bare bottom under her skimpy little dress-- sexy and free and so deliciously womanly, knowing that every eye was on her; an enchantress, weaving her spell on every man who saw her. I was among them, gazing lustily at her supple curves with all the rest. But where every other man in the club stared at her dumbfounded, wondering what he could do to get her to leave with him, I was grinning, already imagining what I’d do when I did...
She was already tipsy when I lead her out of the club, and I savoured her soft warmth as she leaned against me for support. In the parking lot, I opened her door for her, and as she bent to get in, her dress rode up, revealing the entirety of her bare, quivering butt (putting to bed any question that she was wearing a thong). “Getting a little breezy back there, eh, sweetheart?” I asked, delivering a quick, but sharp spank to the middle of her pale backside. Squealing, she jumped in and took her seat quickly.
She squirmed in the front seat all the way home, giggling and murmuring excitedly about the evening of passion before her. I patted her bare thigh and grinned, knowing that the pleasures that awaited her were beyond anything she’d ever expected or dreamed of.
Leading her into my apartment, I settled her on the couch. I kissed and caressed her body, making her shiver with arousal. Gripping the hem of her dress, I tugged it up over her hips, exposing her plump tushy and neatly trimmed pussy. “You look good enough to eat, darling,” I purred, bending down to give her little slit a kiss, making her sigh.
“But what’s this?” I asked, turning her to expose her bare backside to me. “What kind of silly girl goes out without any panties on?” I asked. Before she could answer, I gave her a sharp smack, making her derrière wobble. She gave a squealing giggle as I continued to pat and squeeze her cheeks. “Hmm? What kind of silly little girl runs around with her bare bottom hanging out?” I gave her another spank. Moaning, she thrust her backside out lewdly, presenting herself for whatever attention I deemed necessary. “Is this what you were after?” I asked, my palm popping loudly against the delightful roundness of her rump. “A nice, spanked bottom?” Whap! My palm landed against the other cheek, making it jiggle. “A big, strong man to take you across his lap and warm your tushy like a little girl?” I began spanking her in a slow rhythm, making her backside quiver.
“MMMM,” she agreed lustily, thrusting her pink buns toward me. Leaning in, I gave her a kiss on each bare cheek, then reached between her legs to pet her pussy, which was becoming increasingly moist.
Taking her hand, I lead her quickly down the hall and into the bedroom, her dress still hiked above her waist. “After you,” I said, ushering her in with a firm swat to her exposed backside. She gave me a naughty look as she went inside, her bare bottom wobbling behind her, delectably pink and naked. Crossing the room, I took her into my arms and kissed her. She pressed herself into me; slowly, I reached up, slipping the straps of her dress and bra over her slender shoulders. I tugged them both down, swiftly and without warning. She gasped, the clothes pooling around her ankles, leaving her standing there naked and exposed in the dim light. Taking her hand, I pulled her toward the bed and took a seat. Slipping my jacket off, I regarded the beautiful girl who stood before me, naked but for the slightest of shy smiles. Reaching out, I took her hand and kissed the back. “Why are the pretty girls always so naughty,” I sighed, moving her into position.
“I’m not naughty,” she protested.
“Oh?” I said sceptically. Guiding her hand, I bent her toward my lap. “Aren’t you the girl who spent the evening shaking her bare bottom all over that club?” I asked, reaching behind and giving her backside two sharp slaps.
“Owww!” she cried, practically jumping across my lap. She gave a half-hearted struggle, which I was easily able to quell with a series of spanks on her jiggling derrière. “OOHH!” she squawked, impulsively reaching back to cover her rump with her palms. I gathered them into my hand and pinned them at her back, immobilizing her. Smiling, I patted and rubbed her chubby bottom, savouring its silky smooth softness.
“Now I’m gonna give this little bottom the spanking it’s been asking for all night,” I told her, giving her upturned butt a squeeze.
She shot me a somewhat panicked look over her shoulder; now that the moment had arrived, she seemed to be having second thoughts. Too late now, beautiful, I thought, raising my palm to shoulder height. There’s no turning back from here...
I brought my palm down on her bare buns, making her kick and squeal. “Imagine,” I lectured, voice dripping fake outrage as I delivered a series of slow, stinging swats. “A girl your age, running around in public with a bare bottom,” I admonished, taking time to savour the way the warm bundle squirmed in my lap, “Just like a naughty little girl! That’s exactly what you looked like tonight: A bratty two year old who’d stripped off her pampers, running around with her butt hanging out, looking for attention.”
She squealed again, my words making her kick and blush more than any spanking ever could.
“Well,” I said, spanking in a slow, steady rhythm “if it’s attention you want, young lady, it’s attention I’m going to give you... Right on your naughty, bare bottom.” She could only kick helplessly in response, her tushy beginning to go from pink to red.
I spanked her cheeks till they turned bright pink and her feet scissorsed in the air behind her. She writhed on my lap, which only succeeded in making her chubby pink buns jiggle delightfully. “Oh, stop! Please stop! I promise I’ll be good!”
“Hmmm,” I mused, stroking her wriggling backside. “You promise to be a good girl?”
“Yes! I promise!”
“A good, obedient little girl?” I asked, delivering a spank to the middle of her backside. “A sweet little baby who does what daddy tells her?”
“Yes!” she squealed.
Thinking it over, I continued squeezing her derrière. “Well,” I said, slipping my hand between her legs, “alright, I’ll let you up. But you’d better be on your best behaviour for the rest of the evening, young lady.”
She twitched and writhed sensually in response as I continued stroking her pussy and tickling her anus.
I released my grip on her, and she was on her feet in a flash, bouncing up and down comically as she tried to rub the sting out of her hiney. I sat back and smiled, enjoying the show.
I stood; she regarded me suspiciously, still trying desperately to sooth her stinging red rump. Wrapping my arms around her, I began kissing her. Trailing my hands down her bare back, I replaced her palms with mine on her bottom, rubbing and soothing the feverish cheeks. She moaned, pressing herself against me.
Breaking off, I ushered her toward the bed. “Lay down, honey,” I said ushering her up on the mattress and getting her settled.
She looked up at me with unfocused eyes. “Please,” she begged quietly, opening herself to me completely. I descended, kissing her delicious lips. In her highly aroused state, her orgasm came quickly.
She reclined in the soft warmth of the bed, lost in her own little world. She barely noticed me moving about the room, getting everything ready for the next phase.
“What’re you doing?” she enquired lazily, her senses dulled from drink and pleasure.
“You’ll see.”
“What is that stuff?” she slurred, trying unsuccessfully to sit up.
“Hush,” I commanded, popping a pacifier into her mouth.
“HHURM?!” she mumbled from behind the rubber nipple. She reached up to remove it.
“Leave it in, young lady... or do you want another spanking?”
Frowning, she dropped her hand and crossed her arms over her bare chest, pouting.
“Lift up,” I said, giving her thigh a little slap. Reluctantly, she complied, lifting the wonderful curves of her hips off the bed just long enough for me to slip a big, fluffy diaper beneath her backside.
She startled when she lowered her buns onto its thick, cotton surface. “Whus ‘iss?” she mumbled.
“Hold still,” I admonished. Taking her ankles, I gently folded her legs back, grinning as her derrière, still glowing warmly from its spanking, came into view. I gave it a blast of baby powder and began rubbing it in, making the girl gasp and squirm. “UUhhh... MMM-HHMM,” she purred, twitching sensuously on the bed.
“I think baby likes that,” I smirked, patting the cool powder into her throbbing cheeks.
“Uhh-huhh,” she murmured weakly. I lowered her legs, smiling at this vision of loveliness spread out in front of me, ready for her diapers. I sprinkled the powder across her chest and down her front, giving her a generous portion between her legs.
“Thas’ nisss’” she cooed around her pacifier as I rubbed it in. By the time I’d finished her chest and stomach, she was writhing on the bed in front of me.
“That’s a good girl,” I said, continuing my manipulations. “You’re a good little girl now aren’t you?”
“Uh-huh,” she agreed enthusiastically. “Gud grl,” she gushed around her soother.
“Daddy spanked away all the naughtiness, didn’t he?”
“Yeth da’dy.”
“Good girl,” I crooned, increasing the speed of my fingers. “When we’re all finished up here, daddy will put babykins in her diapers and put her to bed for the night, ok?”
“HUH?!” she cried, “Di’pas?”
“That’s right, young lady.” I reached around and gave her backside a smack. “Little girls like you need pampers for bedtime; especially when you’ve been drinking, right sweetie?” She blushed and looked away. “Besides,” I said, slowing down and making her cry out, “After the performance you put on at the club, you’re lucky all you’re getting is a little spanking and a pamper. Why, I’ve got a good mind to diaper you, dress you like a two year old, and take you back to that club to apologize to anyone who was offended by your little stunt.”
“NNUUH!” she blurted.
“Yes!” I countered, giving her a smack on the thigh. “Imagine,” I told her, increasing my speed again, “I’d diaper your little backside and put you in a little pink party dress, hemmed high enough to see your pretty pampers of course...”
“...And maybe a nice pink bonnet to go with it. I’d take you to the club...”
“...and I’d walk you around to all the tables so you could lisp out an ‘I’m sorry’ to everyone there...”
She squealed and writhed, though weather it was my words or my actions that brought the response, I didn’t know.
“...And if you wet your little diapers, I’d just lay you down on the floor and change your soggy little bottom into a fresh one right there in front of everyone...”
She shuddered on the bed, orgasm overtaking her once more. Before she could completely regain control, I pulled the diaper up tight between her legs and sealed her in. “Lift your hips,” I told her gently before tugging on the plastic pants. “Arms up,” I commanded, slipping a wispy pink nightie over her head. I quickly tied a frilly bonnet under her chin before stepping back to admire my handiwork.
The girl in front of me bore practically no resemblance to the dance floor siren she’d been just 90 minutes ago. Stripped of her sexy clothes, spanked, and diapered, she now looked more like an overgrown toddler than the sultry temptress who’d walked through the door. Under her bonnet, her eyes were round and confused.
“Be a good girl for the rest of the night,” I said, kissing her forehead, “and I won’t make you walk home like this tomorrow, ok?”
She nodded eagerly, her cheeks blazing bright red at the thought. I turned out the light and smiled as she turned over on her side and drifted off to sleep.

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