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I was just thinking today about how people found out they liked what they like.

Some people like wetting, some like to be an A/B some a mommy or a Daddy etc etc.

What made you realize, or was it something that you can always remember being there?

For me I think being a LG and a wetter has always been there. I cant remember a time in my life that I didn't enjoy wetting myself, but it was only in my teens that I began to realize everyone has their 'thing' and I stopped feeling so wierd and different.

What about you?
Always been there from early times for me too. I can remember being very interested in a tom and jerry cartoon where tom gets nappied - I would have been 4 or 5 years old. So I always knew nappies were strangely exciting for me but it was only when I was first accessed the internet in the early 90's that I found out about the whole LG/ABDL/Daddy scene. Started out as a teenager just having an interest in nappies but became more interested in being a daddy over a few years.
I can remember back to age 5 just liking them. After puberty there was a sexual kick involved and I guess I was hooked.

The adult me likes to sexualise diapers. I can be a little bit mean and a diaper is something most adults wouldn't use voluntarily in front of others .. I like seeing that humiliation. I like the control. The emotion on faces.
Then on some they are cute and adorable.

But there is equally a part of me that enjoys wearing them as I just relax into it.
I knew when i had to wear themfor years just couldnt point out why nor accept them. Then ab came out god know even worse regression arg acceptin it all made thing better but still i miss alot things. but meh ^^ life ish god when you have a great daddeh!
Honestly, I've always felt a desire to jsut stay in diapers. Even when i was like 5 or 6 i had fantasies about a machine changing me into diapers and putting a bottle in my mouth. *shrugs* blame cartoons they gave me the idea lol.
I stopped feeling weird when i got the net and saw i wasn't alone. Smile OH and remember how i joked blame the cartoons i watched? here is the one!!!
I found that I liked being in diapers before I was potty trained. Since I was trained, I always, always always longed to be back in diapers forever. Now I just do it every chance I get.
Like many others here I always found that I was drawn to nappies and the idea of accidents (wet ans messy). I tried nappies myself and staged accidents but I was never fully happy and always imagined that I was somebody else when I was doing it. I realised eventually that I liked the idea of others in nappies and having accidents, I wanted to be the one to punish and cuddle and to be the person who denied bathroom privilages. I was becoming a daddy. I cannot pinpoint it to one particular moment but I was definitely in full daddy mode by the time I created my first profile online when I was 18.

Call me DC.
I was introduced to age play and then the more adult baby side by others. But it felt natural and right and once I did more research I realized that there were things I had always done that had hinted at me being little I just didn't have a word for it.

I always had an oral fetish and always used chewing my fingers/nails as a way to keep my mouth busy but a paci is so much better. And wetting a diaper comes naturally to me, well except for wetting while laying down/sleeping.
The Internet taught me! I stumbled across Patches' Place in 1997 and was fascinated by the idea of women wetting themselves. It had never occurred to me before, but my response was immediate and powerful. These days I enjoy wetting my own pants or bed, but find a lover's pee is much more exciting.
I have liked being wet since being small. My mother always told me I was terrible to potty train because I just didn't care ifI was wet or messy. I was almost five before I was out of nappies during the day and still wore them at night for several years after that as I wet my bed most if not every night. My bedwetting continued all through my childhood years and throughout my teens. I wasn't reliably dry at night until my early 20's. I was taken out of nappies at night at about 8 or 9 years old at the advice of our district nurse who was sure if I felt wet and uncomfortable I would soon stopo bedwetting. Yeah right like that worked. I just got used to sleeping in a wet and smelly bed. To be honest it never bothered me and I never made any effort to become dry at night. In fact just the opposite as by my teens I was deliberately wetting my bed as often as I wet in my sleep. By this time I knew I really enjoyed wetting which has never gone away. I went back to nappies at night at 15 following an embarrassing enforced visit to the doc's to see why I still constantly wet my bed. Back then little was done. "Oh he'll grow out of it" was the stock answer. At least I was refered to the continence nurse for the first time and my mother got practical help with matteras covers and adult nappies. The nappies were not very good and usually leaked. I didn't careand was happy to wear them as following the doctors and continence nurse appointment my family just accepted I wet the bed and probably always would.
I eventually dried up at about 21 or 22 but even after taht there has been episodes of bedwetting throughout my adult life.
At 50 my bedwetting came back with a vengeance and I was diagnosed as diabetic and this is the main cause behind my bedwetting as I have significant nerve damage in my bladder control area. I started reading up on adult bedwetting and incontinence and soon found that many people are DL as a way of coping and actually enjoy wearing nappies. I soon realised this was the way forward and have settled in to my new incontinent life style. I like being dependent on nappies and love being a bedwetter just as I always did.
Jester said...

I stopped feeling weird when i got the net and saw i wasn't alone. Smile OH and remember how i joked blame the cartoons i watched? here is the one!!!
I always knew I couldn't be the only one who liked wetting when I was a kid but was totally amazed when I got the internet just how many people are in to it.
toddler41 said...

I found that I liked being in diapers before I was potty trained. Since I was trained, I always, always always longed to be back in diapers forever. Now I just do it every chance I get.
I never wanted to be dry at night.
I have always loved wetting myself and the feeling of warm pee. I was always in trouble at kindergarten for wetting myself and being told off for wetting made no difference.
I was teased at school and called lots of names because I would often wet myself at playtime and the other girls would lift up my dress to see if I had wet panties before we went back to class.
I am a grown woman and still love wetting myself either solo or in front of others.......I really don't know why, all I know is that being wet is being me.
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