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There once was a girl who loved little so much
She thought: “Maybe as a BabyGirl I would feel as such.”
So she dreamed of a world where a girl would feel little
Where silly songs were never wrong and fiddles played a riddle

Where everywhere were teddy bears
and blankies ‘n bottles ‘n binkies …
Where strawberries were riper,
“But as a BabyGirl in a diaper …” “Uh Oh! What if I get stinky?”

So she closed her eyes and nibbled her lip,
scratched her thinker and shifted her hips.
Then she said: “Giggling and bouncing is fun. It’s very true,
but a BabyGirl without a sitter will simply never do.”

“Or best of all,” she thought as her mind began to whirl.
“I don’t wanna be a Baby, but a Daddy’s BabyGirl!”

‘Cause a Daddy is loving and takes special care
as he tickles your tummy and brushes your hair.
He looks with his lookers deep into your thinker
Warming your thumper, twinkling your winkers

Then she opened her eyes and opened them wide
and then her wide eyes she blinked.
Because all around her was every little wish
of every little thought she had thinked.

She sat up and drew up her knees to her chin.
And looked around in the crib she was in.
Around her were babydolls and soft teddy bears.
Her lips held a binkie. Pigtails held her hair.

Everything was soft and everything was squishy,
from her BabyGirl nightie to the diaper on her tushy.
So she scooped up her teddy and rose to her knees
and peered over the crib at what else she could see.

A ‘little’ world did surround her. Could she have encountered
that ‘little’ place within her dreams?
She looked up and down at the nursery she found,
being dazzled by the window’s sunbeams.

From a rocking chair to a toy chest over there
to a dresser no lesser than pink
to a changing table, and though barely able,
she thought: “I’m gonna love this place I think!”

Her binkie dropped from her mouth as she giggled and bounced,
but fall to the floor it did not.
Dangling from her collar by a string was her binkie
and she said: “What a smart Daddy I’ve got!”

Every sight that she saw made her clap. Then she crawled
to each end of her crib, to and fro.
She would lie on her back. She was getting the knack
of this baby girl thing, head to toe.

Invited by fate, no longer could she wait
for a fantasy so real in each dream.
The time was now here for her Daddy to appear
and a new diaper she needed, it would seem.

The door slowly opened as she rose up again
with a smile that had formed on her face.
Her Daddy walked in with a bottle and a grin
and a gentleness that fit in this place.

She stretched out her arms and he lifted her high.
Then she hugged him and hugged him so dear.
His hand felt her bottom as her face felt his chest
And her first diaper change was now here.

On the table she was placed. Her beating heart kept up pace
as she stared at the ceiling above.
With her legs in the air, she could feel how he cared
and his gentle hands were filled with love.

From the table to the rocking chair seemed a quick trip
as she sat so sweetly on his lap.
Closing her eyes as her lips felt the bottle,
she drank as her body he wrapped

in the softest of blankets and strongest of arms.
Every BabyGirl’s love he evoked.
He rocked her so gently and patted intently.
And that’s when her Daddy first spoke:

“Every joy that I’ve felt every day made me melt
when I thought of a BabyGirl like you.
With eyes that are beaming or are far away and dreaming,
this one thing I know to be true:”

“Love, pure and simple in each laugh and each dimple
is so strong and eternally right,
that nothing can ever prevent an endeavor
that’s based on the rest of your life.”

His words were so sweet,
his touch was so tending.
His eyes were unyielding,
his love never-ending.

She knew that her heart and emotions were feeling
the same as his were. She embraced him, still reeling
in the thought that this “little” world she dreamt in her mind
was now her reality, unfurled and sublime.

And as she drifted back, ever-so-softly to sleep,
she nestled against him. This dream she wanted to keep.

The End

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This is a very pretty beautifuls story Smile
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