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I can't fucking believe it, I can't fucking believe that my tax dollars go to people who can't wipe there own ass or feed themselves or talk right, what the fuck!? One of my friends takes care of thease fuck heads and I asked her where does the money come from? She said social security and I asked her tax dollars? She yes. Why should they live like this when the rest of us have to fucking suffer!? What the fuck!? I have to work two jobs just to support myself and these mother fuckers are getting money from me, they shouldn't. What kind of fucking system do we live in where someone who can't walk right gets to live on my fucking tax dollars!
Not sure if this is a troll or what..
The amount of tax spent on disability support is barely even a bump in the road to the money spend on military contracts, wages, logistics, research and fabrication.

in the USA military spending sits at about 80% of government funding, the other 20% or so divided up between social services, disability, government wages/funding, parks services, grants, schemes and other things like nasa or property management, and a pitiful national dept repayment. Officially the military stake is less than 80% but those figures dont factor in black budgets which round it up to about 80% of government GDP expenditure.

Disability is about 1-3% at best - and mostly is paid out as a complimentary payment to organisations who look after these people - which are self funded and often bill families directly. This is why in the USA a large percentage of the homeless fall into the disability category, because they are alone or their families cannot fund their care. Outside of that most of the funding somes from insurance. So no, they are not wasting your tax dollars on these people - they are wasting them on the army.
It's called recycling. First you drink lots of water... then I..
I am glad to hear you express yourself in a way that reveals your ignorance. First of all, the largest allocation of taxpayer money goes to the military. Down at the bottom are programs for the poor and needy. Why? Because in a civilized society we take care of our own. The fact is, more taxpayer money is wasted on grants and other things that compared to "social programs", it's obscene. What we do know is,your outrage means that you'll never take a dime of taxpayer money because, as you say, it's bullshit.
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