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My favorite kind of sub is a sissy baby because I love sissies and babies so much and a sissy baby is such a perfect combination. I’m a Mommy to some subs and almost all my babies are sissy babies. I find sissy babies to be a lot of fun. I’m a perfect balance of nurturing and strict. I reward good behavior and punish bad behavior. There’s plenty to do with babies aside from changing diapers such as playtime, dressing up, feeding (controlling what the babies eat), managing their time, etc.

Here are some ABDL goals that I give my babies and littles:
Download baby games to play, watch baby videos, eat baby meals at least once a day, always drink milk from a baby bottle so you feel like peeing and pooping in your diapers, wear diapers 24/7, never use the toilet, when you wake up and before sleeping say “I’m a good baby. I love my mommy. I love being a good baby in diapers” 20 times aloud while caressing diapers, do baby things like crawling and playing with baby toys, have baby nap times, sleep for ~8 hours every night, dress like a baby at least once a week, etc.

I can do sessions but I would prefer something long term.
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