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Hammer of the gods
space transport loses gravity, hilarity ensues

BOOK1 (yes I am writing a second much longer book for this story, maybe even a book 3 if that goes well)


Somewhere between Earth and Mars, moving through space at a furious pace was the space transport "Hammer of the Gods". It was originally designed for redirecting or intercepting asteroids for mining; so it was excessively overpowered. Lately however it was used as a work horse around the solar system. It almost wasn't built - but thanks to a particularly tense political moment and a second space race it easily found funding as unofficially it could also potentially weaponise said asteroids should war break out. The particular politician involved wasn't very creative, and frankly wanted the thing to serve as a warning - thus its curious name.

Thankfully that particular civilisation ending feature had never been realized, but the name had stuck. Initially it was used to survey asteroids and extract rare materials; a passtime so lucrative as it turns out, most nations quickly put aside petty squabbles to focus on improving everyones lives instead. That and line their pockets. Thus it soon became redundant as fleets of more specialised ships were built to replace it - using the very materials it had exploited.

This particular moment however, it was on an emergency supply mission. The usual unmanned supply pods to the Mars colonies had some unanticipated problems when their chutes; sourced from a particularly unreliable supplier by a particularly unimaginative civil servant (trying to save a few dollars) had all failed on arrival, destroying about a years worth of supplies. The person involved was now enjoying his new career as a sewer inspector and cleaner somewhere unpleasant, but that didn't solve Mars's immediate problem.

Mars was rapidly leaving the current convenient launch window from the nearest source of supplies. The only way to replace the lost supplies now; before Mars ran out, was to load up a fast ship with cargo and shoot for a hard intercept of Mars at full accelleration. This would overcome the difference in orbits between Earth and Mars at that particular moment, and allow it to arrive in time to prevent disaster. Having been constructed by private enterprise; not the lowest bidding government contractor - the Hammer of the Gods was somewhat more reliable and modular than the government commisioned fleet. Thus it was the only ship suited to that goal.

The ship was stable at 1g accelleration, facilitating artifical gravity. A feature unique to this class of ship when its experimental Bussard accellerator ran at 100%. The Bussard accellerator was a curious hodge podge of Bussard collectors, particle accellerators and rail gun principles. If it did fail, thanks to being designed to push around asteroids they had additional thrust in the form of a set of nuclear pulse engine tied into their reactor which could operate at about half the thrust to get a similar specific impulse to the Bussard system, but it would screw up their intercept trajectory. Should they need to use them it would require skipping most of the braking phase, and do a violent Mars orbital capture to slow down again from a terminal speed to make it to Mars in time. If they needed to do that the damage to the ship from skipping over the atmosphere braking would probably leave them stuck at Mars until the next Earth-Mars launch window in two years - something Adriana, and most of the crew would prefer to avoid. The company tended to take such things out of their pay. Not to mention over 2g of braking using that approach would probably put most of the crew in hospital.

If the ship was stationary, it was possible to extend both the crew and control module by rotating the corridor 90 degrees, and spinning it for artificial gravity, although this felt much more unrealistic than 1g accelleration, and meant the crew had to climb up and down ladders instead of simply walk between modules. It was however convenient when in orbit or in the asteroid belt for extended periods to avoid bone or muscle atrophy. Slowing down towards a destination was also able to generate 1g of artificial gravity, by simply flipping the ship 180 degrees and using 1g of braking thrust until arriving at their destination. If they were in no particular hurry they could also coast with the ship spinning to fly more economically and do a much gentler braking burn at the end but since their experimental engines basically collected fuel as it went; economy was not usually a concern. Although if they were pushing around an asteroid it blocked the intakes; which is why they had the nuclear engines too - which went about 10 years between refuels anyway. In any event propulstion was usually the least of their worries.

Chapter 1.

Adriana was nearing the end of her 6 hour shift in command, lost in thought. This mission was on a knifes edge - if for any reason they had to shut off the engines too long, they would have to run them above 100% (or 1G accelleration) Either by using the pulse engines in concert with the bussard system or overloading the accellerator coils to make up time which could potentially damage the engines. Depending how long the engines had been off this could be quite uncomfortable - running as high as 150% or 1.5g's yuk!

Thankfully, for once no warning indicators had flashed during her entire shift. Operational proceedures however were another thing. They required Adriana to have consumed at least a litre of water during her shift, with an hour left she still had half a litre; and really didn't feel very thirsty since she hadn't really exerted herself much at all. The regulations however required her, on pain of monetary penalty to have consumed it all by the end of her shift. Something about maintaining balance in a closed loop system or some other such bureaucratic nonsense.

Somewhat reluctantly Adriana sipped absently at her water bottle. It would be checked in at the end of her shift, and if it was not empty the fact would be recorded somewhere and probably leave a blemish on her otherwise perfect record. Her pay was benchmarked against her record so she really wanted to avoid that. She paced the room a bit trying to exert herself enough to get thirsty enough to finish it.

By the end of another uneventful hour, she had managed to dutifully finish her water ration, but unsurprisingly was now busting to go to the bathroom. Perhaps reflecting the decadence of private enterprise the command section was equiped with two bathrooms (unlike the cut price government spec ships) one designed for zero G, which occured only during course changes, entering orbit or engine malfunctions; the other for operation under artificial gravity; however regulations do not permit her to leave her post until relieved by the next shift operator. (relieved? ha literally!) She considered sneaking into the head for a quick wiz, but the thermal elastane uniform they had to use while on duty required quite a lot of messing around to remove - the time awol would be noticed and definately hurt her record.

For other crew this was not an issue - the more traditional crew members had long since got into the habit of wearing the adult incontinence pants used on space walks for their shifts, but Adriana was a more recent addition to the crew. She had all the necessary training to do space walks and the like, but so far they had been so quick and rare that wearing one had never been necessary so she never picked up the habit.

She sat there squirming in her seat for a few minutes; she suspected her underwear was already showing a wet spot; but nothing showed on her suit crotch as far as she could tell. Finally the next shift worker Billy walked casually in. Adriana glanced at the chronometer, she was about a minute early. Felt more like she was 10 minutes late.. in a way they were; since that is about how long ago her wet spot started. She asked Billy if she would speed things up; as she was about to pee herself. Billy, like Adriana was worried about her own record and didnt want to risk pay penalties - so she stubbornly went through the entire changeover checklist - all 10 minutes of it. By the end Adriana definitely felt wet, an obvious slowly spreading dark patch visible between her legs.

With the changeover finally complete and signed off, Billy looked up and noticed the dark spot - pointing it out (much to Adriana's embarrasment) with the suggestion she should probably hurry to the toilet now. She bolted for the bathroom stall. Billy just shook her head in amusement - Unlike Adriana, Billy wore protective pants under her uniform and usually spent her entire shift so relaxed it simply dripped out as needed.

Adriana slammed the cubile privacy screen closed and set about getting out of her uniform. It was a 1 piece design that required releasing several buttons and tabs, and a lot of wriggling. All the while she could feel her underwear getting wetter by fits and starts. She finally got the catches undone, then had to squirm her arms out and slide it down her body; the effort of which only caused her to leak even more. The leaks were more an inconvenience than a problem, they were small, the air conditioning rapidly dried it out, removed any odor, and the uniform was designed to efficiently draw away sweat and moisture anyway so long as she didnt get too wet it would dry on its own quickly - which was more than could be said about her cotton underwear which was more of the conventional kind so would be slower to dry even with the suit wicking it away.

"Well fuck", Adriana announced to nobody in particular, "This outfit is ruined". The privacy screen didn't block sound, and she heard Billy chuckle. Adriana blushed in embarrasment again. Then again - all told the slightly warm wet feeling tingle wasn't exactly unpleasant either, she noticed as she struggled to pull the suit down past her knees where it was now a hopeless jumble.

Realizing how difficult to untangle it would be, she opted instead to remove it entirely - the effort pulling it over her feet causing her to spray into her underwear more than just a small dribble this time, an obvious drip forming on the curve of her labia under her crotch. The sensation caused a little shiver to go down her spine. Her suit now free she quickly used a section of the suit leg to dab up the drip before it fell. She hung the suit crudely on a catch on the wall; then activated the hatch on the toilet releasing the seat so she could sit on it.

Bending over a little to reach down and remove her sodden underwear before she sat - she hesitated when she felt a sudden flutter in her chest; like you feel in an elevator, the floor shuddering a little. "Billy What the hell..", she began - the words cut off and turning to a squeal as she was suddenly thrown up in the air and then dragged down again savagely causing her to find herself sitting on the toilet in her underwear. The sudden shock of it all causing her to completely lose control of her bladder for a few moments, soaking her underwear entirely. Fighting to regain control of her bladder again, she attempted to sit up to remove her underwear entirely but was concerned to discover she couldn't - the gravity was too high to move. Calling out to Billy again, "Billy what the hell is wrong with the ship?"

Billy who was by good fortune sitting strapped to her console, and suddenly very thankful for her incontinence pants which were suddenly a lot wetter that exact second called back, "Looks like some sort of ion or particle build up on the collectors, the accellerator chamber is over pressure at the moment, I am trying to compensate; we must have hit a patch of dust or other stellar material and the Bussards sucked it all in" The ship shuddered a few more times then the pressure relaxed a little. Then kept relaxing. Now very much concerned her wet dripping underwear momentarily forgotten Adriana called out again, "Are you sure its just stellar material, this drop off could be caused by a problem with containment, and that only happens if there is a solar flare.." the moment that left her mouth an alarm went off on the console, then another, and another.

Billy started cursing like a sailor to nobody in particular and Adriana found herself again pressed into the toilet seat - now so hard she started blacking out.. the warm wet feeling between her legs letting her know just before she did that she had again lost control of her bladder. "Fuck", she muttered weakly trying to stop herself fainting; then the pressure stopped. Completely. Billy cursed again, "Shit Shit Shit, we just overloaded the accellerator; the engines have tripped off" More alarms went off and flashing lights. That meant at least an hour replacing tripped circuits. Adriana found herself weightless; the toilet hatch slamming shut and retracting into the wall when it detected the absence of gravity. She could hear the steam system cleaning and flushing out the interior of the toilet and spiriting away the liquids to the reclamation system with a dull hiss. The finality of the sound reminding Adriana that even after her accidents her bladder was still uncomfortably full.

The Command module was hardened so they were in no immediate danger from any solar flares or cosmic radiation, but they had another problem. The lack of gravity had come as so much of a surprise as she floated weightless in nothing but her soaked cotton underwear trying to recover from nearly blacking out; she still had no control of her bladder, which was spraying pee through her knickers at an alarming rate. More to the point the air was now starting to fill with several balls of floating urine - which could potentially short out the command system computers. Should that happen it would cost them days in repairs. Which would prevent them reaching Mars in time. The air cleaning system was only designed for filtering out small droplets of sweat, condensation or spittle from speech. The engines could be fixed, all that required was a quick space walk to swap out some breaker boards, but if they lost the command computers that would be bad. Really bad. The fear only making it more difficult to regain control of her bladder. She called out to Billy in near panic, "Billy get over here now!"

Chapter 2.

Billy boosted herself immediately over to the cubicle and opened it. Adriana was floating upside down, her naked breasts swaying gently in the zero gravity, nude except for her very soaking wet underwear, which was about at eye level with Billy. She looks good naked Billy mused a moment until the thought was interrupted by several small balls of pee slowly drifting away from Adriana's crotch. Seeing the liquid Billy exclaimed with concern, "Oh shit! That could be bad." then immediately spluttered as one of the balls attracted by the sudden intake of breath prior to the exclamation went into her mouth. It was warm, with an undefinable tang but otherwise tasteless. Lives being at stake, wasting time with luxuries like disgust was pointless; Billy just licked her lips and swallowed it; and asked Adriana quickly, "What do you need me to do?"

Adriana unaccustomed to the weightlessness was clearly fighting panic, her bladder subsequently out of control - the sight however of her crewmate so casually downing her pee was not entirely lost on her, her eyes widened slightly. Filing that memory away for later. Looking around she spotted her uniform still clipped to the wall. Glancing at it meaningfully as she tried to hold onto the wall, she suggested, "will that soak it up?" Grabbing it Billy gently pushed it towards the floating balls, some of it soaked in, but mostly they just rebounded back and started floating back towards Adriana, one splattering onto her nipple. Billy ignored them for the moment and tried pressing the suit against Adriana's leaking crotch. The electric sensation of Billys hand squishing into the pee jetting into her wet underwear joining the earlier memory filed away for later. (It had been a while. It is lonely in command.) The tactic was partially effective, it absorbed some of the leaking pee, but mostly made things worse, as the pee that did escape was now forming smaller and more numerous balls in the air.

Giving that idea up, Billy carefully spun any pee balls away from the doorway with her hand and closed the cubicle to contain them within.
Now really concerned Billy asked, "any other ideas?" another ball finding its way into Billy's mouth as she spoke which was dispatched down her throat just as quickly as the first. Seeing that Adriana offered, "well you could keep doing that?"
Billy blinked as the realisation of what she suggested sank in. Adriana added, "I don't see any other options, and really we drink the stuff every day; where do you think the water in our reclamation system comes from?" Resulting in a momentary blank stare from Billy, who was at that point processing several things, perplexingly one of which was a sudden erotic tingle between her legs as she considered the idea.

The urgency of the situation taking precidence, concerned by Billys lack of action and confused by a tingle of her own Adriana offered desperately, "Does it help if I promise to return the favour? - you can get your own back after the emergency?" Blinking some more, Billy mused, "well I guess it is just cutting out the middle man so to speak" now resigned to what needed to be done.

Billy looked around. The biggest problem here was the source. Shrugging (as best as they could in zero gravity) Billy grabbed Adriana and pulled towards herself. Clamping her mouth securely over Adrianas leaking panty crotch Billy started sucking and swallowing; the sudden sensation causing Adriana to jerk in surprise and surge a little more pee out. Her mouth securely fastened to Adrianas underwear, Billy noticed small droplets were still escaping under the elastic. She quickly slid a finger to the elastic and trying not to break the seal, quickly slid the crotch of the underwear over, the sensation of sliding across her Labia making Adriana gasp. Now Billy was sucking pee directly from Adrianas exposed vagina into her mouth. This seemed to work and no further liquid escaped to join the existing constellation of floating water planets in the booth.

Trying to be helpful, again needing to file away the memory of the current sensations for later; and not entirely suceeding; Adriana with her crewmates mouth still securely clamped between her legs sucking up her pee, began to try to shift around the cubicle and suck her pee orbs into her own mouth. It occured to her after a few seconds and several mouthfulls (which oddly she discovered she enjoyed) that she had calmed down enough to regain control of her bladder, but instead was deliberately spraying it into Billys mouth now. She didn't WANT to stop. Between the two of them she managed to totally empty her bladder, into Billy's mouth, and Adriana managed to catch almost all of the rest of the floating pee in her own mouth. Satisfied that the crisis was over; later finally came - and the sensation of Billys mouth was in danger of causing more than just later to come. Although she was pretty sure her bladder was now empty - Billy was still dutifully sucking on her vagina. Adriana did not immediately point this out and flailed around pretending to search for more floating pee as she secretly enjoyed the sensation. Noticing her wet nipple Adriana took the extra step to suck that dry too as she glanced about. Her face flushing.

Billy on the other hand was somewhat distracted; the fear of breaking down in deep space pressing on her mind so much that it was actually well over a minute before she realised the pee had stopped. Just to be certain Billy kept sucking gently for several more seconds probing with her tongue around the urethra and cliterous to check for wetness.

Eventually Billy's thoughts as she licked were interrupted when Adriana started tapping her head to get her attention. Finally looking up her mouth still absently working over Adrianas vagina (the sight of which very nearly made Adriana's "later" come all over Billys face) Billy could see up between her heaving breasts Adriana noticably panting. The red flush of her cheeks, and stiff nipples making it rather obvious why. Billy's own cheeks reddend and not from embarassment. This was actually rather erotic. Adriana, now that she had Billy's attention said between pants, "Girl: I think.. you got it all.. already"..

Sheepishly, Billy released her mouth slowly from Adriana, although perhaps not entirely accidentally, since the implications of what they had just been doing had effected her too - the tip of Billys tongue brushed briefly along Adriana's slit and delved deeply inside momentarily where it found much wetness of another kind - which caused Adriana to shiver and close her eyes and let out a slow breath as Billy let the elastic of her damp knickers snap back in place over her crotch again making Adriana jump and inadvertently give out a breathy half moan sound.

Both lost for words they corrected each others orientation and looked each other in the eyes. The lust they saw there making them both stammer for words a moment. In the end they settled with simply saying, "later". Nodding in agreement Billy repeated later in return. Billy helped Adriana fix her suit up, and helped her climb into it. The zero G resulting in many amusing bumps and touches on various parts of each others anatomy. She left her damp underwear on, and by the time Billy was helping Adriana pull the suit back up her legs, the underwear presently at eye level again as they pulled the suit up had a small obviously wetter shiny patch in the middle of the crotch. Billy had no doubt her own crotch was likely in the same state. The suit now closed up correctly again, had several dark stains of pee all over it from their earlier efforts.
Adriana for some reason found those patches.. appealing?. Shaking away their confusion they seperated and exited the booth.

Billy; ever the career officer returned to her console, which at this point was basically useless beyond monitoring life support and radiation. The rest of the crew elsewhere no doubt already on their way to make repairs - she checked the camera feeds to confirm, then relaxed - noticing with interest she must have been rather wound up by the ordeal when quite a large amount of pee leaked out into the incontwear under her jumpsuit. Enough for a slight overflow along the elastic to cause an immediate dark line to run down one side of the inside of her leg. "Ugh.. I guess I'll have to hold the rest in for this shift then", she noted with annoyance.. The earlier statement from Adriana about her returning the favour popping into her thoughts at this point.. wicked fantasies on doing exactly that haunting the rest of her shift. By the end of her shift she had got herself in such a state over it she had convinced herself to act on them - the rising sensation in her bladder only motivating her more.

Chapter 3.

Adriana her shift over told Billy she was going to check on the crew, and worked her way over to the crew section in the zero gravity to check if the damage control team needed any help; they didn't. Although they looked over her messed up uniform curiously and asked, "Rough day?". Adriana, replied, "You have no idea. I was in the head when the engine tripped". They looked her over again, eyed all the dark patches and laughed. "That bad eh?", they added. Adriana's eyes went wide, blood rushing to her face (and curously between her legs) with embarrasment - she rolled her eyes to the side to avoid their faces and nodded. Leaving them to their job, she entered the off duty crew area and checked if everyone else was ok. A few bruises otherwise fine. She had a sudden urge to have a big drink of water. She grabbed a packet and sucked it dry, wondering absently how much of that water had been reclaimed from her - the thought (and warm tingle) cementing her resolve to make good on her offer earlier to return the favour to Billy should she come to collect.

After that Adriana returned to her private booth, and carefully took off her uniform in the zero G, and stuffed it into the laundry locker to be cleaned. She left her damp cotton knickers on. Not entirely sure why. The cool wet feeling, seemed.. nice. Considering the earlier events she found herself badly in need of sexual release. Leaving her knickers on, she dug between her labia lips lubricating the inside of her knickers with her arousal and rubbed herself off surprisingly quickly through the fabric. She washed herself down using cleaning wipes designed for zero G use, and again leaving her damp knickers on for no reason she could explain; although she noticed they were getting wetter (and not from pee) - then slid into a fresh skin suit, and strapped herself in bed for a sleep.

A while later she was interrupted by the sudden return of artificial gravity; the sudden shock jarring her somewhat awake; and resulting in her bladder protesting; a small drip escaping into her knickers. Apparently between all the pee she drank in command and the water earlier she had a full bladder again. It felt like they were running above 1g, probably to make up for lost time; the extra weight pulled on her bladder noticably. She was not displeased by the discovery. Still foggy from sleep, she let a little more leak out as she dozed for a few more minutes, the warm wetness again feeling curiously... nice.

After some more daydreaming, she fully awoke feeling inspired, she felt like a walk to check on the damage control team, who after checking her com pad, by an amazing cooincidence were currently working in the part of the ship furthest from any toilet; Adriana released her bed straps and exited her booth. By the time she had found them, she was dancing about noticably. Bemoaning quite authentically to all present the lack of bathroom facilities in this part of the ship as she insisted on helping the damage control team secure the last of the repair equipment. Some of which was quite heavy and resulted almost immediately in her exclaming with embarrasment when the effort caused her to completely soak the bottom of her jumpsuit with pee.

"Ooops.. ", she said; her face red (and from the warm tingle, her vagina and nipples even redder). The suit having been designed to wick away moisture quite effectively prevented it spreading beyond her clothes - but there was a very obviously dark patch between her legs. Redfaced (and hard nippled) she announced to all present, particularly those who had not noticed her accident yet, "oh well too late now" and proceeded to finish securing the equipment as she slowly covertly kept wetting herself. Deliberately. Fuck it did feel nice. Her public embarrasment adding a pleasent accent to the squishy sensation.

The damage control team was nonplussed beyond a few knowing chuckles and sympatetic tut tuts at Adriana- they all for the most part wore the same safety pants as the other veteran crew - and really had little concern with the idea of pee. Some downright fetishised it. It also helped that Adriana was smoking hot, and the wet clingy outfit only highlighted her curves, in particular the cameltoe of her labia.

Most of the crew were female, as they generally required less life support resources, with a few token males to prevent certain frustration and personality conflict induced homocides that had plagued previous all girl crews - but the damage control team was more or less equal numbers male and female. The persuit of such frustration prevention measures was an open secret; all the crew having been given long term birth control implants prior to departure. It was considered a vital and necessary mental health stress relief exercise for deep space missions. Also it helped that most people by this point in history were essentially bisexual- particularly the females. (Although the company hiring practices tended to favour them) So the entire damage control team's opinion of Adriana was coloured by the fact they all found her sexually appealing anyway.

Adriana began to return to her sleeping capsule, on the way she downed another packet of water, and, still damp from her earlier accident checked on the rest of the ship. She didn't need to, but as part of the command crew it was something she could do at her own discrection off duty. It would also reflect in her record and likely earn her a bonus. Considering the earlier engine problem it was quite easy to justify. She took her time and again found herself quite desperate to take a pee. Somehow she managed to accidentally(?) lock herself in the supply room and with much apparent regret danced about needing to pee while a technician (Luke) watched her through the window trying to release the door. Eventually he got the door open; but poor Adriana much to her apparent embarassment had already wet herself while she waited. So much so the dark patch now ran down the inside of both legs. Poor thing he tut tutted. She had struggled valiantly for 10 minutes dancing about and grabbing at herself, but ultimately had ruined her skintight jumpsuit (again..). The problem it seemed was a small bolt had gotten jammed inside in the release mechanism. On the inside. He made a note to get damage control to check the supply room for any damaged containers. Oddly when they did, there was none..

Adriana then decided she should have dinner. Still wearing her soiled outfit. (to anyone who asked she would reply with embarassment we all only get assigned two suits a day, and this was her second, best make do; set an example for the crew and all that..) She decided on the soup, a large serving; and finished it off with a large sachael of iced tea. She took her time to enjoy the meal, and socialised with a number of off duty crew. By the time she left the mess hall, she was quite beside herself with desperation to pee again. She shuffled along slowly, bemoaning the cruelty of the world everytime she lost control and a new stain appeared between her legs. Cooncidentally usually when any crew were nearby. She put up a great fight. Many passing crewmembers remarking at her determination; much to her embarrassment (and secret delight).

With artificial gravity back on, Adriana made use of another corporate luxury. A shower. Feeling naughty before turning on the water, she left her outfit on and completely pissed herself again, letting it overflow everywhere in the safety of the shower. Finally She rinsed off the excess pee, then removed the uniform- wrung it out and at the conclusion of her shower, tossed it along with her knickers into the same laundry hatch as earlier.

This left her with two more problems. She only had some underwear to wear now to spend the night in... and she was also quite horny. Shrugging she opted to sleep in nothing but knickers to solve the first problem, using her command access to turn the sleep section heat up slightly and for the second problem; when Billy's shift ended she hoped to make good on her offer earlier.. so she left the door to her sleeping booth ajar. Any crewmember wandering past would be able to oogle her half naked body at will, and should Billy stop by, would have no difficulty entering her booth to collect. Neither possibility bothered Adriana as she dozed and waited to see what would happen. To be fair tho, she was so horny at this point if the entire crew entered her booth for an orgy she would probably be up for it. Her dreams were of a room full of showers, only all the shower heads were members of the crew.. That was new.

Chapter 4.

Her nap was interrupted by a bump. Covertly peeking out one eye she spied one of the junior officers; (a trim girl in her 20's with blonde hair, the enthusiasm of youth and life still fresh on her face) staring at her breasts mouth agape. Feigning sleep Adriana turned over a little and jutted her chest out a little, her hard nipples shining in the light coming through the doorway and spread her legs as far open as someone pretending to sleep could get away with. There was a very noticiable wet patch on them.. (it HAD been a good dream..) a fact this particular junior officer was now accutely aware of. There was another bump and someone calling askance over what the attraction is. The newcomer was a boy about the same age as the Blonde girl. She silenced him with her finger, and pointed into Adriana's booth. The newcomer poked his head in and had a sudden intake of breath at the sight. (one of the guys from the damage control team Adriana confirmed with a covert peek between her fingers)

Wow he mouthed at the blonde. The blond junior officier whispered back, fuck she is hot. He replied ye; their shared voyuerism making him uncharacteristically bold, he added, "but not as hot as you." The Blonde girl gaped back at him and looked at him like she had only just then realised he existed in the universe. He looked back and tried to maintain eye contact with her although he could feel his cheeks burning. He wasn't lying. Her eyes narrowed, and after taking one last lingering look atAdriana, flicking down her breasts and betwen her legs; grabbed the boys hand much to his shock and dragged him into her booth.

From the wet sounds she could hear they were either kissing or rubbing each other. The mystery resolving itself when she heard with a cringe the sound of rubber ripping.. twice. Those suits cost 10 grand each.. and it sounds like they just ripped a hole in them both.. oh the impatience of youth. Another two squelshing sounds soon followed... "there go their incontinence pants", she thought.. more wet sounds.. she wasn't sure what that was, kissing licking groping who knows.. there was some more sounds soon replaced by the regular squeek of some item of furniture and sighing.. "well it sounds like they are certainly enjoying themself", she mused as she started dozing again, a sudden set of moans momentarily interupting her nap a few minutes later.. good for him she thought, somewhat jealous.. then when the wet sounds started again surprisingly quickly, with what sounded like the girl exclaiming in delight, "ooh nobody licked me THERE before..". Adriana decided she was very jealous at this point - covering her head with a pillow to fall asleep again.

A while later, long after the sounds next door had been replaced with contented regular breathing; She half woke to a snapping sound but remained asleep. This was shortly followed by the feeling of something warm and soft settling against her side and something warm and gentle rubbing between her legs. She sleepily half opened her eyes and glanced over. The door was shut. She looked down and noticed Billy, naked with her hand rubbing between Adrianas legs. "Hullooo", Adriana purred sleepily not sure if it was real or a dream but enjoying it nevertheless.

Billy grabbed Adriana's hand and pressed it between her own legs. Adriana felt nothing but warm slightly wet flesh. Billy had apparently crossed the entire crew section naked to enter Adrianas booth. Billy slid Adriana's hand up to Billy's belly and pressed it down; Billy sucking air in her teeth like it hurt. Her stomach was firm and slightly distended like she had eaten too much. Then slid Adriana's hand back to Billys vagina - it was wetter, and not with arousal. Adriana now somewhat more awake realised Billy had just pee'd a little on her hand. Looking at Billy she saw a big goofy grin, and heard her giggle evilly as she said I just spent almost my entire 6 hour shift without going to the bathroom.. considering Billy had probably drank close to half a litre out of Adriana, plus her own litre ration of water that meant Billy had over a litre of pee in her this very second.
"Oh god.. ", said Adriana.. "you mean...", leaving the words hanging. Billy just nodded with a big grin on her face. "Time to get my revenge.. maybe." She noticed now that Billy was squirming quite a lot; the motion being transferred to the hand Billy had placed between Adriana's legs. "Scoot over lover", ordered Billy, as she mounted Adriana's face and slid her labia onto Adriana's lips, and ground her hips until most of her mound was nestling gently into Adriana's mouth.

Billy then surprised her by replacing her hand with her own mouth in return on Adriana, again holding the elastic to the side to expose her and started gently sucking and licking Adriana's vagina. Closing her eyes Adriana again took a breath and as the sensation quickly effected her and instinctively started lapping at Billy's labia in return. The entire situation was made all the more bizzare, as Billy clearly quite desperately needed to pee and was dancing about on Adriana's tongue and mouth - and she could taste a faintly metalic flavour from Billy's earlier leak. That aside Billy smelt wonderful, she must have showered prior, and from the amount of wetness fondled herself to hold her pee in prior to joining her.

Well fuck she thought completely enjoying the sensation she was getting as much as the sensation of a pee desperate girl jumping about on her tongue. This is hot. As she licked at Billy; depending where she licked Billy sometimes lost control briefly; (using those incont pants all the time gave her a weak bladder) and true to her word Adriana would move her lips to suck it all down her throat until Billy got it under control again. The taste was surprisingly mild, and addictive, she wanted more. She also discovered much to her delight, that each time this happened Billy would increase the enthusiasm of her own licking as a reward. So after a few solid mouthfuls Adriana couldn't help but cum all over Billys mouth. Still Billy didn't let up in the slightest, so Adriana's arousal barely even dropped when she did. Panting hot breath between Billys legs she tried to recover from the increased sensitivity and Billys persistent licking as her climax reluctantly subsided.

Billy however obviously quite horny was stuggling to cum herself, likely from the distraction of needing to pee. They kept licking at each other and Billy eventually managed to come regardless, the sensation apparenly being such that her moan escallated into a scream, and Adriana suddenly found Billy had lost control and was flooding her mouth with pee spurts between orgasmic pulses almost faster than she could swallow.. on top of that the sensation of Billy screaming into her vagina made Adriana cum again too - the challenge of trying to swallow while climaxing being almost too much. Finally both of their orgasms subsided - Billy's bladder now half empty and Adriana's stomach nicely half full. They soon began another round of enthusiastic licking. Billy resuming her process of losing control and wetting herself into Adrianas mouth a little, and Adriana climaxing, as Billy came and lost control again. Finally after 3 such climaxs Billy was exhausted and settled into a half doze, any remaining control of her bladder giving up as she effectively wet the bed into Adriana's mouth, who happily gulped most of it down and licked everything within reach clean again.

A solid hour or so had passed by this point, and Adriana's pleasently full stomach gave way to an unpleasently urgent feeling in her bladder as all the liquids filtered back out. Billy was still collapsed on top of her in a doze, and it wasn't until Adriana found herself dancing around in desperation with the weight of Billy on her bladder that Billy started stirring again, and realizing with a wicked grin what was happening suggested they swap places, Adriana now on top. By this point Billy's bladder had recovered slightly and had a slight stir of urgency as the final parts of her shifts water ration found its way into her bladder. This time they licked less enthusiastically opting instead to simply caress each others labia with their mouths in a 69- and in this manner when the both of them found they were both now dancing about with desperation to pee and shortly both lost control into each others mouths.. at once.

Billy in a momentary pause of Adriana's stream licked her lips and remarked that this time Adriana's pee had a much more sexy taste to it.. having been filtered through two bladders by this point it had concentrated slightly bringing out the spicy sweet and sour pee taste somewhat more. Adriana just moaned into Billys labia - which at this point was still slowly tricking pee into her mouth. Billy moaned at the dirty sensation and returned her mouth to Adriana - who deliberately pushed her pee out at this point not caring about if it was an accident or not.. and at this point they both started deliberately peeing at the same time into each others mouth.

They drew it out slowly, until they got to the point pissing and swallowing settled into balance, leaking continuously. The timing now just right, they slowly dribbled pee without break into each others mouth for over 40 minutes of wet licking - broken occaisionally by very wet orgasms of one or the other. Both of their tastes gradually increasing in strength until they both simply got too horny and moved to the shower stall, a mouthful of pee each and took turns sitting on each others laps, pissing on each other while they frantically fingered each others ass and vagina - all the while kissing each other sloppily with pee filled mouths back and forth lustily. Then they took turns jamming each other against the shower wall and eating out each other, sucking down more pee, and fingering any available hole as they did so, cumming numerous times until the pee finally ran out.
Exhausted but totally satisfied over their dirty adventure they shared a shower - somehow almost making each other cum again, then jumped back into bed together in a sideways 69, using each others thighs as a pillow, and ticking each others labia with their lips and breath as they slept. This may have even caused a few minor orgasms in their sleep, but they couldn't recall.

Several hours later Adriana woke feeling randy and needing to Pee again. She really didn't want to get up - she was too comfortable -and with such a convenient solution asleep with her lips in the right place she adjusted her position slightly and dribbled just enough pee to moisten Billy's lips. Billy still asleep but just as horny in her sleep tasted and smelt the pee, and like a babe to the breast started automatically suckling gently on Adrianas vagina. Oh heaven. She let out a little more pee, and Billy instictively adjusted her position to suckle it into her mouth more effectively.

Oh fuck thats so filthy she thought as she ran out of pee and all of it was sucked up by her lover in her sleep. Adriana at this point was involountarily thrusting her hips into Billys mouth she was so horny - which woke Billy up enough the taste and smell on her lips motivated her to start lapping at her again more purposefully. Adriana returned the favour. Pretty soon a mutual climax later they were both wide awake. Billy needed to pee herself at this point and needed to get ready for an inspection that morning.

Turning to get up to leave Adriana jumped up and remembering the Blonde Officers comment the night before - grabbed Billys ass as she bent over to grab a towel in anticipation of running across to her own booth then slammed her tongue up Billys asshole as far as she could. "Holy shit", exclaimed Billy, the shock making her lose control of her bladder, the exact reaction Adriana was aiming for, quickly replacing her tongue with her finger to stop her escaping then moving her face below Billy's pissing vagina to open her mouth like a baby bird waiting for a worm - the pee falling into her open mouth and swallowing when it overflowed - causing her face and breasts to get wet each time her mouth closed.

Billy was not sure what to do, the sight of Adriana catching all her pee like a cup and the finger up her ass had her swaying back and forth with horny confusion. "Thats so fucking dirty", she whispered causing Adrianas waiting mouth to take on the countenance of a tooth grin.. Billys stream soon dwindled and she squatted down leaving the finger in her ass, and lustily kissed Adrianes still pee filled mouth as she found her ass being finger fucked; Billy frantically rubbed her clit with one hand and Arianas vagina with her other hand. They soon both came again and fell in a heap on each other all arms and legs giggling.

But all good things must end, Billy really had to go inspect the work details, and Adriana was shortly on shift again in command - so they showered again and returned to their respective booths to dry and dress for their shifts.

Neither of them wore the incont pants again, they both got into the habit of simply slowly wetting themself should the need arise, or should one or the other be available - into each others mouth. Inspired by lovers in the next booth, Adriana and Billy had a slight modification made to their suits allowing the crotch to open up for this very purpose.

It was a very enjoyable trip to Mars..
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