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The Amazon Girl

Far from being a story about the wild women of South America, we find ourself instead in a South American logistics warehouse. Although it could be argued she was somewhat wild in a manner of speaking.

Megan worked in an Amazon fulfillment centre in Rio De Janeiro. The heat this time of year was oppressive; particularly in the poorly air conditioned warehouse, so most of the staff had been allowed to relax their dress code slightly. The men were allowed plain shorts, the women could opt for equally plain short or skirts. They were all still required to wear Amazon or Prime polos or shirts however.

Megan was one of those staff. She was packing several boxes into a cart ready to load into a van for delivery. Unfortunately due to the main label printer playing up they were forced to use a second rate ink printer they grabbed out of inventory to label the deliveries. One of the labels was unreadable. Either someone had dripped sweat on it, or just yanked it out the printer too fast. "Monte de merda" swore Megan. How was she supposed to deliver that. The dispatch barcode was also unscannable. "Puta", she cursed at the scanner. Grabbing the parcel out again she spun it in her hands. "Aha..", she muttered spotting a mostly readable tracking code. In a flurry of short skirt her knickers were visible briefly as she spun around and stalked off carrying the box. Migel raised an eyebrow at the very "carnival" bright pink thong bikini bottom she had on under the skirt and snickered. She looked over her shoulder and glared daggers at him. He put his hands up in surrender and suddenly found the bottom of the cart very interesting until he heard her footsteps fade away.

Megan was in a bad mood. The boss here was an asshole. The warehouse was dilapadated, and leaked if it rained. Not to mention the broken air conditioning at the moment during a heatwave. She stalked across the parking lot and went to his office only to find it empty. Even the secretary was missing. It wasn't lunch time yet. He should have been there. Annoyed she stalked back out. His car was still there. A flashy red convertable mercedes with velour seats. Something her boss should not have been able to afford unless he was stealing money from Amazon that probably should have been going toward maintaining the warehouse.

Spitting with disgust she decided to go to the bathroom for a piss. The main office bathroom was closer than the disgusting hole in the floor the warehouse staff had to use so she walked into there instead. The one stall in there was in use. So she turned to leave in annoyance but was surprised to hear some odd sounds. Turning the cocked her head. No mistaking what that sound was. She sneaked over to the stall and sneaked a look under the door. Two sets of feet facing the back wall. Two sets of clothes crumpled on the floor, grunting and moaning sounds. That explained where the boss and secretary was. That asshole was married too - and not to the secretary.

Feeling vengeful she sneaked closer and stole the pants and dress from under the door and crept out of the bathroom. She went through the pockets and found his keys and a security card. The dress contained nothing but some soiled panties. It appears this wasn't the first time she had fucked anyone that day. Disgusting. Using the keys she unlocked the glovebox and threw the dirty panties in there. Considering the supermarket dockets in there she was pretty sure thats where his wife put her purse. The pants she stuffed into the folded back roof along with his underwear and the dress, jamming them into a pouch where the window went. Next time he popped the roof there would be a couple of flags flapping on the outside which she hopped his wife would notice before he did. Lets see him explain the dirty knickers and dress to her.

She still needed to pee badly. Really badly. She danced about a bit considering what to do. Unwilling to use the warehouse toilet, and now so desperate she felt a little leak out she looked at her Bosses car. Feeling particularly wicked she put the parcel down then slid into the drivers seat pulled her dress up out of the way with one hand, and slid her slightly damp knickers to the side with the other. To any onlooker it would just appear she was sitting there. She half pissed all over the seat, resulting in her sitting in a small pool of pee before the seat soaked it up; then jumped up and let her elastic snap back and the dress to fall down again. The crotch of her thong got rather wet as did her ass and the elastic from the pool of pee. She didn't really care it felt cool and to be honest it turned her on a little she noticed. Good.

Grabbing the parcel from the seat, she turned and stalked back; a wiggle in her step to the office twirling the bosses keyring feeling much more comfortable now that her bladder was half empty. She used the key to unlock his door, and the keycard to unlock his computer. She pulled open the customer service screen and punched in the code printed on the parcel. She pulled up the customers order history and paused raising an eyebrow. Except for this parcel which was apparently an ebook reader, the previous 4 orders were for ebooks by an Author called Abigail Thornton.. each title contained the phrase "pee perverts". Curious; considering the little buzz she got earlier, she brought up the details. All 4 books concerned themself with either girls peeing themself, or peeing into someones mouth. The summaries alone made her pussy tingle.

Now she knew why he wanted an Ebook reader she speculated. Shrugging, she went back to the order details for the ereader, and hit the button to reprint the picking docket and address label. The brand new laser printer that looked like it had never been used in her Boss's office hummed smoothly and out popped the label. Asshole she muttered again remembering the junk printer they had to use across the carpark in the warehouse. Grabbing the label and some scotch tape off the desk she taped it to the box and was interested to discover the shipping address was to a small apartment complex of one bedroom flats frequented by bachelors not two streets away near where she had her lunch every day.

She flipped up the customers profile on the screen and was interested to discover "Hector" was in his early 20s according to his date of birth. Definately curious now, she logged out and tossed the keys on the corner of her bosses desk like he had simply left them there by accident and turned to leave. She noticed the security camera system behind his door and paused. She popped open the camera preview screen and skipped through the cameras, carpark, office, warehouse, delivery ramp, staff toilet.. what? That sick bastard. No wonder he made them use a pit toilet it forced everyone to squat so he could watch them. Slightly turned on, but for the most part creeped out at the idea of being watched by that asshole she sabotaged the system. Firstly she set the date back one day so that today would be overwritten, then she shorted out the power connector that powered the camera in the toilet, a satisfying pop and puff of smoke coming out that plugpack. Fuck you she thought, knowing he would never figure out who was responsible now. He also had an expensive coffee machine in here. She helped herself to a coffee in a shiny new reusable self sealing cup, then spat several times in the machines watertank and left.

She stormed out of the office and was amused to hear panic sounds from the direction of the office bathroom. I guess they finished their little tryst and had just discovered the clothes were missing. Laughing she danced across the carpark before he could stick his head out the door and see her. Returning to her cart she tossed the parcel in. Migel was still there sorting boxes. He looked at her again and asked, "where did you go?" Megan replied, "had to print a new label". Migel nodded. and kept sorting. She finished the coffee and rinsed the cup clean as she double checked her picking list. Satisfied Megan wheeled her cart over to her delivery van and emptied it in the back. The parcel she had just reprinted the label for she popped on the seat next to her with her new cup. Her ass was still damp but the bench seat was plastic so it didn't matter. She started the van and pulled away. She completed all her assigned deiveries except the ereader. By now it was lunchtime, and she was busting to pee again. She drove over to the cafe she normally went to for lunch. Hopping out she grabbed the parcel and buzzed the door to the apartment complex, squirming a little from desperation. Walking in she asked the building manager if Hector was home to accept a delivery. He shook his head. Annoyed she went to turn around but paused.. asking, "I don't suppose he is single?" the manager smiled a knowing smile and answered, "Yes, all the men here are.. but why don't you ask him yourself; that is him over there" pointing at a table in front of the cafe across the road. Megan turned to look. Hector was a skinny young man with brown hair, glasses, and a bright shirt on. Megan went a little red, and thanked the building manager and walked back out with a swish, that again flashed her hot pink knickers. The building manager appreciated the view but kept quiet.

Megan crossed the road, and walked up to the table. Hector was quite handsome if you ignored the glasses, and had an air of innocence that his reading selections would never have hinted at. He was reading the paper. Megan coughed. Hector didn't look up, but rustled the paper a bit and asked her for a coffee and a bun. Megan laughed, and answered, "Well I can probably arrange a drink and a little something but actually I am here to deliver this parcel, i dont work here." Hector looked up in surprise and saw the parcel. Megan smiled at him squirmed a little obviously in need of a pee; then ruffled her dress a little in a half courtsy which flashed her damp knickers briefly and handed him the parcel.

She stood squirming some more waiting for him to sign for the parcel which he seemed hesitant to do; distracted by her movements. He handed her the delivery slip and she slipped it in her pocket. Smiling at him, she asked, "Still want that drink and bun?" Smiling again, she repeated the word, "hmm bun.." trailing off and looked skyward for a moment. She turned and bent over to adjust her boot, which exposed her hot pink slightly wet thong and ass to hector; checking to make sure he was still watching - his eyes were glued to her ass.. she gave in a little to her desperation allowing a little trickle of pee to escape while he watched. His eyes widened and he licked his lips. She stood up suddenly going red in the face, and covered her mouth and said, "oops". Turning to him she said, "so how about that drink you wanted?" Hector not sure what to say simply nodded. Smiling again she said, "I'll be right back.." and walked to her van. She grabbed her stolen coffee cup and jumped into the back of the van, squatting down, she unscrewed the top of the cup, and went to pull her underwear out of the way to pee in the cup, then thinking better of it left it on. She held the cup to her slightly damp pink thong covered mound and started wetting her knickers into the cup. It felt surprisingly erotic. Satisfied the cup was full, although she still had not emptied her bladder fully, she stood up and screwed the lid back on the cup, and jumped out the van.

She walked back to Hectors table, caught his gaze, then looked down at her legs where a number of drips could be seen running down the inside of them. She looked back at Hector and raised her eyebrows then handed him the cup. Hector not sure what was going on and pretty sure he was dreaming took the warm cup and took a sip from the side of the lid. He paused, a puzzled look on his face, then took a bigger mouthful. His eyes went wide and he looked at her. She looked into his eyes with a sultry look and nodded with a knowing smile. Hector went to say something then turned back to the cup and drained it all. He had a boner now. Megan said, "oops, i seem to have forgotten your little extra.." Looking around quickly to make sure nobody was watching she lifted her dress and pulled off the dripping wet hot pink thong bikini brief, making sure to let him see her vagina, then let her dress drop down and dropped the wet knickers with a small splash on his table next to the cup. Hector looked around nerviously grabbed the knicker and stuck it in his mouth to both hide it, and suck it clean. It was tiny enough it just looked like he was chewing on some snack. Which in a way he was.

A moment later he looked around and then removed it from his mouth and slipped it under the lid of the coffee cup and closed the lid. He looked at Megan in wonder. Grinning at him she lent forward and whispered into his ear, "I still really need to pee some more.. perhaps if you would join me in the back of my van; maybe you could suggest somewhere I could relieve myself?" Megan stood up and swished her hips a little giving several flashes of her pink flesh under her dress as she waited for his reply. Hectors eyes went wide and he nodded enthusiastically abandoning the newspaper and standing up. Megan took his hand and started walking him to her van. After a few steps she held his hand against the front of her dress as they walked, allowing him to feel the warmth of her nakedness under the fabric.

They arrived at the van and both jumped in the back. Megan sat Hector down in front of her then held her dress up and asked Hector, "So any ideas where I should pee?" Hector looked at the warm wet flesh in front of his face and licked him lips. He looked up at her with pleading eyes and said hesitantly, "Would you please do it in my.. er.." Megan just smiled kindly and nodded at him before he could finish. She moved forward a little and using her fingers pulled his mouth open a little and moved her vagina above it. She waited a moment then slowly at first with a few drips then increasing in intensity started peeing into his mouth. His eyes were glazed with lust, after a few seconds he couldn't resist leaning in closer and lapping at her flesh.. which interrupted the flow. Megan was not accustomed just yet to peeing whilst being licked, and her vagina got somewhat confused and automatically clamped off. She allowed him to lick at her for a while, feeling a rising warmth in her body.. then backed off and shook her finger at him. She told him, "dont move, but stick your tongue out a little, dont move your mouth or tongue until i finish" he did as asked, and she gently settled her vagina onto his mouth, so that the tip of his tongue just barely brushed the space below her urethra. She closed her eyes and alternated between relaxing and bearing down until she managed to get the flow going again, this time most of it ran out directly onto the tip of his tongue where he could taste and feel its texture the most clearly as it ran down the tongue into his mouth. Periodically he swallowed until she ran out. Then she nodded at him and he started licking her, lapping up all the drips and splashes of her pee on and around her crotch and legs. Shortly after he caused her to climax on his tongue. Backing off she stood and suggested in the strongest terms that he should remove his pants and underwear.

It was actually his first time, so he was rather scared, but he followed her instructions. She stepped forward and sat on his lap, rubbing the front of her crotch against his hardness, which had softened a little from nerviousness and inexperience. Looking down she noticed and realised that his air of innoceance had been real. She leaned in and started kissing his piss tasting mouth, getting more and more adventurous as he gained practice until she was literally exploring the inside of his mouth and caressing his lips with her tongue. This had the desired effect and she could feel him going hard again. With an inward smile; without breaking the kiss she stood up a little then moved forward, using a little of the pee she had held back to wet herself a little onto his penis, then gently lowered herself and slid it inside of her. She kept hold of his head and kept altering the pattern of her kiss to preoccupy him so she could set her own pace on his lap. He didn't take too long to finish inside of her; which did not surprise her, so she remained sitting on him as she kept kissing him as he went soft; and gently moved her hips in a circlular motion to keep stimulation on his penis as she kissed him. She took his hands and placed them on her breasts then went back to kissing. After a while she disengaged and allowed him to suck on her nipples as she rested her head on his shoulder in an intimate hug. Pretty soon he was getting hard again and she resumed her pacing on him; returning to the kiss but this time just wrapping her arms around him to let him lead the kiss. She kept control of the pace in his lap however. Hector was still somewhat confused and alternated his attention between kissing her, fondling her breast or sucking on them. He was inexperienced certainly but she enjoyed his attentions nonetheless. Eventually she managed to climax from the motion and Hector although inexperienced was also young and she set him off a moment later from the intamacy of having a girl orgasm on him from his contact.

They snuggled like this a while until Hector was soft again, and rather cutely dozing now. She gently disengaged and used a tissue to clean herself up while he napped.. Some things it is better a boy should not have to see the first time around; this was probably one of them. Getting rid of the tissues she stood and adjusted her dress and shirt, and stroked his face until he woke again. Looking him kindly in the eyes, she asked him, "I come here every day for lunch, if I promise to bring you a drink and let you help me find somewhere to pee every day; will you be waiting for me here?" Hector nodded, she could see he meant it in his eyes. She introduced herself, "Hello Hector, my name is Megan. I think you can safely say you have a girlfriend now.. how about we get something for lunch?" he looked at her dress. She grabbed his chin and pulled his face up, kissed him sweetly, then said, "Something other than me silly, but I appreciate the sentiment; maybe I will let you have THAT again too after lunch?" Hector nodded, and went to get up. Megan pointed at his discarded pants, you might want to put those on again. Hector blushed and put his pants on again. Giggling Megan said, "you are too cute Hector" in response to his blush.

They exited the van and returned to the cafe. Hector was still holding the coffee cup. Megan whispered into Hectors ear, "you can keep those sweety, but remember to bring the cup tomorrow just in case you want a drink.." they ordered some food, and Megan let Hector fondle her up her skirt as they sat next to each other, enjoying the little shivers his awkward attentions gave her. "My lunch break is nearly over Hector.", Megan told him. The dissapointment in his eyes made her heart break, so she invited him back to the van and let him do as he pleased to her for the last 15 minutes of her break. He even managed to get her off one more time. She whispered in his ear, "how about i return the favour tomorrow.. we can have a 69, ill suck you and if you are lucky pee on you while I do it" Hector smiled at her at that and nodded. He jumped out her van looking forward to the next day, and they waved at each other as she drove back to the warehouse.

When she returned for lunch the next day he was waiting. She kept all her promises and more besides. He was there every other day too. She very quickly found she couldnt live without him. Her boss ended up in hospital at the end of the week, his wife had discovered Megans little treasures in his car, and yelled at him about the pee smell. In the end she had stabbed him in a fit of rage. Megan ended up with the job of running things while he was away, and made sure to send a detailed financial report back to Amazon head office. She ended up getting his job. She started inviting Hector over to the office; and eventually hired him as an assistant. She never needed to use the office bathroom when Hector was around. He fitted nicely under her desk, and he loved both his job and his boss. Not one to hold a grudge she transferred her former bosses secretary to the warehouse to manage the building. The roof no longer leaked, and the air conditioning now worked. Apparently the toilet camera (now removed) had not entirely been her old bosses idea; the kinky bitch of a former secretary had watched it more than he had. She was quite fond of the ever patient Migel; whose genitalia she was quite enamoured with. As a result she took him as a lover and by all accounts the situation was mutually enjoyable.

Megan and Hector had many kinky adventures and eventually married. They also never got their deposit back on the hotel they used for their honeymoon..
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