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I am looking for the source of these photos (sorry for the poor quality). A priori it would come from a Mexican series but it could be anything else. Do you have an idea ? Sorry if I'm in the wrong section
unknownmexicantvseries_09-min.png (290.31 kb, 170 views)
unknownmexicantvseries_08-min.png (282.8 kb, 150 views)
unknownmexicantvseries_07-min.png (315.65 kb, 150 views)
unknownmexicantvseries_06-min.png (374.53 kb, 161 views)
unknownmexicantvseries_05-min.png (383.42 kb, 161 views)
unknownmexicantvseries_04-min.png (379.05 kb, 160 views)
unknownmexicantvseries_03-min.png (392.79 kb, 151 views)
unknownmexicantvseries_02-min.png (389.76 kb, 157 views)
unknownmexicantvseries_01-min.png (332.52 kb, 159 views)
She doesn't look terribly happy :/

Tried doing a google image search on them?
It's called recycling. First you drink lots of water... then I..
nothings :/
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