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The first time I bought diapers was many years ago. I don't buy them often, only when I get in the mood for diapers any other time I just use my pants. I had been curious about diapers for a while but was always scared to buy them so I finally decided I was going to try some. I drove to a town about an hour away from me because I was so paranoid about being seen. I went to Walmart in this town and went in and I got like a towel to buy and some other items to hide the diapers until I got to the register and the whole time I'm like nervous about how the cashier is going to react and how other customers are going to act when they see them. After that first time I realized that nobody really notices or cares what you are buying, not even the cashier. The cashier just wants to get through their shift and get out of work and other customers are more absorbed with their own shopping than they are with the items in your cart lol. The last time I bought diapers I just went to a Walgreens I happened to be near and went in and bought them like it was nothing.
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