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Okay, so my first time I made such a mess of it. I knew of a shop about 10 minutes away from where I was living that sold all kind of things for people with disabilities as well as adult nappies.

I'd looked at their website and knew the exact kind I wanted. The tranquility ones cos they were a pinky/peach kinda colour inside.

I know exactly how I'm going to do this. I write the name of the nappies and the size down on a piece of paper and I'm gonna pretend I'm buying them for someone else.

I go to the shop and to my surprise, its not the kind of shop that you go in, walk around and pick up what your going to buy. They only have like example packs on the shelf and you have to go to this counter that has an office behind it and ask for what you want. Maybe its set out this way cus some people have perscriptions, I dont know.

I go to the counter and give the lady the piece of paper with what I want on it. I should have just left it at that and said nothing more, but no, off I went with my story to make sure the lady would have no idea they were for me.

Did I stick to a simple story? No I didn't! I tend to talk lots when I'm nervous and I started telling her that the nappies were for my friends mum and it was actually my friend who was sposed to come and get the nappies, but when she got into her car to come, her car wouldn't start and that I had to ride my bike all the way there to get them instead.

She smiled and commented on my hands looking cold! My hands must seriously have been the only cold thing on me, cos I felt like I was burning up inside and just wanted to get out of there!

I stuck to buying online ever since Tongue
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