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the first time i ever bought diapers i think it was at a thrift store cause i didnt have enough to buy some new ag and i had seen the diapers shopping a while before with my family soo i went there after school . i was soo nervous of people seeing me or bumping into someone i knew my heart was almost pounding out my chest but i weaved through aisles and made it to the cash register and the lady kinda looked at me and so i said they were for my grandma that was in town for the weekend and i guess she bought it not like it matters im just a customer then i had to stuff them in my back pack so it wouldnt loook like i was carrying to much stuff when i got home .

the next time i used the excuse that they were for my aunts 50th and the lady laughed sooo hard i suggest using that if your worried seems to go over quite well ive been using that one ever since !
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