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My first time buying adult nappies I decided to order them on line as I didn't were no of any shops near me selling tena slips and I was convinced that if I was seen buying adult nappies everyone would no they were for me. So i found a website selling tena slips at good price with discrete packaging. My parents were on holiday so I thought no-one would ever no i had. I was off work for a week in a couple of days so I would be able to recive the delivery myself when it arrived in 3-4 days time.

My boydfriend was staying with me and he wsa off work too, and FedEx delivered my package promptly the next day to my boyfriend who thinking it was the new controller and games we'd ordered from Game opened the package. Unhappy

Too embarresed to tell him about my little girl side I told him I occassionly wet the bedUnhappy turned bright red and burst into tears. What a disaster!
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