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Okay, so my first time I made such a mess of it. I knew of a shop about 10 minutes away from where I was living that sold all kind of things for people with disabilities as well as adult nappies.

I'd looked at their website and knew the exact kind I wanted. The tranquility ones cos they were a pinky/peach kinda colour inside.

I know exactly how I'm going to do this. I write the name of the nappies and the size down on a piece of paper and I'm gonna pretend I'm buying them for someone else.

I go to the shop and to my surprise, its not the kind of shop that you go in, walk around and pick up what your going to buy. They only have like example packs on the shelf and you have to go to this counter that has an office behind it and ask for what you want. Maybe its set out this way cus some people have perscriptions, I dont know.

I go to the counter and give the lady the piece of paper with what I want on it. I should have just left it at that and said nothing more, but no, off I went with my story to make sure the lady would have no idea they were for me.

Did I stick to a simple story? No I didn't! I tend to talk lots when I'm nervous and I started telling her that the nappies were for my friends mum and it was actually my friend who was sposed to come and get the nappies, but when she got into her car to come, her car wouldn't start and that I had to ride my bike all the way there to get them instead.

She smiled and commented on my hands looking cold! My hands must seriously have been the only cold thing on me, cos I felt like I was burning up inside and just wanted to get out of there!

I stuck to buying online ever since Tongue
My first time was buying online actually - probably back in 2000...

They'd delivered to my door but were holding the parcel in a depot as I was at work, so I went down to the depot to pick it up - on foot as I didn't have a car at the time.

I was handed a large plain (thank god!) cardboard box with the 3 packs of tena slip + some plastic pants (too small Unhappy ) in, and walked about 2 miles back home with it, luckily the weather was not bad - my arms ached though!
I was away from home at a training class and there was nothing to do in the evenings. Having always wanted to try disposable diapers, I went to the local pharmacy. I waited until no one, or so I thought, was in the aisle and grabbed the store brand and headed for the cashier. It seemed that the place got really busy as I was standing at the cash register waiting to pay.

I had a few other interesting experiences too. But I will save it for another time.
lol awww poor nikki getting embarased lol
My first time buying adult nappies I decided to order them on line as I didn't were no of any shops near me selling tena slips and I was convinced that if I was seen buying adult nappies everyone would no they were for me. So i found a website selling tena slips at good price with discrete packaging. My parents were on holiday so I thought no-one would ever no i had. I was off work for a week in a couple of days so I would be able to recive the delivery myself when it arrived in 3-4 days time.

My boydfriend was staying with me and he wsa off work too, and FedEx delivered my package promptly the next day to my boyfriend who thinking it was the new controller and games we'd ordered from Game opened the package. Unhappy

Too embarresed to tell him about my little girl side I told him I occassionly wet the bedUnhappy turned bright red and burst into tears. What a disaster!
thats a pity that you have to hide that part of you from someone so close . my first time was also teen slip from online , and it was back when i was still at parents but i managed to time it so i got them when they were out luckily, but have ordered loads since moving out lol
John Argo said...

thats a pity that you have to hide that part of you from someone so close . my first time was also teen slip from online , and it was back when i was still at parents but i managed to time it so i got them when they were out luckily, but have ordered loads since moving out lol

I want to tell him I'm just not sure how best to do it. I lose my nerve everytime I try Unhappy
yea i can understand how hard it would be ,but its probably not something you should keep from him for too long incase he thinks your keeping things from him which could lead to distrust .so you told him u wet the bed ,are you now wearing to bed ? if so you could just start telling him how comfy they are ect and eventually it could be your fun night time thing for the both of you ?
I buy them from a Care provider in town. I'm not much fussed what the lady behind the counter thinks. It's her job to sell them and I'm buying.

Filling out the form to claim a disability to avoid paying the tax on them .. that's a step too far.

I'd worry more about someone seeing me walk out the shop with two bulging packs, then again so long as it's not my parents my partner knows so nothing to hide.

All perfectly normal here folks. Nothing to see Tongue
My first time was a long time ago. I went to a payless store I believe. I got in and out as quick as I could and was real embarrassed, but I really wanted them. So, I bought them and walked out as quick as I could. I must have been all kinds of shades of red in my face. I felt really hot in my face.

I don't have the slightest bit of embarrassment today. I buy them in stores or online ... it doesn't matter. I like to buy online a lot because I can pick up the old fashioned plastic backing type.

I remember that when I first started wearing diapers they didn't have any stores that had the disposable type. So, I either bought birds eye diapers or used towels in the 70's. It is so much better now and people are so much more free to be themselves.
I think my first time I was about 13-14, I had caught the train to the next town to buy them. I was vey nervous and ended getting the Depend with elstic straps for sides rather than proper nappy style ones. I had bought pullups and the like before and I was always always nervous.
There was another time when I was about 18 when the girl wjo served my was the girlfriend of a mate, luckily she did not recognise me.
I think it was about 4 years ago. I went to a pharmacy nearby, but I was very nervous that someone could see me, I stayed a while in front of it to be sure that no one is inside, than I rushed in and asked for diapers. Unfortunately there was this old lady at the counter, and until she found the diapers it got pretty crowded in there..She also asked me what size do I want and how many (I didn't want to buy a whole case because I was afraid someone would find them). I was very embarased yet happy because I finally bought them and even if I had this "people around" problem, there was no one I knew. Which was lucky because I stayed in a pretty small town.

(Off-topic: unfortunately there were some no-name diaper which started to leak very fast.)
My first time buying adult diapers I was nervous about it, and ended up with a list of what I needed to get for 'my poor ailing mother'. The girl was very helpful, and if she saw through my scam, she didn't show it.
I had no idea exactly what I wanted, but had tried to research it over the internet before I went to a store.
The next time was almost as bad!
Now I go to a store 50 or 60 miles away from my community, where nobody knows me, and it has gotten easier.
my first time bying diapers was in a suppermarket,
now i can order him on my healthcare store,
the first time i ever bought diapers i think it was at a thrift store cause i didnt have enough to buy some new ag and i had seen the diapers shopping a while before with my family soo i went there after school . i was soo nervous of people seeing me or bumping into someone i knew my heart was almost pounding out my chest but i weaved through aisles and made it to the cash register and the lady kinda looked at me and so i said they were for my grandma that was in town for the weekend and i guess she bought it not like it matters im just a customer then i had to stuff them in my back pack so it wouldnt loook like i was carrying to much stuff when i got home .

the next time i used the excuse that they were for my aunts 50th and the lady laughed sooo hard i suggest using that if your worried seems to go over quite well ive been using that one ever since !
I had been buying toddler diapers for myself,for quite some time. But yeah,I was nervous that someone I knew,might see me.

I bought some Depend Overnight diapers(As I wore diapers for bedwetting,at the time),and made the clerk put them in a tall paper bag. Back then,Depend diapers were in a tall pinkish-red plastic package. I walked home,and hid them in a foot-locker,that my Dad gave me. I went back and bought a couple of more,so that I didn't have to go back as often.
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Well, the first time I ever bought I was maybe around 14 years old. Scared senseless that I might run into someone I went to school with because yeah at 14 didn't have a way to get around other than my bike or feet. So, I went to one of the nearby Walgreens Pharmacy's. Bought a bag of depends and as soon as I got out of the store, rushed around the corner and stuffed them into my backpack and started to pedal like a madman to get home before anyone would see.

Nobody saw, nobody (including the cashier) asked anything though if they did I could always say I was buying them for my mentally disabled cousin. Thankfully, nobody said a thing. Just checked me out and I was on my way home, heart racing the whole way.
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I buy mine on line usually from ebay. I also get a supply free via the NHS continence service following my diagnosis of diabetic related incontinence and subsequent referal to the continence advisor by my doctor.
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The first time I bought diapers was many years ago. I don't buy them often, only when I get in the mood for diapers any other time I just use my pants. I had been curious about diapers for a while but was always scared to buy them so I finally decided I was going to try some. I drove to a town about an hour away from me because I was so paranoid about being seen. I went to Walmart in this town and went in and I got like a towel to buy and some other items to hide the diapers until I got to the register and the whole time I'm like nervous about how the cashier is going to react and how other customers are going to act when they see them. After that first time I realized that nobody really notices or cares what you are buying, not even the cashier. The cashier just wants to get through their shift and get out of work and other customers are more absorbed with their own shopping than they are with the items in your cart lol. The last time I bought diapers I just went to a Walgreens I happened to be near and went in and bought them like it was nothing.
You all have Inspired me I'm going to buy myself my 1st pair xxx I think it may help me relax at night
I've never bought any from a shop, only ever online because I know I'd act the same way and get very flustered!
Can't remember who I first bought some from, but I now have a list of go-to brands and online sellers. Nappies R Us are good if you want nappies that are cute, while formacare sell really good medical nappies via Amazon that are an absolute bargain! My last order of 80 cost about £55 including delivery.
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