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Jenna had been a bed wetter for as long as she could remember. Waking up in the middle of the night or early morning completely soaked, was a regular thing, and happened most nights. As a small child, she would venture out of bed, and go wake her Mum up. After not to long, she figured that waking her Mum, with the news that she had wet the bed again, was maybe not such a good idea.

Jenna began to hide her wet clothes and only threw them into her wash basket once they had dried off. Thinking back, she realized her Mother could not have been so silly as not to notice, or even smell her pee stained sheets and pajamas.

Over time Jenna began to enjoy the sensation of her wet bed. For a reason that she didn't understand, it made her feel safe and secure.

It was when her younger sister Hailey was born, that Jenna discovered her interest in nappys. She was always eager to help her mother and would never complain at being asked to go and fetch a nappy. Jenna would always take her time bringing the nappy back, she would hold it close to her and then push the sides of the nappy together, completely fascinated with its sound and feel. She would sit close by as her mother changed her sister, inhaling the smell of powder in the air.

Jenna wanted a nappy, she wanted to be like her younger sister, but she knew she was a big girl and way to old to be asking her Mother if she could wear nappies too.

After many months of this almost taking up every thought in her mind, she came up with a plan. The next time she was asked to go and fetch a nappy, she would take two of them, and hide one away in her bedroom.

This was the real start of Jenna's love of nappies and it worked very well. She was careful not to let her Mother know, so only took a couple of nappies a week, which she would squeeze herself into at night time and lay happily in bed wetting herself. Putting her thumb in her mouth and snuggling Lexi, her favorite bear, she would tell her self she was a baby again.

Of course the time came when Hailey began potty training. Jenna didn't really give it a second thought. There were still always nappies in the cupboard and it didn't really occur to her, that very soon, there would be no need at all for any nappies in the house.

The lack of nappies didn't seem to do anything to deter Jenna's thoughts of wearing them and being a baby again. It didn't take her very long to find a substitute, and began making good use of the towels in the bathroom!

Before taking a shower, Jenna would make sure that she had a full bladder, then locking the bathroom door, she would hold the towel between her legs and wet. Feeling the warmth spreading all around her make her feel as though she was in heaven. Putting her thumb in her mouth, she would tell herself over and over again "I'm just a baby. I need nappies."

This was how things continued. She would look forward to this 'special' time in the bathroom.

Her bed wetting over the months had gradually got less and less and she found she missed the feeling of waking up wet. On occasions, Jenna would lie in bed, fully awake and just wet herself, enjoying the feeling of the warmth spreading slowly up her back.

It was sometime later that Jenna first realized she was different. She had kept the same circle of friends all through school and had felt that even though physically she was growing like they were, mentally she was at a complete different place.

Jenna wanted to be a baby, she wanted it so much that sometimes she just didn't know what to do with herself. She went through stages of feeling like a freak and kept promising herself that she would stop with the nappies and wetting herself. Promises she could never keep.

"Just one last time" she would tell herself as she climbed under her duvet and released a big long wee. That one last time, leading to the next last time, and the next.

As the world began to open up around her, Jenna realized that she was not the only one who got pleasure from the same things as she did. She found websites, gallaries and forums, all full of 'people like her'.

She began to open up, she would take part in some of the discussions and made friends that understood her. She could talk openly with others about something that she had for so long, kept a big secret.

She know she would never be able to share this part of her with any of her regular friends, so spent a great amount of time chatting with her 'safe friends'

To the rest of the world, Jenna was a normal girl. She never seemed to have a hard time in attracting guys and dated quite a few. She left home and got herself a good job, but still that feeling of wanting to be a baby, and wanting to wear nappies, never lost any of its strength.

It seemed to be working well, keeping her two worlds separate. There was only the one problem with it. That was the sexual side of any relationship she had. While in bed, her boyfriend would whisper to her the things, that he believed would turn her on, when in fact, she would be trying to blank out his words, and fill her head with thoughts of wetting herself and nappies.

Jenna believed that this was as good as it would get. Her having boyfriends, but secretly using her own thoughts to satisfy her.

Then one day, something amazing happened. Jenna was contacted by a man named John, who had seen one of her many profiles online. Profiles of the 'real' Jenna.He told her that he was a 'Daddy' and right from the very start he spoke to her as though she were just a little girl. A way in which she had longed to be spoken to for so long. He had no high expectations of her and helped her to understand the many things she had struggled with.

They talked for hours and hours, moving from talking online, to talking on the phone. Jenna found she could tell him anything, they talked about her love of nappies, wetting the bed and her desire to be just a little girl again. John himself, being older than Jenna, had been a part of the lifestyle for a long time, and admitted to Jenna that he just didn't feel complete without having an adult baby girl to care for.

After four months of chatting, and role playing, Jenna's heart was almost bursting from wanting to do all this for real. She didn't want to be the one to mention meeting, so when John suggested it, she readily agreed.

John lived an 8 hour drive from Jenna, so they agreed that to make the trip worth while, John would stay for a few days, and that if Jenna found she wasn't comfortable, that he would check into a nearby hotel.

As time grew nearer to Johns visit, Jenna's excitement increased. She could think of nothing else. Soon she was going to be a baby again, a baby in a nappy with a dummy! She couldn't remember a time in her life of being more excited. Even her work colleagues had noticed that her behavior was different, and a few of her friends had quizzed her with what was going on.

Jenna had tried to be as honest with her friends as possible, telling them that she had met a really nice man online and that they were to meet up in a few days. Her friends, wary about the whole thing had told her to be careful, but in Jenna's heart, John already felt like someone she had known for ever, not someone she was about to meet for the first time.

The day finally came. Jenna figured she must have slept for around 3 hours of the entire night from being so excited. As she waited for John to arrive, she felt more and more little girl like than ever. She bounced around the house with excitement, leaping up on to the couch and peering out of the window to see if she could see him coming yet.

'Daddy is going to be here reeeeeal soon' she told herself in a little girl voice.

Just when she thought she could wait no longer, Jenna spotted Johns car turn into the top of her street.

Jumping from the couch to the floor, she ran through the hallway, straight to the front door. Flinging it open with a bang!

"Daddy! Daddy!" she squealed to herself "Daddy is here!!!!!"

.... To be continued.
Nice start to the story, sets the scene well. It certainly sounds "authentic" - is there a lot of you in the story?

Hope you carry on Smile
very good cant wait for the rest am so on edge to find out what happens...funny thing is i met my daddy online and we ended up getting is true and it is the most wonderful thing in the world
great story can't wait for part 2
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