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Taken from: The ABDL Nympho Book, here is a little story about Peaches ‘n cream.


Study Break

A very happy and very relieved college girl walked briskly down Albany Street on the M.I.T. main campus in the center of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Heading to the Edgerton House, the graduate housing she hoped to get into in the fall, there was a skip to her step that hadn’t been there all week. But now, her zeal had returned, practically bursting out of her and beginning to finally unwind her tighter-than-a-snare-drum fortitude. She had done it. It was as plain-n-simple as that and no one could take the accomplishment away from her. Having just finished her last exam of the Hellish final week of her last semester as an undergrad, she smiled, deep within and more brightly than ever on the surface. And once her professors graded all her exams, she would officially complete her Bachelors of Science degree.

Happy as a lark, she looked forward to returning to M.I.T. in the fall to pursue and conquer her Masters of Science degree. And now it was onward and upward to better things. She would never be an undergrad again. But, following Professor MacArthur’s advice, she wouldn’t allow her enthusiasm of the future to come at the expense of the moment.

Yes, things were onward and upward, but first, they would need to become inward and then further inward. No, she would never be an undergrad again, but she would lustfully still find herself beneath the right people, hopefully pinned beneath them. And while tighter-than-a-snare-drum was the best way for her to be when taking finals, her extracurricular exam would certainly loosen her up quite a bit. With any luck, she would be forced to loosen up so she would understand how tight she had made herself.

And that was what awaited her at the Edgerton House, the break from studies that she had been waiting for. She would freely lose herself and in doing so, find herself again. Her real identity and real name didn’t matter, at least not just then. Once she walked into Apartment 4S, she would only be known as Peaches.

She was a hard-working, career-minded and driven soul who craved competition and the opportunity to prove her worth. But at the same time, she was also a hard-working, dirty-minded and ridden soul who craved sex at a potent level that redefined nymphomania.

This was the balance that kept her feet on the ground (until they were lifted onto a bed) and her head in the clouds (until she was yanked down by her hair). Stress had always been a part of her life. But she never allowed it to destroy her. Instead, she allowed stress to fuel her drive, in all of her pursuits. Peaches always excelled at what she did, but it came at a great mental and physical cost to her. But she always remained sweet and her juices flowed, just like any other girl.

Occasional stress incontinence also defined her lifestyle, but it never defined her esteem. And she had long since accepted protection as a necessity to being prepared for whatever obstacles might just catch her off guard. But on this particular day, Peaches had worn no protection at all, having tempted fate the same way it always tempted her.

Quite simply put, in Apartment 4S there were three graduate students she had come to love the company of. They were three foreign guys who stimulated her in all the right ways. And for her nympho nature, sex (and lots of it) was the best way to let out all her stress … when the job was done.

Walking into the Edgerton House and up to the 4[sup]th[/sup] floor, Peaches slipped her key into the apartment door, the first of many insertions she hoped for that day. Walking directly into the kitchen, she poured herself a glass of straight vodka, knowing that alcohol went straight to her head but downing the glass anyway. Then she walked into Omar’s bedroom, stripping out of her clothes and getting into his shower.

Oh, Omar. The thought of him was enough to make her drip. Omar had some serious endowment, but he never had sex with her. And it wasn’t because he wasn’t attracted to her or because he didn’t know how to use what he had. It was because he was a virgin and had decided to stay that way until he got married. But Omar had another gift that wouldn’t violate his code of ethics. He was always good with words and his tongue could do some magically things to her. Omar was Turkish and was pursuing his Masters of Science degree at M.I.T.

Turning the shower water on, she stepped in, then beginning to think of Umberto.

Umberto … she loved to say his name as much as she loved to find herself trapped in the gaze of his dark, dreamy eyes that always kept her in sight as she lie in missionary beneath him. Umberto was a traditionalist and that was fine with her. Sometimes, it felt really, really good to know what was expected of her. There was no guessing with him and no games. He was as real as a person could get. Umberto was Italian and came from money, but he never flaunted it nor did he ever act like others were beneath him in some way. Well, with the exception of putting Peaches beneath him when in bed. Umberto was studying for his Masters of Architecture at M.I.T. And my, oh my, the sky scraper he built inside her easily rivaled the Empire State Building.

Turning the water off and stepping out of the shower, Peaches began to think of Tanush, the third and final roommate in the apartment.

Tanush had the deepest voice she had ever heard. And when he spoke, everyone listened. He had a commanding presence about him that attracted a lot of girls to him, but he was an absolute gentleman, at all times. He had jet black hair, just like Peaches. And, just as did Peaches, Tanush had overcome a lot of road blocks on his way to M.I.T. Born in India, he was put up for adoption in America. But the family that adopted him was extremely poor. So Tanush grew up without a lot of the toys and vacations and experiences that most American kids enjoyed in youth. But this didn’t deter him. Instead, it motivated him to not only become successful in life but to make so much money that his adopted family in America and his real family in India wouldn’t ever be poor again. He was just two semesters away from his Masters of Engineering degree at M.I.T.

Peaches stood in front of the bathroom mirror, dolling herself up for The Boys as she called them. And she knew how to drive them wild, how to flaunt and display her feminine wiles to the point where they weren’t capable of controlling themselves at all. She had them just as wrapped around her pinkie finger as they had her captivated with their accomplishments and charms. Crawling into bed with just any guy wouldn’t satisfy her cravings. She had to dirty the sheets with guys who could out-think her and who could mount a serious challenge in her life. It was intelligence, extreme intelligence that attracted her and made her juices overflow. And on this day, she was going to get her brains f***ed out by three minds that ravaged her mercilessly.

Peeking out of the bathroom to the clock next to Omar’s bed, she went into final detail mode, moving quickly to put those meticulous touches to her make-up. Then she walked over to his dresser, opening the third drawer, the one he reserved for her belongings. Peaches had made visits to this apartment before and every little garnishment of her sexuality, her fantasies and her dreams she kept in that drawer – saving them all, as well as herself, for The Boys.

On this day, Peaches was feeling exceptionally sweet, taking out the see-through babydoll nightie that Tanush bought her, the white silk ribbons Umberto bought her to put her hair up into pigtails and the Henna tattoo choker Omar had purchased for her – one of many chokers he got for her as he loved to restrict to her throat.

She sprayed the front of her naked body with Erox Realm, a perfume with pheromones in it. Then she slipped into the choker and the nightie, carrying the silk ribbons back into the bathroom as she took a blow job dryer to her hair – drying her dark locks just enough to make them smooth before she put them into high pigtails at the back of head. Moving quicker still, as Omar would certainly be home any minute, she smoothed out the ruffles on his bed, her senses tingling as she knew that, before long, she would be putting all those ruffles back into his sheets and adding a few new ones as well.

Going back to the kitchen, she opened the fridge, getting out grapes, figs and plums. Grabbing the bottle of vodka, she poured a liberal amount into the blender and then another glass for herself as she put the fruit in the blender and turned it on. Draining the glass, she set it in the sink, her stomach feeling the effects of the alcohol. This was always her first reaction to anything alcoholic. And soon, her head would be helpless trapped between a slight dizziness and a melancholy swooning that would only heighten once Omar got home and heightened her arousal.

Opening the cupboard next to the fridge, she got out the pack of Samsun cigarettes that Omar smoked. He didn’t smoke on a regular basis, but rather, only on occasions such as this one. Taking the cigarettes and a pack of matches into the living room, she emptied the ashtray between the oversized leather chair and the oversized leather couch – setting the cigarettes and matches on the small table as well. Underneath that small table was the kneeling pad that had saved Peaches’ knee caps from rug burn and pain more times than she could remember. Positioning that pad on the floor in front of the chair, she skipped back into the kitchen, hearing footsteps in the hallway.

The blender had finished mixing the fruit with the vodka. So she turned it off, pouring a glass of the mixture for Omar. It wasn’t exactly like the traditional Turkish drink Raki, but rather, the Americanized version of it. Still, Omar always swilled it down like he was back home, toasting to long life with his family and friends.

Hopping up on the counter and crossing her legs, she took this last opportunity to plump and fluff her breasts, making certain the strings were tied tightly at the back of her nightie. Her heart was pounding. Her body was already emitting heat. Her arousal had begun. And Omar hadn’t even walked in the door yet. It was torturous that she had to wait, but poise and control seemed to be the only appropriate way to behave … at least to start. She could make no promises beyond that.

Leaning back on her trembling hands, she propped herself up on the counter as Omar opened the door and walked in. The strain on his face told the tale of how difficult his exam of the day had been and worse yet, he had an even more difficult exam tomorrow. He was in desperate need of a study break to the same degree of severity that Peaches was in need to be broken in half, if only for a short time.

When he looked in her eyes, the strain on his face went away, being replaced with pleasure to see her. Yes, Peaches was the shared f*** buddy of The Boys, but she was also their sweetheart, almost like she was their little girl who needed to be looked after.

He walked up to her as she sat up on the counter. Embracing her tightly, he wrapped his arms around her. Oh, how warm he felt and oh, what a wonderful scent he had, as always. It was a mixture of many things – his cologne, the detergent in his clothing and that scent on his body she breathed in so deeply so could still smell him when he was no longer there.

He released her from his arms, taking in the details of her figure. He took the sides of her face in his hands, stroking her cheeks with his thumbs. Then he drew his hands down to her shoulder, cupping her breasts and following the contour of her hourglass along her sides. And as his fingers felt the smoothness of her legs, she uncrossed them, setting the glass of Raki between her thighs. Dipping her pointer finger in the glass, she touched her fingertip to his lower lip, Omar smiling at what he tasted.

She picked up the glass, hopping down off the counter and taking hold of his hand as she walked him into the living room and eased him down into the leather chair. Kneeling on the pad on the floor in front of the chair, she took her place as he picked up the pack of cigarettes and put one in his mouth.

“Do you have anything you toast to in Turkey before drinking?” Peaches asked, picking up the pack of matches.

“Yes,” Omar said, holding up the glass. “Uzun Ömürlü.”

“What does that mean?” she asked, striking a match and lighting his cigarette.

Omar took a long first drag and blew the smoke straight up in the air.

“Long life,” he answered, then drinking from the glass as she placed her hands on his knees.

Sliding her palms along the top of his thighs, she nibbled her lower lip, gazing up at him with a growing lust. The pleasantries had come to an end and it was time to service. Her hands began to tremble again as she reached for his belt buckle, unfastening it and undoing the button at the waist of his pants while keeping her eyes in his gaze. She didn’t dare look down, at least not until he gave her permission to do so. Her fingertips lowered the zipper of his pants and then they reached inside his boxers, feeling his enormous girth and gripping both of her hands around it as she pulled his stiffening endowment out of his fly.

They had so easily and effortlessly slipped into their roles that it seemed more than natural. Squeezing his girth and stroking his length, she shuddered at the thought of being penetrated by him. Oh, how overwhelming that would be. There was nothing she wanted more than that. But Omar remained steadfast to his virtues and his virginity would remain intact as well.

Peaches began to slowly work a rhythm to her strokes, pressing both of her thumbs in on his underside vein as she shuddered again at how rock-hard he had become in her grasp. It gave her a sense of meaning, of purpose and of passion to know that it was she who aroused him, just as his presence was the essence of why she felt a swell between her legs – that ever-slickening sweetness, full of all the juice any peach could offer, just waiting for the opportunity to gush. Oh, she wanted him, not just because she couldn’t have him but because she had never felt anything so massive as what she was stroking and the thought of his penetration alone both frightened and delighted her at the same time.

Taking another long drag from the cigarette, Omar then set it in the ashtray before placing his hand on the back of her head and tilting her chin down. Working up a mouthful, she parted her lips and allowed the saliva to drip down onto his tip, her fingers working the saliva up-n-down his shaft. His skin was so tight it felt like it was going to tear in her hands. And as he pushed down on the back of her head, Peaches opened her mouth wide open. Closing her eyes, she wrapped and tightened her lips around his tip, swirling more saliva in her mouth as she kept both of her hands around his girth - stroking his length, from the base to her mouth.

She could feel the veins on the sides of his shaft, practically pulsing from the blood flow. And she kept stroking him as he kept pushing down on the back of her head, making her take more and more of him into the wet confines of her mouth, incrementally. Oh, what a rush of submission. His hand had taken the power away from her to decide. As he began to fill her mouth, she could taste the saltiness of his skin and feel the texture of his stiffness. Her head spun with a buzz from the alcohol and swooned with the passion of the moment as it grew ever more intense.

She found herself repositioning her head again and again, until his tip reached the back of her mouth. Grabbing her pigtails and pulling her towards him, he raised her slightly off her knees, cocking her head in yet another new angle as his tip slid into the back of her throat. Her legs soon began to shake with muscle tremors as she had to keep her hamstrings tight so she could balance herself on her toes.

Still gripping her pigtails, he pulled her head upwards as his length re-appeared from inside her ruby red lips. And then he yanked down on her pigtails, pulling her head back down and making her return to enveloping his stiffness. He would do this again and again and again, faster and faster and faster, until her legs gave way and she was knocked off her toes. She shifted forward from necessity and as he lifted his thighs slightly, she slid her hands underneath his lap – for sake of having no other place to put her arms.

Her head spun even more so now from the alcohol. And as she plunged her mouth down onto his cock and then back up, she began swirling even more saliva around his girth as quickly as she could, tonguing his bulging underside vein with steady pressure.

Omar released her pigtails as Peaches had begun to keep the pace on her own, obediently increasing her speed with each moan he let out. Reaching for his cigarette, he placed his hand on the back of her neck, kneading his fingertips into her muscles to keep her from stiffening up. And as the speed she had worked up to began to drive sensations into his cock, she began whimpering – then working up to full-guttural moans, her voice sending vibrations up-n-down his shaft.

Omar gasped once, putting the cigarette out as she felt him thicken and stiffen just a bit more, a reaction that made her whimper more tenderly. She could tell what all his years of virginity had built up inside him and whoever the girl was he married in his future, she’d better be prepared for all he had to offer.

Then he groaned, his arousal beginning to focus as he grabbed her pigtails again, yanking her head up-n-down, faster than before. Her gag reflex was being pushed to its limit. But he kept yanking on her, her frame nearly being flopped like a rag doll. Her heart pounded in her chest as she breathed in as deeply and as quickly as possible through her nose to prevent getting any more light-headed while beginning to travel into nymphomatic ecstasy.

And without warning, Omar suddenly erupted, stopping her fast-pace plunges and forcing her to slow down to an excruciatingly reduced speed as she swallowed his ripples without having to be told. His seeds were thick, but sweet. And they seemed never-ending, one offering after another coating the back of her throat, one thick ripple following another. Peaches kept swallowing as Omar sunk into the chair, relaxing himself.

And as his eruption began to end, Peaches pulled her arms out from underneath his thighs, re-gripping his shaft and making slow, deliberate strokes as she tongued from his tip the seeds that rose out of his shaft until he was drained. Then she cleaned him, licking every little bit of his stiffness from base to tip and all around before returning his endowment back inside his boxers and zipping up his pants.

She climbed up on top of him, putting both of his hands between her legs, palms up. Picking up his drink, she sat down on his palms, dragging her wetness across his fingers. She pounded the rest of the drink to clear her throat. After setting the glass back down, the alcohol made her lean backwards, Omar grabbing her and pulling her against his chest as she lost all equilibrium.

He stood up, putting one forearm underneath the back of her thighs as she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, trying desperately to get the room to stop spinning. Carrying her back to his bedroom, he eased her down in the middle of the bed, keeping his hand behind her head until it came to rest on a pillow. Getting a towel from the bathroom and sliding it underneath her bottom, he parted her thighs and positioned himself between her legs. Lying down, he reached under the back of her thighs and grabbed her wrists, pinning them at her sides as he put his mouth on her sweetness.

Peaches’ head was spinning, but she felt his tongue, flattening on her hood and beginning to travel down across the outer lips of her labia. She gasped for air, whimpering out a small bit of satisfaction, right away. Her own arousal had built, but not peaked yet and it likely would ebb-n-flow many times over for all she was worth inside, just then. But she couldn’t stop the room from moving. Closing her eyes, all she was able to focus on was Omar’s aggression between her legs. For a virgin, he sure knew a lot about the female anatomy. And for things he didn’t know, he was a very quick study indeed, memorizing her reactions as his tongue coursed her tender swell.

Oh, how she fussed and whimpered as his tongue passed over all the right spots. Shivering a bit, she felt herself slicken, her wetness beginning to drip from her perineum. Maybe, when this wet, she might’ve been able to take his girth and his length. But it would’ve been wrong to ask him to violate his own morals, just to please her lust.

She had long since come to realize that a nymphomaniac, such as herself, always wanted more than any one person could give. And maybe that was what made Apartment 4S so appealing to her. When she walked in, she was on a hunt, fueled by the passion she had saved up. When she wobbled out, she was spent of everything she brought and more contented than she could’ve imagined.

Peaches made her first audible moan as her first ripple of pleasure poured out of her core, washing over her frame with such a sudden rush that she tugged her wrists – trying to free her arms from his grasp. But Omar simply tightened his grips, making circles around her canal opening and focusing in on a tiny little patch of her labia just below the opening. Every time his tongue passed over that little patch, she twitched, her breathing becoming erratic and choppy.

Oh, he could keep her in limbo for quite a while and he often did, to drag the pleasure out of her as long as she could last. He was only the first of the three roommates who would have her for a study break on this day, but she would give everything she had to each of them and take all that she was given. No, Peaches didn’t need a name change to feel more important and she didn’t need to spread her legs to feel complete. These were her choices, not her limitations.

Her back arched and her chest heaved as the second ripple of pleasure poured out of her, this one much stronger than the first. Omar kept his target and didn’t move away, not even when she wrapped her thighs around his ears. Becoming breathless, she heaved for air as she bent her neck back, tilting herself up on the top of her head. Opening her eyes, she looked out his bedroom window to the upside down campus sky. Her head was still spinning and she was trying to hold the nearing orgasm back, to allow it to build as much as it could. For a nympho, there was no such thing as too much. But her stamina began to falter, a weakness any nympho would embrace because it meant she had been driven to her limit.

She gasped for air again, feeling the arousal beginning to focus in her core and as it traveled up her canal to her opening, she screamed at the top of her lungs. Upon the sound of her first shriek, Omar turned her over onto her belly, her face burying in the pillow and muffling her screams of pleasure. Crossing both of her wrists and pinning them at her lumbar with his left hand, he cupped her sweetness with his right hand, giving her his palm to grind her mound into as she came and twitched with paralytic shaking until she collapsed loosely on the bed, limpened and drained.

Omar stood up and walked over to the third drawer of his dresser. Peaches lied flat on her belly, gently gliding her mound into the towel beneath her as she ballooned down from the summit, a happy, but now sleepy, little nympho.

Her eyelids were already at half-mast when he turned her back over, unfolding the disposable diaper he got from her drawer. She tried to wiggle to get up, but her exhaustion wouldn’t allow her to move.

“No fussing,” Omar said, as he lifted her legs and slid the diaper under her bottom. “And I want you to know, Peaches, that if I choose to give up on waiting, you will be the only person I’ll call.”

As Omar folded the front of her diaper up and into place, fastening the tapes at her hips, she closed her eyes and fell asleep. Umberto would be home next, but for just then, sleep was in order.

The warmth covering Peaches’ body suddenly went away and she awakened in Umberto’s bed, still diapered but stripped of her clothing and with a returned-horniness that had intensified her sexual condition. That warmth that had covered her body was his blanket. And as she slept, Omar stripped her of the choker and nightie, then putting under the covers of Umberto’s bed.

Umberto was sitting on the side the bed, his shirt and pants already having been taken off. She smiled at him as she turned over onto her back, parting her thighs and wiggling in her diaper. Oh, what a happy little nympho she was already, but there was so much more yet to … come. Thankfully, her head had stopped spinning as she had slept off the effects of the alcohol - giving her the ability to focus in on her Italian heartthrob.

“Hello Peaches,” Umberto said, his dark-n-dreamy eyes piercing into her as he held up a wrapped condom.

“Hello Umberto,” Peaches said with a groggy but excited voice as she sat up, crossing her legs, grabbing the condom and tearing the wrapper open.

Umberto stood up and lowered his underwear, Peaches beginning to tingle at her first sight of his stiffness. Oh, he was big, too. Not quite as big as Omar, but she’d never tell him that. And it didn’t matter because Umberto could still part her wide with what he had.

With trembling fingers, she pulled the condom out of the wrapper and rolled it down just a bit. Placing it on the tip of his erection, she wrapped her lips around it. Then, she slid her mouth down the length of his cock, keeping her lips tightly wrapped around his girth as she rolled the condom down to his base while engulfing his length.

“Two or three?” Umberto asked her, a glimmer of lust tracing across his irises.

Peaches sat up, stroking his covered stiffness and feeling the ridges on the outside of the condom as she made her decision.

“Three,” she said with a pouty voice, wishing he would’ve offered her higher numbered options, but also realizing that Tanush would be next to receive her, when he got home.

“Three orgasms it is,” Umberto said, taking the tips of her pigtails in his fingers, Peaches smiling and tossing her head back-n-forth.

Umberto was the most fun of the three roommates, the one who always took time to factor the Daddy’s Girl mentality into his encounters with her.

“Are you gonna be a good girl for me?” Umberto asked with playfulness.

Peaches blushed, still stroking his covered erection and beginning to bounce with excitement.

“If you want me to,” Peaches said with a whisper, her chin lowering and her shoulders shrinking up.

“Oh, you know Daddy always wants you to be a good girl,” Umberto said, easing her down on her back in the middle of the bed as he climbed in on top of her, taking his place between her parted thighs. “And you know exactly what Daddy means when he tells you to be a good girl, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Peaches whispered, her heart beginning to pound as he pulled the covers over his shoulders and slid her diaper to the side, exposing her sweetness.

He touched the tip of his covered erection to her wet-n-swollen opening. She gasped at his touch, trying to remember what Umberto made her do with her arms when he took her to bed. Finally, she remembered, placing her forearms on either side of the pillow. She blinked her eyes several times, trying to shake the lightheadedness that now afflicted her, this time from having breathed too quickly, as opposed to having drunken too much.

But how could she stop from breathing heavily? Umberto knew how to keep control of himself while making her lose all control. And his teasing tip felt so good she wanted him to just drive his rock-hard condition inside her and skip the build-up. But Umberto was never quick about anything and he kept a steady pace … deliberately. Sometimes, Peaches fussed about his slow burn, but being pinned beneath him, she had no choice but to ride the slow-build to the end, knowing that an Umberto climax was second to nothing in this world.

“Now, Daddy knows how much of a little sex fiend you are,” Umberto said, sliding his tip inside the opening of her canal, Peaches whimpering and biting her lower lip as she gazed into his dark eyes. “Isn’t that right? Aren’t you just the horniest little girl in the world?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she answered with a breathy whisper, her chest heaving already from excitement.

“And I also know,” he said, sliding his erection half-way into her, Peaches gasping fully now as she felt her swell being parted. “... that you have a tendency to cry like a baby. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she whimpered as he drove his erection inside her fully, their pelvic bones connecting as she suddenly became speechless.

“So if you’re gonna cry like a baby,” he said, reaching under the left pillow and pulling out the pacifier he had waiting for her there, then placing the pacifier between her lips. “… then you’ll be treated like one. Do you wanna be Daddy’s little baby?”

Peaches nodded her head slowly, nursing on the pacifier and gazing up at him with a lost helplessness as he shifted his weight forward, her crinkly diaper sounding into the moment. Umberto outweighed her by at least 75 lbs. He was, by no means, heavy. And she was, by no means, an anorexic twig. But he had this amazing ability to keep his weight off her by resting on her only when their pelvic bones met.

“Daddy loves to watch you cry,” he said, petting the top of her head as he withdrew himself from inside her, giving her instant relief – only then to slide himself back in, overwhelming her again. “But Daddy doesn’t every want to hurt you.”

He began rocking his hips, sliding in-n-out of her with ease as her swell just kept producing new wetness, just like peaches - the reason that she was given that name by them. Other girls may have viewed it as an embarrassing wetness problem, having to constantly carry extra panties around with them. But Peaches viewed it as a calling card, answered by The Boys whenever she began to drip.

In-n-out of her he went, again and again, rocking her slowly and gently, but fully and deliberately. Her body glided up-n-down on the bed sheets beneath her, in rhythm with his constant motion, her fussiness beginning to pick up as he was beginning to break her down.

“It’s okay to cry when you cum for Daddy,” Umberto said, his thumbs tracing her cheeks. “You do wanna cum for Daddy, don’t you?”

Peaches nodded, nursing on her pacifier between each of his thrusts as she began to whimper. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him and her lower back began to involuntarily arch, another condition she had - one where her body knew an orgasm was on the way before she was aware of it. Trying to breathe deeply through her nose, she became quite fussy, wrinkling her forehead and tightening her canal around his girth.

“Aww, how cute,” Umberto said with a syrupy-rich tone, a smirk forming on his face as he placed his forearms on top of hers and locked fingers with her. “The little baby is getting all worked up and she can’t stop the good feeling from coming.”

Peaches blushed, nursing on her pacifier as she began to rock her hips in motion with him.

“Aww, how cuter,” Umberto said with a smile and a teasing tone. “The little baby wants to help.”

Umberto’s words, seasoned with his accent and flavored with his tease, shot straight into Peaches’ heart, bringing tears to the girl’s eyes as she whimpered at the forth-coming pleasure.

“It’s gonna feel wonderful, baby,” Umberto whispered, sliding out of her and then pushing himself back into her tightened canal with ease - for how wet she was.

Peaches loved to struggle, knowing she would never win but still wanting to fight. And the one thing that made her heart pound the hardest was knowing that she couldn’t defend herself against any of The Boys. She was truly helpless to whatever they felt like doing to her. And this truth, that she was a willing victim, only fueled her mania that much more.

“Show Daddy what a good girl you are. Make one of your cute, little fussy faces as you cum for Daddy,” Umberto said with softness as her body began to twitch. “That’s it. Give up. You can’t help yourself. And you know you want it.”

Peaches arched her lower back higher and heaved her naked chest up at him as her core tightened. She whimpered and fussed as the first orgasm began to travel up her canal as slowly as Umberto had built her up to this point. Oh, how good this was going to feel. That much was clear already.

Her skin tingled with electricity and indeed, those tears in her eyes began to stream down her cheeks as her orgasm poured out of her center, washing over her frame as she wrapped her legs around his lower back.

“Yes, baby. That’s a good girl. Cum for your Daddy with all your might,” Umberto said, keeping his slow but deliberate penetration of her as she tightened around his girth to an excruciatingly taut state.

Biting the rubber nipple of her pacifier to prevent it from falling out of her mouth, she moaned with a passion that made clear her horniness. Oh, Dear Heaven, she had needed to cum like this all week long. And for as draining as it felt, it was her greatest achievement since she aced her Biology IV final on Tuesday. And the more she came, the tighter her canal restricted. The more her canal restricted, the more she cried. But after a few minutes of painful ecstasy, she began to balloon down from the summit, glorious and agonizing as it was.

Umberto, still keeping a steady pace of penetration, clenched his fingers around hers more tightly and began to increase his speed. Still, trying to recover, Peaches looked up at him, remembering then that her retreating orgasm was only the first of three. And while her body needed more time to recuperate, Umberto began forcing her to climb back up to the summit again.

And at that moment, as Peaches was being penetrated more quickly and driven back to ecstasy for a second taste, Omar walked into the bedroom with a drink in his hand – taking a seat on the top of the dresser and watching Peaches being railed.

A deep shade of red filled the hue of Peaches’ cheeks as embarrassment flooded her senses. But at the same time, she smiled brightly at Omar, happy to see him and tingling at how it made her feel to know she was being watched. Relaxing her frame as best she could, she looked back up at Umberto, her body gliding up-n-down more rapidly on the bed sheets beneath her - Umberto’s increasing speed making her flop like a rag doll, just as Omar had made her do.

A sharp groan came out of her as she began to fuss again, the climb beginning once more for her and her core tightening much more quickly.

“Be a good girl for Daddy,” Umberto whispered into her ear as she looked over at Omar again who was smiling at her with a charm that flooded her thoughts with the reminder that she was their toy, their little girl and their possession.

Umberto kept driving himself inside her, whispering to her with softness as her head began to spin again - the crinkling of her diaper filling her ears, the parting of her canal overwhelming her once more and the presence of a watcher making her submit to everything. And when her core tightened a second time, she started crying a lot quicker, arching her lower back again and heaving her breast up at Umberto as she felt the drain begin to add to the soreness between her legs. But, climbing to the summit so quickly, she screamed into her pacifier – a sound that would’ve been deafening for all, had she not been muffled by that rubber nipple in her mouth.

Her body spasmed as she remained at the climax a lot longer, feeling the energy draining out of her more swiftly than the first time. Oh, how the tears streamed as she fussed her way down from the top, clenching the rubber nipple between her teeth as she parted her lips and heaved for air. Her swell was beginning to dry up and her soreness was increasing with each thrust from his shaft. She became fearful that he was going to tear her insides open before he was done. But, as if he heard her unvoiced plight, he suddenly seized up, freezing in place as she felt the heat of his seeds erupting inside her, but remaining inside the condom. And knowing that he was finally cumming, she shot straight up to the summit for a third time.

As she cried heavily, Umberto rose up on his knees and lifted her into his arms, continuing to cum inside her.

It was at that moment, held up against him and with all her limbs wrapped around him, that every inch of her body tightened up for the third orgasm. And when this happened, she helplessly squirted into her diaper, her face turning its deepest shade of red yet and her body twitching as she ballooned down.

“How adorable,” Umberto whispered, lowering her back onto the bed and quickly pulling himself out of her canal, an action which tightened her core again, increasing her new layer of wetness as she kept squirting into her diaper.

Umberto stood up and took the condom off, slipping back into his underwear as he walked into his bathroom to wash his hands. Omar hopped down off the dresser and walked over to the twitching and gushing girl, sitting on the side of the bed and removing the pacifier from between her lips.

“Open your mouth,” Omar said, placing his hand at the back of her neck and leaning her up as he placed the rim of the glass to her lips.

Obediently, she opened her mouth and drank the glass empty, not knowing what it was that she drank – only that it was more alcohol.

Umberto walked back out of the bathroom and scooped her up into his arms, carrying her out of his bedroom and towards Tanush’s bedroom - Omar following behind.

“Soon you’ll be asleep again, baby,” Umberto whispered to her, easing her down on her back in the middle of Tanush’s bed. “I know you still have so much more to give. And you’ll be giving it, when you wake up. But for now, you can hump yourself through the afterglow. Omar and I will enjoy watching you.”

She looked up at Umberto and then over to Omar who had already taken a seat on the couch in Tanush’s bedroom. Umberto took the white silk ribbons out of her hair, letting her pigtails down as he turned her over on her tummy.”

“Hump away. Go ahead,” Umberto said, placing her pacifier back between her lips as he patted her diapered bottom.

He then joined Omar on the couch and the two of them watched as Peaches rested her head on the pillow, looked over at them and grinded her sore-n-swollen mound into the front of her diaper as long as she could. She crinkled up a storm through her afterglow until she passed out again.

------------------------------------------------------- -------------

Peaches awoke a while later in Tanush’s bed, the dimmer sunlight pouring through the bedroom windows telling her that it was now evening. What awoke her was Tanush. He had returned home from his final of the day and was now unfastening her diaper. Omar and Umberto walked into the room, Omar holding another diaper in his hand. As Tanush folded down the front of her drenched diaper, her sweetness, still somewhat raw and sore, felt his touch. She whimpered into her pacifier as his fingers explored her labia and then her opening.

“Yes, I can tell that you’ve had your brains f***ed right out of you,” Tanush said as he stood up and unfastened his pants. “Now you’re only as smart as the three of us, combined.”

Unbuttoning his shirt, he lowered his boxers and climbed up onto the bed, positioning himself between her legs as he slid the soaked diaper out from beneath her, Peaches then realizing that a changing pad had been placed underneath her.

“We have a lot in common, Peaches,” Tanush said as he put the tip of his stiffness at the opening to her canal. “And now we’re going to share something else, aren’t we?”

Peaches nodded, bracing herself for him. Tanush was never gentle with her and the deepness of his voice always made her shudder at its sound. Nursing on her pacifier with trepidation, she winced as he plunged his stiffened length into her tender and sore canal, bringing an ache of agony along with a reawakening of her most basic nympho need – more sex. And as he pinned her down, roughly pounding himself inside her with no regard for her pleasure, she whimpered more loudly. Tanush never used a condom and he was the reason why Peaches kept morning after pills in their apartment.

She felt her insides being spread open again, this time with an aggression that would have a lasting effect on her. And she was certainly than when she left their apartment tomorrow morning, she would be walking with an awkwardness that would make clear to any other girl in eyeshot that she had been railed and railed until she either passed out or reached satisfaction complete.

Tanush growled the whole time, gritting his teeth and with a look of evilness in his eyes, he took out all the stress of his exam on Peaches’ peach. She was so sore and so swollen at this point that her mind began to send messages to her body to make her feel numb in all the necessary places. Every few minutes, he covered her mouth, pushing down on the pacifier to silence her whimpers as he pounded even harder until exhaustion made him slow down.

At this point, she didn’t know if she could cum again, a concern that both delighted her and horrified her, at the same time. The delight came from knowing that, if she couldn’t cum again, then that would mean that everything she had to offer would have already been taken from her. The horror came from knowing that, if she still had any mania left in her, then there would be no way to become satisfied – an end result worse than death for a little nympho girl, like Peaches.

And for the third time that day, her body flopped around like a rag doll, helpless to be able to keep up with Tanush as his stamina seemed never-ending. His erection, also impressive, thickened as his girth stretched her canal just a bit more. She shuddered as his tip would occasional pound into her cervix and after shuddering, a wonderful thing happened. Her arousal was blessed with yet another layer of wetness, instantly spreading throughout her canal and saturating his pathway. Her wetness sent pings of pleasure through both him and her. And Tanush began to pound into her as hard as he could manage.

Peaches reached up and grabbed ahold of the headboard, then letting go of it as the headboard smashed into the wall, again and again, pinching her fingers. Tears came to her eyes as her fastest climb to the summit yet began. She abandoned whimpering and went straight to breathy moans as her lower back arched higher than before and her naked chest heaved up at him. This orgasm was going to kill her. She was certain of it. Her heart pounded with such a force that it actually hurt with each visible beat on her chest.

Omar and Umberto walked to either side of the bed, flanking her as Tanush knelt up and lifted her hips. Spitting the pacifier out, she reached for their zippers, pulling them down simultaneously and reaching inside their underwear to grab their stiffened cocks and pull them out. She yanked Omar and Umberto close to her, taking hold of their cocks and beginning to stroke them both with fevered passion. She was moaning and crying as loud and as hard as she could, her climb to the summit moving quickly to the zenith.

“Now she’s happy,” Tanush said, still plunging himself inside her. “We’re gonna cum all over you, Peaches. And you’re gonna wear it with pride.”

“Open your mouth,” Umberto instructed.

“And close your eyes … tightly,” Omar added.

Peaches obeyed, opening her gasping lips and closing her eyes as her mind raced with the thought of what was about to happen. And with erotic conclusions on the horizon, she came, her canal seizing up as Tanush pulled himself out of her and all three of them came with her.

Omar, having had the longest time to refuel, coated her face with his seeds, some of them landing in her mouth and the rest of them covering her forehead, her cheeks and her chin. His seeds felt heavy and stung with their heat.

Umberto shot his seeds directly onto her forehead and coated her hairline, then her dark locks.

Tanush, who began teasing her clit the moment he pulled himself out of her to keep her orgasm going, shot his first ripple up the center of her body and hit the nape of her neck, the rest of his load coating her breasts and then her belly.

By the time they all finished cumming on her, she was a sticky mess and her mind had traveled into an euphoric state where she would probably remain for a while. Oh yes, Peaches had been squeezed of all her juices, f***ed raw, spent of all she had to give and saturated with the result of being the little girl and sweetheart of Edgerton House – Apartment 4S.

Umberto carried the delirious Peaches into the living room, laying her on the coffee table in front of the leather couch and chair. Omar quickly diapered her and returned the pacifier to her pink, pouty lips. And there she remained for a few hours, the cum-stained nympho girl with that ever-present and thoroughly satisfied smile on her face.

The Boys sat on the couch and chair, studying for tomorrow’s exams as she lied in front of them, her hands plunged inside her diaper, fingering-n-rubbing out her afterglow - while covered with their seeds.

Drifting through her thoughts, as she felt the sticky mess on her body, were the memories of swallowing Omar and having both Umberto and Tanush inside her, in glorious succession. Cooling down, she closed her eyes to rest for a little while, knowing that once they were done studying for the day, her servicing of all three of them would begin again, the perfect nightcap for little nympho girls, like Peaches.
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