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The Race That Made me Incontinent

I guess I should start by telling you how this happened.

I just gained 3rd place on the list in my city's underground race league. Attracting the attention of the 1st place Chris" hot pipes "? Mallone , because of my 1059 Hp awd blazer ( vortex typhoon) being seen as a threat, he calls me out. He says there isn't any way for me to get that kind of power out of an suv. I correct him by popping the hood exposing a vortex 350 ,twin turbo 64mm gready turbo chargers, custom 454 intake manifold
700R Tranny ,410 rear ,dana front end.Not much went on the rest of the month.

November 16TH

I'm racing for pink slips at the local drag strip. I win the race, as I'm leaving . I spot Tanner ( 2nd rank on the list) in his Chevelle. I walk over to him to issue the deserved challenge. He accepts the challenge.

Dec. 18

It has been 1 month since I beat Tanner,gaining myself 2nd place on the rank board.Chris calls asking for me to meet him at the part store to set up the final race. I meet him there to set the race up for January 9th .

January 9th

The race is about to start. I do one final tune to boost the hp of my car ( I'm racing a 454 ss chevelle that has 1200 hp) . The race is starting. 3...........2..................1............ GO!
I stomp down on the gas. And start to leave Chris in the dirt. As the race comes closer to the end, Chris realizes he's fixing to lose his rank. And pits my back tire, causing me to lose control and go airborne. The car flips end to end 5 times. I become unconscious and wake up 3 weeks later in the hospital.
I realize that I'm fine. Or at least I thought I was .What was it? A wetness around my crotch area,and a diaper? I was use to wearing them as I am a dl but ,I was in a hospital how could I be wearing my diapers? So I called the nurse in to ask what was going on. She told me that I had been in a severe car wreck and that there was some neurological damage. She said not to worry that the only thing that was effected was my ability to control my bladder.

Ever since that day, I have been wearing and wetting my diapers . I hope it never gets better .I'm grateful that god only took it and id never ask for my continence back, because he could have taken much more. The End ..

The End .
(Yes this is a true story. I have the chest scar to prove it)
By: Donathon Wilkerson
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