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Did you see something on TV, or online, or is it something that you just always new?

For me I just thought I was a kinda strange girl until I found all the sites on the internet and realized there were lots of other strange people like me too Tongue
Well, I had been very interested in my diapers since before I was potty trained. The interest in all the baby-things just followed right along with that all throughout my life. So, I guess I have always known since long before I ever learned what to call it all.
yes after a saw my cousin's baby bottle and then I got stuck on them and other baby stuff
i have all ways loved Diapers thow out all life now im AB DL and want to see more girls in Diapers love tham the best . toddlertimmy
I order a cocoon latex/pvc catalogue when i was about 19/20, i went into hospital to have my appendix's take out, the day i got home in the mail was the cocoon catalogue, one of the first images i saw was a pvc adult baby romper, mittens and bonnet, I suppose that was the first time I understood my feelings, it would be another 9/10 years before I bought my first diapers, with a couple of times trying to rid myself of this curse that at the time (only I had), it has taken another 5/6 years to understand what I am and accept it, it ain't going anywhere, so I've decided to embrace it.
I always loved the feeling of diapers. As a bedwetter my babysitter made me wear them for naptime. Sleeping in her daughters old crib in diapers felt amazing even when I was so young. After I stopped going there there was a year or so without them. I found a pair of my lil brothers plastic pants for over his diapers. For some reason I got really excited to try them on. When I pulled them up over my area, I had a whole body orgasm. Not like todays orgasm full of sticky stuff, but thee feeling was thee same and I wanted it again and again. I snuck them from anywhere I could till I was in my late teens and found adult diapers at the store. That's the same time, around 1995 that I found the old DPF website and found out I wasn't alone. That was the happiest day of my life at that point. I thought I was weird and the only one till that moment.
I guess since I was 8 yrs old.i have been attracted to cloth diapers with all that goes with it.i used to just love to see kids dirty diapers changed.used to like to watch mommys washing diapers.i used to steal cloth diapers as a teen,from clotheslines,launderomat dryers,etc.i now wear for need and pleasure and i'm 60 yrs to chat with all cloth diaper users or mommies,doms,sisters,etc.
My first interest in diapers it all started when I was 6yrs old, my two yr old cousin was visiting for the day, at that time cloth diapers was used. Well! that day I needed to pee so! I want to the toilet and there I saw a plastic pants laying there on the toilet bowl and something in my head told me to put that plastic pants on so! I put it on and got caught, and ever sense I love diapers. Smile
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