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Mine has to be tight jeans Smile I love how the pee just totally soaks the back of the legs and they kind of stick to me all warm and wet. I also have a pair of white panties that I cant remember the material, but they feel all silky (they're not silk though) The pee takes much longer to soak through them than with regular cotton panties so the warm pee is just kinda pooled between my legs for a little while Smile

A courier turned up right after I wet my pants in the picture above. It was one of those awkward moments!
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mmmmm The PANTIES is a most def favorite too!!! Yes i am male, but sexy ladies silky style. , most now lycra lol or nylon, feel awesome as u pee!!! Plus the look great as they get wet! Still DIAPERS are my abslute fav, thick MOLICARES or classic thick ATTENDS....seeing the plastic outer cover change cooler to yellow or dark and the feel after holding in alot!!! wow what a rush, plus pull front forward and get a get sniff drives me peeee peee crazy lol..
sounds awesome!!!
SmileFor me the best thing to pee (and poop) is tight jeans, and I mean real skintight jeans, preferably dirty.. !!Tongue
Plastic Panties love the feeling of pee around your botty Mmmmmmmmmm
I love pee peeing in little girls panties and goodnite's diapers so hot makes my pee pee hard.
I enjoy peeing in my speedo's, as quite tight amd hold it in for longer.
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I like to pee in my underwear.
Pants wetting is always fun, I love to stand or sit in puddles...but my absolute favorite thing to pee in is deffinately diapers!
I love jeans and tight-fitting sweatpants. Anything where you can feel the warmth spread down your legs!
Mines definitely Girls GoodNites! There cute and pink and make me feel like a little girl when I have a accident Smile

p.s Nikki you look so good in those pic's you posted! Totally jealous girl! xD
I love peeing in my pants or diapers the most!!!
GrinI just love to pee in whatever I have on. Sometimes, I feel so lucky to still have my boy parts because I can take it out and just spray all over myself. Othertimes, I am with the rest of you, give me something tight so I can feel it run down my legs. GrinGrin
I would say it has to be in my panties and tight jeans Smile
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Mine would be some cotton pants and jeans or chinos, that would show the wetness. I like the way cotton is getting soaked!
i love tight jeans the most. i'm a 22 y.o. guy, but i don't have a girlfriend to play wet games with. but i found pairs of jeans occasionaly near trashcans, or if i spot them inside, i pick them when nobody is looking and use them for wetting myself. i have collected several pairs, tight, skinny and a very hot pair of jeggings.
i tried pooping in them, but there's so much cleanup it's not worth it. but i love to watch videos of girls pooping in their tight jeans (on purpose). unfortunately, they are very rare.

i also love all sorts of leggings, especially black leather-look ones (i have one pair), but jeans are still the hottest
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i love peeing in my diapers and in the shower
Jeans...or bedsheets.
In my Goodnites and diapers while wearing my jammies.
I love to pee multiple times in my diaper. When it is really soaked I pee one more time and the pee just kind of sits in a puddle until I get up. If I'm lucky and really soaked it will run down my leg.
But I like pee peeing in my big girl panties too
For me it has to be wetting my nappy while in bed. If it leaks and the bed getswet all the better. I love to sleep in a wet bed.
I like panties with training panties and blue jeans. The training panties will soak up a lot of pee giving me that warm wet fuzzy feeling for longer until I am soaked to my feet. Then its diapering for me when I get caught, which is okay, I love wetting and wearing a full diaper as I go about stuff around the house
I love to pee in my thick cloth diapers with plastic pants every night,i usually keep them on about 12 hours till good and saturated.
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My favorite thing to wet Is for sure tight jeans. The warmth running down my legs is the best after being desperate and trying not to lose it Wink ...But really I love wetting any type of girls clothing, skirts, shorts, leggings...etc. There's just no excitement in wetting men's clothes...maybe I'm just wierdd lol
Hi! for me it's the toiletGrin lol! just joking disposable diapers I prefer to pee in.
If not in my nappy then just my cotton panties
I have only one favorite place and that's in my mouth.
I like boxer briefs, jeans or denim shorts. I used to have a tight pair of denim shorts that I enjoyed sitting or crouching in the tub and pissing in. I liked the way my butt looked with a nice wet spot. I like to hold until I burst.
I love to wet anything as long as I m wetting myself.
It has to be heavy duty Tena diapers for me.
I like to pee in tight pants, too. Especially when I'm sitting. But I also like to wet the bed, in my pajamas.
peeing in diapers and plastic babypants
Knickers (panties), bikini bottoms, leotards, tights and swimsuits. (Women's clothing is far more interesting than what us men get.) I also wet in nappies and pull ups.
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A friend who peed is a friend indeed.
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