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So a really funny thing happened today. It wasn't quite as funny at the time cus I ruined my whole clip! lol

I was making a desperation and wetting clip in my really tight jeans. There my best ones to pee in cus they literally stick to my skin Tongue

I'd been drinking lots of chocolate milk (I'm addicted!) and holding all my pees in. It like comes to the stage where you have to tense your muscles all the time to stop the pee from coming. So we set up the camera in the bathroom and I'm all wiggling around waiting to start. Paul begins filming and I carry on wiggling and crossing my legs holding the pee for as long as possible. When I couldn't take any more and went to let it go, my muscles wouldn't untense! So being the clever girl I am I decided to give a hard push to start the peepee coming. Well this didn't go to plan and what actually happened was I pooped my pants! The pee came to at this point and now I couldn't stop either!

So yeah, I really did end up a dirty little girl today! After we finished Daddy took me in the bedroom and put me back in to a diaper!
Topics: poopy, messy, accident, diaper
Nikki Benchley
You better be careful you don't shake your whole head off, BABY!
  • June 6, 2012
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