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Argh, you know? i give up, i'm so angry and i don't know if i'm angry at myself or the person...

relationships are important to me, real relationships, wether it's a friendship or daddy/lg or whatever. and when i decide to be someones friend, i invest a lot of myself into that relationship. and i believe that relationships can be built on the internet, there just has be a stronger sense of communication and honesty. a little more of that and you're good to go!

so when someone emails you. for the first time saying they are interested in getting to know you / they think "we'd be perfect for each other". its like .. okay.. so my first instinct is to get to know the person. and i give then a test of sorts,

if the first email is really vague and about 2 sentenses long and it didn't even say " hi, my name is so and so" my radar is on. because for petes sake people, i know we are all on the internet but bloody hell. INTRODUCE YOURSELF PROPERLY. arrrrgggghhh segklj naeiuhenb.

so okay. never mind. i ask him to tell me about himself. and to ask me questions if he wanted and a picture. another 2 sentence email .describing his features and what he's like as a daddy.... and of course the questions are all about . how old am i as an Lg and what kind of diaper do i like . ...

this is extremely disappointing.. and i don't know if the problem is me or him. i email him back about how i felt about his response, and what i need and expect. and i was not trying to be offensive but he probably took it that way. saying how it was a great way to scare of someone potentially fitting and that he was glad that he didn't get caught up in my games or what not. because i'm obviously play a game !

i admit, i expect a lot out of people i meet on the internet. more so than just the regular joe, because hey , i don't know you , i don't see you, i have no information about you other than what you say . so even if it's to a small degree, i feel that my caution and my response is justified.

"1. You should've maybe gone into detail what you were looking for in an answer instead of being vague.
2. Yeah, you are overreacting a little. Way to scare someone off whom might've made a good match.
3. I'm sorry I asked about the little side of you, but hey... was curious so sue me.

So, if this is what I was to expect with you then I'm glad I'm not going to miss playing this game." being vague was a test, as if i was specific, i'm dictating his response. but by allowing him to respond on his own, i can then see a little of what he is like and what he is looking for. overreaction was my honesty, it was harsh but it wasn't cruel or with an intention to push someone away.
your curiosity should have been saved for when basic formalities had been exchanged...
i never play games...

i'm just so upset because i never like feeling like a jerk. and of course i feel like one but i'm also i hate the feeling of being misunderstood... i don't know. i'm just so frustrated and i hate this feeling. can you guys tell me what you think ? am i really overreacting, am i being a total bitch? arrrgggghhh
i don't want to be one...

i really .. don't know anymore ..
hun that's one of the many hng's. I always knew these people existed... it was only until recently that I found out there was an actual classification for them. They can be shockingly heartless, and I reccomend avoiding any conversation with them... maybe it's someone who needs to grow up or sometim...
  • March 3, 2012
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Lisa Tan
The joker: well though i can understand your caution, the person on the receiving end may very well feel the same way. that this guys who didn't even tell me his name is saying "hey i think you're awesome, lets talk" but why on earth would i want to talk to someone who didn't just say " my name's so...
  • March 4, 2012
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little girls need to be carefully there are a lot of nuts out there. you will learn some times its best to run from some. your not overreacting at all.
  • March 5, 2012
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