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mmmm... french fries.. why is it call french fries anyway.. is it originally from france? mm
anyway, maaan i am so so so tried. like sooosososo tried. spring semester is totally kicking my butt :D hahaha

sooo work has been awesomely crazy hard, the assignments have been so much more challenging and i have been slacking off... so it totally caught up on me over the weekend, ._. ugh. so i had to work on my projects for about 14 hours each day ... i caught up of course but i'm trying to stay on top of it now. meaning i actually have to sit at my desk at night after a crazy day in studio to do my readings and conceptualizing .. mweeehhhh i actually have had to drink COFFEE for the past few days... i don't know why but i feel so trieeeddd. pout..

but i really want to do well because last semester i did well enough to get become an honor student *BOOYAH* and i want to maintain that you know ? but it's just like added pressure and i feel like when i can't do as good a job as i want to, i get overly worried that it's not good enough. and my liberal arts classes are so much more intense from last semester ANNDD i've started working on campus meaning 6 whole hours less to rest or work. eeeeekkk i'm totally freaking out people and it's ONLY been 1 and a half weeks.. O_O i may actually die.. a terribly artsy death. oil paint all over my face, fingers all messed up with paper cuts, and i'm just dreaaaming about going home.. i miss it terribly. :< siiigh . but OH WELL! gotta such it up right and keep on keeping on ?


and noooow back to work ! hurray for readings that i barely understand !

lisa over and outers
They will frame and freeze dry your body

You aren't gonna die silly. Keep it up, you can do it!
  • March 5, 2012
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