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Come on wetting wonderland...Turn on my sawg on yeeeah whats up... waz up ...waz up..

I'm Dlg only two years old, got a daddy on my side. Livin the little girl dream in this big world with my kenzie bean. If you don't got emmy ems then you dont got nothing for me. Yeeeeah.. soooo sup.

I be getting hatters like you wouldn't believe. If you be hattin just be mad at yourself because this song ant about you!

You cant tell me nuffin... you cant tell me nuffin... if you don't got your little girl on then you don't got nuffin.. so whats up!

I got a hello kitty and my blankie layin on the sofa sippin on my juice watching my spongebob on the tv. Yeeeeeah!

My daddy is a king and I'm a little girl princess so when you put it all together that's a little girl dream! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeah so whats ups?

My song <3 DLG!
That's so West-sieeeede!

Where can I find this performed live on youtube?
  • February 23, 2012
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