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so just went to the gym and yes i do feel awfully good!
but still i've not lost any weight, which is terribly frustrating :c i just hope i'm gaining muscle mass if anything. that aside, BOSTON, GOODWILL OUTLET. awesome stuff.

though as first glance it's pretty shady and chaotic, if you put in the time and effort you are bound to make at least 1 amazing find. i got some things, some less amazing than others but i got 2 pretty intenesly awesome jackets, one from ralph lauren for 1.50 each ... wait . did you say .. 1.50 ? for a Ralph Lauren jacket?? .. why yes.. yes i did... and it fit you ?? why yes. perfectly actually. and it's in good condition. hmm let me check. oh look the tag is still on. HOLY MOTHER OF CHEESE CAKE .

cough yes. excuse my totally justified spaz attack ! :3 so yeah that was really fun. and of course i bought a whole lot of other stuff with an intention to resale on etsy ! they best place to sell vintage finds >:3

so today, i'm going to make little houses. and take pictues of them on my body and draw them .. yes i know, it sounds ridiculously tedious . but alas, tis the life of the artist . do lots of tedious useless things in hopes of making something really really pretty. it's fun though. really fun . i think everyone should just go and have some fun. :/ i'm going to eat now. woosh !

um i'm done ? yes i am!! woo!

love lisa !!
That is it! I am heading to the Boston! I hope you left me something You just bought yourself some competition from another shopaholic!

I am just joking, don't worry (YET)!
  • January 29, 2012
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You girls are gonna be so spoiled by the time you go back!
  • January 30, 2012
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