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to all guys, this isn't a complaint nor is it "bitching"
if anything, it's just my opinion and my two cents to help you understand a few things.
if i offend anyone, please note, it is not my intention but if i do so, please accept my apologies in advance.

we are all part a of community that mainly involves diapers, a desire to mess in them, a desire to regress and so forth. That being said, we are in an environment that is fairly "fake", by that i mean virtual, one that is not real or tangible. And so i have always felt that there was a need to be extremely real and down to earth about who i am, way past my LG side. as that is just a part of's not all of Me.

So I as an individual make an effort to be real, in order to attract real people and give a sense that i'm not just a chick into diapers, i'm a person with ambitions and goals, i hurt and cry and feel and extreme sense of otherness at times, i love, long for and am passionate about things in my life. and i want you to see that before you see the LG, i want you to want to learn about different pieces of me and through that have real, tangible relationships created.

Having said all this, it frustrates me when someone talks to me for the first time and the only thing on their mind is if i like to wet or poop or touch myself or whatever, it hurts me that that's the only thing that matters and it angers me that after my attempts to be true to myself, my worth is placed on those raw, personal aspects.

to lay it down clearly, i feel it is important for you guys, everyone, to understand that we need to return to the roots of real conversation and a real desire to get to know someone. Not just to seek a cheap thrill of dirty talk because we are so much bigger than that! so please, if i may be to bold to say, if you want to converse with me, don't even mention anything about abdl in the first conversation. take that out of your mind. and maybe you'll find something bigger than that. This is of course not to say that they rest of me is brilliant and awesome, rather it's to say you'll actually learn something real about me, both the good and the bad.

So that's that, i hope to hear what you guys think !
much love, Lisa
I couldn't agree with you more! Asking intimate questions about abdl stuff too soon is equivalent to someone asking intimate questions about sexual preferences on the first date! There is no better way to scare off a girl!!

Same goes for some girls on here too though. Some of us guys don't feel ...
  • January 15, 2012
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It's a sad fact that we do have these kinda guys that seem to think that because they are hiding behind a keyboard that it's ok to ask personal & inappropriate questions to random females.
I've always worked on the principle of not typing online what i wouldn't say to their face for example.... clear...
  • January 15, 2012
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Lisa Tan
Joker: i understand where you are coming from and it is interesting to see it in a different light. but i as an individual like to think that this "kink" is something that is a part of me, it is intimate and it is sensitive topic. i understand that many others may feel different about that but that ...
  • January 20, 2012
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