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I miss Christmas tradition where you woke up in the morning
sat on the sofa by the Christmas tree drinking hot chocolate
and eating a cinnamon roll. Shared gifts with loved ones
watching the football game.

Now that all seams like a joke. People turn into jerks and only think
about them self's. Its not a joyest time of the year at all...
I hate the holidays. I hate this time of year! Call me when its over!

Honestly thinking of skipping the holidays any suggestions?
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Nikki Benchley
I'm kinda the opposite. I LOVE Christmas, I love it to the point that my tummy feels all funny when I think about it lol

I love all the cheesy songs and the Santa cartoons on the TV and movies like Rudolf

The Christmas tree, the sparkley lights, the candy ... I just love it all!
  • November 2, 2011
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I think you just have to "take back" the holidays as much as you can! Experience and enjoy them how you like to enjoy them. I hate the forced gift-exchanging, but it is nice to have a set-aside time to spend time with family and friends and to renew your appreciation and love for them. I try to take...
  • November 3, 2011
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perhaps a trip to Illinois will get you in the Christmas spirit again
  • November 6, 2011
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