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She looks up at him with all the affection a BabyGirl’s eyes can emit for a Daddy who has changed her life. She nestles in his arms and cradles across his lap, a place where she truly belongs and wants to remain.

He has bathed her, diapered her, dressed her for bed, swaddled her in her baby blanket and now holds the baby bottle from which she drinks. And every second of the journey from the bathtub to this very instant, she hasn’t taken her eyes off him once.

She is his BabyGirl and he is her Daddy and the power of the dynamic between them makes the years of searching seem like a quick trip for the lifetime ahead they will share with each other.

The warm milk fills her belly quickly, beginning its usual effect of making her sleepy. But she doesn’t want to go to sleep. She never wants to sleep when he is with her. She sees it as time spent apart from memories they could be making together.

She has long since learned to accept that she is his BabyGirl and will abide comfortably in the time she has with him. And from his kindness, she has learned to enjoy the moment because there are infinite memories that can be made in a single instant of time.

She finishes the bottle and sits up with his help. Her senses and emotions have been softened and she slowly embraces his neck, wrapping her arms around him with an affection driven straight from the center of her heart.

He pats her back and rocks her gently in his arms as she attaches her feminine touch to the burp which escapes her.

She yawns. He returns her back to the cradle of his arms and to her lips places the pacifier which will usher her into her dreams just moments from now.

She nestles the side of her face against his chest, clutching his t-shirt with her tiny fists. She doesn’t want to be put to bed. She doesn’t want to leave his side. It matters too much to her to be separated from him, even if just for the fast of this night.

He rocks her gently and soon she realizes he isn’t putting her to bed. He’s going to hold her all night long. She’ll soon fall asleep, but she’ll do so in the comfort and love of his arms.

She nestles herself closer yet, pressing up against his chest fully, shifting her body until she finds a new position.

He leans back on the couch, allowing her to come to rest on top of him. She can hear his heart beating through his chest. It is slow and melodic, the perfect metronome to guide her into that far away place, awaiting her arrival.

Her eyelids grow heavy and she fights them for a moment or two before she succumbs to the inevitable.

He kisses the top of her head, enveloping her frame with his arms.

“Good Night, Princess,” he whispers as her eyes close.

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