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Wetting & Diaper Wonderland helps you connect and share with the people in your life.

Wishes are born in Dreams, Fostered in our Life Experiences and Deepened with our own Convictions.

Wishes that become met are because we pursued them with a passion and a zeal which defined our hearts.

Up until recently, I never would’ve looked at the phrase “Be-All End-All” and derived such meaning from it. But the concept is nothing new and we all think of it. I’m no different. It’s just that up until now, I would’ve used different terminology, like … the person who is your “Perfect” (as a dear friend of mine recently called it). That person whom you refer to as your “soul mate” or the “one”, the “person you’ve been looking for”, the “person who has been looking for you”.

The “Be-All End-All” means something different to every individual. That’s what makes it such a passionate thought. It is unique and your own.

Your “Be-All End-All” is that person you will spend the rest of your life with. This means that everything about you comes in to play. Every quirk, personality trait, attitude problem, habit, quality, health issue, blessing, gift, intention, emotion, purpose, value, belief and thought. If it’s for the rest of life, you better believe it all matters.

That person is the completion of who you are, and in every aspect of your life, she is that piece of the puzzle you needed:

Mentally - Creating a balance in your life to deal with everything which comes up, even when you can’t handle it.
Emotionally - A supporter, a listening piece and a conversationalist who helps you complete your thoughts and finish your sentences.
Physically - The sexual side which brings you enjoyment along with health. It feels good to be desired.
Realistically - Life assigns responsibilities to you and that person develops with you as your world changes.
Permanently - Every day, taking the best of both your worlds and uniting them.
Internally - Finding your purpose because of someone.
Comfortably - Being able to be relaxed around someone, be yourself and not trying to impress, knowing you impress them by simply being who you are.
Equally - Giving all of yourself, all of your heart and receiving the same back.
Patiently - Knowing we all grow a day at a time and not wanting to skip over any part of that growth.

It’s the realization of so much fulfillment in life, through someone else.

And there is only one other person in life who sees the “Be-All End-All” exactly the same way that you do. It’s the quest of one’s life to find her and fill her with a lifetime of unremitting, unconditional love.

The world rises up to meet your needs when you give of yourself freely. And you are charged to help others with what they need.

And you will give to her just as hard as you take from her.

She …

- will be your BabyGirl, your beloved “shy”.
- will love you without hesitation and will need to know you feel the same for her.
- will need you to love her and to always be thinking of her.
- will tell the truth and expose her heart to you because she will want to live within the security of not holding back secrets.
- will want to share all of her life with you.
- will want you to be comfortable and will want to make you happy.
- will want you to guide her, instruct her and she will want you to be proud of her.
- will rely on you for a reason to breathe and will want you to need her for the same.
- will see the future and she will see it with you.

She will make the same mistakes again and again, but will yearn for the scorching surrender of forgiveness.

But her “little” behavior, her diapered bottom and that pacifier held between her soft pink lips will represent who she truly is and has always been. But you won’t be fooled to believe she is powerless. For she will always be the BabyGirl who …

- knows you better than you know yourself.

- has taken the time to learn what you need in order to be who you are and who she needs you to be.

- knows that “who you are”, “what you do” and “how you make a living” are never to be disturbed, realizing that those things will evolve with her - in time, with love and with trust.

- does actually “evolve” with you - sometimes quickly like how she fell in love with you, and sometimes slowly as to not miss a single detail of who you were and who you will become.

- can fulfill the voids in your life by wrapping her arms around you and sharing her love.

- knows she is made for you.

- will heal your heart when nothing else can.

You are strong where she is weak and weak where she is strong.

You are her best friend in life and the person you share everything about yourself with.

You are the person who makes her smile, who makes her laugh, who makes her think happy thoughts when she’s sad.

You protect her, even when she doesn’t understand why.

You are the provider of order in her world of chaos and she follows you to calmer settings because she knows she wants that peace in her life and grows to need it.

You are the foremost thought in her mind and she needs you to recognize how much you mean to her.

You will be passionate about many things in life, but nothing will come close to your passion for her.

------------------------------------------------------- ----

You will tell each other how much you mean to each other:

You will reassure her that you love her every chance you get. You will wake up in the morning and stare into her eyes, saying: “BabyGirl, I don’t just want you, I need you.” And you’ll tell her this twenty times a day.

She will reassure you that you’re appreciated. She’ll look up at you and say: “Daddy, you didn’t have to do that for me, but I love you for having thought of me and having done it.” And she’ll tell you this again, hours and days later.

------------------------------------------------------- -----

She will arch her back up to you as you pin her down on the bed or the couch or the table or the hood of the car.

She will crave your touch, burning with ecstasy beneath you as her seeking eyes gaze back up with the same passionate hunger you feel for her and her fingernails will carve their vehemence into you, scarring your soul with her mark.

You will yearn for her in your thoughts and make what you were thinking her reality, wrapping your heart around her senses as she wraps her legs around you.

You will drive into her with as much passion as she draws from you, taking her offering and draining her to completion, in a quest for more.


She will walk along side you, happily crinkling and treasuring her life as your BabyGirl.

She will long for your kiss.

She will take her shoes off, not just because it’s comfortable, but because of what it means to her.


You will hold her hand as she skips happily along and you will cherish the responsibility of being her Daddy.

You will long for her touch, no matter where it comes from.

You will dress her in very little, not just because she’s beautiful, but because of how her image burns dreams into your mind.


You will believe so strongly in each other that you will open your hearts, your worlds and your lives to each other. From this position, you can be eternally happy or devastated in an instant. And it will be that vulnerability which will be the testament of what you mean to each other.

You will live through her, because of her – and – likewise, she will of you, because of you.

You will want each other, realizing you found the soul who makes you feel good to be who you are.

You will need each other, realizing you found the essence of a life spent feeling something so intense that it becomes more dynamic than anything else.

You will love each other, knowing that what you want and what you need is right in front of you.

She is your “Be-All End-All” BabyGirl
This is so utterly relative that it's almost eerie.
  • July 18, 2011
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