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One of the cutest and sexiest wetting and diaper changing clips you'll ever see!

Nikki is looking adorable, lying on the lounge room floor watching cartoons on TV, dressed in a cute pair of little shorts and holding her bunny. In the back of her mind she probably knows she needs to pee, but being such a naughty little girl, she either pretends not to notice or is just too lazy to be a big girl and get up to use the bathroom. Or just maybe it's a real accident cos she's too engrossed in watching her favorite program!

Whatever the reason (only Nikki knows the truth!) a dark patch starts to spread between her legs, then a pee stream runs across her thigh and into a puddle underneath her bottom. As soon as she realizes what's happening, Nikki rolls onto her back and spreads her legs with her feet in the air, giving us the best view possible of her naughty wetting. "I like to do that so I can feel all the hot pee pee bubbling around my pussy and running between my legs."

While she is wriggling around and moving into different positions to get the maximum enjoyment from her accident, Nikki gets caught! And he's not too happy either! Nikki is reminded about the warning she got last time she wet her pants - that girls who can't be trusted with big girl panties need to go back into diapers!

So it's onto her back on the coffee table with her legs wide apart to have her wet clothes removed, be cleaned up with wetty wipes, and her bottom powdered and then safely encased in a thick diaper!

A very cute clip. Nikki is every AB and diaper lover's dream come true!

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wayne macdonald
WOW awesome story with pics cutie pie!!!
  • May 31, 2011
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Adam Charles Lewis
I want to see you Nikki, being put into nice, thick, SUPER bulky disposable diapers with three toddler sized cloth diapers in both halves of the diaper...all folded inwards in the middle and the wings out near the front and back....You'll have to layer each diaper by overlapping them starting in the...
  • January 10, 2012
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Nikki Benchley
We've just ordered a really cute cloth diaper that I'm going to be making some clips with soon

I'm also making a diaper punishment clip tomorrow where my Daddy puts on as many diapers that will fit round my bum

I'll put up some pics once it's done
  • June 5, 2012
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Miss Piss

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