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This is a late draft of an erotic/romantic adventure story I am attempting to write - under what I call the "KAF" (kinky as fuck) category.
It isn't finished, and I feel like I either take the story or the erotica too far at times but the current ending is pretty reasonable as is. I try to be vague about ages and such let the reader fill in the blanks there in their own imagination. More erotic that way. All i really need to add is maybe the implied encounter then an epilogue to wrap up the happily ever after a bit. Printed you can expect about 40 pages if you like that tactile feel.

Enjoy (i hope!)

It was the summer holidays, Candice (or Candy as her friends called her) had a research project on the impact of reservoirs to valley ecology. She had been putting it off but after an embarrassing break up with her boyfriend last week, a boy she had known for years who lived not two doors down, they just couldn't look each other in the face any more; not to mention the awkward looks from their parents. His parents had walked in on them after a very telling accident; which had made it fairly obvious what the two of them had been up to moments before. What made matters worse was his parents had then told her parents. "She really should get her own place", she mused. Had it occurred in any other way they could have blamed it on her medical condition - simply forgetting to take a couple of her pills; of which she needs at least one every 30 minutes when she is awake; accidents happen - although then he would have been in trouble for not reminding her. Pity the night pills cant be used when she is awake, she only needs one of those every 6 hours. Well it was over now, it is summer, she is single, and a week without some downstairs action had her feeling it pretty badly.

What she needed (other than a lover she thought briefly) was somewhere with a valley blocked by a dam she could visit, maybe take a few photos and poke about in any greenery growing in the valley. She pulled up a search engine and did a few queries. Eventually she got a map up which marked all the artificial lakes and dams.

Uttering an annoyed curse under her breath she discovered most of them were ages away, the nearest one 500km away was right near a town, but they had no airport or railway line; and she didn't drive. She went through the list and found another one which was 800 km away - near a city with an airport over near the coast.

Unfortunately to make things worse it was still almost 200km away from the airport in a state forest region.

She searched further and couldn't find anywhere else she could get to in a day trip. On the up side if she went early enough she could spend the afternoon at the beach she pondered (Her mind adding; where she had a good chance of a hook up too..). Maybe she could get a driver from the airport using her ride share app. She checked the app for that region and there seemed to be plenty of drivers marked active; although she noted with annoyance most of the job tenders listed for trips longer than 30 minutes went unanswered.

She loaded up a list of available return flights to check available seats. Heaps. Being summer they put extra flights on to the beach airports. Not booking a flight yet, she put in a request for a ride later that week; from the airport to the dam, and back to the beach. Probably a 4 hour round trip which if she landed early enough got her at the beach around 1-2pm after visiting the state forest. If someone responded at least a day before she could book a flight and accept it. Early flights are always available, most people sleep in during summer break. Reviewing her plan, she noted her local airport wasn't an issue either the local bus service stopped there.

She spent the rest of the afternoon digging out her summer clothes to pick the perfect beach outfit. She discarded most of the heavier clothes. Even a summer dress would be annoying in this heat, although she packed one in her backpack, which she knew was partially airy and see through if the light caught behind for later perhaps along with some water bottles, a towel and some sexy nightwear in case she did hook up. Birth control wasn't an issue she had an implant tho she considered tossing a rubber in; but decided against it since she planned to try to keep whoever she hooked up with, so grimy guys are off the menu. Finally she decided on a light red shiny satin look high cut bikini. She had specifically gotten this one as it was not lined, so it flaunted her contours ruthlessly. She was hunting, no boy that caught her eye was going to escape this lure she laughed to herself. Not to mention with her petite body she looked damn fine in it; admiring herself in it in front of the mirror. "Ye", she thought, "I'd do me".

She also dug out a mini dress designed for wearing to the beach, which being made from terry-cloth could double as a towel, which considering the type of accidents she might have if she got too carried away was probably for the best. She also opted for a matching colour light satin sleeveless button up tank top, which she left unbuttoned showing off her cleavage as modest as it was to good effect. From some angles the shape of her nipples was quite obvious. "I'd definitely do me if I saw that..", she said with a giggle to herself. Overall the effect was she was dressed, with a top and skirt, with her bikini acting as underwear. But pretty much from various angles her "underwear" was quite obviously on display. Which considering how high cut and stretch it was meant quite a lot of her skin and curves also. If it wasn't a swimsuit, she would probably have been arrested if she went out in public like that she half joked to herself.

Satisfied she looked very much the part of a girl going to the beach, while at the same time able to take liberties with some under the radar showing off of her curves, she took the outfit off and put it aside ready to put on if she gets someone to accept her ride share request. Standing there naked a moment still in front of the mirror, her earlier issue became even more apparent.. .. "and right now I think I WILL do me..", she whispered out loud at herself, grabbing some random hot-pants and a stretch tank-top from her discard pile then strutted into the bathroom for a shower. She was feeling hot and sweaty, and it wasn't the warm weather. She also needed to pee.

Three birds one shower she thought. As embarrassing as the incident with her ex was, for some reason she suddenly found the idea of rubbing herself up in the shower while peeing rather exciting.

Meanwhile 800km away Dale was sleeping in. He woke with a yawn and got up. Stepping into the bathroom for a pee, he saw himself in the mirror and was not pleased. The last year had not been kind. He had put on some weight even by his own standards. Dragging out his scales he was annoyed to see he was well over 15 stones(90-100kg), considering the cheap scales maybe more. He really had let himself go. He previously did a lot of hiking and camping, so weight had never been an issue for him before. He couldn't even delude himself by thinking it was muscle - it obviously wasn’t. But last year he had moved to the coast to do a diploma in marine biology at the local university here.

He had already completed the prerequisite courses on biology; tempted to go into medicine, the number of years to complete that was intimidating. Not to mention beyond his finances, so he opted instead for the marine biology course instead which ran half as long. His finances were still an issue, but he scraped by. Now that it was Summer break, as much as the idea of long walks on the beach appealed, he really wanted to scout out the local state parks to see if he could find some interesting camping and hiking spots. For one he cared not for the sunburn of the beach, and hiking usually had shady trees, and lastly as much as mixing it up with beach bunnies sounded appealing he was embarrassed with his current looks.

He checked his wallet, empty. Considering his fuel tank was only a quarter full that wouldn't even get him near the state parks. He pulled out his phone and considered his next move. He had a few job tendering apps, but he really didn't want to spend his summer painting houses and mowing lawns for little old ladies.

Pondering a moment, he pulled open his ride sharing app. Scrolling through the list there was a few jobs, mostly beach bums looking for rides from the airport to the beach 20 minutes away or back, but the problem was they all wanted pick-up in 10 minutes or less, "impatient snowflakes", he muttered to himself. Also the airport was 15 minutes from his house which made it difficult to get there fast - meaning he couldn't accept any of them anyway. He could drive to the airport, wait and grab the next request that was posted, but there was several other drivers with the same idea and last time he tried that most of them were sniped out at the last minute before he could finalise, so he barely earnt enough to replace the fuel from driving there. They probably had a tool to snipe ride requests. He should look into that one day.

He changed his search settings to widen them a bit, and filter out the jobs under 20 minutes which were most likely to get sniped. That left much less. Some old couple wanted a lift interstate, their offer price was unrealistically low unless someone was planning to go that way anyway - a couple of obvious fake jobs to shady parts of the city where he would probably get car-jacked, and one request two days in advance for someone wanting a trip up to a water reservoir in a nearby state forest and back again to the beach by afternoon. He opened it up to get a detailed itinerary and groaned. It was about a 190km away, probably more if you factor in winding roads.

Also the girl wanted to leave early morning.. like get up to milk the cows early by his summer holiday standards - returning again after an hour or so to the beach by early afternoon. The price offered was a little low; probably some country girl who didn't know better, but it was enough to more than cover the fuel there and back and fill it up again before he got home, and it did give him an all expenses paid trip to exactly where he wanted to check out for camping spots anyway. He thought it over a bit as he ate breakfast; (which probably should have been called lunch at this point) then checked again, nobody had accepted her job, and it had been posted originally about a day or so back. Shrugging his shoulders he decided what the hell; a full tank is better than nothing, I can always set an alarm, and went through the finalisation process. He made it to the end without anyone sniping it and it was added to his app travel itinerary.

Hoping to make the most of it, he spent the rest of the day unboxing all his hiking and camping gear; checking it over and packing it ready in his hiking pack. After cleaning out the water bladder and topping it off with fresh water he checked the hose had no leaks and finally satisfied stowed it in the boot of his car in case he needed it. He didn't expect to go hiking with the girl but figured if he found somewhere nice maybe he could go back the next weekend and have a quick hike and camp. Other than water he didn't pack any other supplies, he hoped the money left over after filling his fuel for the ride share would be enough to grab some budget snacks for a night camping later.

Candy by this point had nearly written off the entire idea. Only a handful of people had even looked at her ride request, (although she stopped a moment to giggle at the innuendo of the phrase "ride request") and the one reply she got had a counter offer to do the ride for twice as much as she had offered in her original post. She had considered it, but when she checked her savings it wouldn't have left enough for the cost of the flight. So she had declined.

She had mostly kept to herself that day, having a quiet day at home, as her parents had gone out somewhere - so she wore the pink hot-pants and stretch tank-top from the previous days almost satisfying shower. Sadly the dull need between her legs had barely lessened, not helped by the fact the seam of her hot-pants rubbed on her clitoris nicely if she stretched or shifted her hips a bit when she walked. I must use these if I ever do yoga she thought; fantasies of cute yoga instructors and students working out as she secretly gets off from pose changes warming her cheeks. Snapping out of it a moment she chuckled to herself, I am incorrigible she thought.

She grabbed some lunch, noting with amusement her hot-pants rubbed her again as she reached up to grab something off the shelf. Feeling playful she walked slowly and panther like back to the table, with a deliberate wiggle in her step to make it rub on purpose, and unnecessarily slow and lithely rolled her ass back to draw out the sensual feeling as she sat down. "I should wear these more often", she said out loud to nobody in particular, as she traced the seam of her hot-pants with her middle finger down the front over her clitoris and vagina feeling how soaking wet it had become and eliciting a shiver down her spine. "Fuck, it seems I really do like these pants" she again said to nobody in particular - and decided wickedly to run her finger up and down a few more times as she sat - trying somewhat unsuccessfully to repress the urge to grind her crotch against her finger - delighting in the indecency of lewdly fondling herself in the middle of the dining room. Her moment was interrupted however from a notification on her phone. Removing her hand she absently sucked her wet finger clean in her mouth, wiped it dry on her stretch top inadvertently stroking her nipple; causing another shiver - and reached for the phone.

The ride share app had just confirmed her ride share booking with someone called Dale. Given her current state of mind the first thing she thought was, "I hope he is cute" before snapping out of it and realizing she had to book the flights now. Her wanton wetness momentarily forgotten, she finished her lunch and ran to the computer in her room to find an appropriate flight. She soon sorted out that issue; as she had assumed, nobody wanted to fly early in the morning and most of the seats were available. She then considered what else she might need - having already packed her bag she grabbed a bottle of her pills and tossed in a couple of the overnight ones too.. dropping it in her handbag. You never know she thought wickedly, her thoughts again returning to her wet crotch. She double checked her overnight
backpack and all seemed in order.

I REALLY need another shower she thought, causing a tingle of anticipation between her legs at the double meaning. Since it was a hot day she took the unusual step of showering IN the hot-pants and top, and for some reason before she turned the water on she indulged an odd sudden impulse to first pee herself in them. The feeling was so delicious she immediately needed to masturbate; still wearing them, ending in a surprisingly quick result. Her body responding quicker than usual to the grinding of her pee soaked pants between her hand and mound.. Panting a little as the climax ran its course she mused, "Strange, That was new. I haven't sexualised pee before." Sure she had her share of accidental wettings - after all if she misses a few pills she can get a bit muddled and frequently lost control of her bladder growing up; so pee really held no taboo for her at this point. Then again, were they accidents? There were times where she really didn't try all that hard not to.. For one, if she had a swimsuit on she would usually just wet herself where ever she happened to be standing if it was outdoors. They are meant to get wet after all.. It occurred to her now to wonder how many people may have noticed her doing that; she had done it as long as she could recall, caring anyone saw not having crossed her mind before. Now she thought about it she actually hoped a few had..

Also like many socially active young women she had also on occasion gone out in a dress with no knickers so that if she got drunk and wet herself there was no underwear to ruin, or simply forgotten to put them in the first place in the excitement of going out. (something her ex had also found very convenient.. her eyes going glassy at some particularly tasty memories.) At the time she just took such things for granted always having done such things, even from an early age. Then again she had been so sexually active with her ex - she might not have noticed if it was turning her on, she she pretty much took it out on him immediately most times.

Thinking about it now - she could recall at least a half dozen times she had just wet in her dress the moment she had the urge, and had not really been drunk at all.

"Fuck", she thought, "I'm actually pretty fuckin kinky". These musings, in particular the swimsuit wetting; lit another fire between her legs as she washed and she suddenly had the desire to masturbate again. Looking down at her breasts; as she did - which were shamelessly visible through the wet stretch top, imagining people looking at them. This brought her next climax on with surprising ease.

"I am turning into a deviant", she thought - not entirely upset by the idea as she shut off the water (and thankful her parents were away). Moving outside, she decided to drip dry in her wet clothes on a sun lounge located on the rear patio in the summer warmth. For some reason as she stood there in cooling wetness she observed the translucence of her outfit allowed her to see her feminine parts as she sat. Imagining the neighbours could see - she had to masturbate again - cumming with ease once again. "Fuck I need to get laid" she thought, "if this keeps up someone is going to catch me" - which curiously as an idea also lit a fire between her legs.. "for fuck sake", she thought.. and proceeded to make herself climax a fourth time only now wishing she needed to pee again as she did.

The remaining two days passed quickly for both of them, Candy having pleasured herself several times had finally gotten her arousal down to a manageable roar had managed to abstain, helped by the fact her parents had returned home since then. Dale being short of funds and on summer break had basically watched movies, played video games and stayed up late as usual except for the night before the pick up - which he managed to fall asleep mostly early for.

On the morning in question, Candy had to get up quite early, not a particularly unusual thing since she slept lightly anyway as she had to take a special low gi pill each night before bed and wake up not too long past the 6 hour cut off to take another. In this case instead of returning to sleep she simply got up, ate some breakfast, showered and got dressed. Opting for some comfortable water proof rubber sandals with a slight heel that matched her bikini colour. The night had been mostly warm; so she had slept naked in the heat. So by the time she was waiting at the nearby bus stop to the airport, standing around in her bikini, miniskirt, and cut-off tank top with her handbag and backpack very obviously planning a swim somewhere to any observer; it was warm enough that all she really needed to be comfortable was to do up the bottom two buttons of her top to keep out a little of the morning breeze.

The bus soon arrived and the indifferent driver soon became animated as he admired her outfit, or perhaps the revealed shape of the girl in the outfit; he never elaborated - motioning for her to sit, forgetting entirely to make her buy a ticket. She soon arrived at the airport and the driver admiring the view from behind as she bent to collect her backpack again entirely forgot that he was meant to charge her money for this service just smiling dumbly as he let her off the bus.

Of course Candy was fully aware of how he had reacted; and considering this was the effect she was aiming for with the outfit was rather pleased with herself over the results. She went to check in; a bored old lady in a uniform - who raised her eyebrows disapprovingly at her attire, booked in her backpack as luggage and registered her handbag as carry on. After a mostly uneventful wait; there was some appreciative looks from cleaners, mostly summer job guys on school break. Her tank top unbuttoned, an unobstructed view of her bikini top and up her skirt on offer, her legs deliberately apart. In particular a young female cleaner shot her a big smile and thumbs up. The idea of a liaison with a girl intrigued her mind briefly, but she dismissed the idea - she girl was probably indicating summer swimsuit solidarity more than attraction - although the idea of a threesome perhaps.. She allowed her mind to wander as she waited.

Needless to say the floor in front of where she sat had been cleaned with particular care that day, and her seat had a damp spot when she stood up to board her flight.

Of course all this attention and a little more from the flight crew had brought back that warm feeling between her legs, but she tried to ignore it.. at least for later; she had no desire to join the mile high self love club, and she didn't like her chances of any long term relationships forming if she found someone to join the mile high club with either. At this point she was feeling very much comfortable in her outfit - the warm arousal she was enjoying making her want to be bold. She didn't waste any more thoughts on the matter; and enjoyed the flight, only interrupting her daydreams to take a few sips of water from one of her bottles.

Dale on the other hand by this point had been woken by his alarm. Momentarily confused he remembered why he set the alarm and got up for a quick shower.

Deliberately avoiding looking in the mirror this time. He put on some deodorant, a canvas cargo shirt and matching shorts (annoyingly tight, they fit fine last summer), perfect for warm days, and some good walking boots. He opted to go commando since the canvas fabric would more effectively draw away any perspiration that way, then ate a quick breakfast and brushed his teeth. He grabbed his phone and keys, locked up and jumped in the car for the trip to the airport.

Candy's flight landed without a hitch, and other than a few sideways glances at her ass, which she wiggled provocatively when she noticed as she left the plane - rewarding her with some winks and smiles, she found herself in the arrivals lounge without incident. She got her phone and pinged the ride sharing app that she had arrived, and settled down to sit where the pick-ups lane was. She also kept an eye on the luggage conveyor for her backpack but her quick exit from the plane was faster than the baggage handlers unloading the cargo bay. Her reminder alarm went off and instead of a pill she opted instead to grab an extra large smoothy from a nearby drink bar in the terminal. She returned to her seat and waited, taking occasional sips and enjoying all the appreciative glances at her sexy outfit as she did.

Her phone toned again, it was a notification by the ride share app her driver was nearby.

Dale pulled in at the terminal, then grabbed his phone to signal his arrival. The booking screen indicated his passenger "Candice" had already arrived so he looked out into the terminal to see if he could spot her. Several people walked around, various workers and a handful of passengers, mostly holiday makers and what appeared to be a surfer bum carrying a surfboard to an annoyed driver behind him who attempted to fit it in the back of the car. There was also a couple of attractive girls. One walked towards him in a one piece swimsuit with shorts and probably bleached blond hair and asked if his name was Gary. He shook his head no and she moved to the next car in front of him; enjoying the view of her from the behind as he admired the shape of her hips. The next car must have been Gary as she bent and slid into a seat. He chuckled to himself. He was about ready to change his mind on the beach bunny thing, appearances aside.
That left another girl in what would have been a very revealing light red shiny bikini if it wasn’t for her top and skirt, sitting over by the baggage conveyor sipping an absurdly large looking drink. From this distance he couldn't make out a lot of other details other than her thin build and strikingly strawberry coloured wavy hair. That is probably not her he thought, I am not that lucky.

Candy watched as two other people jumped in vehicles and left. There was only one other car, aside from Taxis further along, and it was parked in the pick-up lane. (she giggled to herself at the word "pick-up lane", she was by this point in the trip a little gutter minded from the attention to her outfit, increasing her arousal level) He seemed to be looking around confused, glancing at her between sweeps of the terminal. She got up and walked over.

The girl Dale noticed before with the drink was looking in his direction; then stood up and started walking towards him. The closer she got the more details he could pick out and my god was she hot. No way, is this my pick-up? He thought to himself with incredulity. Some dark recess of his mind running some measurements and finding her the perfect example of the golden ratio of legs body and hips to file away for later.

She was dressed in a light red high cut shiny satin look bikini. The morning rays of the sun reflecting off it aesthetically as she walked towards him. She stumbled a step, and turned to adjust the buckle on a sandal. She was close enough by now that as she twisted and squatted down he got a slight side view of the back of her. The miniskirt was very short, made out of some sort of dark red terry-cloth. So short in fact with her squatting down he could see almost her entire derriere, and he realised the bikini was so sheer on the back it was almost a thong, helped by the fact it had ridden up a little as she squatted down, something she seemed uninterested in remedying so intent was she on the buckle. What he saw left little to his imagination, and what he could see was better than his imagination could dream up anyway.

She stood up again, apparently satisfied with the buckle and kept walking towards him.

Even standing up the odd dark red terry-cloth. skirt covered virtually nothing, the bikini bottom slightly visible from the front and back, showing off some trim upper thighs where they met her hips and the slightest tease of her crotch crease just showing at the front if she is slightly elevated from the observer - exactly the position Dale found himself whilst sitting in his car. She also didn't seem shy at all about letting it show (Her opinion on the matter being it is just a swimsuit so what if it can be seen. The opinion being helped a lot by the fact she was also horny as all hell.).

Candy arrived at the car, after an annoying stumble due to a lose buckle, and bent over into the window, asking if his name was Dale.

Dale momentarily dazed because the hottest girl he has seen all summer was now leaning over with her top hanging open in his face and from this angle her breasts are almost entirely visible, right down to her nipples, which although covered, were easy to make out under the tight thin fabric; paused before answering.

Blinking a few times, he made eye contact with her strikingly blue eyes. "Uhh", he mumbled, blinking a few more times - her gaze catching him like a deer in headlights as his brain did all sorts of somersaults for what felt like an eternity lost in her eyes. In reality only a few seconds had passed, and his brain; having finally caught up with his ears, informed him she just asked if his name was Dale. Gulping briefly as his mind got back on track he nodded. "Are you Candice?", he replied.

He has cute kind looking green eyes she decided, then grimacing at her name stated, "yes but my friends call me Candy." Dale replied, somewhat hesitantly, the leading tone obvious, "uuh ok.. Candy...". pausing to lick his lips at the innuendo of her very fitting name.

She replied innocently, "Yes?" her eyes not wavering as she maintained eye contact with him.

Dale blinked again at the implied familiarity (she wants him to consider her his friend already?) continued, "Sorry.. are you ready to go?". Candy pondered a moment, her breasts still dangling in his face and answered, "Not yet, I am still waiting for my backpack" tilting her head in the direction of the luggage conveyor, the motion making her breasts pop out in his face more. Continuing, "I'll pay you the $200 now though, can I put my purse in the back?". Dale; less haltingly answered, "yes of course, the door isn't locked."

Handing him the money Candy turned from the front, opening the back door. Leaning over to stow her purse in the pouch behind the far passenger seat. Dale turned to hold the rear door open for her out his window; finding an up close view of the side of her ass cheek in his face. Swallowing he tried unsuccessfully to avoid looking at it.

Her purse stowed securely in the back seat, Candy extracted herself from the car. Closing the rear door, she was oblivious to poor Dales deer-in-the-headlights gaze stuck on her ass.

Cursing quietly to herself she turned backwards from Dale and bent over to adjust her other sandal on the curb. Opting not to squat down this time; her foot on the raised curb to reach her second sandal, she instead bent over limberly, her ass sticking out at Dale. Her skirt rode up shamelessly in full view of Dale's side mirror from this angle - showing off her ass nicely and, he noticed with academic interest a shiny wet spot on a camel-toe over her vagina so contour hugging it made the bikini look like it was painted on. Concentrating harder to confirm it wasn't painted on, Dales eyes widened in surprise, the wetness rendered the wet area entirely transparent too.

Candy entirely oblivious to her wet-spot - and finding the driver cute; wouldn't care if he saw it anyway, struggled with the second buckle some more. Muttering to herself in irritation at it catching on the sandal rubber. Dale unable to look away, observes a tease of light pink folds over a black void through the transparency. The contrast all the more obvious by the squirming of her hips as she fought with the buckle shifting her inner folds a little. "Holy shit", he thought; his pants feeling suddenly tighter, "I can literally see into her."

Finally satisfied with her buckle Candy stood up. Having little else to do she took a moment to finish off her smoothy thoughtfully, leaning on Dales driver side door as she did. Dale from this position was treated to about a minute of her ass sticking out from under her skirt 2 inches from his face as she slurped the last of her drink.

Candy, noted her backpack still hadn't appeared. A last slurp indicating her drink had ran out, she tossed the giant cup into a nearby bin, her breasts jumping a little at the motion. Turning again to bend her face into the drivers side window; she asked Dale if he wanted to wait at the cafe next to the luggage conveyor.

Dale, deciding the car was getting quite hot at this point, and for various reasons not all of which are the weather. He nodded and got out the car. They sat chatting for maybe 30 minutes, discussing various inane things like the weather and avoiding the topic of her outfit and hotness in general. Dale scared to raise that particular topic.

Candy interrupted their small talk, spotting her bag on the conveyor. She jumped up and ran to collect it, her skirt; the bikini having ridden up such it was basically a g-string at this point, flapped flashes of her ass at Dale or anyone who happened to be looking that particular moment as she moved. Shaking his head at the mysteries of hot chicks he took a breath and got up to open his car boot. Once open he noticed a curious beeping from her purse. It stopped a moment later just before Candy; returning with her backpack walked over and tossed it in the trunk next to his hiking gear.

They both got in the car, and Candy made the unusual decision to sit in the middle of the back seat. A not entirely accidental decision as her wandering mind made her naturally want to show herself off and maintain eye contact. As a result, Dale noticed her legs were essentially open on each side of the drive shaft channel, which thanks to the security mirror installed for the ride sharing meant he had an unobstructed view of her crotch with any glance in the mirror.

Dale turning around his seat to look at his passenger asked if she was ready to go; confronting him with a perfect view up her skirt between her legs. Candy with a flush of enjoyment at the attention when he looked, opened her legs a little further, and play acted getting comfortable in the seat, thrusting her crotch at Dale provocatively as he watched. She smiled and without waiting for eye contact, tilted her head a little and replied, "all good here" - wiggling her hips a little at Dale as she said it.

Amusingly thanks to her miniskirt obscuring her self view, Candy had overlooked how soaking wet down there she had become. The pink folds moving against the transparent section as Dale watched a moment earlier. He moved the vehicle onto the road and began the drive. The chatted off an on, candy taking intermittent sips of water from a bottle. The wide angle mirror making it easy to glance at her face whenever they spoke, so he had quite a few opportunities to enjoy the view lower down too. Intermittently making eye contact with him via the mirror whenever she talked, she seemed entirely unaware (or entirely unconcerned) he could see everything between her legs. Likely he speculated, because she can see his face, she must assume that was all he could see of her in return.

Candy, soaking up the constant eye contact and attention from Dale, found her mind was rarely far from wandering. From Dales perspective it also meant her wet-spot only kept growing. He was in part correct, she noticed his furtive glances away from her face sometimes, and assumed with amusement, he was probably admiring her breasts. An area, which she had gone to quite a lot of trouble to make sure was on view - having made sure her top was as far open as practical on sitting down; and noting with satisfaction her nipples showed quite shamelessly through the tight thin fabric, jutting them out at Dale whenever she took one of her frequent sips of water from her bottle. She wanted to pull the drawstring a little tighter so that the edge of her Areolas stuck a little out her bikini top, but at this point she decided that might be pushing things too far and she might forget to adjust it later which might cause complications; only a few of which she would like.

The drive being long, was broken only for an uneventful fuel stop. The hot weather and vehicle vibrations taking their toll, Candy went quiet and fell asleep. The drive continued in silence. At one point Dale heard her alarm again, but Candy slept through it - not hearing it over the road noise as she slept.

Eventually Dale had to pull over to check his gps map. Turning to glance back at his sleeping passenger - she seemed to be murmuring something in her sleep and licking her lips. Starting to turn back to his map; he was distracted by her hips squirming a little, drawing his eyes back down to the erotic shiny glistening wet patch between her legs.

Interestingly it had doubled in size, a small drop of silk slowly dripping down the crease of her now very obvious camel-toe, before touching the cloth skirt below and vanishing, apparently absorbed by it. Her entire vaginal crease was wet and transparent along her camel-toe - giving a clear view of more of her pink fleshy folds, as well as a view of the dark void between both of the lips. It looked quite sexy he thought, a nice shade of pink and fairly symmetrical.. his mind wandering a moment as he wondered how it might taste or smell if got the chance to lick it.

Struggling to break away his gaze; he really should be reviewing the map, not her - he thought, trying to take his mind off of the view. The next thought unhelpfully wondering why the swimsuit was so transparent. He reasoned if she actually went swimming in it, she would basically be naked. Curiosity overcoming his reservations for a moment Dale leant around more to take a closer look, now close enough to smell her scent. Noting in some recess of his mind she has a curious warm and sweet scent. From this vantage point the features between her legs were even more clear, helped further that when she fell asleep both her legs naturally spread more. The view basically was like looking at someone with a one inch keyhole cut into their knickers.

Squirming, Candy murmured again, interrupting Dale's inner dialogue. Committed to his previous objective, he quickly pulled his eyes up to examine the tag on the bikini, which luckily was visible on her bikini top. The brand read simply "ALS", the letters looking like cartoon figures of girls bending over. With no idea what that brand was and feeling a little self conscious, again he began to turn to his GPS map, but was distracted once more. Her breathing went shallower, almost panting now. He looked back at her with concern, not immediately noticing anything else unusual (that he hadn't already).

Again looking Candy over, he noticed she was starting to thrust her hips forward and back slightly in her sleep as if the seat was too hot. Perplexed this drew his gaze back between her legs. The wet-spot was growing circularly and the silky sheen was dissolving away to merely wetness, the circle slowed its spread, and focused by the camel-toe of her knickers, built in the middle, then erupted trickling slowly out the fabric down the valley of her slit to where her (basically a thong at this point) panties disappeared between her cheeks and pressed into the seat over her skirt - forming a second smaller circle on the panties there before dripping down onto the fabric of the odd skirt which soaked it up surprisingly well. A million years of primal instincts had him draw a long breath into his nose involuntarily, rewarding his olfactory system with a slight aroma of sweet feminine salinity; and the edge of something else that probably made his eye dilate with animal intensity. She was slowly wetting herself he realised.

Momentarily concerned it might ruin the seat, he immediately reassured himself they were vinyl, and by all appearances it looked to be soaked up entirely by the terry-cloth. of her miniskirt. It occurred to him this may be why she was wore the miniskirt - for hiding accidents like these. It must be a common thing for her. Much to his surprise he found the entire idea quite erotic, pee not something he had considered erotic previously; probably helped by his lack of sexual experience, and the fact her pee had now rendered the bikini front completely transparent except where the trickling liquid distorted the view slightly. It offered a glorious view of all her pink folds.
The entire front of her brief now wet. It revealed that her vagina was entirely waxed (or lasered?) except for a tasteful triangle of orange fur above it - a view even the most chivalrous male would struggle to drag his eyes away from at this point.

Unknown to him, part of the reason she was so foggy was not that she was tired, but more an odd genetic condition which prevented her properly metabolising calories.
Having missed several of her half hourly pills, her brain at this point was a little low on energy. She had special sugary calorie pills which an alarm reminded her to take, but by accident had missed two doses already - one at the airport, and the second a while ago as they drove. So in some ways she was basically drunk at this point as
she dozed - autonomous low level survival functions having being prioritised to weather the deficit. As such things like wasting resources holding back an obviously full bladder for no good reason was not a priority. In this state she would have little to no bladder control, and act entirely on instinct, be it warmth, sleeping, craving food, or reproduction, these core low level survival functions now being naturally prioritised.

This unfortunately combined with the wet warmth and coolness tingling her between her legs on the hot day, and the fact she was already pretty horny to begin with had removed any intellectual barriers that might otherwise have prevented her acting inappropriate in a public setting.

Acting entirely on instinct, helped by the increasingly erotic themes of her dreams as she dozed, as such not entirely being aware of it - one of her hands found its way between her legs and started absently rubbing there with primal need. The wetness soon spread over her fingers lubricating the process, and the heightened arousal soon stopped the slow flow of pee, although not before some of it was splashed about a bit by her fingers, leaving a handful of beads of wetness along her inner thigh, which soon dried from the combined warmth of the day and her body.

All this witnessed first hand less than 2 feet away by the slightly embarrassed and very turned on Dale, who's neck was starting to ache.
Thankful this had happened after he had pulled over to check the map; or he probably would have ran off the road, he quietly mouthed "holy shit" to himself and forced himself to turn back to the GPS map, keeping furtive but frequent track of his passenger's progress in the security mirror and listening to the rather distracting erotic wet sounds, panting and sleepy murmurs coming from her direction as he shifted uncomfortably in his seat in pants that suddenly felt several sizes too small.

He noted with passing interest that the transparency of her bikini bottom - what he could see behind the still very busy hand which she was lewdly thrusting her hips gently into at this point was turning opaque where the wet silk of her arousal wasn’t keeping it damp. The fabric must dry quickly he realised, returning to a non transparent state, although given her camel toe it may as well have been body paint leaving little to the imagination. A fact he was most definitely not complaining about.

He was struggling to focus on the map thanks to the distraction so it took him much longer to figure out where he needed to turn next.. the distraction only being made worse by the fact that the enthusiastic rubbing of the front of her bikini brief he noticed had now made half of it ride up to the side on the front, and her vagina literally was on show to him now in fact not transparency as her instinctive need drove her to try to penetrate herself between rubs, but due to her compromised state of mind she lacked the higher functions to realise the bikini was in the way. Quietly whistling to himself as her hand succeeded in that too he drew another breath to try to focus on the map. He heard a cute squeak and an intake of breath and assumed she had reached her objective in the back.. beyond a brief mumble that sounded more like a hum she settled back down surprisingly quickly.

Her breathing was already slowing and a look of tranquillity had returned to her dozing face.. the only indication of her earlier activity being the soaking wet hand between her legs resting on her still exposed vagina.. as her breath settled to regularity he heard a hiss and glanced in the mirror again - in her relaxed state her bladder had released again and he saw a stream of pee, now no longer contained by her briefs spraying off the side of her index finger and splashing on her legs - the warm wetness only adding to her current erotic dreams. Suddenly an alarm sounded from her handbag again making them both jump, and in her case making her briefly squirt pee beyond her skirt and onto the carpet between his seats, which luckily the carpet immediately soaked up and concealed in the warm weather before she noticed - as he didn't want to admit having seen anything. This entire experience had him entirely out of his depth.

At the alarm Candy blinked half awake, closing her legs absently, which caused the elastic of her bikini to mostly snap back in place, except where her wet hand was and cut off the escape of pee again. She was still rather foggy so didn't immediately register that one hand was still between her legs and soaking wet. Acting on reinforced routine she extracted it absently, wiping it without a thought on her dress before grabbing her bag and grabbing out a small bottle which she fumbled with clumsily and tried to extract a pill from. The pill immediately dropped on the seat, and she turned to retrieve it. Eventually locating it, she popped it in her mouth and crunched on it noisily.

In turning to the side she exposed her entire basically naked (due to the ridden up high cut bikini) ass and hips in the mirror, some wetness and transparency remained where it didn’t touch the cloth of her miniskirt, helped by some artful beads of pee still on her inner thigh running down her leg in rivulets onto it, and the last remaining
drips of pee from her earlier squirt running down her lower cheek to vanish into the skirt. Eyes going wide, some subconscious part of his mind took in the contours and proportions of her exposed ass and hips; some monkey brain maths immediately measuring and approving of the dimensions, burning it into his memory.

Consciously he noted he could almost make out the rosebud of her anus through the transparent patches of bunched up bikini riding up her ass. She moved her leg slightly as he watched in the mirror and the edge of it did show, what he could see looking aesthetically symmetrical and oddly satisfying. His mind momentarily distracted by fantasies of that ass on his face, he took on a comically thoughtful look as he stared blankly out the front window for a moment.

Snapping out of it, he again glanced at the map on the GPS finally realising where he needed to turn next.

Chomping on her pill, she didn't immediately recover her senses; it was more like waking up in the morning on a warm day, comprehension slowly rising as her body begrudgingly started taking up the sugars in her calorie pill. Still laying a little to the side her ass on show she felt warm and buzzy, a not unpleasant feeling, and as her concentration returned she felt like she had just woken from a particularly erotic dream, her eyes glassy. She felt like she had just dreamt about masturbating or sex or something as her arousal earlier seemed to have eased a little, although she had an annoying ache between her legs which immediately put her mind into the idea that she would really like a penis inside her right now, glancing at the security mirror Dale was looking at his GPS and tapping something on its map as she watched.

She sighed thoughtfully.

Dale hearing the sigh glanced in the security mirror at her, soaking up the still glorious view of Candy's ass. Making eye contact with her - he asked "are you ok back there?". Blinking a few times first, Candy nodded. Gradually becoming aware of how she is laying and momentarily concerned she began to sit up.. then remembering she was in a swimsuit lets the fear fade, remaining where she was on full display. Deciding inwardly, "So what, it's a swim suit, its meant to be shown off - and he is cute anyway". Earlier thoughts of a penis inside her helpfully returned, but with the thought of his in her. At that she felt a flush of warmth between her legs, and a matching blush on her face. Absently Candy placed a finger on her lip and bit it thoughtfully.

Candy's tongue brushed her finger tip as she bit it and was surprised by an exotic tingly flavour. Removing her hand she looked at it, noticing it isn't entirely dry.

Confused, she wiped the hand on her skirt; and took stock of herself. Sitting up suddenly the back of her brief squished wetly into her skirt.

Oops.. she must have been out too long and had an accident; trying to look unconcerned she examined her skirt and the seat between her legs, nothing wet seemed to be showing any obvious mark, and the seat looked dry.. Covertly placing a hand between her legs, she tapped her panty gusset, it felt slightly damp, but mostly warm to the touch. The tap hitting a particular place that momentarily sent a tingle up her spine. However in a moment of mortification she saw some wet drops on her inner thigh. Assuming (hoping?) Dale hadn't noticed, she tested the waters with practised discretion and asked Dale where they were and how far they needed to go?

Watching his reaction and also distracting him as she discretely pressed down on her skirt so that it dried the wet patches on her thigh.

Dale replied with some non-committal answer, unsure entirely himself, since he had so much difficulty focusing on the map.

Wiggling in her seat a bit like she was trying to get comfortable Candy found that the earlier squishy wet spot in the fabric between her ass cheeks already seemed dryer, likely soaking nicely up into her skirt. Shuddering slightly, and taking a breath in surprise.. Candy realised all this hot weather and wetness on top of being horny and her wicked thoughts about Dale are rather erotic. Satisfied all evidence was concealed, she relaxed a little, spread her legs to allow her bikini bottom to dry faster (and perhaps to flash Dale, she thought deliciously) and sat backward in the backrest of the seat to daydream.

Woops she almost relaxed too much, her bladder was still quite full, she suspected a squirt escaped, not reacting to avoid attention to it, she left her legs open as she sat, in full view had Dale looked. She almost wished he had given how turned on she was right at that moment. But then last time she had an accident with a lover it led to a break up.. they had been too busy making out and missed a couple of her pills.. apparently craving calories she had instinctively gone after the most immediately at hand supply.. which in that case resulted in probably the most enthusiastic head-job she had ever given, but on the downside she was so far gone that as her appreciative lover positioned her over him at the time for a 69.. she had been so beyond caring at that point beyond sucking him dry, she had lost control of her bladder, all over his shirt.

Which probably would have been fine, he knew about her medical condition, but being the boy next door so to speak, and the fact she still had her stretch pants on at the time.. obviously stained it had all gone wrong when his parents had inconveniently chosen that time to arrive home. Meaning moments later they caught them both standing there looking sheepish with piss all over her pants, and all over his shirt top.. This raising some rather awkward questions with some rather obvious answers.

The embarrassment of which became a wedge between them and so they broke up. The memory caused another involuntary shudder.

Seeing her shudder; Dale again enquired if everything was ok, pointing out that she seemed to go a big strange there for a while. (also noting with a furtive glance in the mirror her crotch was again on display - was that another wet spot?) Saucily he observed the elastic on her brief had not entirely returned to its original position, leaving a patch of labia lip pinched out to the side on display. Also due to her reclined position her spiritual G-string wedgie between her cheeks was also visible, which she curiously seemed unaware or unconcerned about fixing. Also from this perspective it was obvious she must regularly get her entire body waxed, her creamy lightly tanned skin was like a work of art in stone in the sunlight.

Flushing with embarrassment, but assuming he didn't notice her accidents - she explained in brief her medical condition.
"I have an oddball medical condition where I don't metabolise calories properly, similar to diabetes but something different. I take regular calorie pills twice an hour, and have to drink heaps of fluids so I avoid getting energy starved which can cause anything from inebriated behaviour to unconsciousness. It also means I do not gain weight easily.." gesturing at herself, "thus my light physique."

He noted inwardly her body seemed to sit somewhere between very thin and pornstar slim. Not bad to look at, although she probably weighed 7 stone or less (maybe 45kgs) giving her body a delicate waif-like appearance. Regardless her proportions meant she looks hot as fuck in that swimsuit. Uncharacteristically firm with his tone, he replied to her ".. your 'physique'.. ", pausing for effect, "looks fine to me.." She blushed, (or perhaps flushed..) a little. Curious. Dale asked, "so what sort of things specifically should I be worried about if I see happening?"

Replying somewhat hesitantly; Candy answered, "too long without calories and I end up in a sort of dazed condition, I might stumble about, desperately crave calories, fall asleep, faint, lose control of my bladder or otherwise behave strangely - generally my foggy mind reverts to primal survival behaviours (or sometimes sexual he thought) a bit like I would if I was too drunk. If I go too long I might even go into a coma, which likely would be fatal unless I was given an injection" she points at her handbag, "Don't worry, I have a smart-phone app with a 30 minute alarm to remind when to take one of my calorie pills. It goes off even if my phone is turned off."

Inwardly he thought, so this in part is why she has a skirt on so that any minor accidents are soaked up and easily overlooked. A swimsuit in particular would not look out of place wet. Her phone should remind her to take a pill every half hour - but obviously accidents can happen. In the earlier case very interesting ones.

They spoke for a few moments more about various things, one point finally being clarified - they were both single at this point. The thought sitting nicely at the back of both of their minds as the conversation faded.

Accepting the explanation, he stowed his gps, pulling out again to resume driving. Still somewhat randy and knowing for certain the cute driver is also single, Candy's mind wandered somewhat as the scenery went by. What would it be like to take out her frustrations on him..? A faraway cat ate the canary look appearing on her face, her imagination wandering further along that line of thought. Fully aware this time that she was getting rather wet at the idea, she distracted herself by alternating between pushing her skirt between her legs against her crotch and alternately opens and closes her knees to try to rub the wetness away with the thick fabric, a motion not helped by the fact she still quite urgently needed to pee, and really to be honest she wanted him to notice. As a side benefit this also caused some incidental rubbing on her clit. Despite this, Dale noticed in the mirror as she opened and closed her legs that the groove of her camel-toe was glistening again almost all the way down to her skirt with silky wet, and it has gone transparent there again. Gulping he returned his focus to the road instead. Not the time he says to himself.. Candy
hearing him mutter something asks, "sorry what was that?" Dale caught out replied lamely, "are you ok back there? you seem to be jumping about a bit"

Candy; caught off guard, since she didn't think he could see her legs, and wasn't moving her upper body deliberately found herself momentarily lost for words at the implication. Replying somewhat lamely she said, "no its nothing just a uuuh cramp in my leg". Dale nodded sagely in the mirror, apparently happy with the explanation by all appearances. Her suspicions (and in part hopes)raised; since he hasn't freaked out and probably witnessed her accident earlier, she put her phone on the seat between her legs and tucked it half under her knee.
Putting on her best acting voice, she play-acted innocently, "Oh I seem to have misplaced my phone can you see it anywhere?"

Dale distracted by driving glanced in the security mirror briefly and said off hand, "Is that it under your leg on the seat?" a moment later realising with horror he had just tripped himself up, worried "shit, there goes my ride share rating, I’m not a perv.. but who could ignore that?" Again Dale glanced in the mirror trying to read her face to guess how big a hole he had just dug for himself. Her face purplexingly now sported a rather concerning predatory look of satisfaction on it, with an edge of.. cat-ate-the-canary? Well he certainly wasn't expecting that. Gulping self consciously and feeling distinctively canary like all of a sudden he shut up and focused on driving.

At his reply Candy realised he CAN see everything, how.. exciting? Considering the rather obvious pissy smell now that she smelt for it she found it unlikely he hadn't noticed her accident earlier. Especially since they had pulled over at the time and she had been sitting in a way that would have made any wetting accidents quite obvious to see. Curiously she found herself not the least upset by it, the opposite in fact. Thinking back she recalled a few awkward moments, glances and licks of his lips she had dismissed earlier and concluded.. he wasn't off put at all..? just to make sure she lent forward and furtively glanced at his shorts, the fading tent and a slight wet spot (precum?) at the top betraying that he was until she caught him out; far from off put it seems. It appears; she thought, the game is afoot, her earlier daydream about Dale inside her flashing again briefly in her mind. She suddenly felt a lot less interested in her trip to the beach later, she had already decided who she wanted to snare for herself here.

Satisfied she could take some risks now.. she thought of some ways she could do a few "checks" to see how easily it might be to have her way with him. Horny logic leading the way she rummaged through her bag. She had a couple of candy bars, and m&ms. This could work.. adjusting her position in the seat she moved her skirt
so it wasn't blocking the view of her crotch at all and considered her next move. Next she deliberately pushed the elastic of her bikini over to the side, exposing her entire vagina essentially. Then sitting like she hadn't noticed it, grabbed the bag of m&ms and held it on the seat between her legs and called out to Dale, care for some of these?

Dale busy driving glanced confused in the mirror at her face. "One of what?", he asked. "These, the M&Ms?", she answered somewhat more huskily than she planned.

Dale looked around the security mirror until he spotted the packet.. then half a second later next to it her exposed vagina.. which she by all appearances was unaware of. (Also confirming to her at his suddenly widening eyes without a shadow of doubt he could see down there) "uuhhh sure", he replied a bit too quickly, his instincts answering before he his brain caught up.. and probably not meaning the m&m's when it answered for him. The car swerved a little so he returned his focus on the road.

She grabbed out a couple of M&Ms, and rubbed them both along the rather excessive silky wetness between her labia lips, coating them with it and soaking her fingers in the process. Satisfied they were quite obviously coated in the consequence of her arousal, she called out "ok, here is a couple, open your mouth". She lent forward and popped them both into Dales mouth with her wet fingers, smearing his lip a little with it as she did. Dale, focusing on the road accepted them without question although the wetness confused him a little, licking the curious silky sweetness off his lip absently as he drove - too afraid to get clarification. While she was leaning forward Candy again stole a glance at his pants, and noticed a fairly prominent tent. Got you she thought. Although given the swerving she decided that might not have been the smartest way to do it - fixing her bikini brief to prevent further such incidents.

The signs however, so far were very promising.

She waited until he again pulled over to check the map then grabbed a candy bar and spread her legs - placing her feet on each side on the seat; her knees in line with her head, almost squatting, like she was just casually working kinks out of her calf muscles (kinks she giggle to herself). This time if he looked he was going to see all knickers, legs and ass from his angle, then she focused on pissing herself a little on purpose her panties moistening noticeably, keeping a light hold on her bladder so she could push more pee immediately she opened a candy bar and holding it between her legs called out to Dale, would you like some of this candy ?

Dale looked up from the map turning around the seat to look at her, Candy was sitting oddly, almost squatting on the seat, her legs splayed open like someone either stretching (or about to have sex?), considering the rubbing motions on her calf with one hand as she held a candy bar in front of her in the other probably a stretch he assumed naively. Her position however from his angle put her vagina and ass on show to best effect, particularly considering the contour hugging camel toe and transparency. Trying very hard to keep eye contact he asked what candy?

Stifling a giggle when she realised due to her nickname he could take this the wrong way several different directions all of which she would be happy to oblige him in, she coughed, and gestured down with her eyes at the candy bar in her hand which she was holding such a way that to look at it it would be impossible not to see her bikini crotch too. Predictably Dales eyes were drawn down at the candy bar she was indicating, before he could answer, when she was sure he was watching she bore down on her bladder enough that it made an obvious hiss, and a big enough spurt leaked through her bikini, making it obvious in no uncertain terms she was pissing herself, but not enough that her miniskirt wouldn’t be able to soak it all up.

Dale was looking at the candy bar, (and everything else on display) and went to open his mouth to reply, but before he could he noticed a sound which drew his eye from the bar to her crotch, where she was pissing herself rather obviously in front of him.. his mouth hung open and a dazed look appeared on his face as the pee rapidly rendered the panty fabric invisible again and he found himself gazing on her vagina again. Not sure she even knew she was peeing, and given the heat not entirely sure he wasn't just daydreaming it. The whole situation was all a bit much, it had been a sexy accident last time he looked, but this time around she was doing all this quite obviously, and acting like nothing was wrong at all if she even noticed it was happening at all. Dale found himself stuck in a sort of semi hypnotic state as his sexually inexperienced brain struggled to reconcile the paradox here.

Noting the curious reaction Candy, in her most innocent voice, said flatly it's ok I have another one for myself, and halting the flow of pee again, dipped the end of the bar into a particularly wet part of her bikini as she moved to lean forward to hand it to him, making out like it was an accidental touch - in full view of Dale. Thus moistening the end of the candy bar with pee. Completing her lean forward to the rather shell-shocked boy; and poking her chest into his face somewhat she popped the bar; piss and all into his mouth where he just sort of sucked on it absently - his eyes showing a faraway look to them. As she lent forward she also checked his crotch again and confirmed with satisfaction that another tent was well on its way to being raised again down there. Very promising she thought.

Sitting back in the seat, she said to Dale, "uuhm shouldn't you be checking the map?" Dale turned back to the map immediately and it took several seconds before he started responding again, and actually started paying attention to the map, all the while still sucking on the bar like he had forgotten it was in his mouth. Still not entirely sure if that had actually happened or he had daydreamed it all.

Looking down at herself Candy went to press the fabric of her skirt on her crotch to soak up the excess pee and was interested to discover something about her bikini she had somehow missed.. "it goes completely transparent wet?", She thought excitedly. Poking at it lamely to confirm everything was where she could see it.

Snapping out of her surprise she licked the end of her now wet finger.. and again went to press the fabric into her crotch, although somewhat more reluctant now considering she quite liked the idea of what she was putting on show for Dale. Then she just realised what she had licked off her finger. She thought, "Fuck I AM a deviant. I actually liked that, what is wrong with me..? at this rate if I don’t get a good fuck I'm likely to end up dancing naked in a church on Sunday or something"

Dale found himself staring at the map.. what just happened? Confused he finished checking the map, looking in the mirror. Candy was sitting quietly in the back looking the picture of innocence - as much as someone in that outfit with that body could at least. Confused Dale sucked on the bar some more.. then realised it was there.

Pulling it out he looked at it.. Wait what.. he thought. Briefly looking in the mirror again at Candy. She just smiled sweetly and asked, "everything ok Dale?" he frowned, looked at the bar again, shrugged and popped it back in his mouth, the oddly exotic tang to the taste sending an odd tingle between his legs. He pulled back out on the road again and resumed driving.

They finally reached the great walls of the reservoir, and pulled up at a car park in the middle where there was an observation platform. Candy grabbed out her phone and went over to take some photos. Not watching Dale; she focused on getting some good photos and concentrated on her phone. Dale exited the car and went over and sat on a bench nearby. He was feeling really thirsty, maybe it was just fatigue he thought. So he got back up and grabbed his hiking pack out the trunk, and sat it next to the bench, and sipped on the hydration tube from the water bladder as he watched Candy taking photos.

God she is hot he thought again, his vantage point giving him a perfect view from the back at her really nice ass, which from this position was on full view as the skirt really didn't cover it at all, and she still hadn't removed the wedgie. Movement again stirring in his shorts. As he watched he heard an odd sounds and looking closer he realised as she was standing there taking pictures she had just started pissing her bikini briefs without the slightest hesitation and by all appearances didn't care about it in the least. The stirring in his pants violently replaced by an immediate urgent one gun salute his shorts going full tent mode on him. He shook his head musing on the thought, "I don't understand why, but that is bloody erotic to watch". He found himself wishing he could go down on her or more.. his eyes glued to her dripping ass his mind occupied elsewhere.

As she took the photos Candy again felt the urgent twinge on her bladder to pee. As was her habit any time she was in a swimsuit, she nonchalantly just let it go right there, the thought that Dale might be watching not even crossing her mind. Ahh what a relief.. although at that thought she felt a warm flush between her legs of arousal as it finally registered what she was doing, sudden rising arousal cutting off the release to mere drips mid stream.

Finding herself panting a little her thoughts again returned to Dale, whom she assumed was probably still sitting in the car. Turning to confirm she looked over her shoulder, a motion which from Dales position would look somewhere between demure and seductive, her hair flying a little in the light breeze. She spotted him immediately sitting not 6 feet behind her on a bench with his pack next to him, staring intently at her ass a blank set to his eyes. From the redness of his face, and the dazed expression she suspected he was suffering a little from heat stroke. For a moment she was concerned, but the look on his face was hungry, not shocked and his eyes never left the top of her legs.

Curious, she turned all the way around, standing towards him, legs slightly apart and tested the waters so to speak. The view of her ass broken his eyes autonomously meandered around her midsection a bit and settled on the crest of the crease in her bikini crotch where it peeked out from under her miniskirt. Looking down she smiled, I may have pushed him too far, he isn't even pretending to look away any more. Looking back up at him again, keeping eye contact she reached her arms up and lent back a little like she was stretching, which uncovered more of her bikini crotch to his gaze as the stretch pulled the front of the skirt up, then taking a breath in anticipation she bore down as hard as she could on her bladder, overcoming her arousal - a flood of pee pouring out her bikini bottom for a moment, before stopping it again. He still seemed a bit blank, although his eyes never moved from her vagina, he did lick his lips interestingly. Looking at his shorts there was a very prominent tent there.

Lost in erotic thought; licking his lips at a particularly delicious one, which unsurprisingly was related to his current view. Dale was not entirely aware that Candy had turned around. Although some part of his mind registered she had, since his eyes found themselves looking at her now pissing bikini bottom. He blinked, still a bit dazed by the heat, and not sure if it was a daydream or not. Otherwise he failed to immediately react (above the belt at least!).

"Ah fuck it", she thought. A furtive glance to confirm they were alone, she closed the 6 feet distance placing her wet dripping mound right in front of his face for maximum effect.

Surprised by her sudden look of determination as she stalked towards him, Dale didn't know how to react. She stopped, a leg each side - her entirely transparent and dripping bikini 3 inches from his face showing off her vagina shamelessly. His gaze caught like a deer in headlights momentarily, a stray drip dropping from her bikini his eyes following it down. He went to look up at her in askance but she interrupted him and asked, "mind if I have a sip too?" he began to stand, nearly mashing his nose into her wet crotch in the process - confused over the implied intimacy of sharing a drinking tube, and a bit dazed at what he had just seen. Acting quickly Candy deliberately caught her foot behind him, making him fall back onto the bench - being sure to lean over him as he did to catch his head so he didn't hurt himself, and pressing her breasts deliberately into his face in the process to make sure he laid completely back. Apologising in her best play-acting voice as she did so.

Confirming he was ok, she propped herself up again on the bench with her arm, removing the breasts from his face.

Throwing one leg over the bench one on each side of the now reclined Dale she shuffled over him along the bench leaning forward reaching for the water tube on his pack. Looking down quickly before he noticed as she did so, she made sure to stop so that her still dripping bikini crotch was now over his face, some stray drops falling to his lip. Squatting down a little and arching her back so her clit was forefront she reached and grabbed toward the pack so that the camel-toe of her dripping crotch was brushing against his lips. "ohh that feels nice", she thought, his lips brushing her wet labia through the fabric as he again tried to say something just before she ground her mound in his face and found his mouth full of her pissy vagina instead.

Pretending not to notice that she had put her crotch into his mouth, she pulled the water tube to her mouth and deliberately looked the other way, faking a faraway look for the very confused glances she knew Dale was now looking up at her with as she absently sucked on the water. Although glancing down she realised her skirt would be preventing that particular view anyway. Feeling wicked, she pushed a little pee out with each sip, making overly dramatic gulping sounds for his benefit, and giving a little grind into his mouth with each swallow and squirt.. Trying not to giggle she realised from his perspective each sip of water was going right through her to his face.
She was delighted to feel Dale trying to talk again, the delicious touch of his lips on her labia lip giving her shivers. He soon gave up. She could feel the briefest brush of his tongue across her clit through the thin fabric and warm breath for a moment. He had probably tried to lick his lip without realising. She took her time to get a decent
drink, and to get Dales face very wet.

She released the drinking tube, her stomach felt decidedly full as she had been enjoying herself so much she had swallowed too much. A situation she approved of given how much fun needing to piss all day will probably be now. She stood up from her squat. She moved a leg over the bench, her ass brushing lightly over his face as she did and sat down next to Dales head, feeling a small puddle form under her from her sodden panty. Still maintaining her fake faraway look at the view, she said to Dale, "Ahh I really needed that drink, I hope you didn't mind sharing" (Holding back a giggle at the thought that it wasn’t just water she was just sharing) then with the most innocent look she could play-act she looked over at his sodden face and with another play-act look of surprise she said, "oh I am sorry did I spill some of the water on you?" standing and turning, she bent over him, her breasts swinging over his face, with a look of fake concern. She ran her index finger over a particularly wet part of his cheek then popped it in her mouth play-acting thoughtfulness then she stood again, making sure he could see up her skirt at her transparent wet dripping bikini brief, pushing another quick squirt of pee out for his benefit and pretending not to notice, his now very glazed eyes watching it fall absently. She then undid her skirt. Using a dry part; she gently patted his face dry, making sure his view of her dripping camel-toe was not obstructed as she did so.

Satisfied his face was dry, she moved to his feet, and threw a leg over each side of the bench, a few stray drips of warm pee falling on his knee while she quickly put the skirt back on. She said, again in her most innocent play-acting voice, "Oh sorry let me help you up" then squatted down on his leg making sure she sat onto one of his hands in the process - rewarding him with the feel of the warm wet softness of her vagina on his hand as she pretended not to notice, and again crushed his face into her breasts, as she supported his head (or rather held it into her chest) and started helping him sit up again, at the effort of pulling him up she made sure to excessively let out another spurt of pee onto the hand touching her wet crotch with each tug to pull him upright.

Wiggling her hips a little into his hand, which felt wet and delicious on his hand, and wiggling her breasts into his face too for a moment, she leaned back, then stood up, and again sat down next to him, in the puddle that moments ago his head had been resting in. Again play-acting innocence she observed, "nice view from here isn't there?" her voice dripping with more innuendo than she intended.

Dale, not sure if all his dreams had just come true or he had fainted and gone to heaven for a moment in the heat stared at his wet hand and nodded mutely not sure how to react, or really what had actually just happened. All he could recall was noticing some wet drips between her legs, before she walked over and asked for a drink and the next thing he could recall was laying down with something warm and wet, that smelt great, and tasted like salted caramel on his face in the darkness.

Maybe he had fainted? Was that why she threw water on his face? After that he found those soft breasts of hers in his face, as she helped him up, and something warm wet and satisfying sitting in his hand as she lifted him. He realised now it had been her vagina, explaining the hard on, and the wetness in his hand was probably her having a little accident as she strained to sit him up - had she even noticed where his hand was? She didn't appear to be showing any sign of it? If she did she thought nothing of it apparently, nor seemed bothered by her little accidents. Fuck she is hot. So hot his chest ached just thinking about her at the moment. He took a deep breath and let it out loudly. For some reason the taste on his lips made his balls tingle, and he had such a raging erection it actually hurt.

Candy taking the lead said, I suppose we should go down to the valley and take some more photos for my research project. Dale took a moment to comprehend what she had just said, then again nodded mutely grabbing his pack, and standing up.

They walked out along to the far side of the wall, past the sluice gates, and started down a path to the valley beyond the wall. It took maybe 30 minutes to work their way down to the bottom. Although the walk was pleasant and the time passed quickly, particularly since Candy walked in front, her hips wiggling provocatively at him most of the way. They had stopped halfway for a rest, Candy's sandals not ideal for long walks, and she squatted down to rub her feet. She started slowly wetting herself without even a second thought while she rubbed her ankles. Dales eyes again wide with wonder. She seemed unconcerned he could see her doing it. He couldn't understand why but fuck that was hot to watch for some reason, his pants stirring again.

She finished rubbing her foot, and stood, still slowly dripping pee between her legs as she did. She turned, looking at Dale, and smiled. She noticed his gaze between her legs, an unspoken question on his lips. Old habits die hard she thought, realising how erotic this must be for him. (her too now all things considered) Still smiling, now coloured with bemusement, she leant back making the front of her skirt ride up again, and with her hands on her hips she started wiggling her ass like some sort of exotic dancer, and looking down at her crotch started pushing her pee out through her bikini the trickle increasing to a torrent, making a show of it for Dale.

She swayed her hips and thrust her crotch in Dales direction like she was having sex with an invisible man, at which point she returned her gaze to Dale, and locked her eyes on him with an obviously seductive look. The swaying of her waist making her pee pour out through her bikini bottom in curious corkscrew and wave patterns, some splashing on her legs before it hit the ground. Very clearly doing it on purpose and making it clear in no uncertain terms that she was putting on a show for him.

Dale licked his lips without realising, he was enjoying the show, and she obviously was doing it for him on purpose, and enjoying it herself. Her smile and sultry gaze helping to put him at ease about watching it - helped by their remote location; he was positively warming up to her at this point.

Her pee eventually began to dwindle and with a wicked smirk she moved one hand to her still dribbling crotch, and the other under her bra, she started swaying as if to the beat of some unheard sultry song, accenting the imaginary beats in time with a hip thrust into her hand as she started rubbing herself off as the last of her pee ran out her panty across her fingers. The other hand sexily running circles over her breast as she moved. All the while her gaze seductively never left his face as she moved.

After some seconds of this, her pee finally stopped, and the rubbing having used up the remaining drips so she slowed. Raising her pee sodden fingers to her mouth and sucking her fingers clean sensually. She hadn't cum. But then this time that wasn't the aim.

Dale was dumbfounded. He opened his mouth and took a step towards her. She removed the hand from her bra, and her fingers from her mouth. Arching her back so that her ass stuck out poutily, matching a look on her face presumably due to running out of pee. Using the hand from the bra she placed a finger on her lips in the age old gesture for SHHH, and using her now cleaned hand, the made a pointing gesture and wiggled her index finger at him in the universal motion for disapproval, shaking her head.

Wiggling her hips aesthetically, she turned her back to Dale, then placed both hands on her ass cheeks, making sure to lift the skirt first, wiggling her butt at him in a cheeky moon gesture, the effect enhanced by the fact she still had not corrected the back of her bikini being ridden completely up her crack, and the sides of her legs were still coated in the glistening splashes of pee from a moment ago, neither of which she seemed particularly interested in fixing.. Then turning her head over her shoulder, she said to Dale offhand, "Not now lover boy, I still have a project to do.." and while still holding her ass in view, started walking down the trail again, wiggling her ass cheeks seductively at him for a few steps before letting go and allowing the skirt to fall over them again.

When Dale didn't immediately start following, she stopped and turned, looking back at him. Confusion and unspoken questions still clearly showing on his face.
Rolling her eyes, she called out to him, "hey dopey, this is a swimsuit, it is meant to get wet. What you never peed in a pool before? I am just having some fun here out in nature - what you never played with girls alone before or something?"

Still somewhat confused, and his current aroused state not able to fault the logic of her statement, he shook his head, and said quietly, "No. I haven't. Sorry" looking decidedly crestfallen he went quiet and started slowly shambling after her. Convinced he had some how messed up here and ruined his chances with this girl further.

Nothing new there then.

Candy somewhat taken aback at this, stood a moment her mouth in a silent 'O' at his simple but suddenly very heavy words. Feeling suddenly self conscious, she fell back and started walking alongside Dale as he walked. They walked along like this for a while, her eyes watching the side of his downward facing head.

She started, "So.. ". Dale glanced at her sideways a moment and returned to looking at his feet as they walked. After a moment, she continued, "you have never been with a girl before?" The idea never having occurred to her, since she and her ex had crossed that particular milestone pretty early on, and they both took their sexuality pretty much for granted as something everybody their age did. Dale replied somewhat flatly, "Well yes, I’ve had female friends before..". Stepping in front of Dale she put out a hand to his chest to stop him walking. Dale came to a standstill and kept looking at his feet. Candy put her hands on her hips defiantly and looked at him for a moment. When he didn't move, she put one hand under his chin and forced his head up so that he was looking at her. She searched his face, not entirely sure what she expected to find. Looking him in the eyes, his eyes widened a little but he did not look away. She removed her hand from his chin. His eyes dilated noticeably as she looked into them. Her eyes did the same thing back to him. His eyes still looked kind, but there was something else. Some sadness in there.

What had happened to this boy she wondered. The sadness was too deep to simply be her tormenting him, and really most guys would sell their left nut for this kind of attention from most girls.

In a slightly severe tone she said, "not that kind of 'been' with a girl, and you damn well know it.". This time he did look away. There was some unreadable expression on his face. "No." he answered simply. he took a breath and added, "a couple of times I nearly did but.." he went quiet for a few seconds. "Stuff happened." he said with finality. Failing to elaborate further, beyond a half hearted, "I never expected.." he went back to looking at his feet. Going quiet.

She tried to get him to tell her more, but he stubbornly refused to elaborate on whatever it was. Allowing him his silence, Candy suddenly found herself feeling something. Something new. With her ex it was all just fun and lust. This felt.. different. This just felt. Somehow, feeling a little more protective of him she reached for one of his hands and took a few steps back, pulling him so he began walking again. She returned to his side again, but kept hold of his hand as they walked.

The warmth in Dales hand felt nice. He looked at it. Her hand clasped gently to his own. It wouldn't take much to break the hold. But for some reason it felt like she was holding him him in a vice-like grip in other ways. He didn't want to break the hold. He never wanted to let go. He was feeling something too. Something different as well. He found himself feeling protective too. The feeling was something new for him too.

Any man’s heart can be captured by one simple act of selflessness at a time of vulnerability. -Unknown.

They reached the bottom. For Dale this suddenly felt like the longest 30 minute walk of his life. They stopped at the bottom for another rest. The alarm on her phone had gone off, reminding her she had left her pills in the car. Luckily she still had the rest of the m&M packet in her breast pocket next to her phone. Sitting on the grass in the shade of a tree, she downed a few melted m&m's hoping that would tide her over.

Her earlier wetness had long since dried in the warm weather, and she felt herself wishing she could cover herself in water from head to toe to cool down. Then a wicked thought about peeing herself in such away she covered herself in it crossed her mind briefly. The idea of standing on her head to pee distracting her momentarily from her concern about Dale. She could feel warmth between her legs at the thought, and then she thought about doing that while Dale was licking her..

ooooh ye... she really liked that idea. She could feel her bikini getting damp at the thought, the wetness causing a cool spot between her legs in the warm air.

The warm tingle between her legs, combined with the companionable hand in hand walk with Dale motivated her to want to do something about Dales little insecurity problem. She sat quietly thinking on it for a few minutes. It would be his first time, it should be something worth remembering. She wanted to just basically jump on him and have her way with him, but his insecurity and inexperience would likely put him off; the same issue having impacting her ex during their first time. She needed to push him so far across the line that things would escalate so fast he wouldn't have time to freak out before he got his reward so to speak.

She was still holding Dales hand as they sat. The realisation making her heart flutter a little. She scooted around on the grass so she was sitting in front of him, her knees apart again giving him a view between her legs again if he wanted to look. She wished she needed to pee. He seemed to like watching that, and she really got hot doing it now. Her tummy still felt full from her earlier drink, and the minutes resting seemed to be helping so it probably wouldn’t be long before she did. She cocked her head at him. Trying to read his face. He just looked a bit tired. Feeling cheeky she leaned in to his face and licked the end of his nose. He blinked and looked at her in surprise. She just smiled at him kindly, and asked if she could put some stuff in his pack, and have another drink.

Looking at her, she could see his eyes always dilated when he looked at her. Interesting. He nodded quietly, but kept watching her. She stood up, still holding his hand, her wet labia at eye level with him. His eyes widened a little at the transparent wet spot and she noticed movement in his shorts. Well she thought. He still likes me. Somewhat awkwardly using her free hand and the hand holding his hand she undid her skirt and slid it off, then leaving it in Dales hand she let his hand go and pulled her button tank top off as well, which had her phone in the other pocket. Leaning forward and making sure her wet crotch was almost touching his nose she grabbed her skirt from his hand and her top and stuffed it in a pouch on his pack.

All she had on now was her slightly wet bikini bottom/top and sandals. She turned and bent over to remove the sandals too, making sure to stick her ass in his face as she did - the indecency of the act only making her wet spot larger. She wanted to take off the bikini too, but she wasn't sure how Dale might react to that just yet - and given it was transparent, she was as good as naked anyway from his perspective. Turning again, Sandals in hand; she bent over him some more, reaching above to grab the drinking hose as she stuffed the sandals in another pouch. Her crotch was touching his face now. He didn't try to move out of the way, but he also didn’t try to do anything interesting either. Leaning back again, pipe in hand she took a long sip. Her Stomach gurgling a little in protest at so much more water being added to it, annoyingly she still didn't need to pee, although there was a rising tingle in her bladder. Considering her arousal right now, that would have been the icing on the cake.

Looking down at him staring at her wet crotch. She considered him for a moment. She asked if he would like a drink too. Wiggling her transparent mound a little in his face as he watched. From his perspective her visible labia lips wobbling a little through the transparency. He raised an eyebrow and looked up at her face. She wiggled the hose at him. He nodded and reached for it. She held it away and said, "No wait, I have a much more fun idea". He looked at her confused. She just smiled at him prettily. She looked down at her wet labia, the wet-spot had grown noticeably. She looked at him meaningfully, then back down at her wet bikini bottom.

He raised an eyebrow again. She sighed with theatrical annoyance, then added, "Do I have to spell it out for you? I've stuck that in your face for a reason. What would you like to do with it most?". His eyes grew wide again, a look somewhere between fear and confusion on his face. Although as he looked back at the transparent spot he licked his lips without realising. She smiled again at that and said, "Go ahead I wont bite, unless you ask me to, taste it touch it whatever, I’m game, no catch. Really." (although she realised she was half lying, the catch was she planned to fuck him stupid after this).

Looking at her face and back between her legs again, then at her face and again between her legs. Still unsure if she was serious or it was some cruel prank. "Lord save me from confused virgins", she muttered under her breath, arching her back, and squatting down a little so that the wet fabric of her bikini crotch brushed his lips.

He lent back from it a bit, moving his mouth away, but taking a slow involuntary breath through his nose, and licking his lips as he did. The smell and light taste on his lips caused a flutter in his crotch. He squirmed a little.

She raised an eyebrow, but didn't complain or otherwise interfere, so he tentatively moved a hand to her instead, running his finger gently along the silky wetness of the wet crease; marvelling at the feel of soft warm wet flesh under her bikini. She shivered at the contact, and instinctively pushed against his finger with her hips. "That felt
nice, do it again?", she said, a note of urgency in her voice. Hesitating a moment, he did as she asked. She shivered again and tried to stop herself thrusting at his hand. She failed. Her wet-spot and grown some more. "oh fuck ye", she whispered huskily as he continued to run his finger up and down her wet crease, this time making contact with her clitoris at the top on several passes.

Feeling more adventurous thanks to the way her body responded, he kept going, focusing in particular to the bump at the top that made her breath catch every time he stroked it. She had started panting, her eyes slowly closing a few times at the sensation, but opening them not wanting to miss the view of Dale touching her. The end result being half closed seductively. She let her body grind into him, it felt good.

Between pants, she begged, "your.. tongue.... use.. your.. tongue.. " moving his finger to the bottom of her crease and continuing to rub small circles in her wetness with his thumb he leaned in and started running his tongue gently along the fabric where her clitoris was too. "aaah.. yes, do more of that mmm" she panted huskily. She had an odd slightly metallic sweet taste; again reminding him of salted caramel.. where did he remember that from.. but he lost the train of thought as she started seriously grinding into his face so much it nearly pushed him over. He gave up on the finger and grabbed her buttock cheeks instead to stabilise them both. The feel of her hips under his hands just as nice as the feel of her mound on his finger. Pulling her into his face he was basically kissing her clit through the fabric, his mouth covering most of the top of her mound as he ran his tongue up and down the bump while she ground her hips into his lips.

Panting; he was working her up nicely she observed. "Wait!", she panted", he stopped for a moment looking up at her, noticing with interests the way her breasts heaved nicely from this position as she panted. She grabbed the hose and stuck it in the top of her bikini, and squeezed the hose a few times forcing out some water, which splashed off her clit. "Ok, here is your drink, go again", she grinned. He resumed and she put the hose in such a position that water dripped out of it onto her clit as he licked and sucked on it. It was nice but she wanted more sensation. She leaned over Dale; his mouth not letting go, and unscrewed the lid of the water bladder a little, letting air suck in. Gravity causing water to trickle faster out the hose now across her clit.

Dale sucked the water out her bikini bottom as he pleasured her clit, causing the water to rush over it as he did. The water picking up a little of the taste of her pee from earlier; which added a curiously salt sweetness to the flavour. A compellingly erotic sensation as he sucked. The smell alone made his balls tingle. "Oh that’s nice", she exclaimed, feeling both pleasure at the sensations and coolness from from the water as it ran down her legs or into Dales mouth. The only way this would have been hotter she thought was if it was pee not water - the filthy thought pushing her almost over the edge on Dales face.

Candy, already aroused, noticed with delight an increasing feeling of urgency rising again in her bladder as Dale licked. The grinding into his face causing his nose to put pressure on her bladder with each thrust. Helped along further by the sound and sensations of the water dripping from the hose. She looked down at Dale sitting as he sucked her, then pulled the hose out and wet herself a little to get his attention. The sudden warmth and change in taste (tingly?) interrupting him, he stopped and starred up at her wide eyed; then looked down and watched the pee run down her leg, his shorts now painfully tight in response.

Before he could think to do anything silly, she then surprised him further by putting her hands on his shoulders then moving both her legs outside his hip, squatting down to sit. As she lowered, she ran her pissing bikini down his face, soaking it with pee; then angled her descent so that her wet crotch rubbed down the front of his erection, Once she had popped her wet ass on his lap she threw her arms around him - ran her tongue up across the piss dripping off his chin, and ending the lick by kissing his pissy mouth lustily before he could protest. The lust and sensation of the contact interrupting the flow of her pee momentarily.

He resisted a moment; but any half formed thoughts were interrupted by the kiss, and realising at this point her intentions were pretty obvious, intentions he definitely shared - he began enjoying and getting into the kiss in return. She opened her mouth and started teasing his lip with her tongue as she continued to grind her wet crotch into him, the taste of her pee mixing with the sweet taste of her lips as she brushed his lips and tongue with her own. He was inexperienced in kissing - so she became more aggressive with her tongue holding his neck tighter in a death grip he couldn’t escape. As her legs rubbed his own he felt the muscles of her leg tighten noticeable as she ground against him.. then a sudden warmth started to spread along the shaft of his penis and lap and he realised as the enthusiasm of her kiss increased she was deliberately pissing on him as she rubbed up against his bulge - interrupting the urgency of his kiss as his arousal increased exponentially, and his breath caught in surprise.

Breaking the kiss briefly she leaned back, as he gasped for breath, then scooted back, her pee still dripping, to his knee and without breaking eye contact with him managed to undo the button and zip of his shorts, his damp member popping free. Then in an oddly smooth motion, using the same hand, she slipped a finger under her bikini elastic, pulling it over causing a messy spray of pee everywhere, then scooted forward again, forcing a last flood of pee onto his exposed penis before plunging her gloriously warm and wet vagina onto it, halting the flow - his eyes widening at the shock of a sensation new to him.

She returning her arms to the death grip on his neck, moved in and resumed her lustful sloppy kissing of him.. From this position he had no chance to escape, and at this point had no desire to, her hips gyrating, thrusting and grinding wantonly over his penis. Although to him it felt like they kept going for hours, in reality Dale soon felt the surge of release into her eager and responsive pink folds. Her earlier observation was correct; she had pushed him too far - he hadn't lasted long at all. But lucky for him, she was in equally bad shape and she didn't last long either; the two of them having nice orgasms, hers not three thrusts of her hips after his, moaning overly dramatically in part for his benefit but more so because her orgasm pulsed for an entire minute; catching her by surprise. Still both orgasms were about as close together as could be reasonably expected of new lovers unfamiliar with each other she noted with satisfaction; and she definitely liked the results.

Slowing the insistence of her hip motions, she slowly wound the kiss down, releasing her death grip and their mouths separated. Both noticeably panting, she declared, "fuck I needed that". Lost for words, particularly as her hip motions had slowed but not stopped, the best Dale could muster in return was just a wide eyed nod.

Feeling a bit playful she added; witheringly, "You do like me don’t you?" thrusting her vagina onto him firmly to punctuate the statement. His foggy eyes grew wide a moment as Dale again nodded, but much more enthusiastically - thrusting back in her in return to punctuate his reply too. Smiling, Candy added, "looks like you needed it too..". Dale didn't disagree.

Wanting more, Candy glancing around to re-confirm their seclusion, then pulled one of the strings of her bikini top undone, one globe of her breast immediately swinging free. Arching her back a little (driving him against her inside nicely) she put her breasts on display for him. Then with a wicked giggle pushed his face into them. Dale soon caught on after wearing them on his face a moment and moved to start sucking on one nipple while he fondled the other with a hand, his other hand firmly on her lower back along her ass, so she couldn't escape either. Nor did she wish to, since he was exactly where she wanted him.

Candy sighed happily at the stimulation to her nipples - chills running down her back nicely to between her legs causing her to shudder a little; which given the current position of their respective genitals, added a nice little accent to their contact when her body shook. With all this stimulation, Dale's enthusiasm soon increased, along with his firmness inside her and she in return increased the enthusiasm of her movements to maximise the sensations between their legs.

This led to another round of coupling; Dale taking the initiative this time and kissing her lustily between playing with her breasts, and trying to match thrusts with her grinds. They both lasted much longer, still not entirely synchronised a few grinds apart - but they were still close enough that the eventual conclusion although not so intense this time, was immensely more fulfilling for both of them. She finally stopped grinding at him.. Her desires, sated for the moment. "It has been too long", she thought. Deciding right there she would never go without a lover longer than a day or two again. The thought causing a nice warm feeling inside her - or was that Dale she giggled to herself.

The fog of war so to speak of her "horny think" now momentarily dispelled, but not so much she that she had any wish to remove him from inside her just yet, she squirming onto him a little, moving her legs behind him to crush his body against her in a firm hug to enjoy the closeness of each other more. The cool wetness of their sweat.. and other things making both their bodies feel pleasantly cool in the summer heat - balancing nicely with the warm closeness of each other. He responded to her crush by placing both hands on her ass in return, and pressing her onto him even harder, and kissed her. Both their hearts fluttered at the intimacy of the hug and kiss.

Finally breaking the kiss, she sighed audibly and felt very content at that moment. They sat like this quietly for a while just quietly enjoying each others company.

After a while she took a moment to lean back a bit and look over this boy she had so shamelessly seduced. The motion placing her breasts on display and causing a nice tingle between her legs as his still slightly firm part pressed against a nice spot in her that reminded her of the sensation of needing to pee. His eyes alternated between the curve of her breast and her eyes, seemingly confused where too look. Finally settling on her eyes. He was fairly healthy looking she concluded, although he did seem to have a little bulk on him which probably wasn't muscle, a little rounder in places than she might otherwise prefer, but he seemed nice enough. His face was likeable, and he had kind eyes, as she had observed earlier although the green of them at this point was still clouded and dilated by lust she noticed, chuckling to herself, rewarding her with a look of confusion from him. Leaning in to reassure him with a much more loving kiss at the attraction being betrayed by his eyes at her.

Yes she decided, "Maybe I'll keep him..", giggling again to herself at the thought of him as a pet.

Finally disengaging, she did up her bikini top again. Dale laying back on the ground, leaning on his pack - looking up at her body with wonder as she stood up. Too busy trying to organise his confused thoughts as he tried to make sense of his first time to say much. Candy broke the silence. "We should think about getting back", she suggested, adjusting her swimsuit bottom, then deciding to act on her earlier impulse, untied it entirely, wiggling her now naked ass at him playfully.

Dales felt a slight tingle in his wet shorts at the sight but his well worked body couldn't offer any further reaction just yet. Stepping forward and straddling his face shamelessly with her lower hip; half sitting on his chin, she reached over into his pack to retrieve her sandals and phone. Pausing when she noticed the water tank lid was still lose, the water now 3/4 gone. She fixed the lid and put the hose away again; stepping back to admire the glistening wetness she left on his face. Dale didn't stop her. Glancing briefly at his very wet shorts she giggled at the sight, his organ was still poking out; disappointed but not really surprised to see it was no longer hard.

Turning to put her sandals on again, her phone on the ground next to her feet, she jutted her naked ass at him more than entirely necessary, putting her rosebud asshole on show and causing her vagina to open a little which caused some of Dales earlier release to drip out. Also affording Dale an intimate look inside her pink hole. Feeling the tickling sensation Candy glanced from her feet to her crotch, slightly embarrassed; having forgotten about that particular facet of love making in her rush. Dale watched curiously as a drip slid slowly out and due to her jutted ass position run down her stomach then fall to the ground - not having seen it before himself, let alone been the cause of it Dale was fascinated.

Candy wiggled her ass a bit more enthusiastically, shaking most of the rest of it out of her, it mixed with her own juices - flushing out with little difficulty. The bent over pose placed some pressure on her bladder, reminding her she still needed to pee. The embarrassment becoming a flush of excitement she giggled wickedly and proceeded to start peeing slowly, the urine following mostly the same path down her midsection as Dales contribution and washing it off her body,much of it soaking her bikini top wet too and rendering it entirely transparent as a bonus. Her sandals done up, she stood up still peeing, and used her hands to wiggle her labia lips a bit to shake out the last of Dales cum, then rubbed her hand into the stream to mix it with the remaining cum and wash anything left out of her labia - but also because it also felt kinky as hell to rub at her self with warm fresh pee coming out.

Clamping her bladder shut, (for later she thought wickedly) and satisfied she had cleared all the semen out, she mostly dried her hands on her legs, and grabbed her phone from the ground. "I'd best be quick", she said - activating her phone, and quickly circling around taking some shots of the dry river, and some of the trees and foliage, and any dead shrubbery - all while remaining bare assed in front of Dale.

Eventually satisfied she had enough images, and sneakily snapping one or two of Dale with his wet shorts and member still hanging out with a chuckle; she returned to where he was sitting. In the heat his shorts were already half dry. Coughing discretely she pointed at his slightly less soft penis (her antics not having entirely gone without effect) Dale looked down and realised he had forgotten to put it away, and did so; his face crimson in embarrassment. Candy thought it was cute something as small as that could still make him blush after everything they did earlier; the idea positively endearing.

Turning they began the ascent back up the side of the valley, Candy having retrieved her bikini bottom was reluctant to put it back on immediately; opting to walk the first few minutes in front of Dale wiggling her bare ass at him as she went, enjoying the lewdness completely, and taking a several breaks to unnecessarily bend over and stretch in front of him. Beyond her prior outings without any knickers on; she had never really considered herself the exhibitionist, but the idea certainly had grown on her; perhaps it was more who was looking she decided. She slowly put the bikini panty back on stumbling a few steps as she stopped to tie the strings, smirking as she made sure they were slightly too tight and put pressure on her bladder. They were still soaking wet, the wetness keeping her slightly cool as it slowly dried during the walk. About halfway up they stopped for a rest again, then continued on. Almost at the top they found themselves level with the slipway. Dale finding another bench to sit on, stopped and waited as Candy took a couple more photos and stowed the phone back in his pack.

Dale removed the pack, he needed to pee quite desperately he noticed, and attempted to excuse himself to go pee somewhere; but Candy wouldn't let him. She pushed him off the path against a tree into the shade and started kissing him. He noted somewhat absently that her alarm in his pack was going again, but she was out of m&ms so she ignored it. Satisfied he was pinned on the tree she used one hand to press on his bladder, and kept him distracted with the kiss, and then started pressing her body up against him to add further pressure to his bladder. Their hips touching. She managed to get him to leak a little into his shorts, she could feel the wetness against her crotch where her body was against him, but he was resisting letting go, and the plan backfired when the stimulation instead gave him a hard on,
stopping further flow. Annoyed but not discouraged, she broke the kiss, leaving one hand against his bladder to keep him against the tree, then used the other hand to pull his shorts down; a few stray drops still on the end of his rod, and caught up in the hair of his balls.

Dale not entirely sure what to expect just stood there weathering her storm patiently, wondering where this was leading. She stood back and said assertively, "Not sofast mister", then squatted down and licked her way up the wetness caught on his hairs and rod, slopping his penis into her mouth, hungrily sucking on it, and sliding it up
and down in her mouth. Dale was speechless, between the pain in his bladder, and the pleasure of her mouth, he wasn't sure if he was coming or going. He found himself in the awkward position that he desperately needed to pee, but now also desperately needed to cum. The sensations fighting with each other, as when his arousal rose he naturally tried to thrust into her mouth, bringing him closer to cumming, but this made her hand push into his bladder harder making him need to pee all the more.

This was all to much for poor Dale, and he uncharacteristically found a moan of both pleasure and discomfort coming out of his mouth. The two needs continued to fight with each other, Candy was relentless, and continued enthusiastically for a few minutes. His balls were literally making a buzzing sensation, and he could feel little tremors accompanied by the feel of small amounts of pre-cum being sucked out of him - Candy wantonly circling her tongue tip over his penis tip each time he did.

At one moment. during a lull in her ministrations when she had stopped sucking briefly, just for a second or two to catch her breath her mouth only loosely on him; the cruel pressure she applied to his bladder managed to force out a small spurt of pee from him into her mouth. The obvious taste was like kicking a hornets nest on Candy; horny beyond caring if she hurt him she pressed his bladder harder, which did actually manage to push a little more pee out into her mouth then she started sucking and licking him again furiously; quite beyond herself with lust by this point.

The extra enthusiasm also decided matters for Dale, who with the most bizarre stutter sensation promptly came violently into her mouth; but she didn't stop there, she lapped it all up hungrily and swallowed it, but continued her assault on his penis with her mouth - focusing her tongues attention on its tip. The sensations now far too much for Dale; finding everything hyper sensitive his eyes rolling in his head, his legs becoming weak, and clawing weakly at the tree bark - if Candy didn't have him firmly clamped to the tree by her hand on his bladder he would have slid to the ground senseless by now.

The intensity caused poor Dale's body to start shaking uncontrollably with each sensation; drawing out his climax until all he could feel was harsh convulsions from between his legs.. crude almost painful things and at some point he stopped cuming; but her relentless attention meant he was still having these alien feeling convulsions along his shaft in reaction to the hyper-sensitivity caused by each suck of her mouth. His breath noticeably labouring and clawing more at the bark of the tree from the sensation Dale's bladder finally surrendered its fight, the convulsion now being accompanied by spurts of piss into her waiting mouth; like some sort of wrong feeling climax; and yet the relief at the release of pressure and the pleasure of her mouth made it feel so wrong it was very very right. The wrongness of knowing she was swallowing it adding to the experience. Even now her mouth filling with pee, some she swallowed, the rest overflowing each time she slid her mouth up his shaft; she kept up the assault, her eyes glazed with lust, her underwear literally dripping with her arousal. She finished swallowing his pee, and he ran out anyway.. and she kept sucking.

She finally allowed him to slide down to the ground now, with the bonus of turning herself so her dripping bikini bottom was above Dales face; which although he was rather ineffective at doing anything with; the sight and smell of which, particularly when her arousal went so far it actually started leaking out onto his mouth actually helped - and Dale with slow and persistent progress felt himself building to another climax. He just gave in, closed his eyes and let her do it. Just as he started convulsing into her mouth - his body somehow managing to supply more semen to her waiting mouth.. she pushed down her ass onto his face, her wet labia lips pressed to his mouth, and he could feel her pressing into him - with each spurt of his cum into her mouth she responded by pushing a burst of her pee into his.. it was such a filthy situation Dales climax actually picked up a little, and drew out longer. Not even fighting it he swallowed some and let the rest run down his face as he rode out the crazy climax she gave him.

Once it had subsided, she finally relented, releasing him.. and stood and turned to face him, licking her lips. Her eyes were still full of lust, her gaze like a tiger sizing up its next meal, her chest heaving, making her breasts rise and fall sexily as she glared at him. Panting, she mouthed the words, "please make me cum" at him. Then she repeated breathily louder and slower, "please.. make.. me.. cum..". She stood there panting some more watching him. Her head bowed, her arms to her side, like she was simply too tired to continue, but her own needs demanding attention, a look of animal desperation burning on her face.

She took a step towards him but she got weak knee'd and almost flopped down into his lap. Dale sat up and reached up just in time his hands on her hips holding her ass in place - leaning in to start sucking on her clit through her pissy wet bikini. The shock of sensation causing Candy to push out a little more pee; giving her a minor wave of a climax like sensation as he sucked her. She regained control of her legs and tore the crotch of her bikini out of the way, so Dale was sucking directly on her clit now. "Oh fuuuuuck..", she moaned her entire vagina too sensitive now with arousal but not wanting him to stop. The sensation was too much and she started twitching and shuddering at the contact.. "finger" she said urgently.. he looked up at her his mouth still in place perplexed a moment then realising what she meant, with a slight nod moved a hand to slide a finger inside.. her wetness and his inexperience resulting in the amusing accident that his index finger sank immediately into her wet slippery vagina, but his middle finger also slid all the way in, her anus..

"Holy shit!", she screamed. Worried he had hurt her he went to remove his fingers, but she shook her head and yelled a bit too loudly, "don't you fucking dare" grabbing his hand with her own and using it to fuck herself on his fingers inside her furiously as she ground into him. With only one hand and her legs still going weak from too much sensitivity she started to fall down, Dale managed to keep his mouth and hand in her as she dropped, slowing the fall to a gentle drop but the falling sensation startled her for a moment and much to Dales surprise, and Candy’s delight she let out a blast of pee as she fell. "oh god yes", she moaned very wantonly, the floodgates open, she bore down deliberately as hard as she could, flooding Dales mouth with pee as she settled on her back in the grass, her hand making his two now very wet fingers plunge into her even faster. She just lay there moaning and thrusting her hips at his mouth and fingers as she pushed bursts of pee into his mouth between thrusts, some of it overflowing from Dales mouth which he was still reluctant to remove from her clit regardless. The stream didn't last long however and he
tried to match her thrusts with his mouth and hand as he stubbornly kept sucking on her over sensitive clit.

In short order, the combination of so many obscenely kinky things happening at once caused her to crash violently into a savage feral orgasm; both of her holes clamping and releasing his fingers; another flood of liquid filling Dales mouth as she did. Something that tasted different to her pee. Sweeter, thicker.

Candy just lay there, a long moan escaping her mouth - her hips still rolling a little into Dales thrusting hand and mouth. "Oh god" she thought half dazed, "I’ve not had one like that before". Her body slowly settled. Still slightly responsive it still jumped a little at each movement of Dales fingers, but more weakly each time. Dale
finally withdrew his mouth, and slowed his fingers inside her to a stop. He was panting. Even tho he had not long climaxed several times; the pure depravity of what they had just done had turned him on again, a lot. His pants were literally buzzing, it was a wonder he hadn't creamed his pants, but considering what she did to him mere minutes before that was unlikely. He had as much sweat on him as Candy did. He wondered if it was always like this with girls.

Candy looked at him and went to say something then forgot. Instead as she laid there, she just flexed her inside muscles a bit. Enjoying the way the fingers inside her felt as she did. She was definitely going to get him to do that to her ass again. She hadn't tried that before.

Dale, now somewhat more daring, and quite horny again himself finally withdrew his fingers and looked at them, then at Candy. Her sodden bikini bottom snapped half back into place. She just laid there looking at him with big sultry eyes, looking very pleased with herself. Horny logic wanting to get her back for making him cum so viciously earlier. His crotch was still tingling. He looked at his fingers again, and remembering his filthy earlier thought in the car about her ass, slipped both fingers into his mouth experimentally. There was that salted caramel taste again. The middle finger however had an odd sickly sweet but sexy smell and taste to it. Candy saw him do it and her eyes went a little wider lustfully. But she was too sated to move at this point. Dale looked down at her, and soaked up the glorious view of her legs and hips. Her knees resting wide open.

He looked at her very transparent wet bikini bottom, and noticed the back was not currently between her cheeks. It was still shoved to the side from her earlier motion, resting on one side of her cheek. His arousal making him bold he reached down and lifted her knees up. Surprised but very much curious what he planned to do, Candy didn't resist - all the possible things he might do running through her mind and liking all of them. He pushed them back, and then back further again, causing her ass to roll around up into the air. "OOh, she thought.. is he going to finger my ass or give me some anal", she wondered. Moving her hands to help support her back so her ass was up in the air where Dale was trying to position it. Dale drank in the sight of that glorious ass in his face. But hesitated. He looked at Candy's face.

She was watching him quietly, her eyes tired but still very much clouded by lust, with a look of curious interest on her face. He looked down again, and back at her face again. She took a breath, and told him huskily, "I can see in your eyes you want to try something - just do it, no regrets."

He looked at her, then did as she told him. He quickly grabbed her ass cheeks, and pulled them open a little leaned forward to drove his tongue into her ass as deep as he could and delve about inside with it. "Jesus", she exclaimed, jumping so hard that an unexpected spurt of piss fountained out her vagina onto her face. Her weariness immediately replaced by several levels of rapidly escalating arousal again, "I was not expecting thattt.....", a wanton "oooooooh" sound escaping her lips at this point. Licking them she found some of her own pee there.. exclaiming lustily at the taste; she announced, "I am going to fucking marry you if promise to do that as often as possible.. " her words stumbling to nonsense until all she could do was just make an "uhhhhhh" sound.

Her ass secure in his hands as he pleasured it inside with his tongue; her hands were now free from the necessity to support her hips. Panting already she went from satisfied to horny as fuck in three flicks of his tongue. She grabbed both breasts rubbing them deliriously before moving both hands between her legs. She shoved as many fingers as she could fit inside her vagina with one hand, and used the other hand to desperately rub her clit as he licked her ass out.

"Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck...", she chanted over and over as she rubbed and thrust, pushing her ass out again and again onto his warm tongue and back onto her fingers. Her thrusting and rubbing so insistent and aggressive after a minute or so that after each delicious drive back onto his tongue, her forward thrust combined with the position of her hand over her clit pressed on her bladder. A small fountain of piss erupting out with the violence of each up thrust. Moaning with filthy delight at the discovery. Although she kept thrusting her other hand into her vagina, she stopped rubbing her clit, and just pressed down on it, letting the thrusting of her hips do the work instead. Thus pressing on her bladder she was rewarded with a delicious urgent feeling of needing to urinate; and a controllable fountain of piss flying in the air. "Oh fuck yeeeaa", she moaned huskily suddenly going up another few levels of horniness, using the fingers on her clit to angle it as she pressed on her bladder.

She managed between up thrusts to aim the fountaining pee towards her face, and at her mouth. "yes yes yes", she mouthed wetly over and over gulping at her own pee, and licking any off her lips with each thrust that sprayed more on her face.

They settled into a routine, between her thrusts, mouthfuls of piss spurts and jutting her ass out onto his tongue. The sensation amazingly sensual. As she had only recently orgasmed - her next climax was slow coming, and due to all the water her bladder it was a long time emptying - a fact she revelled in. As they continued, Candy's eyes rolled back into her head. Lost in the decadent depravity of all the filthy pleasures. As she got closer and closer to cumming, she slowed her thrusts a little, and just rolled her hips deliciously on his tongue. This allowed her spurting fountain of piss to become more consistent and with the roll of her hips she ended up spraying it all over herself, her bra and skin soaked with it, and the increased flow filling her mouth faster than she could swallow it, soaking her hair as it ran out of her mouth. Some of it even sprayed in Dales face as he tongued her; rewarding her with him moaning a little into her ass at the change in taste as he licked her. The reality even hotter than her earlier fantasy of doing exactly this. Her eyes were foggy with lustful abandon at her own depravity. Eventually of course it was all too much and she had a very interesting wet messy climax, her sphincter muscles massaging Dales tongue as he just jammed it in as far as it would go to ride out her orgasm, going even deeper when she reacted to her orgasm by pushing her ass in his face harder.

At this point they both flopped back on the grass. Candy was soaked from head to foot with her own pee, and was loving every second of it. Dale's shirt front was soaked too, again nearly creaming his pants, a raging boner now in evidence. They were both tired and very wet and sweaty. Falling back onto his back too with a sore but very happy tongue.

The both dozed like this for a while, letting their remaining arousal fade as they laid in the shade lost in their own thoughts. Eventually they sat up, and turned to each other. "That.. was.. hot..", she said simply. Dale nodded in agreement. He was still a bit edgy but the tightness in his pants had long since eased as they dozed. He had no doubt there would be more action and was content to wait.

Their moment however was interrupted by a curious sound of alarm from all the local wildlife before going deathly silent and being replaced by a rising rushing sound, like the sound of train carriage rushing close by. They both jumped up and ran the last few dozen yards to the top of the slipway to the side of the road across the dam
wall, and looked back and forth between the water and the valley on the other side of the wall. They noticed a disturbance on the far side of the lake formed by the wall.

It was like a ripple in the water, which as it grew closer came to resemble a large wave with choppy water behind it rushing towards the wall. The rushing sound grew louder as it got closer.

The wave struck the wall, some water splashing up like a wave hitting an ocean wall in a storm, causing a dull thud. The rushing sound however continued to increase and a ripple seemed to run along the dam wall and ground in front of them, dust being thrown into the warm summer air as it progressed. Dales car parked at the midway observation point was jumping on its springs in the car park. The ripple reached them and they could feel the ground shaking violently. An earthquake.. and a big one had hit them. The shaking continued for a few seconds and they both backed away from the wall, moving up the hill on this side of the valley when they noticed several cracks appearing across it, followed shortly by several blasts of water shooting out of the cracks. The cracks grew larger until an entire section of the
wall between them and the car park fall away into the spillway below; followed by a torrent of fast moving water. Another section where the wall met the other side of the valley blew out as well, another similar fast moving torrent falling through there into the spillway as well.

The rest of the wall seemed to hold, smaller cracks not appearing to spread any further. The Wall was probably repairable, and had not completely failed only a couple of sections at the top that would probably drain away a quarter of the water; but from where they stood, there was no way to get across to Dales car - nor to get the car off the wall if they did. They were basically stuck here.

Once the shaking stopped, Candy herself was still shaking. She checked her phone for signal; nothing, not even another network carrier. Dale still holding his pack seemed less concerned. He knew he could just hike back down to the nearest town if needed, although from here that would still have been a good day and a half at a brisk walk. They still had water, a day should be survivable - although he noted with concern now that the water tank in his hiking pack was 3/4 empty - and the green cast of the water in the spillway did not look in anyway safe to drink.

Candy went very quiet, her eyes staring with horror at Dales inaccessible car. Dale noting her concern told her, "its ok, we can just walk to the next town?" she looked at him and back to the car.. afraid to ask, but asking anyway, "will that take more than two hours?". Dale paused a moment, then replied "probably a day or so walk?"

Candy fell to the ground and burst into tears, sobbing she said simply, "my medicine is still in your car, I can't last more than a couple of hours without it".

Remembering their conversation from earlier; Dale realised the depth of her problem. Although two hours was much shorter than he had expected given how healthy she seemed. Trying to keep upbeat he tried to reassure her by suggesting they will be ok, she might just surprise herself. Candy remained quiet and just shook her head. All they could do was try. Maybe they can find something on the walk down. All she needed was calories after all.. trying not to dwell on the problem, they both got up. Dale recalled from his last memory of the GPS map (which was also in the car) that they needed to get to the bottom of this valley, then back up the other side to meet a road that went back to the last sign he recalled seeing before the state park for a town. They couldn’t go up the valley because everything this side was state park back up into the hills several hundred miles. So with little option they started walking down the path along the slipway, which currently was filled with slimy green water from the breeches in the wall. Hopefully they could cross it further down.

They walked mutely down past the site of their earlier trysts, and further down the valley following the slipway drain. Worryingly not 45minutes into their hike, Candy seemed to be getting more and more fuzzy in her disposition. Her eyes growing increasingly glassy. She started to stumble, and have difficulty navigating in general.

He stopped her, and turned to look at her. She blinked a few times, and after a minute or so the glassiness faded a little. He asked her if she was ok. She looked at him, went to say something, but in the end merely mumbled and shrugged.

He offered her the drinking tube, which she held like a lifeline and sucked on absently. Her eyes still showing an edge of glassiness. He asked, "would it be better if I carried you?" she again shrugged, mouthing the word, "maybe" quietly. He adjusted his pack so the straps wouldn't require periodic tweaking of its position to remain comfortably on his back, and picked Candy up in his arms like a stray puppy, he found her surprisingly light to carry. She kept hold of the drinking tube for some reason so he let her.

They continued on like this for nearly another hour; the time being marked half hourly by Candy’s phone alarm. Although she was light, the effort combined with the pack and hot weather was making him get quite tired and sweaty, even walking in the shade. Something warm started running down his elbow. He stopped to look down and noticed Candy was wetting herself as he carried her. The wetness soon cooled so didn't bother him, if anything it was a welcome chill in the heat. Earlier it would have even been sexy. Now it just reminded him how thirsty he was, and Candy refused to let go of the drinking tube now. Looking back at her face her eyes had gone glassy again, even foggy at this point, being half closed like she was falling asleep. He stopped lifted one side of her up and kissed her face a few times, saying, "hey hey stay with me here" in between kisses. She perked up a little, and she stopped wetting and looked into his face, but the glassiness remained, her eyes also had a rather scary feral edge to them now. She was sucking on the water tube again, watching him strangely as she did but otherwise unresponsive.

Satisfied she was still at least awake; but perhaps not entirely well he started walking again. He walked for maybe another 30 minutes, then stopped next to a tree in the shade; sitting Candy gently on the grass. Her phone started beeping again. He ignored it, he had looked but failed to spot anything edible each time it chimed. Free from his arms Candy however reacted with distress. Clearly suffering from confusion she groped about looking for something. Probably her handbag he realised.

Getting increasingly agitated she looked around and poked at the grass. Failing to find anything she made a frustrated growling sound. Looking down she noticed the water tube still in her hand, then with an almost predatory look followed it up to his pack; her eyes narrowing, then turning until she spotted Dale wearing the pack, leaning casually on the tree resting.

Looking at him the look he saw on her face was primal. Her red hair previously looking a little sexed up, looked downright wild now, adding to the primal animal impression she was now giving. Half on all fours and half squatting she looked like a cat about to pounce; Dale unnerved tried to back up a step but hit the tree behind him, feeling cornered. She sat like this a while, panting a little her chest heaving breasts up and down as she glared at him in an almost calculating way. If she didn't look so angry it would have looked pretty hot part of his mind unhelpfully pointed out. They stared at each for what seemed minutes. Their eyes locked like some sort of battle of wills. A sound caught Dales attention a moment; causing him to momentarily break the stare, looking down to between her legs where she was half squatting still, he could see pee dripping through her bikini to land loudly on some dry leaves under her. The gaze broken Candy moved forward slightly; His eyes going wide and returning to her glare - the unhelpful part of his mind further interrupted by pointing out even angry she looked pretty damn hot right now; especially as she was also wetting herself too.

His body agreeing with the unhelpful thoughts, it decided to send a rush of blood between his legs; where a rising tent started growing. Candy’s eyes half closed and she arched her back a little, her pert ass poking out a little causing some of her pee to run down her leg a little.. to which Candy reacted with a deep breath and a husky sigh. Blinking she returned her eyes to his, they had changed - they seemed more intense than a moment before. Noticing movement in his shorts now Candy's head tilted slightly and her eyes flashed down for a moment at the bulge then locked back onto Dales scared eyes, the effect made all the more striking as her headremained tilted down, so she was looking up at him through some of her wild red curls of hair.. she licked her lips slowly, a very scary smile appearing before the tongue disappeared, and she slowly started crawling towards Dale..

Dale frozen by indecision could only watch nervously as she got closer. When she suddenly jumped at him and started clawing at him his first reaction was to tense upand cover his face.. so other than feeling her nails scratching at him he was not sure what she was doing. After a moment he realised the clawing had stopped, feeling only the feeling of her fingers holding his hips in an iron grip. A second later he realised she had also pulled his shorts down. Removing his hands from his face; the sight he saw gave him such a shock he had to slide slowly down to the with ground on weak knee's. She was now sucking loudly on his penis - the adrenaline of his fear finally draining away enough he could actually feel it now. He tried to ask, "what are you doing?" the tone sounding more like a whining child - but other than a guttural grunt; followed by her tongue rubbing him with more urgency (which felt pretty nice actually), she didn't say anything more and kept sucking on him greedily.

Giving up, Dale just threw his hands in the air in confusion, and slid back down the tree more and tried to get comfortable letting her do as she pleased, ending up with Candy straddling his legs, still wetting herself he noticed as her dripping bikini bottom started casually grinding against them. The realisation sending an extra tingle to his balls; which responded after a minute or so by filling Candy's mouth with cum. Grunting with what probably sounded like approval she started grinding her pissy labia through her bikini on his legs more and started making slurping sounds as she loudly started swallowing. Dale apparently not responding how she wanted she removed her mouth and glared at him angrily, grunting something sounding like "more, MORE!" digging her nails in his hips painfully; then dragging her wet crotch up his leg so firmly it felt like a few leg hairs pulled out.

Trying to avoid her uncomfortable glare he instead tried to look elsewhere, ending up looking down her body between her breasts at her wet crotch; refusing to make eye contact. Her eyes narrowing with animal intensity she glanced down herself to see what he was looking at; then back up at him with a very calculating look. "You want? Then give more?", she grunted. It wasn't a question. Popping her mouth back onto his now drooping penis and sucking again, a small sound of approval as his sagging skin let a little more semen escape into her mouth - she started scooting around, and clambered her legs awkwardly up his chest, he was sitting slightly upright, leaning on his back, so it was an uphill battle but she was persistent. Finally positioning her hips so that her soaked bikini covered vagina was pressed into Dales mouth, where it dripped pee. Dale licked it a few times; he was after all human, Candy responding with a brief "mmm" sound, arched her back a little to grind his face, then pushed out a sudden surge of pee most of which Dale had no choice but to swallow. Luckily it was quite dilute tasting quite nice actually. On the up side he also wasn't as thirsty now, and as that unhelpful part of his mind again pointed out, having a hot wild woman sucking him dry and pissing all over him was sexy as fuck.

He soon stiffened up again between licking her, and getting sucked; Especially when she came rather loudly on his face a few moments later when he returned to full stiffness in her mouth. Hot as all this was Dale managed to fill her mouth again a few minutes later - which she again gobbled up greedily.

She still didn't stop sucking. It was like her life depended on it.. and it occurred to him that it probably did. How many calories did semen contain? A possible explanation for her odd behaviour in mind, and knowing she liked to have her way with him at the best of times; he at least didn't feel so guilty about letting her behave this way. If she didn't she would probably end up in a coma sooner rather than later.

Absently licking at her wet crotch in his face - that annoying part of his mind having switched to auto pilot, Dale pondered the next problem. "As fun as.. ", he jumped a little as Candy started focusing her attention on a particularly sensitive spot.. ".. as this is", he mused , "We cant stay here. We need to keep moving somehow" He tried to separate from Candy, but all she did was flash fire angrily with her eyes - practically hissing at him, before returning to suck at him again. Rolling about ineffectively, he tried again. This time she clamped her legs around the back of his head, and refused to let him out of her mouth - or her out of his.

Half sitting up now, Dale noticed that still didn't dislodge her. With difficulty, he tried standing up like this. She again tightened her legs to hold on but kept sucking.

Panting a little more from the sensation than the effort, he got fully to his feet. She was still attached firmly. "This could work", he said mostly to himself. Candy sucked a little harder a moment; possibly in reply he wasn't sure. He took a few steps experimentally. Other than his view being obscured by her frankly glorious ass, he managed the steps well enough, Candy’s head bobbing in time with his movements adding a bit of extra to the sensation each step. Fuck he thought; as an urge to go weak kneed at the sensation passed over him a moment - but passed quickly. Next problem was his shorts. They were tangled around his feet, and as adventurous as he was even with a half naked wild women clamped to him sucking his dick - he felt the need for at least the illusion of modesty. He attempted to squat down awkwardly, groping blindly at the ground to pull his shorts up. He eventually managed but Candy kept making angry growling sounds at him as he struggled to do them up with her attached. Particularly as her hands were still holding onto him. Eventually he got the button done up leaving her mouth on him and satisfied it was better than nothing; he attempted to start walking. At some point she used his shorts to rest her hands in. Fair enough Dale thought and kept walking. Struggling to navigate the path with her ass blocking his view.

After a few minutes he did go weak kneed, and had to stop, leaning with an arm against a tree, as Candy got him again and gave herself another mouthful. "Phew" thought Dale. This is going to be a long walk. He soldiered on again further, the heat of the effort, the weather, her body, and what she was doing to him taking its toll, he again found himself sweating and panting. Luckily Candy regularly dribbled dilute pee periodically into his mouth, she was still periodically stopping to steal another sip from the drinking tube he couldn’t get off her - although now that he was really thirsty he was getting annoyed that a good part of it went down both their bodies to soak them both. Sure it added just enough kink that he managed with clock-like regularity to give her another mouthful every 10 or 15 minutes; and certainly it was keeping him from getting too hot in the warm weather.. but he was really getting thirsty now. She was quite literally sucking him dry.

With nothing else to lose, and really needing water, he pulled at one of the strings holding her bikini bottom on, and threw it over one of the ass cheeks, the string on the other leg preventing it getting lost. Then clamped his mouth over her clit and labia above her urethra, and started pressing and massaging her bladder. Candy made a curious, "mmm?" sound and using her legs started grinding into his face. Gently at first and then more angrily. Not sure what she expected he released his mouth and left her bladder alone. This just made her angrier, she started flexing her legs so that her labia hit into his face violently - like a pussy punch - not relenting until his mouth was over it again.
Making a "grr" sound Candy followed it with an insistent grind into his mouth, when he still didn't do anything more she did it again, "grr!" this time wiggling her ass a little at the end of the grind. She seemed to want him to do something else while his mouth was on her. He licked his tongue across her slit in his mouth. This time she made a "mmm." sound almost like a purr, but again repeated the "grr" with another grind and wiggle. Sucking her clit a little as he licked this time she made a "mmm MMM" sound of approval and stopped face slamming him. She wiggled her hips now and flexed her tummy roughly at him, slapping his chest in a belly dancer like movement. He reached tentatively back with his hands to press on her bladder. "MMM mmmm.." she responded this time, she sound trailing off into a purr. She
wiggled her hips on his face in time with his sucks and presses on her bladder with his hand.

Ok so she just wanted him to alternate between sucking and licking while I pressed her bladder he concluded. Doing exactly that. After a minute or so his efforts were rewarded with slow at first but then more voluminous amounts of pee spurting into his sucking mouth as he pressed each time.. none being wasted now. Candy responding this time with a very long primal moan; causing her to thrust his face gently in time with the spurts between hip wiggles. Ok, admitted Dale this is pretty hot.

Moaning as she sucked added a nice new sensation from her mouth too.. and Dale suddenly much to his own surprise shot another load merely 5 minutes later this time, into her mouth, Candy responding to the mouthful by blasting not just a spurt but an entire mouthful of pee into his mouth in return, which he swallowed appreciatively.. but then the flow stopped, and Candy went still, arching her back so violently she hurt his neck, and caused him to overbalance and stumble a few steps. A guttural "ughhhh aaaaAA" sound shrieked from Candy, her hips tightening, and the taste and feel of her in his mouth subtly changed - he could feel her insides massaging his tongue a little and Dale realised she had started climaxing quite violently on his face and tongue.

Both of them ended up stumbling in a heap on the ground as both of their respective waves ran their course. Candy having cum so impressively on Dales face had briefly spiked his arousal even as he was still climaxing himself; and given Candy an extra few seconds of semen spurts into her screaming mouth as her own climax ran its course.

Tangled up with each other on the ground, Dale decided now might be a good time to take a break, and just went limp where he landed. He felt like he had just ran a triathlon.. twice. They remained flopped there on the ground tangled up together and dozed for 10 minutes - Candy having finally released Dale from her mouth slept as well.

He was woken at the end by Candy, she was standing now, in front of him her bikini bottom still fluttering off one leg where it remained tied - her exposed labia about a foot from his face. She was looking at him curiously, then to her hand and back again - and shaking him with her free hand. Fully awake now Dale noticed she was holding her phone - and the glassy animal look had left her eyes. He started paying more attention.

She was shooting questions at him, a note of panic in her voice, "Are you ok Dale? What happened? Why are you on the ground? How did we get here?.. and what is up with your shorts..." her voice losing its note of panic and sounding amused, she looked down at his waist - where his penis was still flopped out of his shorts through his open zipper. Dale blushing, replied, "We walked, or rather I walked here carrying you. Don't you remember?" Sitting up now he looked back at her curiously himself now. The sight of her labia causing his exposed penis to start rising again. Stumbling over her words a moment as she noticed it rising too with a blush of her own, she demanded to know, "..according to the phone it's been nearly 3 hours since my last dose? I should be basically dead... or in a coma at least by now.. why aren’t I?"

Dale momentarily confused answered, "I assume that had something to do with this.." pointing at his penis. Candy just looked more confused. Dale added, "You really don't remember?" Candy shook her head. "Nothing at all?", Dale queried. Candy's eyes took a faraway look to them as she rummaged through her memories. "All I remember is having some sort of crazy messed up erotic dreams..", she answered. Dale pondered at this and asked, "Would those dreams have involved you devouring penis like some sort of cum craving vampire?" Candy's face went all kinds of red and scarlet, "...uuhm Maybe?" Dale started laughing hysterically.. Candy getting angry thinking he was making fun of her gave him her angriest glare.

Dale spotting the glare; held back his laughter as best he could and told her, "Babe.. that was no dream". The colour drained from Candy's face and her glare faded into a deadpan look of shock. "uuuhm ye, you just put me through all kinds of crazy the last few hours; most of which involved you making me cum in your mouth a LOT of times." Taken aback, Candy tested the taste of her mouth a few times and went a little red again, although with a cheeky sparkle in her eye this time. "Well I wish I hadn't missed it then!" she said in mock anger - stalking towards Dale and pushing him back to the ground, she said, "here let me apologise for my behaviour". She dropped her ass onto his lap and slid his now hard penis inside her and over the next few minutes "apologised" loudly all over his penis twice.. before Dale, still drained from the walk "accepted" her apologies in return - although Candy feeling his jerks starting, knowing that very thing was probably all that was keeping her alive, jumped off and made sure to swallow most of his "acceptance" down her throat.

Dale feeling very much happy about her apology was again resting, as was Candy, who was staring into space absently licking her lips. She still didn't do up her bikini bottom. Although Dale had put his own shorts in order again. It was now mid afternoon. We should probably keep going he suggested. Candy giggled and raised an eyebrow. Dale blushing again, clarified, "WALKING again.". Candy made a dismissive raspberry sound and said, "killjoy".

"So how much further do we need to go?", She asked. Dale looked around. They had crossed the spillway; now a small river, a while back. They were probably halfway up the other side of the valley to where the road intersected the reservoir his car was trapped on. "Probably another 30 minutes to the road back, then maybe a days walk to the nearest town." Candy wrinkled her nose in annoyance. "That far?", she replied haltingly. Dale nodded mutely.

Candy he noticed was squirming a bit as she sat. Clearly needing to pee again. "On the up side", he said. "What?" Candy replied. "I am thirsty". She looked at him strangely, then at the drinking hose hanging limply beside his hiking pack, confused. "Then have a drink then?", she said gesturing at the hose. "Oh no not that he said. You seemed pretty possessive of that earlier - I wont drink that water since you need it more" enjoying his own game for once Dale added, "You seemed perfectly happy to drink that.. and even more happy for me.. to drink you." Candy's eyes went wide and she stood up in mock outrage. "Well that explains the other vampire in my dream then", she added. "Oh?" Dale replied. "Yes the piss sucking one", she added with a giggle and a slight flush of red.

Still giggling she got up and pretended to run away, wiggling her ass lewdly with each step and shrieking theatrically between giggles. Dale chased her until she let herself be cornered at a tree, where she play-acted, "oh no! the big bad pee vampire is going to drain me dry!" Dale smiling at the game gently grabbed her and turned her to face the tree, she put her arms out and leaned forward toward the tree and bend over a little poking her ass out a little at Dale. Holding her hips, he squatted down behind her and drove his tongue up her asshole surprising her, and causing her to automatically drive her ass out on his tongue in return, the surprise also causing her to lose control of her bladder for a moment. At this Dale quickly withdrew his tongue "Oh no you don’t!" Said Dale theatrically. Adding, "Stay right there vixen!" Holding her ass in the jutted out position it had moved to when she had driven herself on his tongue he moved his head in under the new very convenient position and stuck his tongue out under the still dripping pee that was escaping - moving up so that it rested under her clit.

At the soft warmth of his tongue on her clit Candy closed her eyes and bore down pee flooding out and over Dales tongue. He lapped at her clit as she did a few times before the flow became too much then trying to keep it in place, focused on slurping all the pee into his mouth like an athlete at a water fountain. The indecency of the act causing an instant hard-on for him, and several jumps in arousal levels for Candy. Her pee spluttered to an end but Dale kept his tongue there and started lapping between the folds of her still dripping labia and clit cleaning up the last of the pee. Still not finished, he kept going and as her moans became more and more insistent slipped a finger into her still wet asshole and finger fucked her ass while he licked her pink folds.

In short order Candy came on his mouth, and her muscles pulled nicely at his finger in her bum. "MMMmmm" she said simply, "the big bad vampire has sucked me dry!" wiggling her ass into his face as he wound down his licking and grinned at her. "Muahahha, you are mine forever", he said in his best Dracula impersonation.

That done, Candy noticed his bulge and said suddenly, "I think there is another vampire here that needs feeding!" A look of mock horror on Dales face he pretended to back away, but Candy turned and spun him around with his back to the same tree, and pulled his shorts down. Throwing her mouth over his organ she did exactly that. Twice.

Having concluded their game, Dale found his fingernails caked with dirt because as was typically the case, the second time around she got him, he had again found himself clawing at the ground. Mumbling to himself he said, "we should get married". Cocking her head at him she replied without hesitation, "ok".

Dales jaw dropped.

For the most of the part the rest of the afternoon went on like this - walking, head-jobs, sex and more head-jobs between drinking water (or each other) until the sun started to set. They had finally reached the intercepting road, and had walked down it a good hour. She still hadn't fixed her bikini bottom either. She took it off entirely and made Dale wear it like a necklace. On the up side Dale for the most part was able to keep her supplied so to speak, and she never found herself getting more than occasionally foggy eyed as a result. Dale however was buggered. That takes its toll.

They were probably still a good 7 hours walk from the nearest town however. The sun setting they opted on setting up a tent in a clearing just off the road.

They managed to start a camp fire, not that it was necessary the night was warm. He only had a small hiking tent, and he only had one sleeping bag. It was an interesting night. They slept off and on most of the night, not risking Candy going too long, having gentle otherwise normal (beyond her devouring him when he came) sex off and on to keep themselves active between naps. But in the end exhausted they both ended up fully asleep in the tent.

Waking in fear the next day Dale found Candy, still in his sleeping bag but now upside down?. Her legs each side of his head, he felt rather than saw she had slept most of the night much like their earlier hike with her mouth clamped on him suckling gently as she Dozed. His balls hurt. She must have made him fill her mouth several times as he slept he noted with surprise he hadn't woken up. Geez he must have been tired then. She seemed otherwise fine except it appeared she had also pissed herself a little on his shirt in the night. Worrying since she only did that if she went too long without calories, and not knowing what else to do, he poked her ass cheek with his finger and called her name. She just mumbled onto his penis in her sleep. He poked her again harder this time and flicked his tongue on her clitoris which was so conveniently situated in striking distance, this time she jumped and he got a blast of pee into his face, much going into his mouth which was still open from the flick slightly. Taken aback at the shock of wetness, and the stronger taste and smell of it in the morning. His penis jumped to attention.. in her mouth. Candy now awake asked sleepily, "what is wrong.." then realising her mouth was full slipped it off and asked again. Licking her lips in the darkness of the sleeping bag at the thought of what she was pretty sure had just been in her mouth.

Dale asked her if she was ok. She replied her voice muffled under the sleeping bag, "I am fine!" Then moving around in the darkness found his penis again and started devouring it enthusiastically. Dale closed his eyes and took a breath. He should be used to this by now. Giving into it, he started licking her again in return.

She filled his mouth with pee as he came in hers, then she orgasmed a few seconds later on his face after her bladder ran out from the stimulation.

Dragging herself out of the sleeping bag, and noticing she had removed her bikini at some point, and Dale too was also naked she made sure to rub across as much of his skin as she could as she got out. Pushing the sleeping bag down she turned to face Dale, and moved back to sit on his waist, her Vagina on display from his reclined position. "and a very good morning to you lover", she said smiling at him. Noting his face was wet, she leaned forward crushing her breasts into his chest and licked the wetness off his face and upper body, following up with a very wet and dirty drawn out French kiss with Dale.

Sitting up again she scooted back and reached a hand behind her fondling Dales nicely now half hard penis as she sat there and talked to him. "So what is the plan for today?", She asked. Dale; trying to ignore her hand, and definitely not ignoring her naked body replied, "We get dressed, pack up camp and start walking again."

Candy wrinkled up her nose again, suggesting, "My feet hurt these sandals are no good for walking in - how about you carry me.." pausing. Dale looked at her and wrinkled his own nose up. His arms still hurt. Candy gave him a wicked doe eyed smile and added, "Like you did before our nap yesterday.." Dales eyes went wide at the memory, and his penis jumped immediately to attention. Still smiling Candy moved her hand a little, then slid back driving his penis up her vagina, and added, "pretty please?" wiggling her hips in little circles on his penis as she did.

Dale took a breath and found himself thrusting into her without even giving his body the order. He just nodded, his eyes glazing with lust as she worked him yet again..

Youth definately had its advantages, Dale really understood what that statement meant now.

They had worked out a routine the night before, since lacking any other substitute for her pills they couldn’t let Dale go to waste, once they both felt their respective waves building, she would jump off spin around and end things with a 69. Dale would finish her off with his mouth and a finger (or tongue) in one or more of her holes; and she would do her best to make sure he finished things in her mouth. By their best estimations Candy needed roughly 5 "doses" every 40 minutes to remain coherent, or if they couldn’t manage that about 7 within an hour and a half to keep her from going any further than a little foggy.

This meant Candy had to do her very best to keep Dale hot enough to supply the next dose - which on average couldn’t be less than every 12 minutes. Her bikini bottom remained off for most of the rest of the walk, and she teased and flashed and rubbed up against him constantly. Any time she did wear it, was just for variation and she usually played some kinky fantasy game involving peeing herself or being transparent. Considering she got to get off in most cases more than Dale, she was loving every minute.

Anyway, they had long since broken camp and the footwear situation was solved by Candy walking barefoot and bare assed on the grass on the side of the road. She was a little disappointed she couldn’t just pee where ever she happened to be walking but Dale needed hydration too, and frankly the many different ways they kept finding to do it in his face was quite fun. Sometimes Dale carried her on his shoulders. Candy kept charge of the drinking hose, for practical and playful reasons although it was nearly empty now, and any time the urge struck, would make sure Dales mouth was at the ready to take her pee.

Sitting on his shoulders made this particularly exciting as she would let him know she needed to go by letting a little go on the back of his neck, which cooled the back of his shirt nicely in the heat - then would with some difficulty attempt to turn on his shoulder to stick her bare dripping crotch in his face for him to lap up in a reverse shoulder ride. For all practical purposes not very useful, since he couldn't see where he was walking when she did this, and had to stop - but a helluva lot of fun regardless - especially as he would keep going once she ran dry, and she would usually end up with her back propped against a tree or rock until he finished her off.

Such a polite boy she giggled, as she found herself in exactly this situation for a second time that day.

This time however he surprised her by pushing her off his shoulder after she began climaxing and sliding her down his body - then with her draped around his waist still in the final waves of her climax he awkwardly pulled his shorts down a little and slid himself into her. Ooh Wicked boy she thought, moaning a little as this angle hit her in a particularly sweet spot putting her mind into the sensation of needing to pee - but of course not having any, and as he began to carry her like this, the bounce of each step hit her in that same spot as she clutched onto him, her legs wrapped around him, his hands supporting her ass as he walked like some sort of sexy sack.

Considering she was still in the last waves of her earlier climax as he took her like this, and given he was now hitting her in a spot known for doing interesting things, she gasped and had to rest her head on his shoulder as they moved, her climax picked back up again for a few more waves catching her breath, then sort of held place at the edge of going off again for a few minutes as he walked and the bouncy thrusts kept pounding into her. Her eyes closed; head resting on his shoulder she found herself panting wantonly at the sensation, at the same time both restful and hot and sexy all at once - a sort of kinky intimate hug.

As expected this was indeed doing interesting things inside her, and she started rolling and thrusting her hips at him as she could feel something nice building behind the edgy place she already found herself at. Seconds or minutes later - she had honestly lost track of time as she enjoyed the sensation; she finally felt herself fly over the edge her body had been sitting at in a crashing wave of orgasm. Moaning she grabbed onto him tighter her head crushing into his shoulder almost painfully as she rode out the waves.. but considering the features of this particular sweet spot she was not entirely prepared for them.. she discovered with some wonder, that so long as he kept walking, and it kept hitting her in that spot, the waves kept going. Her body now much too sensitive, she moaned more insistently, almost a scream into his shoulder - as he kept walking and she kept pulsing.. and now several steps in and several steps more than she expected it to last for her body threw her another surprise, and something started squirting out of her accompanying each pulse; adding more to the sensation again.. this time she had to bite Dale on the shoulder - it was too much sensation and there was nothing else she could do it was all much too much.

Dale fully aware of what was happening, and somewhat surprised at the effect of what he had considered just a spur of the moment treat for Candy as he carried her was not without effect himself. She had been consistently sucking him dry every few minutes for hours, and it now took a long time for him to actually finish - his tired body struggling to keep up - but the imperatives of survival overruling any economy on the matter and he always eventually finishing regardless.

Knowing full well how important it was to her survival, and given she had rather painfully bit him at this point and seemed to have gone limp beyond jumping and squirting a little every time he felt her insides pulse on him. He slowly lifted her off and sat her on her feet before he wasted his own cum, holding her up by her waist in a sort of half hug. She let her head settle on his chest, or perhaps it just sagged and ended up there. There was one last little squirt and she seemed to stop - her body shuddering a little as it shot out, dribbling out slowly with an almost honey like viscosity. Her eyes still closed, leaning into him heavily like she had fainted, it took her several seconds before she opened her eyes and looked at him. She smiled at him weakly, and hugged him tighter. Then they just stood there holding each other for a few moments as her breath and heart rate slowed back to normal.

She finally broke the silence, and said whispering into his ear cheekily, "Correct me if I am wrong, but I think you just found my G-spot.."

This time it was Dale who found himself with a silent "O" on his face. Stumbling over some half formed words he gave up and went quiet. She leaned back and noticed unlike her he was still breathing heavily. Concerned a moment she noticed his hard and very warm organ currently pressing into her hip just to the side of her small triangle of hair between her legs. "Oooh..", she purred - realising what the trouble was, and squatted down on her haunches to suck on it. He barely lasted 20 seconds.

Tidying themselves up they resumed their walk. Candy this time opting to walk beside him holding a hand. After giving her the best orgasm she ever had; period, she was feeling more than a little affectionate and clingy towards him. As they turned around a spur in the road, Dale groaned. The earthquake had apparently dislodged half the mountainside here. The road was gone back for what appeared several miles. He considered just climbing over it back to where the road resumed, but the material looked very unstable, and there was several worrying jagged overhangs where the mountain looked like it could fall any time. Besides which Candy's footwear wouldn't have been up to the task anyway. They backtracked about a mile and found an old fire trail going over the mountain in the right direction, and opted to walk up that instead. This would probably add hours if not another day to their walk.

The bad news continued as the water supply; at least the one in his backpack, finally ran out. This proved no issue right away, in the hot weather as she was just as enthusiastic about drinking up Dale when he needed to go, and so far they had both been drinking so much fluid it was still fairly dilute anyway, so they managed the next hour or so of the walk by "recycling" out each other so to speak - but eventually even the kinkiest lovers must face practicality - as both their urine rapidly became too acidic and metallic tasting to keep doing it. Candy making the best of things had put her bikini bottom on again; and wet in it shamelessly as much as she could in as many goofy ways as she could come up with that would get a boner out of Dale so she could suck more semen out of him.

Dehydrated, Dale was also struggling to keep up with her demand for calories - and by the next hour she was well on her way back to the feral horny cum sucking wild women from the day before. Before she got too far gone, still trying to make the best of things; she put herself in the position from the previous day - hanging from his neck to suck on him on deliberately instead of waiting until she went feral. For one at least she would get to remember what it felt like to do this nasty little thing, and secondly doing it this way allowed Dale to adjust her position to be somewhat more comfortable this time around. It also helped she was still lucid enough that the entire process got her so horny and wet over it, Dale at least had something wet to lick up while he walked in the heat.

They managed like this for another 40 or so minutes. But Candy by now had long since returned to her feral state - and Dale was struggling to service her in the various ways her feral mode demanded of him. His face hurt, his tongue too, and it was feeling dry. The constant sucking meant his penis was sore and red too.
The earthquake however managed to throw them another bone. During the downhill part of the fire trail which from his vantage point he could see did indeed intersect the road again after the land slide - he happened upon (or rather heard, since his field of view was obscured by Candy's hips) a small spring from between some dislodged boulders, which was servicing a newly formed brook following the edge of the fire trail down.

Managing to get some in his hand he attempted to drink it, most of it instead splashing on Candy's ass. The shock of sudden cold making "feral" Candy hiss at him.

But not having had her fill for a while, of Dale or water it also made her aware of it; and she disengaged herself from Dale to drink some herself. With Candy occupied lapping at the water like a cat (sorta cute actually) and Dale being too tired anyway he decided to remain here to setup a a small camp and take a long rest. He setup a small camp fire, and being careful not to interrupt Candy who was apparently guarding the bit of rock she was lapping water up from at the moment - he filled a camp tin from his pack with water and started boiling it. Once boiled he emptied it into another tin to cool, refilled it and boiled some more. In this way he managed to mostly refill the water bladder in his pack - solving their immediate survival concern. This left Dale with the next problem. Deciding to take a longer break, considering putting the tent up too. In the end he just set up the guide ropes and pokes, and hung his sleeping bag on it, to dry out any wetness that Candy may have accidentally added to it the night before. He foraged around to see if he could find any mushrooms or anything; but all he could find was some tough bitter berries, which he was pretty sure were poisonous.

Returning to the camp site Candy was still guarding her spot - and he noticed marking her territory; as she appeared to be wetting herself at the moment too. She had long since removed her bikini again, opting just for the skirt in case they happened on civilisation when she had climbed up on him to be carried; so there was no briefs to get wet, but the sight of a small trail falling between her legs from below her skirt to run down and join the brook, while Candy herself was lapping water off a rock was still somewhat erotic. The image however was soon ruined as it appeared Candy had just lost control of another part, and a large lumpy poop plopped out on the ground too, followed by a second smaller one. Screwing up his nose he rummaged around in his pack to see if he had packed toilet paper. He had. He asked her if she was done. Feral Candy just glared at him like she had only then realised he was there, and turned and sat on her haunches in the mud of the brook, just missing her mess thankfully - there were some things even for a hot girl like her that he didn't find sexy.

Her eyes narrowed as she watched him. She had mud all over her legs and ass now he noticed somewhat bemused. Very much looking the wild women in dress sense now too. She had apparently drank her fill so he carefully attempted to lead her away from the spring a little to the dry grass, and away from her little accident.

She was reluctant to move but he waved the hose of the now refilled water tank on his pack at her and she crept over slowly on all fours towards it curious. He managed to release her skirt clip too as she stalked the hose; he could use it as a towel later. She hadn't even noticed. Reaching the hose Candy grabbed it took an experimental sip, then flopped down on her stomach and stretched out in the shade holding it.

Using the toilet paper Dale grabbed her mess and tossed it with the paper onto the camp fire, where it smouldered for a while and burnt a little. He read somewhere once burning poo discourages insects, particularly mosquitoes. Can't hurt he thought. Turning back to Candy, she was just laying there on her front playing absently with the hose. Her upturned bare ass was alluring but the mess of mud, and some clinging bits of poop was off putting. She seemed entirely unconcerned.

Shrugging, he again poked around in his pack looking for soap and a rag or wash cloth. Using the remaining half full pot of boiled water - which had not been needed to fill the water tank, he mixed in some water from the spring and soaked the cloth with it, then pulling the warm fabric out soaped it up thickly.

Moving carefully so not to startle her, he began cleaning her legs with the warm cloth, soaping her up. She glared back at him over her shoulder; then apparently satisfied he wasn't trying to hurt her, ignored him and returned her attention to the hose, which she licked the end of absently catching a stray drip that had formed by her handling it. Dale managed to soap up both legs and had started on her dirty ass; adding more soap and starting to rub between her ass cheeks, being careful to avoid getting any soap on her vagina, which would most likely sting, and he really didn’t want to find out what feral Candy did if someone hurt her.

Amusingly as he cleaned her ass she began driving her hips back into his hand pleasantly. The cleaning in part turning into him massaging her cheeks which was fine by him. Although at one point after a particularly enthusiastic drive he found the cloth and two of his fingers slipping soapily up her asshole - which she seems particularly pleased with herself about causing. He tried to extract his fingers but she kept chasing them with her ass so in the end it was more like a soapy ass fuck with his hand. Giving in; he rotated the cloth in her ass on his fingers soaping her insides clean with it. On the upside when he finally succeeded in extracting his fingers and cloth, the inside of her ass was perfectly clean too. He licked his lips momentarily at the thought of what parts of himself he could poke up there if she wanted.

He rinsed off the soap in the pot, and started working on her legs and ass again to clean off the soap. Again he found his finger up her ass, which he let her trick him into doing since he needed to rinse the soap out there too, swapping hands and wetting his finger some more in the pot before sloppily running it up her ass again, then swapping fingers again. Candy's breathing was a little faster but she otherwise remained quiet. Satisfied all the soap was out, again rinsing twice to make sure the cloth was clean, he spread her legs a little, which she helpfully assisted him with, moving them open immediately with only the briefest urging and looking between her legs at her labia, he could already see quite a lot of wetness there already, none of which was from his cloth. A few stray drips of pee still beaded one side of her labia, and to the bottom he could see some translucent honey-like cream seeping out.

He marvelled at how she was always horny even when she wasn't in a right state of mind. Carefully he ran the cloth from the back forward along her labia - which she responded to by immediately lifting her ass in the air, moving her knees under her a little and jutting her ass out to roll her hips back and forth to rub her labia and clitoris against the warm cloth in his hands. An action that reminded him in part of a cat or dog in heat. She kept her head and shoulders where they were and kept playing with the hose, like the way she was acting was the most normal thing in the world. Too tempted by the sight of her now clean ass he leaned in and slipped a tongue up her asshole and tickled her inside with it while rubbing her with the cloth. It tasted very clean indeed. She squeaked a little in apparent delight, and from the feel of it came softly on his hand and tongue as he rubbed her clean shortly after.

"Fuck that was adorably hot" he muttered to himself as he finished cleaning her, and reached for her terry-cloth skirt. Candy stopped playing with the hose and glanced at him calculatingly over her shoulder when he stopped rubbing and she heard his voice. Rubbing the skirt along her legs to dry them she again relaxed and returned her attention to the hose. Her legs dry he started dabbing her dry between her legs too, Candy again rolling her hips into him. Once he was done he placed the skirt around her waist and did the clasp up again. Apparently annoyed he had stopped fondling her, as he tried to extract one hand from between her legs after clipping the skirt on, she snapped her knees shut trapping his hand against her vagina. He froze. Further annoyed she started wiggling her hips until he started stroking her labia with his trapped fingers, at which point she seemed happy again and returned to sip on the hose thoughtfully.

Periodically glancing at him between little sips; she eventually noticed his pants, which between rubbing her down to clean her, licking her, and her insistence that he stroke her increasingly slippery labia had tented quite noticeably. Her eyes narrowing she turned around on all fours, his hand plopping free from between her thighs, and pushed him back onto the ground to nuzzle at his lap with her mouth urgently, seeking the prize no doubt as her clumsy hands driven by feral need groped at his shorts.

Helping her he grabbed his shorts and poking his waist up a little pulled them down for her to his knees quickly. She reacted momentarily with anger, then realising he was uncovered started licking and sniffing around his crotch until she found his penis and stuck it in her mouth to suck on again. When he didn't immediately fill her mouth she made an annoyed growl and glared up at him. Wiggling her hips, like she just realised she had some - (or was about to pounce?) she noticed her own bodies reaction to Dale and threw her rear end around to jam her crotch into Dales face - almost hitting his head with her knee from the sudden movement. Dale wondered if some time in the distant past all girls acted like this once.

Seemingly satisfied all was as it should be she resumed her slurping of his penis, and not arguing Dale started to lick at her wet dripping labia which made her wiggle her hips nicely at his tongue in response. Rehydrated from the spring, and having been resting now in the shade for a while, he soon filled her mouth again; which she swallowed enthusiastically and as usual kept going.. Dale started clawing the ground again at the intensity. Lucky he left the soap out. His nails would be filthy again.

She wouldn’t let him up, and between the two of them they both climaxed several times in each others mouth. By the 4th time, nearly 50 minutes later, she apparently was satisfied and settled down to apparently nap with his penis in her mouth. Absently slurping it every now again as she dozed. As she fell asleep her bladder, apparently refilled started dripping in his face. As he was tired himself now, he licked at it a couple of times half heartedly then just gave up and let it drip into his mouth, swallowing when it was too full, or just letting it overflow as he half fell asleep himself.

Once again about 10 minutes napping later; after so much semen, Candy began to recover from her feral state again. Waking, finding a penis in her mouth was interesting, she confirmed who it belonged too, then began working it in and out of her mouth; with more skill than in her feral state. This woke Dale up too, spluttering a little of the pee in his mouth out and blinking confused a moment. Licking his lips.. then licking her from behind too he was soon quite hard again, and they somehow managed to get each other off one more time. Candy greedily swallowing it. Candy asked, "How long?" Dale caught off guard a moment took a second for his faculties to catch up. "Oh, it has been about 3 hours maybe?" Smiling haphazardly at him she said, "well we both seem to still be alive." giving the tip of his painfully sensitive penis a playful lick; making him jump a little, to prove it.

Rolling off Dale somewhat reluctantly she sat up and looked around. "you made camp? what time is it?", she asked. "Some time mid afternoon I think", answered Dale; "Isn't that a bit early?", she queried. Dale replied, "We had ran out of water and I stopped to use the spring to refill it; I was exhausted"; pulling his shorts back up.

Watching him with amusement, Candy added, "no need do that on my account.. I insist" pulling his shorts down again and sitting her bare ass on his lap, making sure her wet labia was pressing on his softening rod as she did so. Throwing her arms around him she apologised, "I am sorry for all this trouble, I would offer to make it up to you.. but it might be difficult to find a way to do it, that we haven't already.." Giggling as her tone dripped with innuendo. Dale finished, "..on several occasions".

Smiling at her tiredly, he added, "Oh I am sure I can find at least one way we haven't yet.." his voice now dripping with innuendo.

"Stohhp", Candy chuckled slapping him on the shoulder, then moving in kissed him thank you as she sat on his lap making sure to wiggle her hips so his soft flesh tickled her between her labia lips. Once she finished the kiss. Dale gestured at her legs. "How do your legs feel?", he asked. Now that he mentioned it, her legs felt warm and tingly, and she noticed - clean. Looking askance at him in confusion.

Dale filled her in about her activities earlier, including the cleaning and subsequent ass lick. Now noticing her asshole felt nice too, well she had told him she liked it. Candy offered her gratitude by grabbing the cloth, wetting it in the pot (although she was tempted to wet it with pee instead..) and started to wash Dales face with it while she sat on him. She went above and beyond, getting him to remove all his clothes and cleaning him all the way to his waist, then rinsing the soap off again with the same cloth.

By now Dales penis was slowly going hard again, and Candy made sure that as it did, it slipped immediately into her pink flesh. Dale didn't stop her. He was tired, and to be honest felt grubby in the hot air anyway. Trying not to let him pull out, Candy lifted herself a little, and proceeded to rub down Dales waist and balls, then turning, still trying to keep him inside her, started washing his legs all the way down to his feet. Leaning to reach his toes Dales rod pressed nicely at the part inside her that shared a wall with her rectum. Stopping at his feet but remaining in position; the feeling reminded her, a wicked grin Dale couldn’t see playing on her face; her ass being the only thing he was looking at that second, of one thing she hadn't done yet to "make it up to him" Adjusting her position as she remained leaning over his legs she asked Dale sweetly, "Be a dear would you and lick my ass again.." she lifted her ass up at him so he could reach, his penis sliding sloppily out of her vagina.

Noting with satisfaction it was very wet and slippery, she waited and enjoyed Dale probing about inside her ass again with his tongue fr a few seconds.. until it felt nice and relaxed; nearly forgetting what she had intended in the enjoyment of the moment. Reaching down she grasped his penis, and without further warning moved her ass back down, his tongue sloppily falling away and drove his penis up her asshole.

"oooh.. ", she said enthusiastically, everything being so wet and relaxed it hadn't hurt, and confirming her suspicion when it felt almost as nice as when it rubbed the other side of that same wall shared with her vagina from this side. "Another new feeling I’ve never tried before..", she thought. Play-acting her most innocent look, she said, "Oopps.. how did that get in there?" a hand on her mouth in mock surprise. Her deception undone when she made no attempt to remove it and immediately started humping him with her ass, and rubbing her clitoris with her hand. This one time she kept working him until he erupted inside her; a waste perhaps but the hot warmth tickling her fancy at that moment also allowed her masturbating finger to get herself off almost at the same time.

Dale somehow shocked at what she had just done couldn't react more than sitting there holding her ass with his hands as she drove her ass up and down on him, and closed his eyes to enjoy it. Finally both of them done.. although she still had him up her ass, she watched him demurely over her shoulder as she sat quietly with a look on her face like she was a cat that had just swallowed a particularly tasty canary. Recovering his senses and opening his eyes, locking them with hers - he stumbled the words, "how did you know I was thinking.." cutting him off she grinned and answered, "not exactly many things left we haven't tried yet.. it wasn't difficult to work out what you meant earlier" She laughed, her body shaking in such a way her sphincter pulsed on his slowly softening rod in her interestingly.

Now soft she finally extracted her ass from him and asked, "so what now?" tilting her head in the direction of the camp site. Dale his head once again clear for a moment considered their options. "Well as much as I would like to remain here longer, we still don't have any food, water and body reserves will only get us so far on that, especially with you eating all mine! We need to keep moving again", he told her. Their water full, there really was no other reason to stay here. Although Dale decided quickly to use the last of the warm water and wipe clean the top half of Candy's body with the cloth. Candy's didn't object and quite enjoyed it, particularly when her bikini bra went invisible when it got wet; jiggling them at Dale lewdly and asking, "are you all done now?". Nodding, his eyes glued to her chest he shook the gaze away and packed the soap, pan and cloth back in his pack, along with the poles and ropes. Making sure to clean his dirty fingernails before they left the spring as well.

Candy walked with him hand in hand for part of the way; but since this seemed to only speed up the process of her going feral mode if he didn't keep up with her "feedings" they had to settle for letting him carry her. With her sitting on his shoulders her typically perpetually moist naked crease dampening the back of his neck; they remarked with amusement that with her skirt sitting as it was, it was like he was wearing Candy as a hat. Their water supply replaced there was little need for her to feed him in return, beyond a few kinky interludes to get him hard again; so with evil delight she took every opportunity to piss herself as she sat there down his back.

Aside from the pleasant depravity of the sensation for both of them, it also helped keep Dale cool in the hot weather as he walked. When they stopped for a rest next she put her bikini bottom on again, and immediately wet herself in it for fun as Dale watched, before climbing back up onto his shoulders again and pressing the wet dripping fabric into the back of his neck, where it rubbed deliciously on her clit as he walked. The position also made the back ride up quite a lot, so she also got to the enjoy the nasty feeling of both her ass being on display and the fabric tickling her nicely between her cheeks.

As such with their spirits high, and Candy still mostly lucid it came as rather a shock when they encountered another landslide. This time however, they could hear the obvious sound of heavy machinery on the other side - and it was only a few dozen yards wide. Putting Candy down carefully, with a kiss, he handed her his hiking pack to lean on, and clambered over the rockfall to investigate. A work crew was busy trying to clear the road, and he hailed them. They stopped with surprise at finding anyone out here. He explained about the collapse of the dam, and their walk here. He asked if one of them could give them a lift back.

They answered the negative, but considering how tired and worn out he looked they offered to call an ambulance to come collect him on the radio which was as good as. Dale nodded, and asked if they had anything to eat? Realising he had probably not eaten in over a day and had just walked an entire day and a half to get there, they again stopped work and dug out some uneaten snacks from their own lunch to hand to him apologetically. Dale climbed back over the collapse to Candy and offered them to her. She nibbled at one, but insisted he eat the rest. They both waited on the other side, and by the time they cleared that section of the road the ambulance had nearly arrived. The workers eyes went wide when they finally saw Candy. Even after their ordeal she was still sex on legs to look at.. (and probably smelt of sex somewhat too) However before the workers broke through the collapse she had the common sense to retrieve her button up top and put it on, and make sure she was dry, and using the water hose and cloth, more or less clean and presentable when they got there. She had likewise tried to tidy Dale up, to minimise the rather suspicious smell of sex and pee he probably had too - in the end opting to rinse his clothes under the hose while still out of sight - which soon dried in the heat as they waited.

The road now cleared; the workers again spoke to Dale, and he summarised what they had found during their hike here. The workers visibly groaned when he described the long section of valley that had collapsed over the road, and gave more detail on the condition of the dam wall. Dale suggested it might be quicker for them to improve the fire trail and run a detour across it than immediately tackle the destroyed section of road; which they readily concurred with after consulting a topographical map they had with them.

The ambulance finally arrived, and they were loaded in the back. Dale who had probably lost 50 pounds during the nearly two day ordeal would not have recognised himself. The paramedics secured them both in the back, and gave Dale a carb and glucose drink, almost attaching him to a drip as well, but decided against it.

Candy much to their surprise had faired pretty well. She hadn't lost much weight if any, and other than some scrapes and obvious fatigue, which a few sips from the same drink they gave Dale soon remedied, she didn't need much more than a band aid. Considering her attire they were rather confused.

Dale partially elaborated that for the most part he had carried her so she could save her strength. Looking at him with a degree of new-found respect they wrote some notes in a folder and left it at that while they completed the drive to the hospital. Candy also joked they had resorted to cannibalism. Luckily, they didn't beleive her.

Once back to civilisation the effects of the earthquake were minor but widespread. Cracks and other minor structural damage everywhere. But for the most part the building regulations meant most buildings had little more than cosmetic damage. Now getting signal on her mobile she called her family to let them know all was well; although apparently they hadn't even realised she was near where the earthquake occurred.

At the entrance to the hospital they were stopped briefly by a news crew who ran a quick video segment about their ordeal that night.

The hospital ran a few tests, finding Dale severely low on electrolytes and a few other trace vitamins and minerals, they put him on a drip in the end; and had him stay overnight for observation. Candy remained with him as well; also under observation and was placed in a bed next to him. Apparently all she was in need of was a good meal, and she managed to score a couple of packets of confectionery when they looked up her medical file and read about her odd condition. They had also ordered some more of her pills from the local chemist, but they wouldn’t arrive until the next day - having specially ordered some by overnight express. Candy amused herself by closing the privacy curtains and taking charge of the bed pan, using it to pee while sitting on Dales chest, and holding it and him when he needed to go in it too. She seemed to enjoy herself, although the medical staff seemed confused how it had become filled with twice the volume of pee than the drip they had given Dale; but thankfully hadn't asked for any explanation.

They were discharged the next day after some final checks and Candy's pills arriving, and given a voucher for a taxi to take them home. Apparently both their health insurance covered at least that.

Candy went back with Dale to his place, luckily he had his keys in his pocket having removed them to open the trunk when he got out his pack prior to the quake. She stuck around a couple of days, and they spent some very interesting nights together.. Candy "forgetting" to take her slow release pills each night had opted instead to tuck up naked with Dale each night, in his single bed; making for some /very/ close snuggling. Any time feral Candy risked making an appearance she snuggled under the blankets to solve the problem by making Dale claw at his blankets a few more times each night.

He didn't seem to mind.

Checking himself in the mirror after a particularly enjoyable sleepless night one morning, he was interested to note that he had dropped quite a lot in weight, and some of his muscles had toned up quite a bit from the brutal walk - between carrying a large pack, and Candy for about 20 hours, not really unexpected. Candy called him back to the bed, not wanting to get out of bed yet.. and tricked him into a particularly enthusiastic 69 - where he discovered she really needed to pee and just didn't want to get up yet, Dale ending up with most of it in his mouth. He didn't seem to mind that either - and reciprocated by making her cum on his mouth twice afterwards, then for good measure jumped on top of her where they made each other cum once again in a more traditional manner 15 minutes later.

Being in sync was no longer a problem now either.

Later the third day a tow truck arrived and dropped off his car. The workers had finally managed to get across to it on the Dam, and sent it back to his house to get it out of the way while they repaired the wall.

Candy ended up moving in. True to her word, they planned to marry by the end of summer holidays. She transferred to Dales university after handing in her environmental report to the university in her home town. She got a B-. Annoyed she switched to contract law at Dales university.

Due to the news report shortly after being "rescued" which ended up on TV, and was duplicated on the local news website they became a minor celebrity. Helped by the fact she had still been in her sexy bikini at the time, with interesting bits of anatomy peeking out in interesting places during the interview. The video was the most viewed on the website.

The video as it turned out was seen by the makers of her bikini and she gained a little more notoriety under an anonymous stage name when she agreed to do a photo shoot for them. She was reluctant to do it, but they disguised her by colouring her hair black for the shoot, and getting a make up professional to change the way her face looked so much, even her parents would probably not recognise her. She was nude in most of it, either because her outfit was wet, or she wasn't wearing one at all. This company "ALS" was also known to dabble in golden shower fetish material, so in one scene her bikini was wet because she was peeing in it, in another she had her bottom to the side spraying another girl making hers transparent instead. The money paid some of her university costs, and she negotiated her photo shoot contract so she got small royalties from her photo and video sales. Studying contract law had its advantages. This also led to her making the acquaintance of several female models from that part of their website with big pee fetishes like her too - whom she spent much time socially with - particularly the two ones who she discovered attended the same university as her.

Her relationship with Dale still new, its boundaries not set in stone yet - Candy wanted to widen them a little. Dale seemed particularly interested when she described the antics she got up to on the photo/video shoot - and when she showed him her copy, he seemed quite curious about one of the blondes. Apparently reminding him of some girl he had a crush on once that had been cold to him in highschool. So she secretly invited her back to their place; and timed things so that when Dale arrived home next he found the bathroom door open - Candy's blond friend Carly from that very scene sitting on the toilet in a very short skirt and no knicker with her legs wide open urinating slowly - and Candy's, completely naked; her face between those same legs lapping away at Carly's clitoris while she did - which is why it was coming out so slow. Every time she licked the sensation would cause Carly to stop peeing for a moment. So emptying her bladder was gloriously slow progress.

Candy heard Dale come in, and turned and smiled at him and wiggled her ass. "Come join Carly and I" she smiled, then when Carly taking advantage of her distraction started peeing too quickly she turned back and clamped her mouth on her and sucked and licked her until she stopped again. Carly moaning at the indecent mixture of sensations.

Dale momentarily stunned but now very much excited by the sight, made sure to lock the front door and joined them in the bathroom. Feeling inspired he knelt down next to Candy and started licking Carly too. Her eyes going wild at the sight of Candy licking one side of her pissing vagina, and now Dale licking the other at the same time, their tongues tangling over her clitoris and settling on licking one side of it each at the same time. "Oh fuccck.." she moaned nearly cumming on the spot despite her desperate need to pee.

Dale his curiosity about how she tasted satisfied now had another problem to deal with - his pants. He really wanted them off now. He jumped up, leaving Candy to lap away at Carly's pissy Clit, and struggled for a bit, getting a few giggles from Carly between her moans, then eventually got his pants off. His penis firm and a little larger than Carly was expecting; licking her lips a little at the sight. Candy feeling a little cheeky because Carly was staring at Dale's penis so intently she had stopped pissing, gave her a playful nip causing Carly to jump and squirt pee in Candy's mouth; then look back down at her. Carly's eyes misty with lust as she said, "oh you dirty girl" grabbing Candy behind her head and pushing her face between her legs harder for a moment as she thrusted her hips into her face, and bore down as hard as she could giving Candy a solid mouthful of her pee before releasing her and sitting back again to let Candy do as she pleased to her.

Dale his eyes fuzzy with lust moved in and started thrusting into Candy from behind. Once he had a rhythm going thrusting into her, she in turn drove back into him between licks; moaning a little into Carly's vagina. He moved in a little and reached forward with a hand and pushed two fingers into Carly, one in her vagina, and the
other up her ass. Carly jumped again and squirted pee so hard into Candy some of it ran down her chin. But her eyes soon took on a deeper cast of lust as Candy kept lapping at her, and trying to match timing so as not to interrupt the spurts of urine from Carly, Dales fingers thrusted into Carly as well. Carly was beside herself with lust and pleasure, This went on for maybe minutes later then she found no amount of pushing gave further relief to her bladder, as her pee pinched off because she had started climaxing loudly all over Candy's mouth and Dales fingers.

Candy kept licking her.. as she tended to, and as Carly became more sensitive she started squirming and making little squeals.. Dale not far off himself had to pull his hand back to take firm grip of Candy's ass as he concentrated on his timing. By this point Candy herself was not far off either, and her licking became less and less effective as she gave herself more and more to the rising pleasure behind. This finally allowed Carly to wind down a moment and relax - the action unclenching her bladder again, and a stream of urine spraying across the room over Candy's body, and some even onto Dales face. Candy her eyes closed, moved over it and just opened her mouth and sat it over Carly's entire labia and clit; letting it run indecently into her mouth - Candy her mouth soon full had to swallow.. the action being followed almost immediately by her own orgasm.

Carly now entirely relaxed just let herself go entirely the remaining pee quickly filling Candy's mouth as she rode out her own orgasm, some overflowing into the toilet bowl. The sight of this also sent Dale over the edge and he started pumping his balls empty into Candy. Candy lustfully slurpt down Carly's pee - swallowing like she
was dying of thirst as her orgasm momentarily increased her enthusiasm for the dirty activity while riding her own waves of climax - which were only improved by the sensation of Dale cumming into her now.

Carly panting and really wishing she could cum again at the messy sight of Candy devouring her, and Dale fucking her stupid at the same time, proclaimed, "You know, my friend Riley would really like this too...."

"I know", said Candy. Adding, "She was delayed at school after you left today. She will be here in an hour."

Both girls smiled and looked at Dale with one of those cat ate the canary looks on both of their faces.

'O' gaped Dale back at them. His mouth wide.
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