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Pee - Wetter the Better?

The obsession of all things golden has followed hand in hand the march of civilisation.
From crude animal beginnings males could judge from the scent or taste of a females pee her current suitability for breeding, or the female may be motivated into season by the musky scent of a particularly assertive male. Or the scent of an animal marking that which they consider their territory. Often a combination of several of these.

Some of these systems still exist today more or less in the human olphactory system, a system designed to be hardwired to the brain bypassing the conscious mind entirely. We even still test pee today to check general health, a womens place in her cycle or if she is pregnant. It can still tell you a lot, or influence your actions if you happen to be sensitive to it. For those that naturally experimented with playmates growing up, without undue puritanical interference chances are you picked up that particular superpower in part at least. Wonder why that girl looks much more attractive than usual..? you probably just unwittingly analysed her scent and discovered her either fertile or aroused. Why does the bathroom of the opposite sex always seem to smell less objectionable? Because your survival instincts tell you here be breeding partners. Why does your own bathroom stink? Your brain just warned - keep away here be rivals.

Later in the march of society it was common for the first awkward jumps towards a child's adolescence to typically involve covert or furtive mutual interactions with the opposite gender typically simply observing them relieving themselves or sometimes quite a lot more. Not particularly strange given weather permitting in many tribal societies most children were not even expected to wear clothes until their ages were in double digits, and their bodies began to develop the ability to reproduce - in which case by necessity clothing was needed to minimise inconvenient indiscretions and coupling. In such cultures a curious child watching another would simply cause mild amusement in the adults, not the absurd horror such things cause in puritanical parents today.

In prehistory urine, or the uric acid in particular was distilled down and used to cure leather hides for use in clothing, animal restraints, armour and footwear. In some cases even curing meat.

In early medicine it was used to treat a range of maladies from allergies, dandruff or infections. In more modern times it was a proscribed battlefield antiseptic to clean wounds, sooth stings or from which medications could be extracted and reused such as antibiotics. Later in other stages of history urine was used by both tribal ceremonies involving spirit journies using Hallucinogens - where a second trip could be triggered by the consumption of the urine, and in the later stages of the 20th century various recreational drugs could be recycled by romantic companions or themselves by simply consuming all their urine afterwards. Which considering the other acts they were probably engaged in at the time was probably found to be as convenient as it was kinky.

As so called civilised society developed these modest beginnings still had an impact on it - there was the mysterious "Starfire" a golden liquid whos principle ingredient was the urine (and sometimes blood) from the virgin maidens dedicated to one or another of the numerous female deities who littered the various pantheons of theology in early history.

Starfire was a key ingredient used to make the Mana of God, a bread which reportedly when consumed increased verility, spiritual power and health (typically reserved for gods, royalty and senior officials).
It was also an ingredient in Ambroshia the drink of the gods that supposedly granted immortality to all who drank it.
In alchemy it was a key ingredient in the philosophers stone a material rumored to turn lead to gold, or give its user long life.

During the Roman Empire the obsession with urine reached its height - it was the must have commodity of the day.
In laundries it was used as the bleach for their clothes fabric, in war it was used to bind wounds, tanners bought it in vast quantities for mass production of leather, noblemen specifically kept young men as slaves to use their urine as a verility and age reduction tonic (makes sense - it is full of testosterone and probably works as advertised there) Women bathed in it - crediting it for their clear complextion, or colouring their hair blonde. As today it was also fetishised every way imaginable, many not wanting to interrupt their pleasures. It was used in broths and potions as cures for every malady imaginable.

In Mythology certain water element creatures subsisted on the fluids of mankind be it blood, sweat, urine or saliva. Urine itself is basically what you have left if you filter out the bloodcells leaving you with only water containing excess trace minerals, salts, vitamins, and occaisional protein cells your body didn't need at the time - essentially concentrated mineral water in any other context.

Even as recently as wartime europe urine and semen was used by women on their face as a skin treatment. Presumably it firms, heals and softens the skin in various interesting ways.

Today, Urine is still used as a key source of urea for cosmetics, psoriasis skin cremes and in certain medical treatments concerining immunity and allergies, diagnosis, and drug testing.

In short any reputation of disgust it holds is entirely unjustified. Feel no shame if you share this particular obsession, thousands of years of evolution led you here.
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