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The Golden Thrill?

The Golden Thrill is a flexible hypothetical secret code phrase known only to pee fetishists used as a verbal contract by, or of a girl wishing to ask someone covertly to join her for any oral sex activity where the aim is for both participants to swallow any fluids of the other before, during or after cumming from oral pleasuring. What fluids depend entirely on the gender and biological versatility of the participants, but conventionally pee, semen etc. Less adventurous people might use other more mundane liquid such as soft drink, wine, melted chocolate etc dripped between their legs during oral stimulation to enhance the kink.

If when asked - the other replies in the negative or is not sure what it means then the inquirer simple drops the topic before they become too curious as to the meaning.

If answering in the positive then the other should then arrange to take them both somewhere out of sight where requested contract can be completed. For example a 69 in a stock room, licking on a toilet, face sitting in a park bush, wetting on a beach dune, under a dark table in a club, bathroom, your bedroom etc.

Use your imagination here how to apply the phrase.

Examples -
The Cocktail
Ask them if they know how to make a Golden Thrill cocktail. A fictional shot cocktail served warm composed of one shot liquer (tequilla, whisky, vodka etc) a twist of pineapple juice and 1-2 shots warm urine caught directly from between a girls legs during the height of her fertility cycle. Ideally filtered by leaving her swimsuit or knickers on while filling the glass to maximise pheremone effect and kink (or to give the illusion at least of modestly in the setting of a public bar). The two would generally then agree on a time and place having likely sealed the deal by consuming the shot. Depending on the setting some might skip the liquer, pinapple or even the glass entirely, then find the nearest private place to complete the deal.

The Hardware store attachment
Ask them if they have any gold thrill attachments for their drill.

The Pet Shop order
Inquire if they have any Golden Thrill birds for sale.

The electrical/computer store
Request if they stock any golden thrill connectors for their computer

The variety shop
Do they have any Golden Thrill fittings for your phone

The fruit shop
Do you have any Golden Thrill apples?

If the reaction is confusion, a blank stare or they intend to ask their supervisor, discourage them and let the topic drop.

However if any of the above reply in the affirmative then the storeperson should lead them somewhere private such as a stockroom, office or bathroom to proceed.. some small stores might need to put up a back in 30 minutes sign..

So Girls.. *laughs* if you happen to be in Australia, near where I work, I am always happy to assist you in your stock enquiries requarding a certain special connector! :D
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