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So had a kinky AF dream last night, dreamt I was like floating about but nobody could see me, every time I saw a hot chick, I would like circle around them, and I could share their thoughts, and I would tempt them with all sorts of sexy kinky ideas.. if they were in to it, and wanted to do it, they just had to pull their knickers off, and they could see me. Or maybe they just had to want to do it to see me.
Apparently I am like some sort of kinky incubus thing.

So like the first chick that decides to take me up on the offer is standing there on some steps, and sneakily dumps her knickers and throws them at me, then like sits down opens her legs and full on takes a pee, she has her skirt shuffled back behind her to keep dry and she has a bag on so nobody can see the back of her skirt, and then I go down on her as her dribble subsides, gettings a solid smell and tasteful of her pee. Of course nobody can see me but her, apparently i am invisible - so all her friends see standing behind - as they talk among themselves; is her sitting there innoceantly looking all flustered and squirming a bit with her legs open. From their angle the skirt would conceal her lack of underwear or the pee puddle.

After satisfying that girl, I circle several more groups but find no interested parties although I fancy I catch more than one coy look as I pass by.. perhaps these girls never put underwear on that day to begin with, perhaps they already have a lover.. in any event perhaps with some regret they mentally decline the ideas.

Then there is a second chick, she is standing with friends near a changeroom bathroom (must be a gym or pool?) something gets their attention and they turn around, I am circling all of them at this point conjuring up wicked ideas to them, the moment they turn away she looks me dead in the eye, yanks her skirt up pulls her knickers down flashes her pussy at me, winks, shuffles her skirt down, grabs my hand and leads me into the toilet/change stall. Of course her friends just assume she is getting changed or going to the bathroom, because they cant see me, and something is distracting them anyway, so it looks like she went in alone. She closes the door, scoots up to sit on the backrest of the bench in the changeroom/toilet. Just to the left is a toilet, which she puts her right foot on, and she splays her legs open and puts her left foot over on the other side of the bench near the door, to the rear right is the closed door. She mouths the words do it now and gestures at her waiting flesh, I kneel on the bench and place my mouth over her (waxed?) pussy, and start licking, and as I do that she squirts a few times in my mouth.. it tastes mosly sweet with a savour undertone, almost like licking melted butter or spread off your finger..

The third chick was a little different. I think it was one of the friends outside the change room. So having finished off the second girl, I am outside the stall again circling about, and there is one girl standing apart from the second girls group of friends, who still have their back turned. This girl has a longer skirt on, and simply pulls her entire dress up off over hear head, perhaps the moment her dress was removed she became invisible too, or she was just to horny to care. She is standing there topless with nothing but some knickers on, and pulls me down onto her into a 69, as she is trying to remove my pants (apparently i was dressed) I see her underwear is already wet aound her mound (perhaps it was a swim suit? appears she pee/wet herself in excitement as she rushed to throw her dress off) and i stroke it, breath in the smell briefly caress her wet fabric mound with my lips, then pull it aside and slide my tongue along her and slide it into her folds.. and then... I wake up.

Well that was an intersting start to my morning...
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