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So yeah finally got an xboxone after dragging my heels about it. i know, it's been a few years since it came out, I'm way behind yada yada whatever. I had my reasons for not jumping right onto it. I always wait on new tech to have bugs worked out before I buy it. Anyways, I want to say I think microsoft took a step back instead of forward. Why? Well, first off I HATE the dashboard on it. Seriously the last one for the 260 was so much better to me. And they're apparently more concerned about you using their system for everything BUT gaming apparently. I mean it's all about connectivity, and social networking and blah. Seriously, I bought the console to play games. Not to post on youtube, not to join a ton of clubs, just play games.
Well, When I bought the XB1 I bought a few games to go with it that just had to have. GTAV, Halo 5, and Fallout 4. Gotta say, already played GTAV beforehand, STILL love the game. Fallout 4, played through once on one storyline and beat it, wasn't happy about how it ended but oh well. Going back and fourth playing the other storylines through. And then there is Halo 5....

Okay like I said, I feel like they went a step back hardcore with this. Now my gripe is NOT with the game, I'm not done but loving the game so far. But, when I have to wait a few HOURS for it to fucking install, there is a problem. Also, if I am downloading everything onto the hard drive, I should no longer need to have a fucking disc on the hard drive then why the hell do I still need the disc? Seriously it fucking bothers me that I had to piss away all that time to still need to put in a damn cd in the drive to play it. What the fuck Microsoft WTF....

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