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Okay, I know not everyone lives alone. Hell, I don't live alone, so sometimes privacy is an issue, I get that. It kind of bothers me though to see posts where someone says "I'm scared my parents will find out" or "I'm worried my room mates may find them" only to follow up that post with..... this lovely lil tidbit. "I'm going to order some ABU or REARZ diapers."..... seriously folks? I mean I can understand having to explain why you have regular diapers like northshore care, attends, molicare, or tranquility diapers I get that and you can probably talk your way out of whatever trouble you may be facing or keep people from shunning you. But how do you think you're going to talk yourself out of BABY STYLE diapers???? I mean really use your head folks as something other than a place to shove your pacifier for a moment. I mean when I'm being the logical voice theres a problem. I mean that's like saying "I'm scared poeple will think or know I'm gay" then getting a giant fucking rainbow pride flag tattooed on you. If you're scared, that's fine, it's understandable, no biggie but don't sit thee and act like an idiot then buy something that's completely obvious and you can't talk yourself out of.

Miss Piss

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