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Been boiling hot here.. but given it is Victoria weather can go from scalding hot to wet, flooding or hail in the same day. Very tropical in summer. So its been a hot week.. and it was particularly hot that day. I had finished a long day at work.. and happened to have shorts on.. just as I closed the shop, it started to rain.. I thought a nice cool walk in the rain would be nice. At the end of the walk i noticed I had a sudden need to pee.. of course there is no toilet where I work.. so while I was out back checking the bins.. the rain suddenly got much heavier.. so i though.. this might be fun, so I just let go right there in my underwear and shorts.. a few seconds later I was soaking wet from pee and a little rain.. I locked up and walked back to my car in the heavy rain feeling wicked, a minute later i was completely wet from head to toe from the rain, and any evidence of where some of that wetness had come from had been washed off entirely by the rain.. except perhaps a little on my underwear it was a sneaky little treat to give a nice end to the a hot day..
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