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I don't care how long I've been single or how lonely I am, I have principals and morals. Also, I'm not a fricking moron or horny prick that just goes after anything claiming to be female. I'm just tired of women messaging me saying "I want a baby boy to love, you will address me as mommy and follow my rules" Uhm, excuse fuckin me? Do I know you? Seriously this is one of the first emails I get froma person and I, not knowing who they are, am just to submit to them? I don't think so. And to any guy that willingly goes along with that, you're a moron.... and kinda pathetic. I've been alone for a few years, but..... I refuse to after just a couple emails submit to ANYONE. I'm not that desperate to just go OH YES MOMMY I'M YOURS! I want to talk to a woman, get to know her, get her to know me, see there it goes. Is that so wrong? I don't want a relationship built solely on kinks. I want an actual relationship, not that nonsense.
most ppl on this seem to be of the adult baby variety, which annoyingly are somewhat more outspoken than the more common WS type people (who although common, dont admit their fetish easily). Trust me there are tons of wet play girls out there, just this site seems to favour the more DOM/SUB daddy/m...
  • January 1, 2017
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