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It had been two weeks since the last load of my wet cloth pre-fold diapers had been washed. There were at least three or four 32 gallon sized diaper pails sitting down in the basement waiting to be washed by the diaper service. As I lay there in my bed that looked more like a safety bed for disabled people, than a crib, I realized that Mommy hadn’t washed any of my clothing either for some reason. What could she be waiting for???
Then mommy came into my room bright and early, she shuffled in, pulled the side down of my safety bed, then woke me up, got me out and led me over to my special large sized changing table, then helped me up onto it before helping me lie back down again.
Mommy: Good morning son…how did you sleep?
Gabriel: (The diapered son) I slept very well mommy….
Mommy: I got you up early because the diaper service is coming at 7:30 to pick up your diapers. When they come, they will also be taking you too. They said that they will clean you all up and then if…we want you back, they will bring you back. I am sending all of your dirty clothes with the diaper service too so that they can get washed too.
Now be a good boy and wet your diapers by the time the diaper service comes. Don’t worry, I have your morning pill right here, and I have your sports bottle full of cold whole milk to wash it down with….Here you go….there, good, now wash it down with this…….GOOD BOY! Now I am going to put you back into your bed until the diaper service comes. Mommy will be down in the kitchen drinking her morning cups of coffee and reading the newspaper if you need anything.
Then Mommy started to pull my plastic pants down to my ankles then she began to unfasten the two snappies that were holding my diaper on. Then Mommy pulled my soaking wet cloth diaper down and then she pulled it out from underneath me, tossing it down the special laundry chute that led down to the basement that was filling the fourth 32 gallon diaper pail. Then Mommy went to a drawer under the diaper changer and pulled out a thick, bulky, clean and folded cloth pre-fold diaper and then she plopped it onto my chest until she was able to open the baby wipes container and wipe me clean.
Then Mommy unfolded the cloth diaper, then folded the wings inward doing he newspaper fold, then she pulled the front of the diaper up and then she expertly held the wings while she brought the back wings to meet the front. Then she used the first snappie
to fasten the right side then the second snappie to fasten the left side.
Mommy: There, all done. Now back into your bed you go until it’s time to go to the diaper service…ok son?
Said mommy as she helped me down and off of the changing table and then over to my bed. She helped me back into my bed then she raised and locked the side again and then she pulled up and then lowered the bed’s lid so that I didn’t decide to try to escape which I was known to try.
Then Mommy left the room, leaving the used wipes on the changer for now so that she could wake up with a couple cups of coffee and catch up on the news.
It was only 6:30 am when Mommy had first came into the room and it was about 6:50 am when she left. It wasn’t too long before two men from the diaper service came to the door and mommy let them in. The one man went down to the basement and got two of the 32 gallon diaper pails and took them out to their truck that was waiting out by the curb.
The one man came back with two now empty pails then he went back down to the basement to get the other two pails while the second man was brought upstairs to my room. Mommy came into the room first followed by a rather large guy with big muscles. He was wearing a brown button-up shirt and dark brown slacks and his shirt had his name on the left breast pocket and there were two patches on each sleeve, one with the diaper service logo on it and the other was a round patch with a picture of a cloth diaper with a red line across it.
Mommy: The boy is in the bed there….if you want any of his clean diapers, they are over there in all of those drawers on the side of the changing table. His plastic pants are on the shelf right above the changer. His diaper bag is there on the back of that rocking chair in the corner if you want it.
Mommy said to the diaper service man.
The man came in and raised my bed’s lid then he unlocked and lowered the side then he leaned in and picked me up and laid me against his shoulder before he turned around. Looked around for the rocking chair then he went over to the back, took the diaper bag and then put it over his other shoulder then started to walk out of the room, into the short hall, then down the stairs to the front door where the other man was just coming in to bring the empty 32 gallon diaper pails.
Second diaper service man: (To the first) When you are done there, can you go upstairs to the boy’s room and gather up all of his clean diapers and plastic pants and bring them down to the truck and put them in please?
Said the diaper service man to the first.
Second Diaper Service Man: Sure thing, meet you down at the truck. Said the other as he went upstairs to gather up all of the boy’s cloth diapers and plastic pants. Only a few minutes later, the man came back down stairs carrying a large, semi-clear blue colored bag with all of my clean cloth diapers and plastic pants. He said good bye to my mother and then he shut the door and then walked out to the waiting small sized 2001 GMCW5500 Side loader.

Once he got close enough, he tossed the bag into the hopper then walked around to the driver’s side and got into the cab. The second diaper service man waited until everything of mine was emptied into the hopper before laying me down onto my back, in the hopper on top of all of my two weeks worth of semi wet and dried out formerly wet, now stiff, cloth pre-fold diapers. The man tossed in my diaper bag, then he started the compactor cycle as he walked over to the passenger side of the cab, opened the door and then got in, closing the door.
Gabriel: HEY! What are you doing!!! I don’t belong in here!!! I thought you were a diaper service man!!! HEY!!! Make it stop!!! It stinks in here….MMM, MMMMM!!!!
Yelled Gabriel as he was forcefully compacted into the packer container that was full of wet and dirty cloth diapers. Gabriel’s diaper started to buckle and press against his crotch as the diapers underneath him began to get crushed in the first cycle of the compactor. Once they were pushed in a little bit, he fell down onto the bare hopper floor then the compactor started up again and this time it began to shove him into his own diapers.

More to cum soon…..

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