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The Space Station

This Space Station was NO ordinary space station, it was an outpost for barge ships carrying trash as their cargo as they took the trash to be dropped off at one of the many planets in this sector. The barges that carried diapers and clothing and such, usually were in NO hurry to get to where they were going. Captain Malik was the type of man that was VERY, VERY relaxed and always charming. He owned the trash barge ship that was commissioned to carry all of the diapers and diapering items from all over the galaxy.
HIS barge had six, large compartments and each compartment used a different method of dealing with each load. One Compartment used a traditional method of Compaction, the one behind it, used molecular reduction methods, another was for wet items, and the other used no methods at all to compact or reduce the load in size. The moon that was the dumping site, was used ONLY for diapers and diapering type items since it had the ONLY processing plant in the entire solar system on it.
This week, was somehow different for Captain Arthur Malik, he had JUST broke up with his girlfriend of 3 years and he was now on the prowl. He was SO glad to be able to stop at the New Frontier Station so that he could get better acquainted with the pretty redhead at the stations bar.
Back on earth, Bobby, a 5 foot 9, brown-haired guy, was being cared for by his parents due to his disabilities. His mommy was busy changing him into what would be his last diaper before his mother and father would dispose of him and all of his diapers, clean and dirty all at once. There was a new law in place that if you had to care for someone on an on-going basis and that person wasn’t going to get any better, you could call the Garbage Disposal Council and they would approve of that person’s disposal in the trash within 4 hours.
These types of disposals required a “Special Collections” approval and then the council would call and give all of the arrangements to that family or person. Then the council would send out one of their “special collections” vehicles to pick up what and who was put out for the special collection.
Garbage Disposal Council Member: (On the other end of a Skype call) Hi, we approved your items for disposal. Please have our subject diapered and ready with all of the items you are disposing of, for pick-up by 6:30 pm tonight. Our disposal Drones will be there to pick up your items then. Is there anything else that needs to go while we are on the topic?
Mommy: As a matter of fact, his twin brother is being dressed and prepared for disposal as we speak…Kevin is going to be out there with his brother at the same time along with all of HIS diapers. Do you want them to be in their strollers or bagged up or anything?
Garbage Disposal Council Member: NOPE…we prefer that you don’t bag our subjects up or the diapers either. Just have them put out in your “special collections” can by 6:00. Kevin is approved also for disposal. Have a nice day Miss…..(Skype call ends)

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