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The Daycare & Shopping Trip:
It was a Sunday afternoon, and mommy was going shopping with us two diapered boys.
Mommy came into the bedroom and woke the two of us up then she got me out of my bed and over to the diaper changer to change my wet diaper. Mommy gently laid me down onto my back then she began to unfasten the snaps in my onesie.
Mommy: Well my son, did you sleep well?
Tommy: (Oldest diapered son) Yes mommy, I did.
Mommy: Mommy has to go shopping today and you two are going to stay at the daycare in the store while mommy shops.
Tommy: But….but….mommy!!!
Mommy: But Mommy nothing! I told you both that today Mommy was going shopping.
I have to get two large packs of youth diapers, four containers of baby powder, some special contractor trash bags, and some milk.
Then Mommy worked the flaps of Tommy’s onesie up and above his diaper then she unfastened the tapes of his disposable diaper. Then she pulled his diaper down.
Then she took out the wipes container and opened the top. Then she took out one wipe at a time and started to wipe the wetness off of Tommy starting with his butt cheeks then working her way to Tommy’s front, taking some extra care to wipe off Tommy’s penis.
Then she dropped the used wipe into Tommy’s moderately wet diaper then she grabbed another wipe and used it to wipe him off more, dropping the used wipe into his diaper, before she pulled the diaper out from underneath him and then she opened the large, 96 gallon trash can up and tossed it in then closed the lid.
Then mommy reached under the diaper changer and opened a drawer and took out one of the thick, bulky Abena Abri-form x plus diapers in a youth size and began to open it up as she closed the drawer with her hips, skillfully. Then once she got the diaper opened up completely, mommy took out six thick booster pads from another drawer and then set them down, taking each one and peeling the adhesive strips off before she placed each booster pad into my diaper, starting with one in the center then the next one in the back, slightly overlapping the one in the center. Then came the third one in the front, slightly overlapping the one in the middle and the top edge meeting with the edge of the paper fluff in the diaper. Then she stacked the fourth, fifth, and sixth pads exactly like the ones below them before she slid the diaper underneath Tommy, shook a lot of baby powder into his diaper, before she pulled the diaper up and began to fasten the tapes on each side of the diaper. Then she pulled the front of the onesie back down and began to refasten the snaps before she helped Tommy down to his feet and then mommy put Tommy into his stroller and straps him in. Then mommy goes over to Jack’s crib and takes him out and lays him down on the diaper changing table. She unbuttons his onesie and then flips it up and then begins to unfasten the tapes on Jack’s diaper. Then she pulls the front of his diaper down and then pulls it out from underneath him. Then she opens one of the drawers that has the last generic diaper left in the drawer of the diaper changer.
Then mommy opens the diaper up completely, and then she reaches over and grabs two booster pads to put into Jack’s diaper. She peels the papers off the backs and then inserts the booster pads into his diaper before she slides the diaper underneath Jack. Then she pulls the diaper up and fastens the tapes. Then she pulls the tails of jack’s onesie down and fastens the snaps before she Unstraps Jack, and then lifts him off the changer and over to the double seated stroller. Mommy straps jack in and then she goes over to the last two packages of each boy’s diapers, takes them down from the closet and puts them both into the basket underneath the stroller. Then, she takes both diaper bags and fills one with 24 folded, clean Cloth pre-fold diapers, 6 of the Tranquility Slimlines youth diapers and 22 thick booster pads for Tommy, then the second diaper bag was filled with four pairs of printed plastic pants, four bottles of fresh, cold whole milk that has the boy’s protein powder in it, and there are two clean onesies of in there too….just in case.
Then Mommy put the two diaper bags over each handle of the stroller then she rolled the stroller out to the front door then she opened it, rolled it out and then she shut and locked the door with the key. Then Mommy rolled the stroller over to the car and opened the back door to her Porsche Cheyenne SUV. Mommy then loaded Tommy first into his child seat and buckled him in before she closed his door, rolled the stroller over to the passenger side of the Porsche and then mommy opened the back door, unstrapped Jack and then lifted him up under his armpits and then put him into his car seat before she buckled him in and then leaned out and shut the door. Then Mommy folded the stroller up and then opened the rear hatch and then put the stroller in before lowering the hatch and then she walked around to the driver’s side door, opened it, and then got in, put her seatbelt on then closed her door, started the SUV, and then backed out of the driveway and headed out to the main street, in the direction of the Daycare she was going to leave Tommy and Jack. Mommy drove for about 12 minutes to a daycare at the corner of Yukon street and Davis Ave. Mommy pulls into the large parking lot and then finds a parking space and then pulls up and turns the Porsche Cheyenne off. She gets out, opens the rear hatch, takes the double seated stroller out, then shuts the rear hatch. Then she takes Tommy out first and then Jack. Then she rolls the stroller into the daycare.
Mommy, my younger brother Jack and Tommy arrive inside the daycare.
Mommy leaves the last pack of Tranquility Slimlines of mine and the last pack of Store brand disposable diapers
Lucy-Mommy: Hi Miss....I have my two diapered and disabled sons Jack and Tommy here that I need to leave here for the day so I can do some shopping today.
Amy: Hi, I'm Amy.", (a 24yo brunette working at the daycare.) That's what we are here for! We have very reasonable rates. Just fill out this form please...can you tell me a little bit about their disabilities?
Lucy-Mommy: Hi Amy….Jack is unable to walk or talk well, and can talk slowly but not well...he drools a lot and wets a LOT! Tommy is suffering from a spinal and nervous system disease that leaves him unable to walk well, bend or move too well. Tommy wets his diapers does Jack. Tommy is 19 and Jack is 18 years old, they are also midgets, and they can still fit into pampers size 6 and 7 too.
Lucy-Mommy: I brought the last pack of Tommy's Tranquility Slimlines diapers and his last pack of diaper doublers to use on him...he wets a lot so I know you will use at least half the pack and I also brought the last pack of generic disposable diapers and more booster pads for Jack here. In the first diaper bag, there are two dozen toddler cloth pre-fold diapers for you to also use inside of their disposable diapers.
Amy: Wow...those are some old babies! We close at 10, the same time as the mall. when do you think you will be back to pick them up?
Lucy-Mommy: I will try to get back by 10:30...I can't promise that.....BUT...I will be here at the latest by 10:45....that is the best I can do....I have several appointments and meeting then shopping to do.
Amy: Hmmmm...well, I do have to stay a little later to clean up the place, but if it gets too late you may not be able to pick them up at all.
Lucy-Mommy: I will have to risk that then.....If I come back and They can't be picked up...I will simply go home, and get all of their clothing and toys and bring them here and drop them off by 11:30...what will you do with my boys if I can't make it????
Amy: that would be fine. Well, I have to leave the place clean for the next day, so I guess I would just take them out with the rest of the day's trash.
Lucy-Mommy: TRASH????? You mean they would get disposed of???
Lucy-Mommy: WELL...oh...ok I guess I will try hard to make it...but if I don't that will be fine....Do I need to sign them over to you????
Amy: Yes, of course! What else do you think I should do with them? Just sign this form.
Lucy-Mommy: The second diaper bag has four bottles of fresh, cold whole milk that has their protein powder in it, and there are two clean onesies of theirs in here too along with their four pairs of plastic pants.....just in case.
Amy: ok. we have juice and snacks here, as well as diaper-service cloth diapers.
Lucy-Mommy: Ok, .....(mommy signs the paper then puts the pen down)
Is there anything else they will need while I am gone??? Here is $ them a pack of Luvs and Pampers for me...ok?
Amy: "We have them covered, just like their diapers!" laughs at her joke "Sure, I'll take care of it. Have a good time shopping!"
Lucy-Mommy: (Leaning down to jack and Tommy) You two be good boys for mommy while I am gone...I will try to be back in time to pick you up....if I can't, you will belong to this nice lady here....ok?
Tommy: But...Mommy!!! Don't leave me!!!
Mommy: You two will be ok....I gotta go...bye-bye...
(Mommy leaves)
The two boys sit back in their strollers. Both of their diaper bags hung over the handles
and their last packs of diapers underneath their seats.
Amy: "Come on, you two. Let's go!" (Wheels your strollers to the changing room.)
Tommy: Miss...where are you taking me???
Tommy: Why do I need to go in there?
Amy: It's probably been a little while since you had your diaper changed. I think I should check you. Are you wet?
Tommy: I don't know miss....I can't feel it...Mommy changed me about an hour and a half ago. Where is my brother??? AH! that other lady is bringing him in.....
Amy: He probably needs a change too. This is Becky. she works here too.
Becky: Where would you like me to leave this one?
Amy: Just leave him in that crib over there for now.
Becky: What are your plans for these two if the mother doesn't show??? I heard you talking to her....
Amy: I guess we would have to throw them in the dumpster.
Becky rolls Jack over to the crib near the corner that is also close to the row of four 32 gallon trash cans that are used as diaper pails
Amy: Unstraps Tommy, and lifts him onto the changing table where she straps him down.
Becky: What a shame to waste these two nice looking boys!
Tommy: mommy diapered me in a really, really thick diaper!!!
Amy: "Yeah, I hope she makes it back before we close!" Amy Squeezes the front of Tommy's diaper to check to see how squishy it was, then slips two fingers inside the leg hole to check for wetness.
Tommy: Mommy uses Cloth diapers inside of my disposable diapers...she puts 3 or 4 cloth diapers in front and 3 or 4 in back as well as these thick things she calls booster pads....the pads are put in first.
Amy: You are a little wet...let's just take care of it.
Tommy: Ok. My cloth diapers stay wet usually but I can't feel it when they are wet.
Amy: unsnaps Tommy's onesie and folds it up gently. Amy then opens Tommy's diaper and folds it down. She peels off the top layer of pads that are wet and replaces them with a thick cloth pads made out of 8 Birdseye flat diapers folded together.
Tommy: I thought you were going to change my diaper? Tommy: Am I wet????
Tommy: Miss...What do you do with the cloth diapers that are wet????
Amy: lifts Tommy’s ankles high and wipes his butt with a baby wipe. Setting him back down on the cloth stuffers. She uses another baby wipe to gently clean his “little package.”
Tommy: OOOOH! That is COOOOOOLD!!!!
Amy giggles at Tommy’s squirming. She then puts the wet cloth diapers beside Tommy on the changing table to be dealt with in a moment
Tommy: What do you do with the wet cloth diapers?
Amy sprinkles Tommy with powder and smoothes it over your skin with a soft touch.
Tommy: That...feels NICE miss.....
Tommy: After my diaper is changed, what happens next???
Amy: giggles again, tickling Tommy. "You'll see! Just a moment!" Amy pulls Tommy’s diaper back up, re-using it because it was only just a little wet, and tapes it back in place.
Amy snaps Tommy’s onesie together and lifts him back in the stroller.
Tommy: Where are we going Miss? Looks like you are taking me for a ride.....
Amy: You'll see! I have to change your brother first.
Tommy: what are you going to dress him in??? Look! He leaked onto his onesie!!! The whole back of his onesie is soaking wet!!!!
Amy follows a similar procedure with the smaller Jack, but his diapers are soaked through and leaking. She looks at Jack's generic baby diapers, and grumbles at their thinness.
Amy: strips off his soaked disposable and throws it into one of the diaper pails.
Jack: Mommy buys me these because they still have the plastic backing on them...and she gets them from the dollar store. left Tommy's wet cloth diapers and pads here.....
Amy: Well, you are leaking right through them! We have to go get you some better diapers with the money your mommy gave me.
Jack barely able to blurt that out and it took him a long time to say it stuttering the whole time.
Amy puts a pacifier in Jack's mouth, then cleans him up with some wipes, and sprinkles on the powder. Since Jack can't move his arms too well, he cant get the pacifier out. It will sometimes fall out of his mouth if he tries to talk....Meanwhile…..Tommy looks at Jack getting his diaper changed.
Amy layers three thick full length booster pads in one of the generic diapers, but doesn't have much hope that it will hold long.
Tommy: Miss.....why are my cloth diapers on my brother's chest???? What are you going to do with them????
Amy: His onesie is almost as wet as those diapers! Come on, I'll show you.
Tommy: Are you going to wash them like mommy does???
Amy wheels the two strollers onto the back patio. There is a small play set and some swings. There is also a clothesline.
Tommy: What is that thing hanging across there??? How come there are other clothes and cloth diapers hanging from it????
Tommy: HEY!!! They aren't even clean!!!!
Amy hangs the yellow, peed in cloth diaper on the line, then strips off Jack's drenched onesie over his head and hangs that up too after using it to sop up the pee in the seat of his stroller.
Tommy sees some lady dressed in a dark brown jumpsuit taking some of the diapers down at the other end of the clothes line, and dropping them into what looks like a rolling trash cart.
Amy: They don't need to be clean to work as a diaper. They just need to be dry! Think of it as doing your part to help the earth.
Tommy: Hey miss.....why is that lady over there putting those diapers into that cart over there?????
Amy: She is checking to see if they can be used again, or if they are so smelly that they need to be washed.
Tommy: So...she is going to take those to get washed???
Amy: Some of them. Others we will just use again. I'll let you two out to play here later, but for now we have to go get you two some diapers.
Tommy: What if those diapers can't be used again???? Where does she take those????
Amy: If they are too stinky, she will give them to the diaper service to be cleaned.
The lady in the brown jumpsuit rolls the cart past Tommy and he sees some unrolled, wet disposable diapers in the cart with the cloth diapers.
Tommy: What do you do with those disposable diapers that were in that cart????
Amy wheels the two back inside, and puts them in a tandem stroller on top of a disposable underpad so they can go to the store for more diapers.
Amy: They go in the trash. Sometimes, if money is tight we will hang them on the line too, and let the sun dry them out. You can usually get at least two or three reuses.
Tommy sits in the back of the stroller while jack is put in the front
Tommy: So miss Amy, is that lady throwing all of those cloth diapers away with the disposables???
Amy gets a bottle of apple juice out of a little fridge and replaces the pacifier in Jack's mouth with the nipple. She helps him prop it up so he can drink.
Amy: Tommy, do you want a bottle or a sippy-cup?
Tommy: Bottle....
Amy Good baby. Here you go!
Tommy takes the bottle and starts to drink it
As Tommy is drinking the bottle, Tommy begins to wet his diaper little by little.
Amy: OK, babies! Let's go! Becky, please watch the other little ones while I take these two out!
Becky: Certainly What about this girl over here in crib 4? I was told the director wants her to know....
Amy: ….disposed of?
Becky: Yes....I diapered her in her last FITTI brand disposable diaper with three booster pads in it and two toddler sized cloth diapers. Should I give her to the janitor lady that is coming around with her trash know...for the mid-day round of collections...?
Amy Let's wait until tonight. We can throw her out last thing. I hope that diaper holds up! Be sure she is lying on a pad in case she leaks.
Becky: Sure thing Amy....
Amy wheels the stroller out for the long walk to the box store. The trio goes inside and right to the diaper aisle.
Tommy: what kind of diapers are you going to buy for us??? LOOK! They are selling some old Pampers and Luvs in boxes!!!
Amy: Wow...those are the kind with plastic backing, right? Your mommy said Luvs and Pampers.
Tommy: Are you going to buy the ones with the plastic or the ones with the cloth-like cover?
Amy: What size would fit best?
Tommy: I use between a Toddler and a youth, Jack gets Toddler
Amy gets a box of each brand, in youth for Tommy and Toddler for Jack.
Tommy: Mommy always gets a box of the diaper disposal bags too...are you going to get some too?
Amy hands the boxes of diapers to each of the boys to hold.
Amy: Sure, if you think we need them. I never use them though.
Tommy: Yes...get some...they look to be on sale and cheap!
Amy: Well, we still have a lot of money left over...lets go get you some new outfits since you soaked your last ones with pee.
Tommy: What are you going to get us??? New onesies?? Some footed Pajamas? Some white T-shirts???
Amy pushes Tommy and Jack around, looking. She selects two white t-shirts and a pair of overalls with snaps in the crotch for Jack.
Tommy: What are you going to get me???
Amy gets a long t-shirt and a couple of pairs of white tights for Tommy.
Amy: These will help to hold up your diapers when you are wet and sagging. Let's go look at the sleepers! You can pick one out. What design do you want?
Tommy: I like the one with the fire engines all over them and the one with the teddy bears on it
Amy: How about you, Jack?
Jack: I want blue one and the green one with the red collar.
Amy: Those are some cute choices! We'll get them all.
Jack: What are you going to do if Mommy doesn't come back?
Tommy: YEA!!! What is going to happen if Mommy doesn't come back?
Amy: I hope it doesn't come to that because you two are such cuties, but I might have to throw you out in the dumpster in the alley beside the day care.
The Disposal:
Just then.....The daycare calls Amy's Cell phone….(Ringtone sounds)
Amy takes Tommy & Jack through the check out, wheels them outside of the store and stops at a picnic table.
Amy: "Yes?"
Daycare:'s Becky....
Amy: What's up, Becky? I was just about to change the boys and come back.
Becky: The two boy's mother just called, said that she won't be able to make it by 10:00..but she will be by later on tonight around 11:00 to drop off their things....She just bought the boy's two cases each of Tranquility slimlines youth sized diapers and two cases of their diaper doublers. She will bring them and the rest of their clothing when she comes.
Becky: (On the phone) She said that she understands if you do whatever with them....
Amy OK. I guess we can just stuff it all in the dumpster. That's too bad...they are cute kids!
Becky: I really wish we could take them and sell them or something.....
Amy Yeah...let's talk about that when I get back with them!
Becky: I will see you when you get back. I will inform the janitor that there will be three to dispose of tonight
Becky: Bye... Becky hangs up
Tommy: What is wrong miss Amy????
Amy lays Jack on one end of the picnic table and starts changing him. Another woman pushing a stroller comes over.
Woman: This looks like a good place to change my little girl! May I join you?" (Amy nods)
Tommy: (To Amy) You look like you are sad???
Amy: Well, Tommy...It looks like you mother might not make it to pick you guys up. We might have to throw you two away.
Tommy: NO!!! Don't do that!!! I don't WANT to be thrown away!!!!
Jack: Does that mean that I am...bbbb...being .......ttttt...thrown away too?
Tommy: Does that mean that I don't get to wear my new diapers???? What about my onesies???
Amy: We won't throw you out until later tonight. Don't worry about it boys. It won't be that bad …and who knows, we might even find someone who wants to take you.
Woman: You are just going to throw them out?
Amy: (To Woman) Yes, I am afraid so.
Woman: can just……put a baby in the trash?"
(Amy nods.)
Tommy looks at the lady.....
The women looks down at her daughter. The little girl pooped her diaper and it stinks badly!
Jack turns his head to look at the lady change her daughter's diaper. Jack turns his head to avoid the bad smell.
Woman: Well, I have to throw out this diaper anyway. Might as well get rid of the whole package! (the lady grins)
Jack: Miss Amy.....will I get my diaper changed before I get thrown away?
The lady's Daughter: NO mommy! Stop it!!! Where are you taking me????
The woman lifts her crying girl up by the armpits and pushes her headfirst through the swinging lid of the outdoor trashcan.
The lady's daughter: Don't!!! I don't WANT to be disposed of!!! What is that???
Amy throws Jack’s wet diaper and pads in on top of the girl.
Amy: It's ok, honey...You are just trash now, and it doesn't really matter what trash thinks.
The lady's daughter: But...but...I am NOT trash!!! What did I do to be put in here????
Don't I get to have my diaper changed??? Get me out of here!!! HEY!!! Stop that!!! Get that away from me!!!!
Woman: In case you get thirsty.... (the woman throws her bottles in the can followed by her unused diapers, a change of clothing, and her cute stuffed animal as well as her diaper bag.)
The lady's daughter: MOMMY!!! Mommy!!! Come back!!!!
Amy: Wait! let me see that bear...Amy takes Tommy's recently removed wet diapers and tapes them on to the bear. Then she stuffs it back in the can. It barely fits with all the other garbage in there.
The lady folds up the stroller and leans it against the can.
Woman: Well, that takes care of that. Thanks for the idea!
Amy chuckles, and waves as the lady leaves.
It's now 2:30 in the afternoon and as Amy is putting the bear in the trash can, one of the Janitorial staff from the store, comes out carrying a large new trash bag, then goes to the trash can and takes the lid off.
The janitorial employee starts to take the bag off the trash can, lifts it out and puts it down in front of the can while he puts the new bag in and replaces the lid back onto the can. Then the employee ties the bag shut and then goes and gets the trash cart, rolls it outside and then picks the bag up and tosses it into the cart. Then the Janitor picks up the folded stroller and puts it into the trash cart too.
Amy finishes dressing the two boys in their new diapers. Jack gets a fresh onesie and the snap crotch overalls. Tommy gets a pair of tights and the t-shirt.
Then the janitor rolls the cart away to the back of the store where the stationary compactor is. From there, the little girl can be heard screaming very shrill screams.
Amy: Awe, Tommy, you can see the prints on your diaper through the tights! So cute. (she pats his bum playfully.)
Tommy: Miss Amy....when are you going to throw us away??? You made my diaper really, really thick!!! Why did you do that???
Amy: Well, I am going to have you help me clean up the daycare after we close at 10, and then it's into the dumpster you go!
Tommy: But miss...I don't WANT to go! Do I have to???? Do I get a diaper change before I go??? Will my brother???
Amy: I am afraid so. And yes, I will throw you away with a fresh diaper on. Of course, I'm sure that it won't stay dry for long.
Tommy: When will the trash get taken away??? How long will I have to be in the dumpster with all of the wet diapers???
Amy: It might be a few days...This is Sunday...I think the pickup is on Wednesday.
Tommy: But...but...what if I get thirsty? what if my diaper is wet? Will I still get a diaper change then??? I have never been disposed of before.....Will my brother and I have to go into trash bags????
Amy: Yes, you will be in trash bags. No, after tonight you will never have another diaper change. I'll be throwing your bottles in there with you too, along with all your other belongings, so if you can find them you can drink. Plus, there will be plenty of wet diapers to suck on if you are desperate. I'll make sure that you aren't lonely in there.
Tommy: I am scared!!!! (Tommy gets a boner in his diaper, the front of his diaper bulges and pulsates.)
Amy: Oh, don't worry about it too much. (glances down and giggles at the little tent in his tights.) I'll bet your diaper feels really nice right now.
Tommy: yes...nice...and soft! What about my new sleeper??? Are they getting thrown away with me?
Amy: Here…cover that up!! (Puts the warm bag holding his recently changed warm wet cloth diapers on his lap.)
Tommy: Hey!!! That's wet!!!! How about the diapers you just bought us??? Can't I just be put right into the diaper pail once we get back to the daycare????
Amy: Yes, they are getting thrown away too, but I have a special way to do it. Sure, if you want to.
Tommy: I'm not sure about it...but will I get my final diaper change even if my diaper isn't wet yet before I get disposed of?
Amy: Yes, I'll change you both into a very thick diaper, so it can last until Wednesday.
Amy wheels Tommy and Jack into the daycare.
Amy: Hey Becky, I am back!
Becky: Hi...well, I have gone through all of the 400 cloth diapers in the cloth diaper pantry and sorted out over 200 of them.....over 100 of the cloth diapers are no good, so far...I am not done....there WILL be more....these diapers have been in there for over ten years now…without being used!!! Should I just throw them all away???
Amy takes Tommy & Jack outside to enjoy a little more sun before being closed up in a hot, stinking dumpster. Amy lets Tommy & Jack play on the playset while she makes them your last meal: bologna sandwiches.
Tommy: No...I don't like that......I won't eat that.....Is there any...pudding or apple sauce???
Amy: Yeah, probably... wait, we could use them on the little ones we are going to throw out. Well, I have some vanilla pudding, but it's in a size 6 can and if I open it for you, you will have to eat it all.
Tommy: I am not that hungry right now...but if you fed me ten spoons worth...that would do it. Can I get a bottle after that?
Amy opens the can, and gets two spoons. Sits Tommy on her lap and starts feeding him. Becky starts feeding Jack.
Just then, another door down the hall opens up and the sound of a crying little one is heard....until the door closes.
A bluish light was on in the room as the crying baby girl was carried in and the door shut behind....
The door opens up and a lady wearing a dark brown jumpsuit comes out....
Tommy: Where did the girl go that the lady carried in that room???? What is that room for???
Just then, the door opens and the sounds of a low rumbling can be heard....then, the woman in the dark brown jumpsuit goes back into the room again, and then she stays in there for 15 minutes before coming back out with the baby girl in pigtails and the baby girl is covered in some kind of slimy bluish gel....
Tommy is SO curious about what is all over the baby girl...
Tommy: What was that yucky looking stuff all over that poor little girl???? Who was that lady in the dark brown suit???
Amy: That's just a sanitizing cycle, Tommy.
Tommy: I didn't know that disposable diapers could be cleaned??? That girl was wearing an old plastic backed FITTI brand diaper with little smiley faces on in and she was all stained up blue!!!! Is that....what is going to happen to us???
Amy: No, I don't have orders to sanitize you. I am just going to diaper you really thickly and throw you away.
Tommy: (sitting on the rocking horse rocking) When are you going to throw us away??? I don't want to be thrown away!!! I will try to escape!!!
Amy: Are you ready now?
Tommy: NO! I am NOT!!! Do I have a choice???
Amy: No, not really. Let me get you one last bottle...
(Tommy pouts...)
Tommy: (To jack) like we are going to be thrown away soon...don't let them do that to you....)
Jack: (To Tommy) I don't have a choice...I can't fight back! My legs and arms don't work....)
Meanwhile…..Amy mixes up a couple of special bottles with milk and a date-rape drug.
Amy: You will be conscious, but unable to move. speaking will be tough.
Amy and Becky feed the two boys the bottles.
Tommy: I like Apple juice!!!
Tommy drinks the apple juice fast and gets done with his bottle in 13 minutes.
Tommy (while laying in Becky's lap): How...come...I feel f...unny???
Amy: I just gave you something to help you become trash.
Tommy: I...can't....move!!! My.......legs....a...nd....a...rms...don't work!!!! NOOOOOO!
Amy: That's right...trash doesn't move unless it's getting compacted.
Amy lays out 200 of the cloth diapers that are going to be thrown out. She places Tommy on his back on the mix of clean, stained and torn diapers and covers him with half a bottle of baby powder.
Tommy: I d...on'!!!!
Then Amy goes to the bin of dirty diapers and plucks out the little girl that has to be thrown out too. She puts her face down on Tommy’s chest, and lines up their diaper areas. A little more powder, and the huge cloth diaper wraps around them both, pinning them together. The diapers are so huge that only their feet stick out of the bottom. "Even when the drug wears off, these diapers are so thick that Tommy and the Girl won't be able to move.
Amy: That should hold until Wednesday when the trash truck comes.
Tommy: It's!!!!
Tommy's mouth feels numb and paralyzed from the date-rape drug
Tommy's legs are limp as well as his arms....
Tommy still has a rock-hard stiffie inside of his diaper under all of the other diapers
Obviously, no plastic pants would fit, so Amy takes a trash bag and slides it up over the two of them, then ties it tightly under his armpits.
Tommy: mmmmmmmmm! HMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!
The little girl sniffles a little, dazed as well, and pees in the diaper Tommy and her share.
Amy: See? I told you….you wouldn't be lonely!
Amy begins to prepare Jack.
Jack: Miss Amy....what is happening to me? I feel...dizzy!!!! My diaper is soaked and leaking again!!!
Jack: Aren't you going to change my brother and I?
Jack gets stripped naked on the changing table. Amy takes his new sleeper and tears the tags off of it. Amy puts Jack in one of his new diapers, and pulls the sleeper on over it.
Jack: What are you going to do with all of those disposables you have over there???
Amy struggles a little, trying to get his uncoordinated arms into it.
Amy: The wet ones or your new ones?
Jack: There is a pile of the wet ones over there on that other changer and that stack of clean ones next to the pile...what are you doing with all of them???
Amy takes the second sleeper and starts stuffing it with the dry diapers. She zips up as she goes along until the sleeper is packed full of Tommy and Jack's clean disposable diapers
Jack then watches Becky go to both of the strollers, she takes the packs of opened tranquility diapers from Tommy's and the generic toddler sized plastic backed diapers from Jack's and carries them over to one of the large 32 gallon trash cans in a row of four, then she opens the lid to one and tosses them in, then closes the heavy lid.
Jack: HEY!!! What is that other lady doing with my diapers? She just put them into that trash can over there??????
Amy, using a few large zip-ties, binds Jack to the sleeper at the ankles, thighs, and wrists.
Amy: Now you won't be lonely either!
Jack: What did you do? Lonely??? What is happening to me? How come having a harder and harder time...talking???
Amy She puts Jack in a large garbage bag and fills it the rest of the way with unrolled wet diapers from the bin, then ties it closed gently around his neck
Jack: Hey!!! Let me out!!!
Amy "Hush, baby! Trash doesn't care that it is trash…?
Jack: Let me out miss!!!
Amy inserts a pacifier, and ties it in place with some more zip ties.
Jack:!!! MMMMah.MMMMMMM!!!!
Amy: Becky, will you help me get these three to the bin?
Becky: SURE.....
Becky goes over to where Tommy is
Amy and Becky lift Tommy and the little girl into a 96 gallon trash can partially full of diapers.
Becky lifts Tommy's legs
They do the same with Jack and his new sleeper stuffed with his new diapers.
Tommy:' here!!!
Tommy mumbles from the side of his mouth
The two ladies wheel all 6-96 gallon cans of diapers to the dumpster, where they can pour them in from above.
Tommy: MISSS!!!!!!
Amy: What is it, Trash?
Tommy: pwese get me out of here!!!!
The girls dump in the old cloth diapers along with the new ones.
Amy: Out of where?
Tommy: Where you Are??? I think I just soaked my diaper miss!!! NOPE I was wrong....I wet it a little bit!!!
Amy: You are Trash now, baby. Your mommy can come to get you in time.
Tommy: How???
Amy: You are right where you belong.
Tommy: Does she know where I am???
Amy: I’m sure she does.
Tommy: Does she want us???
Amy: I told her I would have to throw you away, but she couldn't get out of some appointment.
Just then, the boy's Daddy shows up with a pick-up truck full of the boy's things.
Amy: I think that she will miss you very much.
The boy's rich father walks over to the dumpster.
Amy: Is that the rest of the garbage?
Father: Yes.....
Amy: Well, throw it in. I was just about to dump these two cute boys here but that can wait until you are finished.
Father: I have the ten cases worth of diapers that they had and forgot about over at their grandmother's house and I have all of their clothes and their crib sheets
Amy: Did you bring their mattresses? I'll bet they are pee stained.
The father goes back to the truck, backs it closer to the dumpster then he gets out and starts to grab the packs of unopened disposable diapers and tosses them into the dumpster.
Father: Yes, I did...I even brought their cribs and all of their blankets too.
Amy: Good. Hey, let’s set the cribs up inside the dumpster and put the little Trash babies to bed?
Father: You can do that if you like...but that's too much work for me.....What do you plan on doing with their strollers???
Amy: No-one wants a stroller that has been peed in so many times by leaking diapers. Into the dumpster!
Father: I just was told to get their things here and drop them off....I suggest that you get Tommy into his stroller before you toss him into the dumpster.
Amy: OK. Just make sure it all goes in the trash. I don't want to have to clean up after you.
Father: Right
The father then goes back to tossing the packages of unopened diapers from the truck bed into the dumpster.
Amy: I don't think Tommy can fit in his stroller with 200 cloth diapers on.
Amy dumps Tommy's 96 gallon can in the dumpster filled with a mix of baby diapers and his personal belongings.
Father: Then toss him in! These diapers in that old box...have been around since they were 2 years old.....
Amy: Hahaha....Wow, these are vintage. Into the dumpster! I am surprised you didn't use them all up on that heavy wetter.
The father continues to toss in the last of the diapers then starts tossing their onesies, footed sleepers and dirty cloth training pants as well as 300 pair of various printed plastic pants before tossing in over 400 toddler, youth and adult medium cloth diapers
Father: I think we misplaced the box at the time so we just opened another box.....
Amy: It can happen when you have so many diaper changes….here goes your other son!
Amy tips the 96 gallon tote with Jack, into the dumpster.
Jack: (mumbling from the corner of his mouth with the pacifier in his mouth) Hey MISS!!!! MISS!!! When do I get out of this thing? Why are you dumping all of these clean and dirty diapers all over my brother and I????
Tommy: Hey.....M...iss! When....are....these....diapers....getting....done?
Amy: No, honey....You are trash now. You are going to a landfill.
Tommy: UUUUH! Miss!!!!
Amy: Yes, Trash?
Amy: Don't you want to get to know your new friends?
Tommy: will be.......more dumped in.....t....o...morrow....right???
Amy: Those diapers wouldn't be very happy to hear you say that. Yup! One just after noon and again in the evening.
Tommy: STOP!!!
Suddenly, the Janitor comes out rolling his trash cart out to the dumpster filled with more diapering trash from the whole daycare.
Amy: But we need to make room for tomorrows garbage. OH! And this load!
Amy: They are garbage just the same.
Amy: Perhaps not, but they are waste just like you and your brother.
Tommy gets surrounded by loose, open, wet disposable and cloth diapers. A lot of the diapers are now pressing against his face with the wet liners covering his face.
The boy's father gets to the last two dozen dried but formerly wet cloth diapers and tosses them into the dumpster.
Father: Well, that…is the last of the stuff...see ya... The father puts the tailgate up, walks to the cab and gets in. Then he leaves.
(Amy waves.)
Amy: (Throws in the last of the bottles.) If you can find them, drink up! Otherwise, I am sure you can squeeze some nourishment from the wet baby diapers.
Meanwhile.....the drug hits Tommy harder.....he has even MORE trouble speaking
Amy: Bye, trash! See you tomorrow!
Amy lowers the heavy metal lids and then goes back inside and changes clothes to jog home.
…Meanwhile…..Tommy lays there underneath all of the loose, wet disposable diapers, clothing, and daycare trash….Night falls and the sounds of the plastic rustling is all that Tommy and Jack hear. Tommy is stuck tied up in the trash bag with the girl with the cloth diaper that is now slightly wet. Jack in on the other side of the dumpster and laying on top of six full packages of diapers and also has 110 lbs worth of wet disposable diapers that weren’t rolled up for disposal. The diapers are wet and smell like ammonia and mushy. The wet diapers are cold and starting to dry out, and most of them are now stiff and crusty as they dry, staining them yellow. The cloth diapers that were wet, were nice, stiff and smelled of old coffee grounds and wetness.
The date-rape drug that has immobilized the two midgets, is slowly wearing off. Tommy is able to talk again as normal but none of his limbs can be moved yet…and even if he could move them, the zip-ties are holding the bag around him. The girl is able to struggle and get free from her bonds….her cloth diaper that she already had on before, is soaking wet in the center….and she has no plastic pants on since they had been stripped off before she and Tommy went into the dumpster. The girl’s legs don’t work yet and her arms are still very, very weak from the drug….he makes her way over to the right-hand side of the dumpster. And then lays on a pile of open, wet, disposable diapers that still have her own wet, cloth diapers still inside. She curls up, puts her thumb into her mouth and then falls asleep. Tommy… too curious about what lies ahead….to fall asleep right away. The slight pressure of all of the loose, heavy, wet diapers, laying all over him,
Tommy, tries to struggle but his bonds hold him tightly in the black….smooth, crinkly plastic trash bag. Tommy yells out:
Tommy: HEY!!! Is there anyone out there????? PLEASE…get me out of here!!!!
I want to go home!!!! My diaper needs to be changed!!!!
Betsey: (Young 19 year old diapered girl) SSSSHHHHH! I am…trying to sleep!!!
Tommy: (To: Young 19 year old diapered girl, Betsey) How can you sleep at a time like this? I don’t even know what is going to happen!
Betsey: I don’t either!!! I can’t get out of here…those doors up there are WAY too heavy for me and I am too weak to try. I don’t like being in here with all of these diapers….but what can I…do about it right now??? Besides…is it really likely that anyone is going to let you out?
Tommy: But why would my mommy and daddy let them dispose of Jack and I?
That is what I want to know…..
Betsey: Even IF…someone DID…come over and open those heavy doors, would they want to change your wet diapers? I don’t think so……This area is known to have bums that come and pick through the trash…..the bums NEVER take out any of us…I’ve NEVER seen any of them do that…ever…and I’ve been coming to this daycare for quite some time now.
Tommy: Really?
Betsey: YES! REALLY! Now, if I were you, I’d shut up, and go to sleep while you can….I don’t know, but I have seen a VERY, LARGE and loud monster come and pick this thing up and dump it. The monster eats the trash from what I have seen…..and no…I don’t know when the monster is coming….so just shut up, and lay there…that is ALL….you…CAN do right now!!!
Tommy finally falls asleep. As the sun rises and the owner, director and the daycare staff arrive to open the daycare, Tommy, Jack and Betsey are all resting quietly nestled under tons and tons of loose wet and dirty disposable and cloth diapers, packs of clean disposable diapers, Jack and Tommy’s clothing, their diaper bags, their strollers, their cribs, their crib mattresses, all of their blankets, and their bottles.
Soon, the sounds of playful screams of delight, and low music are heard….
Cars passing by and people talking as they pass the large, green, dumpster near the right-side of the daycare.
Tommy: I am getting REALLY bored and I am getting really, really hot!!!
How come YOU can get free and I can’t?
Betsey: If you want me to get you out of that stuff, you will just have to wait until I can gain my full strength back…I can barely move as it is right now.
Tommy: I can’t move!!! My diaper is only a little bit wet and it feels cold and wet…..
The cloth diapers that are wrapped around me…are starting to dry out slowly….Since I can’t move, I can’t get to the bottles that the lady tossed in here….
Betsey: My legs don’t work and my arms barely have any strength in them. I am going to just lay here and try to think about what is going to happen to me.
Tommy: What DOES…happen to the trash after it is taken out here?
Betsey: Well, I think this BIG monster comes, and eats it….I don’t really know…all I know is that this BIG truckie thing comes, picks this thing up, and dumps it, then puts this thing back down…after that…I don’t know…
Tommy (To Jack): Hey, brother, are you still awake over there?
Silence comes over the dumpster.
Tommy: Hey! Jack! Are you awake? They must have given him some powerful stuff to knock him out…..I feel really, really tired myself…think I am going to sleep now….
Betsey: I think that is best…sleep well.
Tommy then closes his eyes. And soon finds himself falling asleep.
Before too long, it was just after noon and the Janitor had come out to dump the noon load of old disposable diapers and cloth diaper waste from the toddler nursery and the infant’s nursery. The diapers from both nurseries had coffee grounds and banana peels and empty coffee cups in the trash can with them, that was being dumped. The noon load wasn’t as big as the night-time load. An entire janitorial tilt cart/trash cart full of large, black, crinkly trash bags BULGING with wet diapers and even a few more thickly diapered adult-babies that were being disposed of. That was yet to come.
The heat of the day, helped dry the wet clothes and cloth diapers stiff. The cloth diapers had lots and lots of coffee grounds all over them and a few even had come coffee spilled on them. Some of the noon diapers had lots and lots of cake icing and crumbs all over them too. A few of the old vintage Pampers and Vintage LUVS baby pants diapers that had been worn, had coffee stains all over them, coffee grounds, and cake all over them but were still mostly dry from not being used yet.
As Tommy slept, more wet, loose, unrolled disposable diapers were emptied into the dumpster, and the janitor smashed the diapers that were on top of Tommy, down more, pressing the diapers that were facing his face, down more so that they could fit more diapers into the dumpster. The wet, smooshy, soggy, heavy, diapers that were open and their liners were now pressing rather tightly against Tommy’s face, had now leaked onto Tommy’s face and Chest and the diapers were now wrapped around his entire face.
Betsey could only look up as the Janitor finished tossing the last of the heavy, bulging black and white trash bags into the dumpster before they lowered the heavy metal lids.
Once again the dumpster became dark and smelly. The smell of sweet bananas, Cake, and Coffee were now looming in the little bit of air space that was left in the dumpster.
….Meanwhile…..Inside the daycare on the corner, (for adult babies and adult babies with disabilities)
All of the adult babies were playing on the playground in the back. They were running, jumping, and playing tag as well as building sand castles in the sandbox.
At around 2:00 pm, the teacher for the Adult baby toddlers class called all of their class in so that they could change the adult baby’s diapers and put them all down for a nap after story-time.
The director comes in and tells the diaper changing tech:
Daycare Director: Teresa, Make sure that the adult baby girl with the white onesie with pink collar, leg bands and little hearts on the front, gets a really, really thick, bulky diaper with plenty of booster pads in it and half of a containers worth of baby powder.
Teresa: Yes boss, will do.
Then Teresa lifts the little girl up under her armpits and helps her onto the diaper changing table. She lays her down and then begins to unfasten the buttons in the crotch of her onesie.
Teresa (to the baby girl): Hi there my sweet little one, it’s diaper changing time.
Wet or not, I am here to change your diaper, then, you are going to go down for a nap.
Sorry that you had to miss story-time, but the director has ordered me to change you now then get you into your crib.
Teresa quickly changed the baby girl’s diaper, then tossed the girl’s diaper into the large disposable diaper pail near the changing table then picked the girl up and then put her down into the crib. She then pulled the side rail up and locked it into place. Then she lowered the top and then locked that too before walking away.
During the time the subjects at the daycare were taking naps, the staff were busy going through the large amounts of cloth diapers they have from the diaper service they contract with, down in the daycare basement. The cloth diapers that needed to be taken away and washed at the diaper service, were being placed in the canvas draw-string bags the diaper service provided. The subjects that were wearing the cloth diapers, that needed to be changed soon, might be taken to the diaper service with the cloth diapers to get washed during or just after their naps.
Diaper Service Day
The large diaper service Chevy Step-Van pulls up to the daycare and then the diaper service man in a grey button-up shirt and grey pants comes into the daycare carrying two large draw-string canvas bags full of clean, cloth diapers. He goes right to the Director’s office first.
James: (the Diaper Service man) Hi, I am here to drop off your clean diapers and pick up anything you need to have washed?
Daycare Director: Sure…let me take you to where we have the wet diapers. We also have a few of our subjects that also need to be taken and washed. After that, it will be up to you what to do with them.
James: (the Diaper Service man) OH, we will wash them for sure…but after that….I think we might either rent them out as diaper demonstration subjects until we need to change them out for other ones. Then, we will simply dispose of them, or we might just throw them away once they get dried.
Then the two arrived in the basement where the wet and dirty diapers were being kept once they went down the chutes.
Daycare Director: Well, here they are….I will get someone to bring you the subjects that will be going with you to the service.
Then the director leaves and gets one of the subject care techs to bring the first of three diapered subjects out to the diaper service Chevy step-van for the diaper man to take.
Susan: (Subject Care Tech, walking one of the boy’s wearing thick, wet cloth diapers and nothing else, to the diaper service van) here is one of the subjects that needs to be taken and washed, I will be…right back with the other two…
James: (The Diaper Service man) Thanks…Ok little man, you…are going into one of the laundry carts full of wet and dirty diapers….I have to close & lock the lid now….
(closes and locks the lid tight.)
Susan, the subject care tech comes back with another boy and a girl.
Susan: Here you are…these are the last for this week. I will have more for you the next time you come to take our dirty diapers.
James: Sure….see you next week. (To the two subjects) Ok boy, I am going to put you into one of these nice, comfy dirty diaper carts in here until we get to the service…it will be a little while, but don’t cry….you are going to get all…..nice and cleaned up along with all of these…nice, comfy cloth diapers……in ya go…..there you are….good…now I have to close and lock the lid…(Closes and locks the lid)
James leans back out and takes the little girl.
James: (to the little girl) Ok shorty….it’s wash-a-bye baby time…I will be taking you and your comfy diapers to get all….nice and washed….I have to put you into one of the carts here in the back of the truck until we get to the diaper service…be good ok? I have to close and lock the lid now….(closes and locks the lid, then he walks to the driver’s seat, starts the van, backs out, then drives away.
Inside the truck, the wiggling and bouncing of the truck made the wet diapers wiggle and bounce too. The truck drove to another stop at the first of three houses on the same block.
The driver stops the truck, gets out and leaves the engine running while he walks up to the door, with the bag of clean cloth diapers. The diaper man then leaves the clean diapers and takes the dirty ones and brings them to the truck. The cart with the boy opens up.
Boy: Hey….can I get out now? PLEASE????
James: NOPE! I am just dropping in some more wet cloth diapers before we go to the next stop.
Boy: UUUH! Man!!! When are we going to the diaper service????
James: When…we…GET there!!!
James (The diaper man) then closes and locks the cart’s lid and then gets into the driver’s seat of the truck and then drives to the next stop.
In the dumpster, the late afternoon sun has begun to make the boys and the girl sleepy so they are taking their naps underneath all of the warm, wet, cloth and heavy, wet disposable diapers in the dumpster. At about 6 pm, the noise has all died down and lots of the disabled adult babies have been picked up by their caregivers and mothers and fathers, or aunts and uncles or even nannies.
Those that weren’t are in the diaper genie or diaper pail or in one of the many trash cans around the daycare, waiting until the cleaning ladies and their crew come in to clean the daycare and take the trash out.
Tommy, Jack and Betsey are just waking up from their naps as the evening comes. The drug has already started to wear off a little bit in Tommy and Jack. Tommy can wiggle his toes and fingers while Betsey can move one of her legs.
Tommy: What is going to happen to us????
Betsey: I have…NO…idea. I have never had this done to me either!
Tommy: When is someone going to change my diaper????
Betsey: I….don’t think…anyone WILL!
Tommy: But…Why?
Betsey: We are in this big trash can full of wet and clean diapers….and I don’t know how to change my OWN diaper yet, so……I can’t change yours.
Jack: I can’t see you…I still can’t move!!!! My diaper is SOAKED!!!
Betsey: Yea…I know….so are ours!!!
Jack: how can we get out of here?
Betsey: We can’t! Those metal lids above us are FAR too heavy to lift…and…you, me, and your brother Tommy are all zip-tied up! There is NO way I can do anything for ya….let alone…myself….besides….we are trash now!
Tommy: What is this…landfill like?
Jack: (interjecting) Yea!
Betsey: I don’t…know! I’ve never BEEN to one before!
Night falls and the cool, darkness of the night surrounds the dumpster. All the three trashed disabled adult babies can do is lay there, hour after hour and wonder.
At 11:00 pm, the cleaning ladies and their crew has come to clean and take the trash out.
At around 12:00 am, the loads of diapers, trash and a few other subjects were tossed into the dumpster. A case of unopened Huggies size six diapers was tossed in loosely, and each pack fell and then settled down near Jack, in the back. Then the cleaning ladies finished and left.
Soon, it is 3 am Wednesday morning. The sound of a very loud, heavy, big front end loader trash truck is heard approaching the dumpster;
Tommy: WHOA!!! What is that loud sound???
Betsey: I don’t know…it almost sounds like a big truckie….
The forks slide into the dumpster’s fork pockets on each side of the dumpster.
Tommy: What is happening???? We are bouncing and moving upwards!!!
Jack starts to roll towards the front of the dumpster as Tommy has already rolled to the front side of the dumpster along with the rest of the diapers, trash and big, heavy black and white bags full of diapers, clothing and such. Betsey has screamed as she rolled to the front of the dumpster as it tipped to the side. Suddenly, the lids opened and Tommy, Jack, and Betsey got a glimpse of where they were going to end up for a few seconds as the dumpster continued to end up in a few seconds. Then the trash begins to fall down to the hopper floor, and the waterfall of trash begins as Tommy was the first one to fall and then tumble down to the bottom of the pile. Then Betsey settled in near the right-hand side of the hopper against the right wall (left side of the truck) while Jack, rolled and tumbled to the right side of the truck against some bags of other trash already on the hopper floor.
The shower of diapers and heavy bags continued for a few seconds before the dumpster banged a few times before being put back down to the ground and disappearing from view. Then, suddenly, the packer blade started to move towards the five subjects inside the hopper.
Tommy: What is happening!!!! What is that thing going to do to us????? Make it….STOOOOOOOP!!!!
The bags of diapers, clothing, the loose, unopened packs of diapers, all of the cloth diapers and plastic pants, the boxes of vintage Pampers and Luvs diapers as well as the two strollers, and the two cribs were all being shoved and moved across the hopper floor like a mini tidal wave of trash.
The diapers begin to press against Tommy’s back and his butt, mushing his thickly diapered and thickly wrapped butt against the rest of the trash already in he trash truck. The wetness was now leaking and almost pouring our of the leg elastics of his diaper while Jack was getting a face full of a couple of bags worth of wet cloth diapers and old plastic pants with the cribs and strollers pushing in from behind. Betsey was getting her legs pressed against her front while the boxes of Vintage Pampers and the boxes of Vintage Luvs Baby pants were now being packed and shoved against her wet and now leaky diapered butt as she was being pressed into the tightly packed bags of other trash.
Then, the packer pressed in very hard and then began to retract, causing the five subjects to fall down back into the hopper onto the bags of diapers, the smashed boxes of diapers and the cribs and strollers. Then the truck backed up, as the hopper door slid closed and locked until the truck drove to the next stop, some six miles away.
The next stop was another daycare. It just so happened that the route consists of five daycares and several companies that have large amount of diapers to dispose of each week. The truck pulls up to the dumpster at the next daycare and the dumpster is over filled and piled high with bagged and loose disposable diapers, training pants, 200 old plastic pants and several large black and white bags full of clean cloth diapers. A couple large white bags full of old clean and dirty onesies, a couple bags full of footed sleepers and 50 boxes full of left-over portions of old vintage disposable diapers amongst the rest of the regular trash, banana peels, old scraps of cookies, pudding and 16 baby bottles still containing varying amounts of fresh milk. The truck lowers it’s forks and then slowly slides them into the slots on each side of the dumpster simultaneously. Then, the truck’s forks pick the dumpster up and as the dumpster rises, the hopper door slides open. Then the dumpster appears above the truck and then the dumpster gets tipped over and the diapers and other trash begin to avalanche and pour down into the hopper. The dumpster banged a couple of times then it began to descend back to the ground. As the dumpster descended, the compactor started up and started packing and crushing the loads of diapers and other trash against the other loads and Tommy, Jack and Betsey. The diapers were now buckling up and the bags were bursting under the immense pressure!
Tommy’s thick diapers bunched up and some of them began to unravel and as for jack, his thick disposable diapers were being constantly crushed upwards against his butt which made the back of his diaper, bulge outwards and then it pressed and folded up against his butt, causing the padding to start being forced out of the leg elastics on his right side. Betsey’s diapers, had multiple layers of cloth diapers underneath her disposable diapers and they made her disposable diaper look puffy and made her butt look fat and puffy. The compactor took care of her puffy butt. Her disposable diaper was now scrunched up with boxes and packages of clean, unused disposable diapers being pressed against her butt under a TON of pressure! It wasn’t quite enough to squeeze the life out of them just yet, but given the small amount of trash that was inside the truck, the compactor might just do that.
Betsey groaned loudly under the pressure of the compactor. She even let out a deep breath and then the compactor retracted as the hopper door slid closed. The truck then backed up and then drove to the next stop.
The next stop is a baby, pre-teen and young adult clothing store and they have dumpsters full of old packaging, wrappings and lots and lots of old torn, miss-manufactured, clothing items as well as cups, a few diapers, pull-ups and an occasional clothing model or two that are thickly diapered before disposal.
Today, there was an over-filled dumpster that needed to be emptied yesterday.
There were two clothing models that the store called Mannequins. They weren’t ordinary plastic ones, they were live ones. When the store bought plastic mannequins to replace the live mannequins, they simply diapered and disposed of the real ones.
The front loader trash truck pulls up to the over-filled dumpster and slides it’s forks into the slots and then picks the dumpster up. Some loud crying and screaming is heard from somewhere within the dumpster but the driver can’t hear the cries or screams over the loud revving of the engine as the PTO gives power to the hydraulics that are lifting the heavy and over-filled dumpster into the air, preparing to dump the load into the hopper.
The load of old messed up ruined clothing and a few thickly diapered live “Mannequins”
Began to fall and drop haplessly into the hopper like a waterfall.
Meanwhile…..back at K-Mart,
Dry-Pants diaper company has just set up a permanent small testing facility disguised as a Daycare inside of the store, near the back of the store where the lay away is, where parents can leave their “adult babies” with them so that the diaper company can test their prototype diapers on real adult babies and disabled adults who need to wear diapers. The diapers are thicker and bulkier than three Abena Abri-form X-Plus diapers put together and the daytime diapers are twice as thick and bulky as two Tranquility ATN diapers put together. Their booster pads are three times as thick too.
Caregivers and parents can drop their diapered subjects off and leave them, but in the small, fine print of the contract that the caregivers and parents sign, (without reading the fine print) the diaper company takes full custody of the test subjects and can and will dispose of them after they are done experimenting on them. They can also take the subjects back to their local test labs and test diaper gels and perfumes on the subjects before disposing of them into the trash. Over 20 parents have dropped their diapered 20 year olds and older, sons and daughters off at the Dry-Pants diaper company product testing facility disguised as a Daycare. Now inside the locked facility, there are over 30 diapered test subjects laying in large versions of cribs, waiting for the first round of diaper testing.
The supervising lab technician comes into the testing room and then goes over to the first row of cribs. Then he goes over to the second row just behind the first. Then he walks past the third row then goes back to the first row and selects three subjects from the first row.
Supervising Lab Tech: (William) Get these three onto the diaper changing tables and get them into product 2! Once they are changed, get them over there to the lab tables and strap them down! I want these three to be used to test out our newest version of the new baby lotions….and the diaper sanitizing sprays, when their diapers are wet and ready for disposal! If I can smell their wetness, spray them again! If you have to, add more baby powder scented perfumes then spray them again! Get them completely…..coated with the sanitizer once their diapers are ready! Then, once the results are written down, dispose of them!!! I don’t want to see them again!!! I don’t care if their diapers are dry or not!!! They get disposed of…IMMEDIATELY!
Ordered William to the lab techs. The lab techs then worked hard and fast to get the subjects diapered and ready to spray with diaper sanitizer.
The diapers the subjects were put in, were made out of recycled trash bag plastic.
Some of the diapers even had the draw-strings still left at the waistband elastics.
The lab techs gave each of the subjects heavy amounts of liquids to drink in baby bottles then they waited for a little while before checking to see if any of them had wet their diapers yet or not. The two that had soaked their diapers, got sprayed heavily with the first round of dowsings of diaper disposal sanitizer. Then they did as they were asked to, added more baby powder scented perfume before spraying them again. They sniffed them and could not smell any wetness. Then, they recorded the results, took a few pictures, and then, the disposal techs (the ones whose jobs were to just dispose of each subject after each lab experiment was done) came over and unstrapped each subject, then yanked on the loose plastic just below each subject’s diaper waistband elastics and pulled the plastic up and over each subject
One of the lab techs that was working on another baby, turns around when mother arrives.
Bob: Hi there, welcome to the Dry-Pants Daycare...
Nancy (Boy’s Mother) : Yes….I dropped off my son here about 2 hours ago. I got this ticket for from you to pick him up again.
Bob: which one was he??? Ok...let me take a look
The Bob goes to the back and looks for the mother's son,
while the mother waits impatiently. The attendant goes to the crib the boy was supposed to be in but instead there is a girl in that crib.
Bob: (to Akura.) Have you seen the boy that was in here?
Akura: Yes, I disposed of him two hours ago!
Bob: OOOOH! What am I going to tell his mother???
Bob goes back out to the front counter.
Nancy (Boy’s Mother) : So….. did you find my cutie?
Bob (to the mother): Umm sorry ma'am....your former son was disposed of over two hours ago. Even if...I was able to find him.....we can't authorize him to be taken out of the trash.
Nancy (Boy’s Mother) : dispose of what you mean? He is in your garbage? My son….is in your garbage??? What??!
Bob: Yes ma'am. Your former now property of the Dry-Pants Diaper Company.
Nancy (Boy’s Mother) : He is not garbage!
Bob: apparently...he is…one of our techs used him in some diaper gel tests that got him all stained up and dirty!! Our diapers use coloring and other chemicals to get rid of odor. His skin has blue gels all over him and....yes....he was thrown out into our trash along with two full cans worth of loose, wet disposable diapers and cloth diapers!!
Nancy (Boy’s Mother) : I don’t believe you! show me! Is this a joke??
Bob: No ma'am. come with me
Bob allows the mother behind the counter and escorts her over to the way back, of the warehouse near the loading docks, to the diaper trash storage room where they keep the diapers and trash until the janitors come and dispose of it.
Bob: Yes ma'am...lots and lots of our diapers are tossed out here. Ok, ready? (opens the door to the trash storage room)
Bob opens the door and in there is a pile of diapers.
Nancy is knocked back by the smell.
Nancy (Boy’s Mother) : Eww! It stinks back here...phew all this garbage!!! Someone needs to take out your garbage!!!
Then Nancy gets back into baby find quest.
Nancy (Boy’s Mother) : Where is he?
Bob: Yes ma'am. your former son is buried underneath all of this....want me to dig him out?
Nancy (Boy’s Mother) : …..In that black trash bag?
Bob: maybe...or...he could be in one of the other trash bags.....I don't know which of the bags he might be in, if you like, I will go and get our janitors and have them dig him out...let me call them for us.
Bob uses his radio to call the janitors to come to his location right away. A few minutes later, four janitors show up.
The director walks in...
Director of the daycare: What’s all the commotion here???
Bob: Oh, this mother wants her son back and doesn't believe that we disposed of him over two hours ago. I have called the janitors over here to have them start looking into the bags of diapers for this woman’s former son.
Director of the daycare (to the mother): ma’ am, your son is garbage, and if you start rooting in that garbage, I have the right to have the janitors assume you are garbage too! (director lays on an evil smile)
Bob: See? I didn't want to tell you what my director just said....but...that's true You signed your son over to us and that gave us possession of him. We, at that point owed him and could do.....whatever we want with him!!! Rest assured, he has nice, thick disposable diapers on. Oh...and this ready to be taken out at the end of the day.
Nancy (Boy’s Mother) : I can’t believe he is going away with stinky diapers and kitchen waste, like the disposable coffee mug I tossed in your trash this morning
Bob: yes...he is being taken out to the compactor later on this evening after we close..
Bob: If you aren't careful, we will also diaper you and dispose of YOU!!!
Nancy (Boy’s Mother) : You bitch!
Nancy (Boy’s Mother) : You don’t have anything for these…..big curves!!!
Bob: Hey!!! Watch it!! Um...boss...should we??? Should we show this nice mother that we DO have some diapers that would fit her??? I for one would watch her get compacted!!! boss just whispered into my ear and told me to have you taken to our diaper changing room where you will receive one of our test diapers and then they will bring you out here and toss you right into a trash bag filled with our dirty test diapers.
Bob motions for them to take the mother's arms and legs and carry her over to the diaper changing and testing room
Nancy (Boy’s Mother) : No!!! Let….me…..go!!!!
Bob: (To the Director) long do you think she will take to get ready for disposal????
The director and the attendant follow the four janitors to the diaper changing and testing room
Bob: NO way ma'am....
Bob: We own you now! You are property of the Dry-Pants Diaper Company...and now...we are going to use you to test a few of our products!!!
Nancy (Boy’s Mother) : You weirdo!!! Let me go!! I am neither diaper wearer or disposable!!!
Bob: This is our policy...take her in and get her strapped down!!!! Then get her stripped and diapered ASAP!!!
Bob: Lady....if we have to...we will give you a chemical that makes your arms and legs stop working but keeps you conscious
Bob: don't resist too much or we will simply be forced to give you that!!! GOOD! Ok, get her onto the strap her down good!!! Ok...what kind of diaper should I put on her.....hmmmmmm. There is this one here that has old cloth diapers in it as secondary padding or.....hmmmm how about......
The attendant goes over to one of the diaper pails and gets a semi wet diaper out and brings it over to have it put on the mother.
Bob: This one?
Bob: Here...this...ought to keep you...nice and comfy until you get to the landfill!!!
Nancy (Boy’s Mother) : Eeww this is used!!!
Bob: IS!!!! I don't plan on diapering you in a clean diaper.....
Bob uses the radio to call in Akura to handle the lady while the janitors can go back to getting the loads of diapers and other trash ready to load into the compactor out back.
Akura comes into the diaper changing room where the lady has been strapped down.
Akura: Hey LOOK at what we have here! Do we need to add some nice, comfy formerly wet cloth diapers to this one's disposable diapers?
Nancy (Boy’s Mother) : I am not garbage, I won’t even fit in your garbage bags
Akura: SURE you will!!! We have some nice, large trash bags made for heavy trash like you!!!
Nancy (Boy’s Mother) : Oh no!!!
Then Akura inserts six formerly wet Dry-Pants cloth diapers from one of the dirty diaper pails, into the semi-wet disposable diaper then she pulls the front of the diaper up and fastens the tapes.
Akura: now, time to get you bagged up...
Then Akura unfastens the two straps that were holding the mother's legs down and then opens up a large compactor trash bag that their sister company makes.
Akura then slides the bag up to the mother's shoulder blades in back and up to her boobs in front,
her curvy plump body disappears in the black prison.
Akura calls the janitors over to help her hold the mother down for a minute until she can get the rest of the bag over the mother.
Akura: (to one of the janitors) can you go and get diaper pails 3 and 5 please and empty them into this bag please?
The Janitor quietly nods and goes and gets the two diaper pails.
Nancy (Boy’s Mother) : the mother is crying in the bag
Akura: Ok, while we wait for the diaper pails, I am going to spray you with sanitizer liquids that will turn blue
Nancy (Boy’s Mother) : pschh!! Please don’t????
Akura takes the extinguisher styled container filled with sanitizer and sprays it all over the mother. The liquids run down her body and then start to goo up into a dark colored jelly
then her skin starts to turn blue. Then the janitor drags in two of the diaper pails Akura requested.
Akura: (to the janitor) start dumping and filling this bag up with the diapers then...tie it off once the diapers are in there.
Nancy (Boy’s Mother) : Oh no….end is near...maybe garbage men will save me???
Akura: (To the mother) I highly doubt it...they don't care what is in the trash, they take it! Besides...our stationary compactor is getting loaded at 6 pm and it's only 4;30 pm now...
Akura: When the janitors here, take you, they won't be saving you....they will load you and your nice, comfy diapers into our dirty compactor and then you will be trash!!!
Nancy (Boy’s Mother) : I already feel that way...
Akura: I bet!!! Now, once your bag is filled, these janitors will tie the bag off and then drag it to the pile where they will fill a trash cart and then dump it all into the compactor...this will be the last we see of you….bye-bye mama trash!!!
Take her away…boys!!!

Miss Piss

Dirty Diaper Girls