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Wetting & Diaper Wonderland helps you connect and share with the people in your life.

You may have read some of my writings and short stories on various ABDL sites across the web.

Now I've taken everything I've ever written and put it all in book form. Also available as an e-book or a download, you can find Zorro Daddy's ABDL Library at the following link:

Broken down into each book, here are the descriptions of what you will find:

Zorro Daddy’s ABDL Library

Gabriel and Gina: When Fantasy Became Her Reality

When Gina revealed a love for a fetish to a friend during a drunken Saturday night college party, she had no idea she would be living out that fetish with him in a few short days.

On this autumn weekend at a college campus, Gina sees her most erotic wishes come true as she learns how much she enjoys being submissive. Her fantasies become a reality, heating up at the end in a sexual climax that leaves her body and her mind in a state of absolute ecstasy.

This story is a romantic fantasy with heavy sexual content, situations and actions. It is adult material and not intended for anyone under the age of 18.

Rock-a-Bye BabyGirls: Thoughts and Other Journeys of the Mind

These are short writings that touch upon the emotions felt by the male and female in an infantilism role playing setting and/or relationship. Topics include, but are not limited to: concepts of feeling little, the attachments to and emotional affects of having and using baby items, security, safety, comfort, helplessness, vulnerability, love, respect, overcoming fears and alibis, exploring one’s deepest desire, and one’s most well kept secrets.

Every writing builds off the previous one in concept and appeal. Nothing in this section is written in story format. Names and locations are generalized and not defined.

Rock-a-Bye BabyGirls: Short and Sweet Stories

These are writings which are written in a loose story format. Some are in a style of a love letter that he wrote to her, thoughts within his mind as he watches her role play, his reflections and remembrances of previous role playing encounters with her, recalled thoughts of her which further strengthens his adoration and love for her, and lists desires, wishes, wants, needs, cravings and pride within his heart and soul.

Names and locations are generalized and not defined.

The Zeke and Lily Stories

Before Zeke (an author) and Lily (a newspaper columnist) met, they were perfect strangers who shared a common interest in a role playing fetish. They were perfect for each other and though they lived in the same city, they may never have met until Lily happened upon Zeke’s profile online.
These stories tell their tale, from courting to love to a possible happily ever after.

Zeke and Lily: Once Upon a Beginning - The story of the day they first met face-to-face at a mall in Lancaster, PA.

Zeke and Lily: Overnight - Lily spends the night at his apartment. The result is an evening of events where their separate lives finally collide and they fall in love. By morning, their fantasies had turned into their reality together. But will it lead to a “happily ever after” for them?

Zeke and Lily: Making a Memory - Zeke and Lily hearts have bonded. Their common interest in infantilism has grown into a love for each other. As they go on vacation, that love deepens. But trouble is on the horizon.

Lily, still letting go of her troubled past, has a secret she deliberately kept from Zeke. Her fear that he will no longer love her increases and she begins to get sick over the decision to tell him the truth. Zeke has a question to ask Lily. It is a question weighing on his heart.

As they enjoy their time in the Caribbean, they both struggle within to overcome their fears. But something happens while in the Bahamas that delays their chance to get the truth out, and they may not recover.

Do they come home together or did their fantasy love just die in the Bahamas?

Zeke and Lily: Her Diary - Zeke and Lily return home from their vacation and Lily moves in with him. She begins medical treatment for her illness and together their relationship grows as they learn what everyday life with each other means.

This story is told from Lily’s perspective in the form of ten of her diary entries. Lily deals with her fears and sadness of being ill by writing down all of her experiences throughout the first two months of her treatment.

By the end of the book, a problem has arisen which threatens to separate them. Lily struggles with her own thoughts to try to find a solution.

Miss Piss

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