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Hi I am Katie,

This is my first time on wetting wonderland, I am out of the clossett and I am exploring my love of Diapers and my inner child. I have allways loved diapers ever since i was a real baby Smile my love of them has never died, yet my love of them was put on the back burner for some time, secretly desiring to be in adult diapers 24/7. It wasn't until I got my own place that I began trying to make my own diapers but without success Unhappy then one day after a stressful situation at work I was surfing the net and googled adult diapers and I have never looked back, now on my own with plenty of opportunities to take my diaper desire to the top level I ordered some adult diapers and waited with impatience for them to arrive; anyone would have thought I had ordered illicit drugs, I was hooked as soon as I put the thick crinkly disposable on. the feeling was so wonderfull it took me back to my babyhood and all the happy childhood memories.

I couldn't wet straight away, this took some training, it has become easier now as I have been in and out of diapers for the past two years, and in the last three months I have been diapered 24/7 I wear pullups to work and put myself into a thick disposable diaper when i get home in the evenings and wet to my hearts content. I especially love wearing proper diapers on the weekend, waking up wet on a Saturday mornigh is fantastic Smile

I am also an Adult Baby, Katie is a little 3 year old girl whom I found deep inside of me, she came out by accident after a very stressfull day at work, and she comes out to play now and again. Katie recently was adopted by a very loving daddy. whom I met on line and is coming to Australia to be with me and katie, I can't wait to explore my love of diapers with someone I am madly in love with.

Well thats all for now

Phil maweener
who would that be
  • February 16, 2013
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